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Of Days Past and Price Tags

Good mooooooooooorning guys!

How has it been? At my end its been all sorts and I know my blogging game has been off point... Apologies... 

So that's my new nephew right there. Isn't he the cutest? This right here is a reminder of why I must marry a hottie, we need to do it for the kids. LOL. 

The last few days have taken me all over the place, I've crossed borders, reconnected with my most loved ones and basically just learnt to breathe slow and appreciate life. 

So please bear with me for the erratic posting, I'm really working on getting back on track. 

Guys, I was asked to post this by someone in the situation. Your views would be appreciated. 

Tobi was given a contract worth several millions. He executed it but was yet to be paid by the government for a very long time, well over two years. Initially he was relaxed about getting paid as he had other sources of income and his regular 9 to 5 job. In order to pursue other businesses he needed to leave his 9 to 5 job and focus. However, as is quite normal with new businesses, there was a teething period. 
      Unfortunately this particular teething period was unduly long and terribly challenging. Tobi then remembered once again that the government was owing him several millions. He made threats, bribed some staff in the organization, begged and pleaded, all to no avail. 
      Sometime during this period Tobi started dating Nkem, and when Nkem learnt of his troubles she took it upon herself to pray for her man. She did novenas, attended Father Mbaka's Adoration severally, fasted a number of times and continued to encourage him. Not long after, Tobi was paid by the government and was given a few millions for compensation for the long delay. 
      Tobi was overjoyed. Nkem was ecstatic; now her man can take care of her like a real man should. 

Tobi wants to inject all this money into his business, that's after paying his house rent, settling debts, buying Nkem and few gifts and sorting his family out. Nkem however has other ideas. Besides these little gifts he's promising, she's demanding a car and money for her rent in Agungi, Lekki (about 800k). She would also like him to take her on a vacation to Zanzibar or Dubai, but this can wait. Tobi thinks these demands are outrageous and says the best he can do is give her 300k which she can spend at her discretion. 
     This has led to great issues with Nkem constantly bickering and Tobi constantly irritable. The fights are vicious; filled with name calling, insults and accusations. Nkem says she's willing to break up but not before she gets what's rightfully hers. After all had it not been for all her prayers and sacrifices Tobi would still not be paid, she particularly believes that it's her prayers that caused them to give him the compensation as well, which ordinarily he would not be given. Tobi appreciates all her prayers but doesn't believe her owes Nkem anything besides gratitude. After all the money he was paid was money he was owed for a contract he executed with his own money, equipments and manpower. 

Is any one here right or wrong? Do prayers come with a price tag? Does Tobi owe Nkem anything? Can this relationship, with this bickering and fighting over money and entitlement lead to (a good) marriage or should they call it quits?


  1. That babe is willing to leave the relationship because he didn't give her 800k, a car, a vacation in Zanzibar?

    I'm that guy? Babe, u got to go!!!!!

    Rightfully hers? Wow! Wat has the Nigerian society turned into? So you mean because you went to fr mbaka so u have an entitlement to the money?
    Holup, if he hadn't told you he was being owed some amount of money by govt, u may not even be in the relationship for that long(i dont even know how long sef) in the first place?

    Babe, you are not getting a dime. Sorry! You were in the relationship for the wrong reasons...

    You know, these are the kind of women they pray in church you don't get entangled with.
    Instead of you to think of the right kind of investment or venture, to improve on what is available, all u are thinking of is 'Rights' and 'entitlement'? Good Gracious God... Lead us not into temptations and deliver us from all evils.

    He gave you 300k, and u are bitter. Lmao!!!!
    These are the kind of women Linda Ikeji wrote that long epistle for.
    Bae!!! just gotta reevaluate your thought process, period.

    If she's stupid, she can leave the relationship. Hopefully she isn't.

    1. Ahn ahn! Brotherly! na so the thing pain you reach? Abeg cool down, you hear? Lol.

  2. Oh and BTW, Thelma your nephew is gorgeous... More reasons why I'm always thinking about it!!!

    Happy in the first part and then being pissed off in the second? Thelma, u Shud have just made both different post. Lol.
    Its all good though.

  3. That baby is making my ovaries somersault! I want another one... Oh they grow up so fast !

    The babe in the story is smoking weed that's all I can deduce from the story! She is entitled to 0.00naira and she needs to be booted out ! Rubbish !!!!

  4. Throw her away abeg. Who said it's d nonsense prayer sef that worked. It was just a coincidence. If u give her all that money now she will ask for more forever with a sense of entitlement. Give her 300k for her effort and show her the door.

  5. Cute baby.

    If I were Tobi, Nkem is gone!


  6. Very cute baby.
    That babe is really high, she should be the one encouraging her man to invest. Zanzibar koor, Zanzibar ni. Wetin make hin mama do.

    1. Lmaoo! I wonder oooo! @ wetin make him mama do!

  7. Your nephew is absolutely adorable.

    That babe is a big thief.

  8. guy..collect ur 300k back sef, let her carry u to court.. maybe she will tender her prayers as evidence.. what a namsense!!!... gerrarahia , ungrateful biyatchhh....
    if she asked for a piece of land in her name or an investment, it would'v been understandable.. that woman is a waster and is just giving u a glimpse into your future.. beware....

  9. Thelma, your nephew is so many shades of cute.. I can't wait to start having kids, DFH, please be fine o, 'cause, like Thelma implied, the kids must be

    As for the babe, she has too many issues to count. She seriously thinks its her prayers that released the money? How about his own prayers? His mother's prayers nko?.. lol Like Uyi said, may the Lord lead us not into temptation, may he deliver us from these kinds of evil. How will you feel this entitled to someone else's hard earned money?

    There's nothing wrong in asking for what you want but demanding and giving ultimatums? That's just a new level of crazy. She is not entitled to 1 kobo of that money, she can take her leech a** self somewhere else. Instead of encouraging him to invest the money in something profitable, she wants to spend all of it on traveling. So if he did not collect the money, she will not pay rent abi? Rubbish and nonsense.

    Its these kinds of people the Yoruba people cal APA(wasteful somebody) How hard is it to work and send yourself on holiday? I have colleagues who travel abroad during their vacation, they save and plan toward it from the beginning of the year, one just came back from Mecca sef!

  10. Choi! This baby is cute for years! Welcome to the world baby!

    Nkem is greedy please! If she had wanted the money for some kinda investment, then it's quite reasonable, but for frivolous things? Mba! Odiro nma.
    But she prayed and fasted for the money to be released na, so she's somehow right sha o.

    1. Loool @ namesake! She is not somehow right kan kan! If tomorrow the guy leaves her for whatever reason... he does not owe her one naira! since when has interceeding on someone's behalf earned anyone rights to the person's benefits!
      The reason she gave is just soooo wrong. If you want money.. ask.. beg... plead... cajole... whatever you can but do not strong-arm him into giving simply because you "prayed" for him! Lmaoo! That's just ridiculous!

  11. She is joking. She jokes too much.

  12. This Nkem babe is obviously sick.
    Tee,your nephew is so "foineeeeeee"

  13. He should thank God that this issue has exposed her real persona before the relationship crossed the marriage line.

    Dude needs to up and leave her.. like immediately. And he should take his 300k with him too, she doesn't deserve a dime, not with that attitude. Her sense of entitlement is even annoying me sef. Some human beings can be ridiculous.

  14. Where is my comment? *straight faces*

  15. Your nephew is very cute and so big! :D

  16. Problem is Nkem didnt read Linda Ikeji's story.

  17. Aaw see Mr. Adorbs...we have wife for him oh...

    Meanwhile the babe's prayer is being answered by satan himself...when she gets dumped she will figure it out. Her sense of entitlement is ridiculously flawed and she needs to work on herself. Dude should collect his n300k back and ask her to please shift on out of his life.

    Thelma Biko where are the other posts? I was coming back to respond to one and they disappeared.

    1. They are on the next page. But I deleted the last post I out up, maybe that's the one you're referring to..

  18. The weed Nkem is smoking is on another level. Let's forgive her. J

  19. Loool if her adoration can bring such money, she should do series of prayers of her own for breakthrough without hardwork. Oyedepo says something My God is not a magician, he will bless you from your labour or if he finds you being diligent not to want to hammer on top somebody else.
    Your nephew is soooo cute, your sis and her hubby must be all shades of goodlooking.
    Thelma you can add and remove posts at the speed of light oh,making me doubt my vision.loool

  20. Nkem is a pyschophat n a thief jor. Is it with this kind of attitude and intent that she went to God in prayers. Cos, if it is. Then it wasn't her prayers that worked.

    How some pple sleep @ night beats me.
    Tobi, good for you, her true self has come to the fore.
    Run, run run. With all your money o, but be guided by your conscience, if u feel cool giving her the cash, do so.

    Men, I have been down with fever, one week plus now. Not feeling my self @ all.

    Thelma, your baby (nephew) is beautifully handsome. Handsome Paparito

    1. Awwww... you'll be fine! *hugs*

    2. So sorry Clare. I was just about to call you when I saw this comment. Please get better soon.

    3. Get well soon Ma! The Lord is your strength.

  21. Sorry Clare. Get well soonest.

    Fine nephew.

    It's God that answers prayers, not man and definitely not Nkem. Why didn't she demand that his exact tithe be paid as He answered 'her' prayers. She is not a wife, even at that the decision as to what goes to her lies solely with Tobi. Thank God for the blessing, it came to reveal her true self.

  22. All I see is that "adorably" cute child up there. I just want to kiss his cute cheeks! Lool.
    You better be careful before sunshine claims him for her daughter. As she don dey find fine husband for her unborn babies. Lool!

    1. Smh! Basket mouth! How e take consign u ehn!

      Ehen jare Thelma, seeing as I've not had my daughter yet, the age difference between them will be just perfect, don't you think? *wink wink*

  23. I don dey find Memphis's comment on this post since.
    Anyhoo to cut the long story short, these re the kinda babes Linda Ikeji was actually refering to! Smh

  24. See as pikin fine, chai!!! But sometimes two not particularly beautiful people (in my father's words, he said never call another human being ugly cos we were all created God's image and likeness) give birth to beautiful shidren o, negative + negative = positive abi.

    Meanwhile this girl reminds me of a pastor that a friend of mine went to meet for prayers because he was chasing a contract, the pastor started the prayers then when it got the the point that the contract had being awarded to my friend and the papers signed, the pastor insisted that before he makes the final prayers for the mobilization money to be released my friend had to agree to pay the whole tithe to his church, the contract was worth billions by the way. But my friend refused and said he intended to divide the tithe among different churches because other pastors were praying for him too. Well somehow, and till today I don't know how, the contract was cancelled at the last minute. And it got me wondering what kind of prayers and to which god that pastor was praying in the first place.
    Once your prayers come with conditions, charges and requests for seeds to be sown or pledges to be made then I'm out of there.

  25. I'm beginning to fantasize better on how my 1st son will be. This baby is a lovely piece of work. Shhhhh (light skinned ladies on ma mind...).

    As for Nkem, her prayers are obviously not the reason for Tobi's resurgence, not with a detestable mind like that. Ko possible ra ra. Putting a price tag on prayers? Hehe..

    1. Side eyes @ light skinned ladies...
      Dark skinned babies are very cute o memphis! Looool! *dark skinned ladies activist*

    2. Lol @ kabuoy. Carry go. I no de ya back sha. Lol

  26. Cute nephew T.
    Nkem's mental sickness is on another level. Incurable. Tobi had better not release a dime and break up with her. Rubbish!! Imagine the girl taking God's glory in Tobi's life. God cannot be mocked oo! Foolish girl. Some girls shaa!!


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