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Ladies, Beard Gang; Sexy or Nah?

Finally I have no choice but to acknowledge this trend which I was hoping would die a sudden death. Seems it's here to stay, for now at least. I'm talking about the beard gang trend. More and more men are ditching the suave clean shaven look for a more rugged bearded look. It's all the rage now, most men, celebrities and the boy next door alike, are now sporting full beards and are proudly #teambeardgang. 

As we can see from the picture above, taken yesterday at Ebuka Obi Uchendu's traditional wedding, more and more men are latching onto the beard train

What I want to know really, is what women think about this. Ladies do you find this trend sexy? Would you rather a clean shaven guy or one with a mop on his face. 

Now, this team even "bullies" non team members saying things like "a man without a beard is a woman"... Do you agree that the full beard makes a man appear more manly and sexy, and one without looks weak and effeminate?

Do tell, ladies what team member would get your pants off quicker? #teambeardgang or #teamcleanshave?
TTB men, what team do you belong to?


  1. Beard gang kwa? Abeg my lil goatee is good enough for me.

    #Sunday S/O

  2. Team beard gang all day everyday, not too much tho like the ones am seeing up there just moderate

  3. Clean shave all the way, without bumbs though

  4. Whatever you do, pls don't grow beards around your lips.Cos I can't kiss you and start using toothpick to pick hairs from my teeth.

  5. Team no beardgang, I hate men with beards, especially when it involves mouth to mouth paroles, the hairs just start "chooking"somebody. Teamnobeardgang anytime anyday. My cousin finds men with beards sexy and attractive shaa.

  6. When a man with full beard sucks your pussy you will go to heaven and come back. I'm talking from experience. Team beard gang all the way.

    1. Babes, I get where u are coming from. But I don't think it was really about his beards. U were just faced with a skilled-in-the-art fully bearded niqqa

    2. hmmm how so ? pls explain coz I'm curious.

    3. Uhhhhhhjhhj,anon are u for real? Hmmmmmmmm this is a new one. Am learning, plsss future hubby keep beards and let me see if giving me a head with it will take me to heaven. Lamao.

  7. My sisters hate beards, my mum and her seven sisters hate beards, all my Ex girlfriends hate beards, most of my female friends hate beards. So I'm tempted to conclude women generally hate beards...hate it to the extent that at one time 2 of my sisters shaved my beards clean while I slept soundly. I was so not pleased when I woke up.

    So dear future wife, Memphis loves his beards and from now on registers with the beard gang. Abeg try to deal, inugo? :D

    1. I hate "bia bia" clean shave please

    2. Lol. Something will have to give. Can't go about looking like Korede Bello.

    3. Memphis be rest assured not all women hate beards! I for one love it! I made my hubby join the gang and I have to say he looks more sexy than ever before !!! Team beard any day :)

    4. Memphis what kind of sleep were you sleeping that you didn't know you were getting shaved?

    5. Lmhao @Korede Bello. That's not nice. I love your sisters tho...LMAO!

    6. Hahahhhahahhha @ Korede Bello! Seriously tho, I keepp wondering if that guy is a 'small' or 'big' boy! Lmao! Memphis smh

  8. team clean shave please...these guys with the full beards always remind me of how ones pubic hair is when unshaved lol.. CUT IT OFF GUYS!

  9. Could you pls post some pictures of 'Modern men' with clean shave! I think it's all about looking good. I wear both styles for change of look and trust me, I feel good with both.

  10. Well you guys can't now come and decide that you don't like beards because y'all are the reason it started in the first place. Gillette's profits have even dipped significantly.

    Tomorrow women will wake up and decide they don't like the beards anymore because let's admit it most women aren't even sure of what they like or don't, next thing you'll wake up and not be able to find one man without beards.

    Women determine almost everything that men do, from how they look to how hard they hustle, that's why it baffles me when women claim that they are the weaker sex.

    1. Sin came through a woman, Redemption came through a woman. And we say "it's a man's world". Men...we're busy feeling macho yet we're clamped down by women. Choi...

    2. I spoke to Thelma about this sometime... I'm telling you women are pretty much ruling the world but they won't see it.
      Just be on the bad books of a wife and see whether u can win the husband's heart.

    3. Which is exactly the same thing I tell my bf. Men look stronger because there has to be a balance in this world, unfortunately, women aren't even aware of the strengths they possess. They are stuck up in so many feminists battles and forget to be themselves. Meanwhile we can't achieve anything of great significance being someone else. My 2 cents.

    4. Thank you Iyanu, women have brought down the strongest men in history and they did it by being women.

  11. I like moderate beards like banky's, that's the type the hubster spots and its really sexy. You see that nobs type? Naa I'll gladly pass.

    1. All these funny comments. LWKMD

      I'm with you on this one namesake - moderate beard in fact grey beard is my favorite without the bushy thickness. Just moderate but I'll still pick a clean-shaven man over the bearded on the condition that the clean-shaven man has some hair on the head o. I like a bit of hair ;-)

  12. Clean shave it is but I am partial when it comes to lynnx....mehn it looks so good on him or maybe his height added to the sexiness.....

    Yep! I have a thing for tall and well built guys....#cuteface

  13. I love beards....if he's dark and has beards too, there's no way i won't NOTICE him #teambeardgang

  14. Henry cavill is the new face of Man of Steel aka Superman, he isn't on beard.

    Harvey Spectre isn't on beard.

    Cristiano Ronaldo isn't on beard.

    I'm not against beards, but thinking that being bearded makes you a 'Man' is quite ridiculous. Just be cool being bearded and leave it that way... Aiit? *speaking to the supposed beard gang clan*

    1. Beacuse you're not bearded yea? 😕😕

    2. Nice try. Trying to console yasef? Hehehe..

    3. Did you guys read my comment?

      Err, Memphis don't join @femalemondial, she's just looking for my attention(trouble), nothing else. Lol

      Anyways my last paragraph pretty much explained my point.

      Beard or no beard, it doesn't define Ur masculinity.

  15. Team clean shave with low cut Caesars .. I like a lil beard too.. But some people overdo this thin and start looking like moses

  16. I can't stand Noble Igwe cos of his beards. He's had it forever and I just don't like him cos of it, it makes him look scruffy all the time. I don't like beards but I LOVE a nice one or two day old stubble. There's just something about.... in fact, no comment.

    This makes me remember something I read on Blogoratti's blog a couple of weeks ago, I think he was highlighting the advantages or "perks" of being bearded and in the comment section, someone asked how he eats draw soup without getting it on his beard, I almost fell of my chair that
    So, dear Memphis, how do you eat draw soup without getting it on your bear

    #TeamDayOldStubble all day, everyday...

  17. Team beard gang but groomed please. And I beleive it also depends on the man's face. My husband mistakenly shaved a part of his beard obce and had to shave off the entire thing...lets just say I didnt care for the 15 year old groom look.

  18. I don't know, really. What I know I don't like is the Adolf Hitler-like moustache. I can't stand it

  19. Nay. Emmanuel and Banky yay, I'll pass on all others.


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