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So You Think Blogging Is Easy?

I just read a blogger say blogging can be very tiring and depressing. I smiled.
Like I said yesterday yesterday , most people think Linda's success is more a result of grace than hardwork, and I don't necessarily disagree with them. What I don't agree with is that thinking that blogging is a breeze. I read comments like "what does she do sef, sit down in front of computer and copy and paste, how hard can it be?"

Well I don't know Linda or any other blogger's personal blogging journey but I tell you, even copying and pasting can be hard as hell! The purpose of this post is not to rant or to seek sympathy, respect or admiration. I'm writing because in the past few days I've heard people question how hard blogging is, and I've heard bloggers talk about how daunting it can be. 

My story is different, as is everyone else's. I don't have the luxury of copying and pasting, it's the path I chose so that cross is mine to bear. When I started blogging I was awake most hours of the day, and night. Every night I was up till 3am, at the earliest, and three hours later I'm back up. You might find that strange considering that on most days I put up three posts or less. Yet even one post could take hours to write. It could take that long to find something to write about, something that others would be interested in reading, that is. Then you might have to do some research on the topic. Writing it then becomes another struggle. Sometimes it could take fifteen minutes. Sometimes a post of the same length could take four hours. And then you post, after editing, then re-editing, proof-reading and then tweaking. 

Oh, remember in blogging you're only as good as your last post. Meaning that once that's on the blog you're already searching for your next topic. Unless your blog is a diary, you're going to want people to not only read, but also respond or react. You've got to (learn to) be engaging. You, your blog and your posts have got to be engaging and relatable. Otherwise, don't bother. In doing this you've got to carve a niche or at least have a target audience and attract them to your blog. Unfortunately readers aren't going to fall from the sky, so whether you like it or not you've got to visit other blogs and comment, and find other creative ways to build readership. 

When you've committed to posting at least once a day, your readers begin to have expectations and come hell or high water, you've got to give them something. Your readers don't know or care that you've got a day job, that you've got business deadlines, that your relationship or marriage is going through a terrible patch, that you're dirt broke and need to double your hustle, that you're on your period and having terrible cramps, that your health is below par, that your family is going through a tough time, or that you're simply not in the mood. All they know is that you must deliver. So deliver you must. 

Mood. Yes mood. I have a great deal of respect for bloggers like SDK and LIB who without fail, put out posts steadily. In truth, the monies they make might lend some motivation, still I'm sure it's not easy. If you run a blog you can attest that there are days, or even weeks that you're just not in the mood. On some days you feel like life would be a lot easier if you just shut down the blog and not have to worry about it for another second. On some days even you would hate the sight of your own blog. On some days you'll completely lack motivation... On some days you'll have NO ideas for posts... On some days you'll just want to bury your head under sand and stay there. Still you realize that nobody cares so you better sit up and post something. And that's what you do. 

Besides not being in the mood, there are times you'll (begin to) lose interest. You'll begin to question yourself, your purpose and your motivation for blogging. Sometimes it may begin to feel like a waste of time. You'll feel like you're not impacting anyone. You'll feel like you've done this for several months yet you've got nothing to show for it. On some days blogging is a odious thankless job. You'll feel like you're breaking your back for a cold heartless slave-driving master. But guess what, you keep going. 

Ergo, then comes the times you'll want to give up. You'll encounter this emotion once a month or thereabouts... It would feel like the right thing to do, the thought would be so exhilarating and liberating; you will want to dance. But then you gather your courage, don your amour and keep trudging. 

Then comes the issue of trying to monetize. After all if you're working so hard to keep the blog running, you should get some form of compensation for it, yes? You'll try Adsense but they'll try to frustrate you to the point of no return. You'll try other ad agencies but some would give some ridiculous stipulations that would break your spirit. You'll get a few banners but you might begin to think that they're invisible because nobody clicks on them... Still you keep working. 

And then through it all you'll still encounter some trolls that would come on your blog under the guise of anonymous or pseudonyms. They would try to run you down or break your spirit with their comments. When you've experienced this over time you learn to ignore most of them as you realize that most are only projecting their own misery, yet you would wonder why you need to deal with that along with everything else. 

Blogging is not easy. It's not necessarily physically tiring or challenging, but it can be extremely emotionally and mentally tasking/challenging/draining. Gossip bloggers have their own challenges, but running a non-gossip blog takes a great deal of creativity and mental effort. On the bright side, you have time for other things as you don't need to be with your laptop 24/7 trying to be the first to dish the gist while it's still hot and piping. 

Yet, it's not all gloom and doom, far from it. Blogging can be very rewarding. You might just make a buck, although that should never be your motivation because then you'll be frustrated into quitting. You would meet new people and probably make new friends; some of your readers would become the most valuable people in your life. It might also open doors for profitable partnerships and collaborations. Your blog might also usher you into greater dimensions in your life and career, it could bring you unexpected opportunities and great projects. It can also be very emotionally rewarding as, if you're good at what you do you might touch some lives, some people would call or mail you to express appreciation for what you're doing. Some might even go further and tell you they want to "sow into your ministry" just to let you know how much they appreciate you, next thing you're getting a credit alert...

For those who intend to pursue this path, don't be discouraged. Provided you don't go in thinking its a walk in the park and you're willing to stay grounded and focused despite the challenges, you should be fine. And for those of us already on towing this path, I wish you the very best. May our ink never run dry. 

Are you a blogger, share with us your blogging highs and lows and coping techniques. Have you ever run a blog and stopped, what led you to that decision? What do you miss and what don't you miss about blogging? And for the rest of us, please share with me, in your opinion, what makes a good blog and why you love the blogs you love. 


  1. Passion is the watch word to keep moving despite all odds in anything one does in life. I have learnth nothing is easy especially when one has no passion for it. Grace(unmerited favor) of God in once life makes one succeed where others fail. Keep doing what you are passionate about, back it with prayers, sooner than expected, the almighty will smile on the person.

    1. Gbam... When thinking of passion you must think of the adrenaline of fear but thrown in reverse . When you're hanging off a cliff the fear of death gives you wings and your strength is almost multiplied by almost five times it's normal level. This incredible never before seen power manifests itself to ensure you don't fail. The same reaction occurs with passion but doesn't require the death part, it's simply the first manifestation of purpose driven living. Failing on your belief is as powerful as letting go of that cliff and is not an option either. When this force takes over you it seems like that task becomes easy, almost routine. Which is why you hear people say do what you love and you won't work a single day in your life.
      Love is an emotion evoked by passion therefore spending all day doing something you love means you are reinforcing your belief so this never ending domino effect of love, belief and passion trigger one another till completion. You can't give up until the end is reached. It's almost robotic and unbelievable to those who have never experienced passion to understand why and how you work so hard. But this power is setting you up for success to the greatest level and allowing understanding that you have no limitations.

      I don't know why I felt I had to share this and T I love the way you wrote this. It makes a lot of sense now.

    2. Oga Steele, you have aired it all... Before I pour my own sermon here, I think some peeps may not understand the concept of passion but it is wat changes, influences and impacts lives, It causes a ripple effect and I'm proud of Thelma cos I know her path in blogging is quite draining. It will surely yield positive results no doubt.
      You inspire me, Thelma.

  2. Nice write up. I tried blogging three years ago but I stopped. My problem was getting people to comment. If people are reading but not commenting it is very discouraging. Also its so time consuming so that's why most us of give up, because it is not easy to make money from it. If something is taking all your time and has not yielded 1 kobo it is hard to continue.

  3. Lol @ you telling folks blogging isn't easy. Even stealing isnt easy to each his own. I echoed my sentiments on owning a blog several days is somewhere in the middle especially when you choose to create content.

    1. But she's right. Blogging is not easy so the new wave of bloggers who want to buy house in banana island should take note.

  4. I think this post is for serious bloggers not for people who blog as a hobby.

  5. Nothing in life is easy, but I duff my heart to those who spend time delivering quality content and also using their platform to bless others.

    In time, all that you hope for will manifest, the hardest part is the patience to wait for the manifestations.

    More grease and power to your hands, and brains.

  6. Hello T, we all know or most people know that nothing in this life comes easy. Blogging is no exception. Having said it all by yourself, I just want to add something that might be of gain to you.
    Your line of blogging is unique and really different from the usual blogs we read, it must be sometimes tiring knowing that nothing of interest happened in a day for you to write about and post. I just want to add, why don't you write about other gossips that circulates in this world of ours. Like the popular kardashians you could write about what you think about their lifestyle example Kylie and her sisters. Just something other than your life everyday. It could draw people more to read and comment. Ur thoughts on the ministers screening, the education, movies, musics and many more. Not just your usual today I stepped out, went to eat with a friend. Bla bla. Please don't take it personal..just my thoughts for a more successful blog. Let's grow out of this usual ish. God bless.

    1. Thanks a lot Anne. Truth is I think I would need to be more interested in gossip to blog about it successfully. But that's besides the point, I once had no choice but to do that (lacking content at the time) and most people complained saying they didn't want to read what they'd already read on other blogs. It really is hard trying to please everyone but I would look into infusing some gossip. That said... I don't write about myself all the time, my life is not that interesting. Lol.

    2. Lol... Thelma, but u actually make Ur life interesting with your writing skills.

      I think what Anne is saying is, not trying to copy n paste the kardashians but creatively piecing out an article that entails how their fame affect lives esp the youths whether positively or negatively (for example)

    3. Uncle Uyi let me hire you as my co writer nau. You sound like you have it figured out. I hope you don't mind working free o! Anyone else who's interested please hola @ me.

  7. THIS. IS. THE. POST!!!

    You captured my emotions about blogging in this post. It is bad when you are on vacation and you need to keep pulling out the laptop and worse when you are at work (9-5), but cannot concentrate because you are mentally hunting for content.

    I've done this for a year and many times I've wanted to throw in the trowel but, even though it is hard work, it is also satisfying work especially when you get that perfectly worded post/article out and it is accepted or better still, goes viral.

    Each article is like a much loved bird, set free to fly. You are happy when that baby bird does well, flaps its wings and soar and you are sad when it crashes, but hey blogging is a job that requires hope and a thick skin - for regardless of the brave face writers put up, it is a lonely job for in the end, its just you, your words and your computer.

  8. Thelma this your write up is so on point, it felt like I wrote my experience and gave you to share...Please visit


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