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Giveaway Winner!

I wish I could give the gifts to everyone who wants them but alas I can't! So I'd like to use this opportunity to ask those of us who have items to giveaway to please do so through the blog. You could giveaway new items, money, recharge cards, gadgets, fairly used items and things you no longer want/use that are still in very good condition. 
You never know who truly needs what you can give. When a few blog readers complained to me that some people reached them through the blog and asked for money or clothing items, I asked that people be careful who they give things to. I also mentioned that people be mindful of whom they give their used clothes. Those are just personal beliefs of mine as I find I'm particular about certain things. Yet over time and even after that I've sent my clothing items to blog readers who have reached out to me because they seemed to really need them. And I would like to enjoin you to mail me if you've got things, new and otherwise, to givea…

Before and After Pictures of My Edges- Tonkabelle.

I was scrolling through some old pictures of mine and I came across this picture of my edges. I was attending a friend’s child’s one year old party and my edges were absolutely sparse. I would say that the reason why my edges looked like that was a result of a bad relaxer I had as well as the post partum shedding I was experiencing at the time.
Here I was with my five month old baby and my hair line was looking really terrible. When I saw the pictures I could hardly bear to look at them. I am so glad I did not have them deleted as I would not have been able to share my progress with you all. The comparison picture is one I took during my holidays. I was looking for a picture where I would show that same side of my hair (and this is the best I could find). Now still I have a lot of baby hairs in front of my head because I guess the front has to play catch up to the back, however my edges have grown in leaps and bounds as you can see.

Up the top of my head I would say that what helped me …

Sugabelly; Rape. Infatuation. Lies. Stockholme's Syndrome.Victim-Blaming...

In the last few days I've read the dizzying account of the rape allegations made by Sugabelly. I cannot
and will not rehash the whole thing here because I presume most people have, if you haven't just google it and prepare for a roller coaster ride or read it Here . Summarily; Sugabelly who's 26 alleges that Mustapha Audu whom she dated at ages 17 and 18 not only raped her several times but did so with his friends, cousins and brothers. Mustapha Audu is one of the sons of the Abubakar Audu, the recently deceased APC governorship candidate.
When the tea was spilled, opinions were split, anyone who knows (or follows Sugabelly) knows she courts controversy. Some immediately cried blue murder and some lashed out at her saying she was not raped. They questioned the validity of the rape accusations seeing as she continued going back to him. They said it could not have been rape if she continued to date him or remain in love with him. 
Well, the thing is she was 17. And while I must…

The Things That Used To Matter.

Hey guys! I feel like I've been terribly irresponsible, neglecting my blog for days and dragging my feet. I sincerely apologise, I'm so sorry! I have no excuses really, it's just, there's so much to see and do, so many places to go to. I keeping meeting new people so when I think I might get some down time someone suggests something and I find I cannot say no. I'd never considered myself an adventurous person but we learn new things about ourselves everyday (or not...). 
You know, I've not slept before 4am since I got here. Earlier this morning I got a sudden crave to shop for chocolates and I got up and went to this mall, at 2am. While at the mall I got talking to this Indian guy and from no where I thought, this is the kind of guy I'd like to father my children. Its funny because he's not necessarily hot or anything, but there was just something about him. It made me smile to think how things that matter to me have changed over the years. 

Why Are We So Thirsty?

Hey guys. So that's how last night my friend Niran heard I was in town and asked if I'd like to go clubbing. I certainly did but I insisted that we go somewhere there's a blend of different races. You see, earlier yesterday I went to the beach and my friend and I were the ONLY black people there. We stuck out like a sore thumb. I tried to ignore it and enjoy myself but the stares made that impossible. We got stared at like the most unlikely thing one was expected to see there was a black person. The beach was lovely but that ruined my experience so I certainly didn't want a repeat at the club. 
Niran assured me that he knew a place that I would enjoy as there were loads of Africans there and they played african music too. Niran couldn't have been more wrong! First off it cost an arm and a leg to get into the club; almost $100 for the both of us, then the drinks cost an additional head. LOL. It wouldn't have been so freaking annoying if I had fun but once again I…


Hey guys! Was doing a bit of window shopping this evening and I saw this cute pink bag and on another aisle, these cute pink flats. I thought they'd look good together and decided to get them for someone. If you'd like to own this then let me know in the comment section, with your name and email address. The shoes are size 38/39, the winner would be picked randomly tomorrow or next. If you're interested in these please ensure you can pick them up yourself or through a representive between the 3rd and 10th of December in the V/I-Lekki axis. 

The Hardest Thing To Do!

I refuse to call my weight a bane on my life, I'm going to be positive; visualize the perfect weight for myself, work towards it, achieve it AND maintain it. But I wouldn't lie to you and tell you it's been easy. I've had to deal with being underweight, being overweight and yoyo-ing. In the last weeks I've seen my weight yoyo, mainly because I get to socialize most evenings and a lot of dining goes on. Just when I thought I'd mastered the art of saying no in the face of the most tempting and exotic buffets once it's past 6pm, I began to allow myself eat salads sans dressing. Then I slowly progressed to adding dressings, next thing I know I told myself some meat or fish won't hurt and then before I knew it, I couldn't say no to almost anything at all!
Still I promised myself I would put a lid on it, and I have, do far. Yet, after a rather productive business meeting and a tedious viewing of the company's warehouse which I was ordered to carry out …

Hello Dubai! (My Igbo Brothers Though...)

There's a 24 hour mall just outside my window (pictured above) and it's not even funny! At 4am I walked across the street because it just won't stop beckoning to me. Said I would just window shop but that's not even possible, I ended up buying and buying and I had to run out before my card turned red. 
Anyhoo... I'm here for a few days, i thought I deserved a vacation and life is just one biko so I thought why not! 
Coincidentally I bumped into a friend of mine on the plane and she has her itinerary all planned out, there are a list of places she's planned to go and things to do. She's on her way to pick me up and I can't wait to head out. 
Any suggestions on fun places I should visit, and places I can shop "till I drop" at AFFORDABLE prices? Do tell! 
Meanwhile I came into Abu Dhabi last night with the airport shuttle and the minute I stepped off the bus, the first person who rushed to the door to get passengers was an igbo man! The minute I hear…

Happy Birthday Mabel!!!

Happy birthday Mabel! You deserve all the happiness that life has to offer. I pray that as you get older you're filled with wisdom and grace to be just the woman God created you to be. Sending warm hugs & kisses your way. Happy birthday sweetie. 

(I might be offline and unable to approve comments for a while. Bear with me plzzz).

Happiness Is... (Thelma Asks Ladies; Great Food or Great Sex?)

Like clockwork I woke up at exactly 5am this morning and I was very displeased about this. The older I get, the more I have to think about; the less I sleep. In case you're wondering the correlation between sleep, age and thoughts; two years ago I had much less things to worry (I know worrying is unproductive but I'm human and I kent help it) about, so I could wake up at 4 or 5am, look around me, snuggle deeper into the sheet, close my eyes and drift back into blissful oblivion. Now however I'm up by 4 or 5 and before I get the chance to shut my eyes again I'm staring at 4, 5, 6 or 10 things I need to do, or I need, or I want, or I don't have, or I'm about to have (or something) and voila! Good bye sleep. 
With my eyes shining like the proverbial torchlight, I knew I was done with sleep for the day, it didn't matter that I'd gotten barely four hours sleep. I then wondered what to do, it's important that one be productive regardless of the hour of the…

It's 30 Days to the Christmas Family FunFair Featuring Santa Village In Lagos. Are You Ready?

It's 30 Days to go for the biggest thing happening for families this Christmas in Lagos. It's bound to be breathtaking as the organizers, Buzz Media, have partnered with Play Barn - Nigeria's Leading company in children entertainment to bring you The Christmas Family FunFair featuring a Santa Village. It's all happening at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Venue: Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos Date:23rd - 27th December 2015 Time:10am – 7pm daily
Gate Fee- N2000
** A percentage of every ticket goes towards feeding a child in need this Christmas in our Santa Meals Program **
How to Buy Tickets:
- Early tickets can be gotten online from OR
- Tickets also available in the following places; Sweet Sensation Adeola Odeku, Bode Thomas, Ikoyi, Alagomeji and Bruno's Place in Ikeja Mall.
- Tickets will be available at the gate also
- For group tickets or corporate organization tickets kindly call 07001111933 or email: akin@b…

Female Bosses = B*tches?

I just had an infuriating experience at a NEPA office that makes me wonder if people who say they prefer male bosses to female bosses are not just being biased. 
So my situation is, no meter at home. Paid for a meter since June but they have refused to give us one so every month its one outrageous arbitrary PHCN bill after the other. Some months it runs into 70,000 or 80,000 and there's nothing you can do about it, and no, the power supply is not great! What this means is that on some months one might have to pay part of the money and carry the balance over to the next month. I learn this is quite a normal procedure and so far this has been fine with the man in charge, provided I pay more than half the amount and the outstanding is not so much. I never knew how tough things could be till I found myself alone in August with all bills on my shoulders, so this part payment has been my recourse on some months. This month the bill (outstanding inclusive) is simply outrageous, the kind t…

Concerned Husband: "She Loves Her Liquor!"

I got married to my wife 6 years plus ago. We met at a mutual friend’s house and quickly became enamored with each other. We were best of friends and because i was seconded outside Lagos we decided we didn’t want to wait too long before tying the knot. We got married and were quickly blessed with 3 kids within a space of 5 and a half years. Throughout my wife’s pregnancies we had been living in Ibadan but i got posted back to Lagos shortly after our 3rd child was given birth to. I was relived and the posting and was happy that we would once again be near family and friends. For my sake as well as that of my wife’s because she had constantly complained of being cut off from the world while in Ibadan. Some weeks after we got back to Lagos i noticed my wife having a glass of wine. That was my first time seeing her drink any sort of alcohol and i teased her about being a learning drinker. She smiled and refused to give a comment. Subsequently i noticed bottles of whiskey in the kitchen closet…

No Dignity In Loneliness (Looking The Other Way).

Good morning hunnays! 
I've been awol since Friday, it just couldn't be helped. I sincerely hope you had a swell weekend?
During some down time over the weekend I watched reruns of Devious Maids. Below is a dialogue between wealthy socialite, Mrs Delatour and her maid of over 20 years Zoila. Mrs Delatour is going back to her ex husband who not only cheated on her severally with no regard, but did so even with her friends and her own sister. 
Mrs Delatour: we're going ahead with the wedding 
Social: Why!!!
Mrs Delatour: I love him
Zoila: Love someone else!
Mrs Delatour: I have... But when I'm alone at night, he's the one I think about
Zoila: he will continue to cheat on you
Mrs Delatour: I wouldn't be the first wife that learns to look away...
Zola: I don't understand you. Where's your dignity?
Mrs Delatour: What's dignified about growing old alone?
Shortly after this scene I happened upon a mail supposedly sent to Joro Olumofin by a 52 year old woman who'…

7 Ways To Spot A Married Bachelor - Bride2Mum

The change of marriage shouldn't just affect the lady alone; she changes her name to yours, you pretty much get an indoor restaurant and free "bad thing" whenever you like... I hate when a man gets married and still wants all the perks of bachelorhood, I feel when we get married we are both changed, you cannot act like it is only your spouse that has to be responsible while you pretty much ball alone, we can either ball together and be responsible or don't ball at all. There are some things some married men do and get away with that is just so wrong and to me it is bachelor behaviour, you haff  marry stop acting single puleaseeeeeeee. How To Spot A Married Bachelor Alone with my thought: He always wants to be alone, He wants to have his own time, all the time. He may provide school fees and a lot of other stuff but doesn't want to hear the noise,doesn't want to get a bit messy and runs away from every chance to bond with the family. Iya Basirat Character: I canno…

Should People Be Allowed To Do This?

So I just got message which read something like:

Love; Yes. Marriage; Yes. Baby Carriage; NO!

My friend *Tonye dreaded getting married to her boo. Not because she didn't want to marry him, but because of what might come after. Some 4 years before she got married she confided in me that she didn't want kids. And now seven years after her marriage ended, she still insists she does not want kids. I always thought it rather unnatural. However after reading an article by Mnena on Bella Naija, I find that there are many other women like Tonye, who have nothing against children but just don't desire to have any of theirs. We're made to believe that as women, nurture comes naturally for and to us. However this is not necessarily true. Several comments on that post echoed the poster's sentiments, voices of women who do not want children, but this particular comment stood out. 
Meanwhile, my mom didn’t want kids. She told us she had us due to the fact that it was expected of her….and she had 6 of us cos my dad wanted a large family. She made him promise to take care o…

A Very Happy Birthday To Our Darling Clare

It's with great delight that I'm wishing this beautiful, awesome, fantastic yummy mummy a very happy birthday. Clare you're such an important member of this family, and an individual that I have so much love, respect and admiration for. I pray that today and every day of your life is filled with happiness, peace and love. Live long and prosper Clare Henshaw, we love you!  

I should have done this hours ago but if you're a Lagosian trying to make a living you'd understand that things could be crazy at times! But better late than never, yes? Let's wish Clare a happy birthday. Any other birthday celebrants in the house? 

Dear Thelma... (She's Cooking For Him!)

My boyfriend went to the US two weeks ago for a vacation. He told me he met a chic on the plane and as it was a long flight they started talking. On getting to the airport she had some issues with immigration n he said he was being polite so he waited for her, for about 3 hrs n eventually when it was sorted n he wanted to go, her sister who came to pick her up offered to give him a ride to his hotel. He said her elder sister asked her to collect his number and told her to make sure she calls him later to thank him. This was after the sister asked if he is single or married.       I was not happy about it but he assured me that he told them he's in a serious relationship. I learnt that he and the girl have been talking and she has brought food for him three times now. He insists that she's just being friendly and grateful to him for waiting with her at the airport. Worse yet is that I live in Lagos and they both live in Abuja. He said she's bringing him food again today, he …

Please, Caption This.

#LetsJustBeHonest. Would You Leave Your Man For Cheating?

…and captioned it “These are my thoughts. What’s yours ? I posted this for the comments LMFAO! If you don’t want to be cheated on , buy some dildos like Waiguru and f* yourself coz the next man these days is like the first . Too many hot gals out here! And cheers to all the side chicks who ain’t getting pregnant for these men, some wives can remove your womb with Their bare hands #Tutabanana#PapaHapa#LetsJustBeHonest#LetsJustBeReal” (source; Bella Naija). 

*** Huddah speaks for herself... But being honest; 9 out of 10 men I know cheat. 1 out of 10 women I know have left their man for cheating. #JustSaying. Why?


You Don't Know What You're Missing!

Sex. That's one powerful thing/tool/noun/verb... But really what makes sex so seemingly ultimate?
Sometime ago during lunch with two of my girlfriends, one very very sexually active/liberated/adventurous and the other, a virgin. We got to talking about everything from work to money to who's getting married, to who just had a baby, to who's travelling where and who just got a promotion, when in the middle of this very chaste/serious/boring conversation Miss Sexy suddenly asked our other friend "Come, are you still a virgin sef?". To which Miss V replied with an emphatic "Yes!". 
I just read on Lifetitude's blog about a 36 year old lady who, like Miss V, has not only never had sex, but never been touched or kissed by a guy. Somewhere between her strict religious upbringing, her duties at church and her long work hours, it's just never happened. She says she doesn't miss sex (you do not miss something you never had) and also doesn't even thin…