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Things Men Say...

So this post is going to be rushed, because, well...

In the past one week I've been in over three different states and for some reason I've had the ill fortune of staying in parts of these states where the network just don't work. I've gone to all nooks and crannies of both my hotel room and hotel compound in the last 24hrs and nada, no service! 

So this evening my friend and I got invited to this party which I really wasn't going to attend but said friend said "please come so that I can have someone to gist with" and I wasn't going to budge but the mere fact that Le friend thinks I'm a good gisting company shot me off the chair and had me plastering pancake on my face in a split second. 

We got here, (In Uyo BTW, my future home, I think. I just love the ambience in this town and everything else)  and it occured to me to check if I could approve comments and alas, service, for the first time in God knows how long...

So I decided to share with you guys something interesting that happened recently. 

So you see, my elder sister, my one and only sister, started life rather early. She graduated quite early, started work early and bought her first car in her early 20s. Between her early 20s and her late 20s she had driven over 4 cars of her own, most times she would sell the old one and buy a new one. Sometimes she would buy before reselling and so it looked like she had two cars at a time. Apart from cars, being a hard worker she had "things"; assets, jewelry, properties. And eventhough she's a pretty low key person, the fact that she was very comfortable was evident to most people, even though she still lived at home with her parents. 

Now there was this one time in her late 20s or early 30s I think, when she bought a brand new jeep and then in that same week, her company gave her a brand new Toyota Corolla. Living in a flat in a compound with limited space, she had to park one car outside. 

A few weeks later we heard that a neighbour said "Stupid girl, instead of looking for husband to marry her she is there buying cars and gold. She should g'an marry her cars nau". 

Ok... So contrary to what you think, this post is not about being single vs being married. It's about... 

  Wait let me tell you...

So some days ago an old neighbour of  mine called me to ask for some financial assistance. Weird, considering we were never friendly and we're not in the same age bracket and he's a married man, the same married man that said; 

"Stupid girl, instead of looking for husband to marry her she is there buying cars and gold. She should g'an marry her cars nau". 

Hehehe. So of course I ignored the text as I chuckled over the irony. Well, just in case you're wondering it wasn't just hearsay. On hearing the "gist" my mum confronted him and he admitted to making such a careless statement. Does it surprise you, that a married man, a father of two, would say such a thing?

So for those who were wondering, MEN TALK SH*T TOO and it's not only women that bring other women down. Some men are even worse! Which is why it breaks my heart when I hear women say things like "I am not a feminist, feminism is crap!" Hell, if the men are going to bring us down, can we at least uphold each other? You don't hear men trash-talking men. Meanwhile this is an acquaintance's views on women; 

So anyways I'm at the party and what I'm seeing here right now only buttresses my point; men are bigger gossips than women. You agree, yes or yes?

***oh, since we're talking about my sister, let me share a little something... My sister always thought she'd be married with kids in her 20s and unlike me, this was a burning desire of hers, but that didn't happen till sometime in her mid 30s. Well still in her 30s, now she's happily married with three beeyoootiful children and a good home. Don't lose hope if it hasn't happened yet, and don't settle for less than you know you deserve. God's got you!

Now back to our gist, who's the worse gossip; men or women?


  1. Errrmmm! Men obviously, I am a feminist #shinesteeth#. On another exciting note, T, the post where u asked us to advertise our services paid off for me. God bless u n the lovely, beautiful lady who paid for my services, fed me n gave me advice without knowing she did. I am definitely giving back as soon as possible. Infact let me send u a mail T

    1. Mmeri this is great news on a Sunday morning. Please send me a mail, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Kim K wanted to get married so bad before she hit 30 but look at her,after a couple of failed marriages and number of flings and relationships, she married to a man who literally worships the grounds she walks on (and aspires to make her the FLOTUS).
    If her story doesn't inspire you,its fine. Find someone else's to get you inspired...

    For the guys, George Clooney cld be your inspiration...lolz

    1. Lmaooo! @ George Clooney!
      You wie be doing fine/most eligible bachelor till you become quarter-to-grandpa abi?! Issokay!

  3. Of course men gossip too but they always deny it. Meanwhile who is that your acquaintance talking trash about? like his mother is not a woman. I'm all for feminism and female strengths and empowerment, but I think some feminist take it too far sometimes, fighting battles that shouldn't even exist in the first place.

  4. Tee,pls uyo... wud love to see n host u... plsssssss.... ms tee

    1. Hello Tee! Please mail me your contacts, I left town this morning but I think I'll be back in a few weeks, so we can make plans? Thank you.

  5. Tee,pls uyo... wud love to see n host u... plsssssss.... ms tee

  6. You come across a lot of stupid, useless and insecure walking bags of junk DNA. In fact Tufiakwa! If someone sends me this kind of message, what I'll tell the person ehn? I'll have to sow à seed to beg God for forgiveness. Taaaaah! I've come to realise people are MAD.

  7. All I am seeing is beauriful,ebony Thelms

    Hoping I get to see you when am on the island this next weekend......would call you before then

  8. First off, from ME to YOUR acquaintance 'He is a very huge FOOL'
    Secondly, the gossip thing depends on how jobless the individual is BT emmm, truth be told, its more amongst the female folks .
    One more thing... the acquaintance should go back to the 12th century, that's where he rightly belongs #ode

  9. Thelma, fine picture, "u know me Na, if e no fine, I go clear u", and for ur chat screen grab, I just couldn't deal. Funny as hell.

    1. Yh, I found it damn hilarious too. Epic rant of the year!

    2. I saw this post yesterday and twas the text I read first. I laughed out loud! Very funny guy!

  10. Lol....most people will gossip provided they have the time and give themselves the room to do so. It is neither a male or female trait. Many Nigerians are far too hung up on marriage to realise its only part of the equation of life if you want it to be.

  11. I think the problem with Us Africans is that we believe that one's child Should bury one and the only acceptable way they think is to get married. Also I think we ladies have gotten to used to the status quo that those of us see things differently are considered outlaws. Both women and men gossip joor. I don't know who does it most.

  12. What Anon 12 noon said: "You come across a lot of stupid, useless and insecure walking bags of junk DNA...". I'm forced to agree. I'd been visiting a few blogs before I found TTB, and the kind of homo sapiens described in most Posts amaze me even up till now. What's up with "you all (women) weren't in the original plan of GOD's creation, then Eve went and messed things up"? How more extremely stupid can one get??? Maybe I'm just overreacting here but...seriously, how does society cope with such "bags of junk DNA"? Thelma, you tolerate mega crap, for real. I wouldn't, for the sake of Jupiter, have been able to deal.

    1. Lmaoooo! Memphis! You are over reacting o! There are people you shouldn't even take seriously at all. Comic relief! Simple. I read the text and laughed. It's not worth being upset over. True!

    2. As in... @Memphis, some people shouldn't be taken seriously. All this people that should be in stonehearst asylum

    3. My dear Kabuoy, im surprised people are "literarilly" taking the rant serious! It's the most hilarious thing I've read. My funny part was saying women shld gather together and burn themselves inside one big fire...hahahahaha

  13. Memphis I agree with you, that was so extreme.some guys though!

  14. Uyo your future home? Is that where 'he' is from/settled? Just thinking out

    That your acquaintance must be highly insecure and high on the highest brand of marijuana....

    As for gossips, I think it's more common with women but some men feed on gossips.


  15. Thelma, you didnt show your response to the rant. Cos i trust you must have finished his destiny.
    The friend isn't well informed. Didn't God say man needed a helper? And if Adam didn't want to eat the Apple, he wouldn't have.....afterall he's the head of the house. Both were to blame jare.

    If you've not tols him off, kindly do so.


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