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Shhhhhhh! Shut The F.........

So I crawled out of my hole to rant. 

Before I begin this rant I guess an apology is in order. Yes, posts have been very erratic but I assure you that it's due to reasons beyond my control. I've tried and tried to post more regularly but the fates aren't in line with those plans at the moment. I left Lagos Wednesday evening and since then it's been one thing after the other. A whirlwind! I've barely had shut eye for three consecutive hours and half the time I'm spaced out. I'm trying to sort this out, I get a bit uncomfortable when I get calls asking what's wrong or if I'm ok, because nothing is wrong, and I'm better than ok. It's just that the reins these few days elude me. Please, I'll be back on course as soon as possible. 

Yeah, now on to my rant. You've got pet peeves, yeah? Well I've always known I have a number of those but the most recent and most agitating is people who constantly offer unsolicited opinions. I met one of such people recently. 

I guess this is even on a different level because said person seems to think that they know my life based on what I write, and thinks that since I've made my (supposed) life blog fodder, she's entitled to dissect it in whichever way she likes and offer opinions on things, everything! Worse yet, give advice that's neither solicited nor welcome. Eishhhh! JUST STOP OKAYYYYY! I know that opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Still it would do you and I a great favour if you don't air each and every one of them.

That kinda felt good. 

Now since I'm already on the rant-pet peeve path I might as well tell you my other pet peeves. 

-people who drive slowly and leisurely but the minute you "trafficate" to join their lane, immediately pick up speed and stop you from getting in front of them. Wicked pipu!
-those people who keep you waiting and tell you I'm on my way, I'm almost there! when they're yet to even take a bath. Seriously, you're the worst!
Lastly- Girls who deliberately sound dumb and clueless around guys because they think it's cute. Stop it. JUST STOP! There's nothing cute about it, it just makes you look.... well, dumb and clueless! 

LOL. There you have it, my rant and pet peeves all in one. And I feel a lot better after writing this. Try it, you will too! Feel free to rant about whatever, but first, share your pet peeves with me!

Or just tell me what you've been up to. I miss you guys, I've missed my blog and my blog readers, and my life feels quite incomplete without you. I can't wait to be done with this phase!


  1. Mine is people who defend the indefensible (politically) #YouKnowUrself...!!!

    1. Lmaooo! Uyi... Other culprits! Oya come and mark attendance under this comment!

    2. Kabuoy you are looking for my trouble.

      So I defend the 'indefensible'? I definitely don't think Sasha bone is referring to me.

  2. Deliberately sounding dumb and clueless and think it's cute? Nba, I never hear that one.
    I guess we all have that one person who always has an opinion about everything.
    My Rant.
    Plans/Preparations for my wedding are on-going at the moment. I have a BBM group for my bridesmaids and my MoH is suddenly becoming annoying. She tries to impose her ideas on everyone in the group calls me for support to declare her preference on the other ladies. Last one she did was to call me to insist of a particular hairstyle, I told her that we will discuss it in the group and decide. Unfortunately, my BIS went off just after she ended the call. By evening when I subscribed, I found her messages in the group, telling the girls I also said certain things and all sorts, persuading them to let it go and just do it for me.
    I chose her to be my MoH because of her stature and she knows it.
    Plus, I've been dealing with very poor customer relationship from every quarter. My dressmakers particularly.

    1. Eniola...words of comfort - 1 bridesmaid or 10, you will still be married. Put your foot down on what you want within reason...whoever cannot comply give them IV to show up as guests. Do not stress yourself planning a wedding, you have the adjustment phase of marriage to your energy for that.

  3. I feel u on that traffic one.. I can't stand people with long throat..and people who make u feel like cutting off someone that misyanned about you is being childish .. Like wtf will I still be friends with someone that clearly has evil intentions 2 wards me??.. #okbye

  4. Sound dumb to look cute? Haha! That's one new kind of silly please.

    Nothing to rant about.

    1. It's called dumbing one's self down. Some men are apparently intimidated by an intelligent woman...

  5. Hi Eniola, first of all...*big hugs*...I know what you are passing through ..I got married in September and d bridesmaids drama,vendors drama is too real.......some times they think its about them or they know what u want best ........

    That said.......pls dnt lose ur cool, be firm, polite and ensure that everyone understands ur stance on things. You will ruffle one or two feathers but always choose ur battle wisely. Also, make sure u have back-up vendors esp for your hairstylist,makeup person and dress maker- the devil can like to use these vendors to tempt the children of God.!!..

    Be prayerful always..and make a list ...also never overlook the help God wil send ur way from friends or pple u never expected it from.....Thats what God did for
    me.....Lastly,pls dnt fret......enjoy ur day....make sure u enjoy ur day cos it really does go so fast.......


  6. Topmost for Mine now is people who talk too much & dunno when to stop especially on silly gists...

  7. My rant: I see no reason why workers vigil would have to always hold in my pastor's place,it's raining heavily and my whole area is flooded and his own street too is something else, I find it so tiring going for workers vigil when I think of all these, must d vigil b in his house nii biko,when church dey dere. God forgive me cos I wouldn't go. Now my pet peeve, why can't a guy just tel it to a girl's face that all he wants is shag?I hate it when guys deceive themselves thinking it's the girl they are deceiving.

    1. This is typical case of "I can't go and come and kill myself" lolz.

      Please do your vigil @ home o, the complains fit make you no pray well. Hahhaha.

    2. "...God forgive me cos I wouldn't go...". Is it now a sin to (deliberately) miss a vigil? Just curious.

      Lol @"...hate it when guys deceive themselves thinking it's the girl they are deceiving.". Well in most cases the girls see The Red Flags yet readily fly them without being under duress. So ya anger well nne.

    3. Yes ohh Memphis I feel it's a sin because I deliberately missed it but for good reasons nii now, and the second one,girls continue to fal even after seeing red flags because we have fish brain like my friend will say. Lol.

  8. I want my mummy. Lol. I just want to see and hug my mom. Cant wait to get back and go visit her.

    1. Finally someone in my shoes. To think I was d only one missing my mum.
      I feel u on d traffic thing. Its so annoying.
      Also peeps who play music at work I wonder what is wrong with using earpiece

  9. No rants,No pet peeves, No complaint,No stress. I just woke up feeling so thankful to my God.
    Errrrr let it not look like I am fronting,lemme just type small.
    I just figured out that people actually thrive on hate comments, attacking the owner of the blog. but I tell you one thing, when we all ignore such comments and do not reply, they tend to fade away because they get bored when there is no drama.
    Most of these anonymous people, write those things for the fun of it . Why do we dwell on their comments like really? What will a blogger like Linda Ikeji, that gets bashed from all angles do? Some even extend the hate to her family members .
    She simply ignores. Because she knows that the Internet; especially the blogosphere is a faceless world with fake identity and all. #lemme go and brush my fingers.brb

    1. LOL. Bloggitup you're something else. Well Linda has no choice but to ignore, where she for wan start from na? But truth is even Linda hasn't always ignored. I've read LIB for several years and I still remember Linda replying most of the hate comments. However, that was the era before her comments ran into hundreds. Sometimes it's not easy o! Up until a year or two ago even SDK would give it back hotter than it was dished. It takes several years of experience and lots of restraint to just ignore.
      I personally wish I could study trolls (and faceless cyber bullies); know what makes them tick and why they do what they do. They're a sad lot but rather interesting too.

    2. And I personally wish I could ask those anons here why dey chased Ruthy away,karma is a bitch and it will surely visit them where and when they don't expect. Ruthy sweetie, TTB family misses you,plsss ignore these sadists and come back ohjhhj.

    3. Why do I have this funny feeling that Thelma is referring to you in this post. Yes Maybel, you seem to be a very nossy fellow. And you always have an opinion about every post.

    4. Not at all, I'm not referring to Mabel. On the contrary Mabel is not in anyway nosey, and we talk so I should know. But there are some nosey readers sha, the ones who read posts and sensing that's not the full story, call to get the complete scoop. LOL. Still not referring to any of them here...

    5. Anon that's a sweet compliment about me bitch. Thanks. Hehehhehheehehehehehe.


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