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The Law Student.

"Didnt you hear what that bastard said to me?

I had to turn to see who was talking. Alas, it was the waitress. The same one who had served me poorly; grudgingly, as though she was being forced to work. Normally I would have called her to order and set her straight but my weekend was way too blissful and nothing could deem my sunshine, so I ignored her. 

Now I heard her rant, very loudly to one of the customers and I was curious to know why. Apparently whatever it was, was the reason she'd attended to me poorly. 

I heard a bit of what she said but got distracted so hours later when I saw her again at the inner bar, I called her to ask her what had happened. She was only too eager to tell me. 

"Imagine that customer! Foolish man! He ask me that do we have peppered snail and I told him snail have finished, but later we will have. He now said that because we don't have snail I should carry my big bumbum and come and hug everybody on the table. One by one!" She added for emphasis. 

I looked at her like "Is that all?", as in I'd even thought the offending customer must have spanked her buttocks or something equally rude. My friend found it amusing and said "Come on nau, it was only a joke. Was such a simple joke enough to get you so upset?"  

Noting my unimpressed expression and my friend's amusement, she became even more annoyed

"You don't understand. It is not because you see me here serving drink! Do you know who I am? I am a law student in University of Uyo! I am a law student! You cannot just come and treat me anyhow". 

Right. Madam law student. I wanted to tell her "Well I'm a lawyer and have been for at least four years but that doesn't stop some silly men from treating me even worse than you just got treated, when I'm serving beer at my mum's place" but instead I just cajoled her and told her something like some men can be silly, don't take them too seriously.

Haba! Apparently some people take this Fake It Until You Make It very literally. At some point I said "what just happened comes with the work you're doing, it might not be right but get used to it" to which she immediately responded "I am a lawyer, I can never get used to that kind thing!"  

So what exactly does it mean to "fake it until you make it"? I mean, no matter how ambitious you are, I cannot treat you like a CEO when you're an entry level employee, and nobody will either. 
      While one ought not be docile and accept every BS thrown at you, humility would take you much farther. You attract more favour to yourself than you would with a "Do you know who I am?" attitude, especially when you ain't nobody yet! Just saying...

Anyhooooooooooo, please catch me up on what happened with you over the weekend. Our own Tiwa got married in Warri on Friday and Saturday. Please let's wish her a happy married life. We'd bring you guys some pictures soon.


  1. The girl's blood just dey hot. Is it everything you outrightly react to? So because she's a "lawyer",shes beyond the silliness of men? Instead of her to berate the actions of the man, she's there prouding on being a law student...gerrarahere

  2. Happy married life Tiwa. Your home will be filled with love,happiness, children and wealth!

  3. Av also noticed d pompous nature of law students being someone who is in a uni setting. I just smh. BTW am a lawyer

  4. No no no! Thelma what that guy did was very wrong and insulting, there are somethings that may come with where I work and for the fact I work there doesn't mean I should accept every trash that is thrown at me. I understand the 'do you know who I am' attitude is wrong but I also understand that she felt so disrespected and knew there was nothing she could really do to the man than just hold on to the thing that made her feel relevant.

      Bride to Mum I ended my post saying "While one ought not be docile and accept every BS thrown at you" , so I obviously think he was wrong.

      It was wrong but if you're serving alcoholic men in a beer parlour be prepared for that kind of rubbish, or seek employment else where. If you're going to work in bar serving alcohol and tell every lecherous man "I'm a law student" then you'd likely get sacked in a short while. Now am I saying she should have hugged them? Hell NO! Neither did the man expect her to. But calling a customer a bastard in the presence of other customers, because of an ignorant joke is a simple no-no. Law student or not, if I'm the manager of that bar i wouldn't take it lightly. All she had to do really was to ignore him and walk away.

      Anon 11.36; Now I clearly pointed out that the behaviour isn't right. And seeing as she she continued to reiterate that her issue with the treatment was being a law student and such treatment being beneath her, I have no other choice but to see it as an issue of humility or the lack thereof.

      I called her to advise her accordingly because I've been where she is and unless you've actually been disrespected, it's best to walk away. I said "what just happened comes with the work you're doing, it might not be right but get used to it", and she tells me "I AM A LAWYER!", LOL, that attitude will take her no where, that's all I'm saying.

  5. This post is extremely disappointing. That girl was disrespected and you are saying this? What does humility have to do with this, they told you to carry pack of food and you got angry and you think this girl shouldn't be angry because she is just a waitress Smh

  6. HML Tiwa, God bless your union.

  7. Happy married life Tiwa may ur home be filled with the fruits of the spirit IJN......
    I think I know why that girl was pissed. If it was said in d local dialect, it was said in a vulgar/ offensive way. I'm not surprised @ her "I'm a lawyer attitude" I saw that a lot in law students back in d uni. Tokoni

  8. Tiwa, happy married life. May your marriage be filled with blessings and joy.

    To this post, I couldn't help but noticed the 'Lawyer's' wa o. She must be the first undergraduate from her village.


  9. So we that didn't study law can accept the insult abi. From what I can infer from the matter, the girl acted that way because she feels as a future lawyer she should be respected not because she necessarily what he did as an insult. The guy went way overboard but then any where you go you will always see such people. You can't always reply every insult except if you aren't what you claim to be.

  10. Happy married life Tiwa, may God bless your new home. To all the singles in the house, ire a kari o.

  11. I agree with Anon 11:36. The fact that I work as a waitress at some bar doesnt mean I should accept such insults to my person. My job is not who I am and although the "I'm a lawyer" attitude might be wrong, her anger isnt misplaced. I honestly can't believe the stand you took on this. Such behaviour shouldn't be excused just because of alcohol.

    1. Smh! If you know what alcohol does to people ehn... you will not kee yourself because someone misbehaved. The only thing you can do is to remove yourself from the situation/environment.
      What thelma is simply saying is, some things come with the territory. Shikenah! If there are no laws at your place of work, to protect you from such things, you can as well endure it till you find another job. No need to be extremely rude. Besides, how can you call your customer a bastard! In the presence of other customers... do you have another job waiting for you?
      You can't be working in Mama Chidi's beer palour in oshodi or Iya Silifa's pepper soup/beer joint in mile 12 and not expect a man to slap your bumbum wan day(if not everyday) how many of them will you fight? Na you go tire!
      That said...

      Thelma... Awon yoruba bo.. won wipe.. oun ti eyan ma ko ni olowo.. ati talika lo ti ma koo! F pls help me! Hope I got that right! Looool! I don't know if it's the fake it till you make it mentality... but it just literally simply means.. what you would not accept as a rich person, you should start rejecting it when you are poor. So maybe thats what dear waitress was trying to do... but she went about it the wrong way.

  12. Happy married life Tiwa. May God bless Your home.

  13. Happy Married Life Tiwa! May your home be everything you want it to be and more.

  14. My darling Tiwa! Very beautiful bride btw... Congratulations! I pray you enjoy to the fullest all the fruits, blessings and awesome things that come with marriage. God bless your home.

    Finally.... I have memphis back! Lool! And if you like come and say otherwise.... you already know how it'll go down! That's a valid threat o! Lool!
    Congratulations once again darl! *kisses*

    Thelma... where are the exclusive photos?! we are patiently waiting.

  15. I wish you marital bliss, Tiwa! God bless your home with great favour and joy.

  16. Thanks so much guys! God bless you all abundantly, will be back with pics later! For now, duty calls......hehehehe

    1. Madam, its not Wednesday yet, wetin you dey find? You go chop cane o

    2. Hehehehehehehehheheheee! We hear you sis! Loud and clear!

      *smh for me*

  17. Happy Married life Tiwa...God bless your home/marriage...

  18. I agree with Thelma on this. What the man said to the lady is unacceptable any which way it's looked at, but if she simply said she was insulted by what transpired, that would have been different from the "I am insulted because he said it to a whole law student like me"... Years ago, when I was at University, I was considering a job in a restaurant, and my mum had to tell me not to work there because ladies are disrespected in environments like that. So i jejely stayed away. I didn't go working there and sit on my high horse, acting all surprised and goody-two-shoes if any drunk lad spoke vulgarly to me, when I know that is what comes with the territory. If said girl chooses to work there, she should deal with what comes with the territory as a waiter. by all means, feel insulted, but feel insulted as a woman, and not feel insulted because you're a lawyer. if she feels she's a lawyer, she should be in a firm, and if not, she really should shut it.


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