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The Pro-Biafran & The Anti-Biafran. Two Young Igbo Men On The Biafra Agitation.

Who the hell is this writer? spewing trash? anyways, he is a business consultant, perhaps this is one of your business ventures.........but plz stay far away from this one cos this Biafra is not business as usual.....its way above u, its young people orientated.
If u have ever been consulted to evaluate the oneness of this country, am sure, u will most probably be flabberwhelmed to discover the rot and fallacy called Nigeria. 
Just yesterday, i was on my way to work and behold the VP the very Person of Prof Osibanjo was going back to Abuja after I discovered he always comes to church on sundays in lagos, with over 35 convoys. I just asked "is this not tax payers money being wasted unjustly?", and like a beehive, this APC apologist and fanatic of Yoruba descent almost strangled me alive and cursed the living day light out of me.
Now, Mr Consultant, what and where in the world of 21st century do people live and act like this? what and where do u make of this sheer threat from this falsehood called Nigeria that will make me not agitate for what i hopefully believe in?
Plz dont be caught in something u dont understand and instead of rubbing ur distinguished and most eloquent trait in the mud, i beg u continue applying to This govt for business contract and stay clear This Clarion call for a nation called Biafra- A comment left of Stella Dimoko Korkus blog by an Anonymous reader in response to a post against Biafra. 


It is my humble opinion that we as a Nation have for too long humoured the miscreants and criminal elements in the South-East of Nigeria, currently disrupting socio-economic activities within certain sections of our beloved Country - #Nigeria; under the guise of agitating for self-determination.
These miscreants are mainly comprised of : aggrieved PDP supporters- still smarting from their defeat at the just concluded Presidential elections, the unemployed, criminals, prostitutes, illiterates and some poor gullible souls.
These miscreants have challenged the authority of the Nigerian State by treacherously canvassing for the murder of Nigerian citizens and by "agitating" for the secession of the land-locked South-East geo-political zone.
The Federal Government of Nigeria is thus enjoined to live up to its duties as enshrined under Chapter 2 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of #Nigeria (as amended), which states that "the security and welfare of the Nigerian people shall be the primary responsibility of the Government..."
The State must now enforce it's authority, arrest, charge and try these miscreants for their offences. It must also ensure that no Nigerian is hurt by these purveyors & intending purveyors of violence and criminality.
NB: It will interest the naïve souls in support of the foolishness currently advertising itself in the South East to note that their tweets, posts, and general advertisement of their folly amounts to SEDITION.
Section 50 (2) of the CRIMINAL CODE defines a seditious intention as: "an intention; to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the person of the President, or of the Governor of a State or the Government of the Federation or Administration of justice; to excite the citizens or other inhabitants of Nigeria to attempt to procure the alteration otherwise than by lawful means of any matter in Nigeria as by law established; or to raise dis-content or disaffection amongst the citizens or other inhabitants of Nigeria..."
Furthermore, I wish to humbly implore all "Facebook friends" of mine, who are Biafra-apologetics, to kindly stay off my wall with their pro-biafra comments and posts, OR in the alternative kindly unfriend me, Please... no hard feelings. If you refuse to oblige my humble request, I will delete you - whoever you are.
Thank you very much & may God bless and keep the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Sign: Ugochukwu Joseph Amasike.
- A broadcast written and shared by my friend and learned colleague on his social media pages.   

Why are the Southern governors silent?
Why hasn't anyone called for a dialogue yet?
Why are the leaders and public figures from that part of the country yet to say something in support or condemnation of the cause?


  1. It is getting hotter. I think dialogue is the way to go. After all if they dialogues with Naija delta militants they should also dialogue with these people and know what they want. War is never good.

  2. A colleague of mine travelled to the east over the weekend and he said it wasn't easy navigating into Awka. There were in traffic for 6hours at the Asaba end of the Niger bridge. Biafra protesters numbering about 5000 took to the street and occupied one lane of the road chanting war songs. According to him their target is to get members in major cities and mobilize they to start the protest in their respective state.
    The south east governors are divided on this issue. All they are working on presently is trying to control the situation before the Christmas season comes.

  3. Let's pray for peace in Nigeria...

  4. Nwando, the answer is simple. Every Easterner that 'understands' is a 'Biafran in the spirit'. That includes those Governors who are seemingly quiet....

  5. I'm so done with this biafra crap. They should go if they are going, let us know how many of us remain. They've been crying biafra for years yet they're still here.

    1. Biko who are the "they"? No vacancy in South East Nigeria so let them find an island in the Atlantic.

    2. Sunshine did u say biafra crap? Thats very ignorant of u. Ps if for nothing else show some respect for the millions of innocent biafrans that died in d wat. Biafra pulling away from Nigeria isnt the solution bt to change the corrupt minds of our leaders be it Nigeria or Biafra. The major issue is d manipulation of the masses by politicians. Oyidia..

  6. This is getting boring abeg!!!! They should have their Biafra!!!!!!

  7. I believe a number of the southern governors are keeping mum on this issue because some of the claims of 'pro-Biafra sympathizers' are legitimate, also nobody wants to call a dialogue because the leadership of this country don't want to admit that this is an urgent national issue.

    There are many issues surrounding the Biafra movement and though a few of them are valid concerns, I believe seceding from Nigeria isn't in anyone's best interest (Memphis already did a good job in explaining this in a previous related post). PMB would need to act fast to meet the reasonable needs of the southern states rather than wait till the movement festers and takes a more violent dimension. I doubt if Nigeria can sustain a war on two fronts.

  8. Exactly, this is getting boring! @ Debra but they shouldn't have their Biafra o


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