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16 Places To Meet a Poor Husband In Lagos.

After carrying out lots of deep research, these are places you would never find Dangote’s son cousin brother-in-law. When the chair-lady of Nigerian single girls says don’t be found in these places, sisters, don’t!
1. Career fairs All the attendees are broke and are looking for a job except the host and the host is usually married!
2. Oshodi Under Bridge Can any good thing come out of this place? Any good thing?
3. Sabo Yaba sigh
4. Ozone Yaba Chances are pretty slim. Just Unilag boys roaming around in carrot jeans and palm slippers. Don’t waste your time abeg.
5. Computer Village You might lose a Bosom or another body part in the process of trying to find a man here. 
6. ICM Is it just me or does ICM seem like a place to meet a boyfriend but not a husband? Too many kidults. I stand to be corrected though.
7. Markets Except you are a lesbian.
8. Names of places in Lagos that contains the word ‘bridge’ in it.
9. All the bus stops in the mainland. In fact, once you descend 3MB towards the mainland axis. Don’t reply any stranger that says, ‘excuse me’.
10. Motor parks where Lagos to Abuja is N2, 300.
11. MTN centres. The people that frequent here are people that complain over the slightest things. E.g “I loaded N100 in my phone last night and N2 was gone by morning! I am not leaving this office until you return my money back.” Don’t let that sort of man put you inside house oh.
12. Job interviews/reality show auditions. This is a gamble. You are free to give him your number but don’t reply that sms until he has successfully scaled through, the reality show has ended and he is declared winner. For job interviews, only if he gets the job. Don’t worry you are not a gold digger. Just a woman who knows what she wants.
13. BRT buses Have you noticed everybody always looks sad in BRT buses? Maybe it’s because they are thinking of their 0.28 account balance. Once you get in, HEADSET ON!
14. Justrite Supermarket Justrite prides itself in offering unbeatable prices of good. Any man found shopping here is looking for the cheapest alternative so therefore, that sort of man will give you N270 to cook soup.
15. 2go When you read cases of people meeting their husbands on social networks and you take a decision to try your luck on 2go, you are on your own.
16. Eco Bank Is it just me or is there a stereotype that surrounds bankers in Eco Bank. It’s one thing to find a rich husband, it’s another thing to pray he’s not a stingy rich husband or you’ll wish you married yourself.

This Nairaland list had me in stitches. What other places do you think should have made the list? Please let us know, and what's ICM (#6) by the way?


  1. Lmao!!! Who are these people? Hehehe
    ICM-Ikeja City Mall.

    1. This is a naija single girl's post,check out her blog , it's hilarious

  2. Hehehehhehehehe.... Thelma and her findings... Lmao.. But most are true doe especially the 2go and ICM ish!!

  3. That No.11 made me laugh, my younger sister does the same thing.

  4. Lol. Ayobo should be on this list. So true @ Computer village. U can accidentally meet some pants-sagging 'rich' yahoo boys thou

  5. Thelma!!!!! TTBVs!!!! Come and hear gist ooo!loool! You won't believe what happened to me... to us(sunshine and I) today
    That's how I went for Daystar Carol service(which was absolutely beee-yooou-tiful) and sunshine saved a sit for me beside this young, dark and handsome guy. Not your regular hunk.. but nice, calm and very pleasant guy. So I arranged myself very well.. I know they say Daystar is a good place to pick-a-boo! Lool. But that sunshine(RKM- Rep Killing Machine.. lool) will not allow somebody to form... kept hugging me and making funny comments.. + teju baby face too.. I was just laughing out loud like wan... ha! to top it all... momsy decided to bless us with a cooler of food and some other stuff(we need to start showing her our birth certificate from time to time.. lol.. just in case she has forgotten we are big girls now.. lol!) I digress...
    Any way... each time they sing one "alujo" song.. the guy would get up and dance.. had some nice moves.. at least better than the person on my left(dont ask who that was! Lol)
    So there was a time Teju babyface said look to the person beside you and tell them your name.. nah so I give the guy my FULL name... I can't believe I don't remember the name he told me! arrgh!!!
    Anyway... end of service now... Fuji alujo... twas madt!!!!!!! na so I scatter dance! I no even look Uche face!
    If you got to this part... I congratulate you! cuz the big cat is about to be let out of the bag.. some smart people would have guessed what this looong story is about.

    So that's how the very pleasant, calm and collected.. don't forget handsome.. young man beside me was about to leave... and I must say he missed a lot... sunshine and I had to practically drag ourselves out of that hall so we could get home on time to prepare for tomorrow! I digess again!!!! Loool!

    So back to my pleasant, not-very-regular hunk... he stretched out his hand and repeats my full name... and then smiles and drops the bomb! You won't believe what he said next! KABUOY!!!! I was like waaat?!!! Who are you and how do you know my pseudo name!!!! My private name known (only) to my blog family..
    TTBVs... you won't believe who it was...
    "Some smart BVs already figured it out by now" but allow me the courtesy of introducing who blew my cover!
    The one! The only!!! Master in writing well thought out... with plenty plenty oyinbo words like "addendum"(who uses that... lol!) in comments... my mentor in writing long comments such as this... CHRISYINKS!!!!! lmaooo!
    I screamed ehn! Loool!
    So yeah! He slyed us and allowed us display before he introduced himself! Who does that?!!!! Who?!!!! Lool!(so not fair)
    Like what are the odds of meeting a BV in the most unexpected place right?! Right?!! Hehehe!!!

    Anyway.. that was a very pleasant surprise.. twas nice "meeting" you... + you've got some very nice fuji moves o! lmaoo! The raising one leg up thing and the hand move. You tried the shoki but errr... let's just leave it there! loool! As I couldn't hug you very well..(sweat and all.. chai!) here is your bear hug! *HUGS* + chrisyinks was forming badt dancer... he left his seat so he could dance well... hehe.. thanks for the space anyway... I could do my yoruba-ijebu dance conveniently without any hindrance! Lol!

    *i'll try to lose the *uncle* now* hehehe!

    Memphis... you have competition now o! you better arrange yourself! Loool.

    1. A fine young man who can speak an write good English. Me likey.

      You story left me ROTFL @ sunshine

    2. Clare... it was me that wrote the story nah... :(
      You like sunshine more than me! Is noh fia!!! Ojoro! :'(

    3. Hahahaha, nice...

    4. Wow, fancy meeting a BV that would be so cool, btw about this list I don't know about rich but there is thiss cute customer service guy at Ecobank townplanning,I had a minicrush on him so I can't write them all

    5. Lol. Diarris wahala o. Please which Daystar branch is that?

    6. Yeah, what are the odds? Your name, then I heard you mention your sister's name in passing (which has been mentioned on the blog) and the most convincing, your bubbly personality gave you up. These adjectives; young, dark ...... are you sure you are describing me or should I be jealous of some other dude ehhn, or maybe I should go change my mirror. hmmmm, my written English is as good as it gets, my spoken English is easily comparable to any other average Emeka, Yomi or Musa. It was nice to have met you both. You both are great dancers. I'd go improve my dancing moves now. I'd hope to redeem my BEAR hug in person.

    7. Loool @ memphis! The one and only na ni.

      @Chrisyinks... you'll get your bear hug o! maybe next carol service?! Lool! If Jesus tarries in his coming.

    8. Hahaha! Chrisyinks ehn!

      All through last night when we got home, we kept remembering all the silly things we did And he just waited till the very end to introduce himself as Chrisyinks, we both screamed! And she cant remember the name u gave her... Smh..

      It was very good to have met you..

      Plus y'all that didnt attend Daystar's carol last night, you missed big time *side eyes at Maybel*

      @Memphis, Daystar has only one branch, do you want to go and give Chrisyinks "flying tackle" ni? I can mail you the address

    9. Already praying for Jesus to tarry, let's see if He'd answer this prayer. Besides, Memphis, your boy is loyal ohh!

    10. Sunshine well done ohhhh,I no get your time,madam all round carol attender*tongue out*

    11. Lol.that was an Epic meeting.

  6. Ehen jare... to the post! 2, 8, 13 and 16 had me in stitches! What did ecobank guys do to this writer?! Lmaoo! This is some deep "sturv" lool!

    1. oops .... my bad @ Kabuoy, blame it on lack of sleep babe. I love you both like kilode, I hope we have a hang out soon like the last one so I can express my "undying love" LOL . (shines teeth)


    2. Awwwn... *covers face* *shines teeth* I hope to be at the next hang out to.. and I can't wait for the *undying love* expression! Lol

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hahahaahah,this post just cracked me up, but I don't agree with the just rite thing, because in fact some of their products are expensive than the regular shop rite stuffs and I wonder what's so rite a times,every other one,I agree with. Eco bank so true,lol.

  9. Hahaha, the BRT thing is so true. I had to ask one lady why she was looked like she was carrying the sins of the world on her head

  10. was originally written by naija single girl. guess it was shared on nairaland. That of ecobank is so true.

    Hi T!


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