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How Low Should I Go?

Hey guys! 

So that's how I went to the bank on Monday dressed to the nines, you know how some of us are power dressers only on Mondays... LOL. So there I was feeling good and heady like a corporate princess, with style and grace solely reserved for a prince... And when you're a single woman almost every situation or location is an opportunity or "possibility" to meet Prince Charming, so you bring your A game everywhere you go. 

On some days I'm freaking Cleopatra, commanding the attention of all things male everywhere I go (*sneeze*) and on some days Harry Potter dumps his invisibility cloak on me and I'm simply... invisible. 

Power dressing, style, grace and all, Monday was one of those days as not a second glance was given as the girl walked by. 

Downtrodden, I walked back to my car; shoulders drooped, soul crushed, when I heard the magical words behind me "Excuse me please, Excuse me". Aha! I just knew it, it's never really over until it's over!

I turned back to see this man, perhaps in his mid thirties, rather ordinary albeit pleasant looking. He had a kind smile and I noticed his clothes seemed unusually neat. 

"Errm, sorry, please are you married?" He asked hesitantly and I shook my head no. Encouraged, he continued 

"I saw you inside, I was really attracted by your height. My name is Emmanuel, I'm from Abia state and I live in Ajah. I know it sounds funny but I really like you" he said we a cute chuckle. I smiled politely in response. 

"Err, can I please give you my number?"

I was too relieved by the option of collecting his number and having the power to decide if I wanted to hear from him or not, that I failed to think how unusual it was, most men would insist on collecting your number to ensure they talk to you. 

"Please make sure you call me please. I don't want to miss you. Wait please let me give you my WhatsApp number". 

Now that's weird. Who's this person and what is he on about? I patiently collected the "WhatsApp  number" and started itching to go. 

"Please I will be expecting your call my dear, let us get to know each other... By the way, please I am a dry cleaner, please if you know anybody that needs a washer-man, I do home service too..."

Wait. What??? 

Issokay, let me not rant. Please if you live in Ajah and you need a washer-man hola @ me for his number. *walks away*. 

My aunt says "But Nwando there is dignity in labour. Besides the rich man today may be a begger tomorrow and a washer man may one day be an Otedola, or at least a very successful business man". Is it wrong that I don't want to wait to find out? Do you think my aunt is on to something, would you wait to find out?

And about that picture above, thoughts?


  1. No way am i accepting that ring. I'm I eve? And this is 2015 by the way. Lots of fake and cheap stones out there. Lots of look like silver rings. Why bring be earth?
    About the dry cleaner, no way am I calling him. He hasn't presented himself to me in an exciting way. And I try not to do boring. If you want to hook up with me you tell me about yourself not your job. How you present yourself makes me determine if your job is important.

    1. Hahaha@ am I eve? I doubt if Flintstone gave his wife something like that.
      (soon all meninist sympathizers wld say "but what if that's what he can afford"?)

  2. hahahaha. lol. thelma. Your writing is so unique. You kept me wanting to know what happened next till I read "excuse me I am a dry cleaner" what?.. To say I use to pity you when I started reading your blog is an under statement. I use to think you give out so much valued personal information to people you don't know. As I got addicted to the blog, I realized I was totally wrong, its just your unique way of expressing issues. Weldone. Start compiling your articles because I can sense a lady Chinua Achebe kind of writer.

  3. The dude was in for his job and also for the beauty (babe you're fuuurrryyynnn). There's nothing wrong with him telling her what he does for a living Iyanu (namesake ),it's still all about knowing him because honestly I won't want to go home fantasizing on him only to find out he's a "washer man" *na wetin him call himself oo* which honestly is a good way to survive.
    You not wanting to wait to find out if he'll be future Bill Gates isn't wrong. I mean,it's gonna be a long wrong and who's got time to waste in a life that's already short?

    No,I wouldn't say yes to that ring but I'll say yes to marry him. Na something wey e fit just use mouth talk not worsening the situation that is already bad. It's not cute. Why does he even want to marry when he has so much baggage already? rme...


    1. Long *run*


    2. @Mide aka namesake, I think you got my point while missing it at the same time. My knowing him also.means knowing personality including vision and dreams. Some supposedly low lifers have mad dreams that will get them to the top while some big people will run down or have no respect or lots of other ills. Hence my point. The job doesn't matter as much as the person. If he's my kind of person( and my kind of person has to be rich or working towards richness) then we'll click. And my kind of person had better be joking to bring me such ring.

  4. Hahahhahahahahaha,rotfl, Thelma would not kill somebori, hmmmmmmm a washer man ain't bad,depends on so many factors like,is he educated?does he have a vision? And so much more,like ur aunt said,a washerman today might be a higher otedola tomorrow, let's not despise humble beginnings. As for that ring above, nahhhhh,I would rather not wear a ring than wear that or better still,give him money to buy me a ring.

  5. Dry cleaner today...another snowflakes/Garment care/Clean Ace tomorrow. Give the brother a chance!

  6. Hello Thelma, what if he is not a dry cleaner and he just pulled that stunt to know if you are all about the money??? Why not play along and if he truly is a dry cleaner who knows what he could become with your input in his life...

  7. Thelma forget him being a washman- at least have a conversation to see where exactly he is at. The guy who runs a laundry service in the Marina UBA LoT is a graduate. One day i went to the US embassy in VI and someone was shouting aunty was the same guy...he was there to renew his visa...half of the time he has "travelled"..maybe the guy should have told you he runs professional drycleaning business. Lol. My point is if he packages himself properly no job or business is bad so long as its honest and paying the bills plus some.

    As for the ring - nowhere is it written that someone must give a ring.

  8. BIA Thelma..

    1) He say na washaman im be. You didn't investigate to find out if he won N57 million last weekend at Baba ijebu and came to upgrade his account? Smh at you. That's how you missed The One, you dunno.

    2) Please what's the meaning of "whatsapp" number? There's BBM, Facebook, Twitter, IG..but "whatsapp number"?

  9. Thelma, you cannot kill me before my time, biko! Did you consider the possibility of hi being modest? I have a friend who introduces himself as a cleaner and another as a a welder but have very thriving companies doing these things respectively.

  10. Someone introduced himself to me as a carpenter a while ago. I didn't pay him attention because my traditional marriage was happening that weekend(I told him so too). The guy has a furniture company and was doing well for himself. I guess carpentar was just to throw off flaky people. I'm not saying the 'washer man' is the one, I'm just saying don't write people off so quickly. Hell, d same guy could provide a stable and loving home for someone else.

  11. This is exactly why so many ladies are not getting married. They keep looking for where. The bread is already baked and buttered. Without sounding pastoral, God created man and then created a HELPER for him. The guy is already gainfully employed, and from his level of confidence, given your "Monday Power Dressing", he could be a University graduate. Hook up with this guy, obviously not a lazy guy, and perhaps both of you could bake the bread together. And trust me there is special gratification and sense of fulfillment that comes with eating bread baked by you.

  12. Lol! But, some guys can seriously be funny. I think his crime is giving out that information too early.

  13. "Echi di ime"..that guy might not really be a washer man..just deception to really know the kind of person you are though.Even @ that the likes of cleanace,discounts,embassy,top cleaners etc all started from somewhere. Everything happens for a reason, they was a reason he stopped you upon all the babes he saw at the bank.He might be looking for someone he can really call a Friend.

  14. Lmao! That guy is the funniest. I know I wouldnt call him. Not because he's a wash man but if you really want to know me, you'd ask for my number and then call me...on the other hand tho, I won't give a wash man my number for Mehn! This is hard

    Thelma, I really think you should call him up once and see how it goes not cos of all the alternate "bright futures" all the BVs above have painted for the man but just to try to know the guy a little. Worse comes to worst, you'll block his calls on ur phone. I dont think you have anything to lose... Godspeed.

    As for that ring, I think its an insult to present me with that nonsense when all you have to do is open your mouth and ask me to.marry you. If you cant afford a ring, explain it to me and I'll understand, its not like you plan to be poor forever

  15. My first reason will be say what! Wash man ke? Thereafter I'd ponder on the what if's. Thelma you just might be the guys destiny helper you never can tell. Patronize him and if he's good introduce him to bvs. For the ring;its not a must to propose with a ring mbok. Just say the words.

  16. Can't help but laugh ma ass out at the article. Nice one Thelma!

  17. Bill Gate once said "I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” I will recommend a move by one Ghanaian producer Shirley Frimpong-Manso. "THE PERFECT PICTURE" has a lot of volume.. your aunite might be so right my name sake.

  18. Well, there is dignity in labour. He earns his keep from an honest means, and that's more than many of the well-packaged gentlemen can say. I have to say I respect him for that much


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