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Yoruba Boys.

So some days ago I met this guy who looked like he just stepped out of one of the pictures above, the prototype destiny-changing yoruba boy that instagram and you momma warned you about. Sharp looking clean cut beard-gang member, white native (the modernized Agbada), fila (cap), designer shoes, lekki accent (rme) and general Lagos fuck-boy swag. 

I'd be honest I was taken aback, albeit pleasantly, when he chased down my car to ask for my number, I don't usually appeal to that type and that's been perfectly fine by me, because I really don't think I have the anointing to handle these high BP brothers. 


After he took my number he called a few minutes later to give me his and my friend gave me this Don't do it, don't go there! look. 

She said "Nwando it's not worth it, these yoruba boys are just demons; devourers, looking for hearts to break. Haven't you heard about them on social media?"

Well I certainly have but I've always wondered where this #yorubaboys talk originated from. Is this just baseless social media gab or are yoruba boys really guilt of the sins they're being accused of? 

With regards to my Yoruba boy, he's no Mr Right but in the meantime I see no reason not to have fun with Mr Right Now. *wink*. 


  1. I woke up one morning and started seeing Yoruba boys memes everywhere, I also wonder where it all originated from.

  2. me too am intrested o.wanna know y dey accussing dem.btw thelma I sent u a mail.pls check it,kinda urgent...

  3. I have always said I can't marry a yoruba guy/man. They womanize a lot and don't give a crap having many baby mama's.

    While this is so with other tribes. Generally, yoruba have a phd in this area. Same with their women.
    Of course just as there are many of these kind, so are there many decent ones as well.

    Each tribe gat theirs, Benue women I hear like to f**k, and would do u and all ur friends, rivers men cn dump their wives for other women, Benin men, lazy, Igbo men to non Igbo women, the fear of using you for rituals, and so on,

    No tribe is better, just find a good guy/girl.

  4. Ermmm, judging by the yoruba boys I've come across, and those I've been friends with, I'll say that this is 95% true. None of them was ever loyal to one woman @ a certain time.

    The only one I thought won't tow that path because of his overtly churchy nature married last year and I paid his younger brother a visit last week only to find out that he'd camp another woman in his younger brother's place for like 3 days.

    Funny thing is, this babe knows that he is married but still don't care. I just tire for yoruba guys.

    Sorry, typed this in a hurry coz I'm going to the pitch


  5. Ooops, I just met another one on my way to the pitch now and this one has 2 kids with a one yellow babe like this but has gone an impregnated another girl. Chai

    1. LMAO, Eesah you are not serious.

  6. Yoruba boys are not that bad joor, try an Edo boy (esp. Benin) then you will know Yoruba boys are SAINT..

  7. The "Yoruba boys jumping into your life and scattering everything" meme gets me every time. LOL.

    1. Lmao! As in ehn! Every time!!!!

    2. Lmaooo! As in ehn! Every time!!!

  8. I don't agree with you Joy oke dat Benin boys are bad.Yes,dere are bad eggs amongst dem but dat doesn't mean all of dem are bad.I will not generalise dat Yoruba boys are bad either.I have friends from both tribes and I have not had any bad experiences with dem.I think it's an individual tin and dis is d first time I am see these memes.

  9. I love yoruba boys o,d tall and dark ones

  10. i do not judge people based on a stereotypes but my mother, aunties even grandma have all warned me and gfs about yoruba men..ignored them because I am educated and would not believe a stereotype..after "getting to know " 4 yoruba men back to back.. i don't know why i was talking to just yoruba men...I had to wake up.. yoruba are a no no

  11. Haha like everything else - it's relative. I am sure if they sample guys in the east it will be Igbo stereotypes. I for one dont buy into any stereotypes - take folks for what they are.

    I know a lot of Good yoruba men who take very good care of their homes. Folks shouldstop using irresponsible members of society as a yardstick for others.

  12. When I was growing up I used to say and pray that i'll marry a Yoruba bobo.. reason? I love their tradition.. most of it sha. Now i'm grown and ready..i'm more cautious. From my research i'll say it's not just the Yoruba boys. I think the Yorubas as a whole are too accommodating as in anything goes... Dem no too send. Polygamy to them isn't a big deal as long as the younger wives are loyal to the first, they'll live in peace and harmony. You can also notice this spirit in their religious inclination... You can hardly tell the.muslims from the Christians. every yoruba family has a Cele/cherubim relative, a Christian relative, a Muslim relative and generally both christian n Muslims believe in consulting with a baba somewhere or an alfa or an aladura person and it's really no biggie to them, no one will bat an eyelid, same way they are accommodating to all tribes.. part of the reason why lagos is the thriving city it is today. I think it's just the yoruba lifestyle, it's who they are.. 'As long as it doesn't bother me, you are free'. Is it good? Well in some ways and not so good in other ways. So don't blame the yoruba boys, e dey blood. Finally I still have to say there are plenty exceptions. Thelma dear, that handsome yoruba bobo can be 'Mr. Right' not just 'Right now' and he will be the most faithful Mr. Right. Just keep an open mind jor.. Your case is different; Job 22:29. Meanwhile I still love the Yoruba tradition n naming system, my children will bear Yoruba names whether i'm married to a Yoruba man or not.

    1. Who is this anonymous... ? Damn!!!! I like her. Please identify yourself!

      Just the way I like to process situations... #spotOn

    2. Thanks Uyi. I'm Ng. Happy New Year.

  13. Ahan han

    No jor....Yoruba men are not that bad jor


  14. I dont understand the Yoruba boys stereotype too. I woke up one morning and bam! yoruba boys were demons.

    Anywaiz, the way igbo parents are warning their girls not to marry yoruba boys is the way yoruba parents are warning their girls not to marry igbo boys. Of all the men I've met and/dated tho, its the non-yoruba guys that hurt me the most.

    Anywaiz, we all know that with these tribal stereotypes there are always a million and one exceptions to the rule.....

  15. Thelma i see why you left that comment. Lol. I think its a case of a bad egg giving the whole crate a bad name.

  16. Wow... No respect huh!?

    You just come here and insult my tribe.

    I'm from Benin, I should expect that I would live up to this reputation or wat? Kai...

    Or am I?

    1. Hmmm... Wheresth thou cometh from?
      Knowest thou me enough to say that? Lol

  17. You people should leave my Yoruba men alone oooo....!!!! LOL! This memes ehn! Lmaoooo!

  18. Lols, thats strange. Even my friend in Yankee who meant to be dating one there too said she don't see a future with him cos of these same reasons on here...

  19. Lol,the memes cracked me up,it's not a tribe thing, it's general, we have such men in all tribes, the only difference is the rates at which they are.

  20. Epic memes.....

    I doubt if they are true though.


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