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Hard Work or Sheer Luck? Linda Ikeji & The 5 Things We Can't Stop Talking About.

Did the title of this post make you roll your eyes? Did it, infuriate you, perhaps? Are you tired to seeing that name everywhere you turn, hearing it everywhere you go? Well I can empathize with you. 

We've not as a people, had such a healthy debate over any singular topic in a long time, perhaps since the PDP vs APC debates pre-2015 elections. The topic; Linda Ikeji. And I've noticed five major subtopics from comments on various blogs and people's conversations...
*Who Will Marry Linda Ikeji?
*Who Will Linda Ikeji Marry?
*Is Linda Really an Inspiration?
*Linda Should Please Shut Up About Being Hardworking, Her Story Is a Result Of God's Grace. 
*Laura Ikeji The Leech. 

Who Will Marry Linda Ikeji
The lady herself asked the question in a tweet, albeit cheekily; "who will marry me?" And if this question hasn't crossed your mind then you're not Nigerian. Buhari's (then) long awaited ministerial list has nothing on this subtopic, it's a source curiousity, fascination and keen interest to practically all. 
     Will she marry up? If yes, then who's the bachelor wealthier than she is? Will she marry down? If yes, then she should beware, he must be marrying her for her money! Where will they live? Can she "submit"? What will he bring to the table? (The D, sperm, a warm body at night, someone to talk to... That's good enough, no?). 
     And there are those who strongly believe that Linda is already in a serious relationship, probably altar bound, but she's just keeping it hush hush and would surprise everyone as she did with the white Range Rover and the Banana "mansion". 

Who Will Linda Ikeji Marry?
Well because, this is Linda, she just bought a mansion worth almost $3,000,000. If you spend half a billion Naira on a house then you must have almost a billion left in your account (that's just my thinking and it's only logical but I could be wrong). Therefore she's likely to be the bread winner... But that's not the sole point. The bible says He who finds a wife... But Linda, might not only find a husband, she will find husbandsss, sift them like chaff from wheat, pick them like a bowl of beans, and choose whosoever she damn well pleases. 

Is Linda Really an Inspiration? 
This is one of the interesting sub topics. The argument that Linda is no inspiration; "what's inspiring about a woman that sits at home and makes money from bringing other people down, sharing gossip that ruins homes and happiness, spreading rumours, writing about egg plant this and nipple that? So what if it makes her millions? Is that success? Are you suggesting that success is the possession of money? I fail to see what's inspiring about Linda Ikeji". 

Linda Should Please Shut Up About Being Hardworking, Her Story Is a Result Of God's Grace. 
And for this subtopic I will share a comment that very accurately reflects the thinking of those in this school of thought as seen on Bella Naija:

"Come what is all this about Linda Ikeji????????? Is she the first woman to purchase anything of that magnitude in Nigeria? And whats all this nonsense about hard work and patience, abi do you guys think shes the only hardworking woman under 40 ni? Please she’s favored by God who blesses those He wants to bless and gives grace to those He chooses...

Not every girl that doesn’t own a blog and carries designer bags sleeps with men or married men for money! If you investigate, I am sure you would find a few women in that island that worked very hard to get there. What is all this fuss about? PLEASE leave everybody to their own story...

You might be age mates with Linda but not grace mates. Let the 15 years old that wakes up as early as 3am to make buns and later hawk it and then still go for night school and while at night school still selling the buns tell you what hard work is. Let iya bisi that is permanently on the road side frying akara under the hot sun and still gives you jara when you buy from her, even with the little money she makes, shes is extremely generous tell what hard work is. Are the hard works of these people not valid because they did not build or own mansions? What of those that stay overnight in the banks and marketers that are always strategizng to meet bank targets etc facing all kinds of embarrassments, abuse, insults and the likes, are the hard works of these people not valid because they live in rented apartments?The way this news has been up in the air one would think Linda ikeji is the only woman under 40 that works hard in Nigeria. Nigerians are born hustlers and survivors, its reflective everywhere!

As for those that sleep with men, I despise it with all my heart but I seriously doubt that 90% of them want that life for themselves. you graduate school, no job, your family is expecting you to take them out of poverty, you try business, it doesn’t bring profit, you beg people they tie their hands obviously the next resort is to go use what you have. The men use their laptops for fraud and women use their bodies for money. some are driven by greed but most want to get out as soon as they can! Please ladies don’t compare yourself oo, make the best of your every situation and don’t forget to laugh and smile with family and friends. In the end that is what counts."

Laura Ikeji The Leech. 
"Laura will be the fall of Linda". "Laura should stop riding on her sister's success". "What does Laura do for a living besides spend her sister's money and posting pictures online?" "Laura even shared the pictures before Linda did". "Laura is more excited by Linda's success than Linda herself is". "Laura should please get a life". 


Ok... These are my observations from the last few days since the news of the N600,000,000 Banana Island home hit the net. I just stumbled upon a post from 2010 on Oluchi Orlandi blasting Linda for saying they used to be friends but now Oluchi has grown too big and doesn't recognize her anymore. Oluchi allegedly tweeted:

"Go and jump in the fucking Lagoon. High school its been over 12 fucking years. I don’t remember YOU!!! I speak FACT!! Get lost!”

"Yeah she is a low life desperate Blogger!!! Get a LIFE Loser! There are better things in life to dwell on!!"

The funny thing about that post was that the commenters mocked LIB and said Linda should go and get a real career. Funny how as of this past weekend everyone has suddenly recognized blogging as a real profession and most have now decided to become bloggers. LOL

Share your thoughts in the comment section. 


  1. Who will marry Linda? Me! I loved her even before the Banana Island crib. I just need somebody to introduce us.
    Who will Linda marry? Me. I dont want her money. I just want her to give me small of the money. I dont mind living in Banana Island. We can discuss it - I either move to Banana Island with her or she comes to stay in my 3 bedroom in Ogba. Its her choice really.
    Is Linda an inspiration? Is this a question? The world will be a better place without hate. Im not referring to Thelma, Im referring to all the people hating by saying she is not an inspiration. She has paid some dues. Allow her.
    Every single thing is about Grace. So yes ofcourse there is Grace in her success story. Is there a success story without Grace?
    Being a leech is a full time job. Its not easy. So allow Laura. People should free my in-laws.


  2. Thelma!Abeg it haff do..
    Can we pleaseeeeeee move on to other things?Thank you.

  3. Linda is sleeping in her house in Banana Island while folks are struggling to dissect her life. While many of the things said are true with bearing - some have no bearing. Linda is a ruthless business woman...she has done whatever her conscience will allow her to do and made beyond a living..and she is an inspiration to many...albeit not the middle class kids who don't have a clue what suffering really is. Likewise she isn't the first babe under 40 to buy prime property - she has just chosen to announce it.

    As for everybody else face ur hustle- maybe you will be able to buy something somewhere- not everyone has the same level of grace at the same time.

  4. "Inspiration" and all its relative meaning.

    When a person's show of material success seriously surpasses his charitable acts, then Ecclesiastes 1: 2-11 becomes necessary.

    1. i cant but agree with you, her show of material success def surpasses her charitable acts, i stand corrected. thats y i prefer SDK to LIB cos of her charity platforms n acts

    2. Memphis which kind of assignment is this, shey you could have just posted the scripture too. Lemme go and dust my bible

  5. Personally i think people should let Linda be, this issue of announcement really i dnt see anything wrong with except that for security bcos of evil people, no one knows what Linda and family has passed thru in life that is making her to be announcing these thing, i believe she has her reasons atleast all the people that have taunted them over their poverty status then should be made to see where they are now. So people biko free the babe let her enjoy her God giving blessings.

    1. being taunted or not, never announce your material success, allow people see it n announce it for you biko. like d yoruba saying "bi isu eni ba jina a ma fo wo bo ni" i.e when your yam is well cooked, you should cover it up cos of evil pple, hawks, thiefs n scavengers... sometn lik that

  6. Oluchi really tweeted that?! I've read/heard that the babe is rude but not up to this level.That's really bad.
    @ Kon, na you she go marry jare... LOL

  7. Linda is a product of grace! Millions have worked way harder than she can even imagine so she needs to shush about hard work!
    And it's not everything u broadcast they just need to stop!

  8. Yes the grace of God is a major factor, but her hardwork paid off. She has been blogging for 9 years consistently, it didn't happen in a day.

    She probably didn't know blogging would fetch her this fortune, she kept at it anyway.

    Others have their hustle as well, but it hasn't paid off.
    People should stop being Jealous and hateful.

  9. I literally rolled my eyes at this post title, I almost didnt want to open it. Enough already!!!

  10. Seriously let d babe be. Weda luck or grace or hardwork, she don alredy blow, run ur own race. Kilode! I refuse to spend productive time analysing sm1 else's success.

  11. what has she done for the society n youth. to employ people to assist her n pay them she didnt! hardwork i agree but she should hush already, cos Gods grace is also a major factor here.

    1. Dear Anon, Linda has empowered a lot of youth out there especially girls through her "I'd Rather Be Self Made" platform!
      She also gives 100k away monthly to her lucky readers!
      Plus other charity auctions that she contributes to!
      Pls be guided and be informed.

    2. Madam, considering how much she is worth, that's peanuts! Get your facts right as well.

    3. U asked what he has done for the society and youth, they told u, u re now saying its not enough. Can u imagine! Insatiable humans! As if she is entitled to anyone at all.
      Now I think u re just hating which makes u one of the people she talked about.

  12. So you really did post this? says a lot about you. joblessness. Let it go already please.

    1. Yea, she sounds so bitter and jealous. But who wouldn't? Linda Is worth more than a billion naira. That's alot to be envious about. *tongue out*

    2. How exactly does she sound jealous, did you even read the post? How can someone who has blogged for two years be jealous of somebody blogging Since 2006? They re not even agemate. Thelma please ignore jobless people and stay focused.

  13. Jealousy is the Ruth of hatred.

    1. Ruth ko Naomi ni

    2. Lmao at Ruth, alfarsi u be real olodo, it's root and not Ruth, u just know how to abuse but u have nothing upstairs. Smh.

    3. AFI Ruth nah. Kikikikikikik

  14. Oluchi tweeted that? Ouch! Very harsh and rude.

    Only that tweet is enough for Linda to want to post everything she's acquired. Lol.

    1. You have a point sha but trust me no matter how much she makes and how many things she acquires, deep down she will never feel like she measures up to those standards, that's why she keeps posting her accomplishments. She keeps trying to convince herself that she can mix with some kind of people, or even better than them and that's where she's getting it wrong. It's the basic difference between old and new money. With that kind of mentality she will never feel fulfilled even if she buys the whole banana island.

      When you finally hammer, don't try to impress people that looked down and you and you will find happiness and fulfillment.

  15. This obviously can't be money gotten only from blogging. I disagree. Linda must be in cahoots with a top politician or a top business mogul. Believe it or not. But this money is not pure...

    1. Rumour has it that it is from last election. Apc and pdp money.

    2. I totally agree with you my sister.

    3. when it's a woman that is successful, you just won't believe she worked hard, and it's really really sad,
      Let me enlighten you, there is so much money to be made in this life, media/social media is one of those avenues.

      She didn't have to sleep with a man, she is bold enough to say it. Why are people so adamant to find faults. Why not celebrate her.

      my dear, on a very good day, I know someone who makes 3million naira per proposal when her head is there. Imagine if she writes a proposal monthly or every two months.

      Sit down there make you dey criticize when your mates they hammer. Olodo

      Just as there are people in the US who set up small businesses that cost the btw 3 to 5 million and they resell for over 20million.

      Get a life already people

  16. People be talking about charitable acts and giving back to the society as if they are entitled to it. When she was suffering, did you give to her? Or did you contribute to her success today? Abegi make person hear word joorrrr. Mtcheww.

    T you can do ten more posts about Linda if you want to, who no wan open make e no open.

  17. Haha, this is funny though, For all we know Linda could possibly be dating someone and we wont know. Just like no one knew how much she was worth, it may be a Christmas present, just like Beyonce's CD that came out in 2013.
    Its surprising that gist makes so much money but hey also see it as an exchange of information. I think she is just lucky because i have seen other blogs that have thoughtful content that hasn't pulled in the amount she has made, she was also very consistent because i remember when she first started. I wish her well and hopeful that all her hearts desires come to pass

  18. She's just a product of grace. Good for her.


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