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Shocking Photos; Hell's Gates Were Left Open!!!

No matter how much I see, some things will always shock me. No matter how much I hear, the reasons people do certain things they do will always baffle me... 

Much Ado About Instagram Likes!

What greater misfortune can befall someone in these days of the Generation Y? There are ten worst misfortunes I can I think of in life and among those 10 one of them has got to be posting a picture on Instagram and not getting enough or any likes.

Discipline Or Destruction of Self-Esteem. What Do You Think? (plus Blog Reader Asks)

I'm sure we've all seen these viral  pictures of the little boy who was given the grown-up kids special haircut? I think it's a creative way to discipline a child, especially in a society that does not condone or accept physical discipline. The pictures are funny and the look on the child's face is darn priceless. But I can't help but wonder, in a society where there's so much bullying and egos and self-esteem is quite fragile, would doing this not result in more harm than good? Would you give your little one the grown-up kids special haircut?

This brings me to a question someone asked me to make a post. She said to ask the house, especially the parents among us, how one can best discipline children besides flogging them. Some kids are so difficult and the whole "go sit in a corner", "go stay in your room", just doesn't cut it with them. So especially for those who don't believe in using the rod, how best do you discipline (difficult)…

P Square... Some People Are So Full Of It!

Some people are simply ridiculous. Eeishhhh! 

Meanwhile I thank God for journey mercies. Turbulence all the way but we landed safely. Back in Lagos and I'm already feeling nostalgic *sobs*. My head's been all over the place guys, so I've not had much time for some things, the blog has had to suffer too. I promise I'll get things sorted soon, please stick with me through the rough patches, things will be smoothened out soon. 
Good night.

The Wedding Industry Conference 2015

The Wedding Industry Conference to hold at The Haven, Ikeja on Wednesday 4th of February
On Wednesday 4th February 2014, wedding vendors, stakeholders, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts will gather for a day of networking, mentoring and discussions on pertinent issues about Nigeria’s every growing wedding industry. This is going to be the biggest gathering of participants in the wedding industry, an event anyone who does a business that caters for weddings and events must attend!

The Wedding Industry Conference & Exhibition (TWICE) is being organised by Akin Eso, the CEO of WED Expo and a committee of seasoned practitioners in the industry.
Do you run a business that caters for anything related to weddings? Are you a makeup artist, wedding planner, wedding blogger, photographer, designer, event decorator, DJ, MC or work in any organisation that caters to the wedding industry? Do you plan to have a business in the wedding industry? If yes, then join wedding industry professionals in an en…

Do We Really Need To Ask?

"We went to ask and they heard that they steal too much in their family". 

Would You Try This Wedding Cake?

A while back most of you were freaked out by the baby shower cake. Personally I was a tad indifferent, but this one, this one really freaks me out. Would you do this? 

Wedding Night - Prose.

Some might have called it a bad omen, for the newly weds to find themselves in pitch black darkness on their wedding night. The power in the hotel tripped off several minutes ago and the air in the room was becoming very humid. Femi, flung away at the far end of the bed was dead to the world, his loud snores reverberated around the room. Kike however wasn't that fortunate, exhausted as she was her weak body wouldn't just give in to sleep. She held the lifeless intercom in her hand and wondered what she could do. 
Resigning herself to the darkness she soon began to drift off to sleep. Her dreams were already forming and she saw herself cut the white three-tier cake with Femi, she saw herself smile sweetly up at him and she saw him cut a piece of cake to feed her with. As she opened her mouth to eat the sweet spongy cake she heard it, and immediately Kike's eyes flew open as she was jolted wide awake. 
Kike wasn't quite sure if the scream had been a part of her dream or…

Her Mother-In-Law Did The Unthinkable!

Guys last week I asked what you would do if you come home one day and your mother in law has given your little baby tribal marks. When I did I honestly never imagined that such a thing could happen. Well it turns out that it actually does and this mail on lailasblog just goes to show...

I Loved You But I Took To My Heels!

It probably wasn't but it was a lot like love at first sight. 
How could I tell? It was the chemistry, the electricity that's felt by two people at that first meeting. I wouldn't even bother talking about it; the intense attraction, some primal need to hold and be held by that one person, an immediate build up of affection. And that's how it was with *Chimdi and I. 
And the day we first spoke, I couldn't believe my good fortune. But on the first date Chimdi, feeling that (thing that felt like) love thought he could tell me ALL about him, and he did, I couldn't believe one man's misfortune. 
The things Chimdi told me scared the hell out of me, how cultists killed his girlfriend when they couldn't find him, how his family locked him up and made him swear an oath in a shrine when his aunt accused him of raping and impregnating her, how his businesses failed one after the other, how the buses he bought for a tranportation business all either got burnt or stole…

Dear Thelma

TTB readers is it right for a husband to force himself on his wife? I know that wives are to submit to their husbands but some days I am too tired or I am not in the mood but my husband does not care because according to him it is his right. Some times when he forces me like that he bruises me down there and one time he forced me to have anal sex. Thelma that day I tot will die, i don't know how people do it but I was in pain for days. Even as I was in pain he still demanded sex. I love my husband but I hate this part of him. Am I wrong to complain, when someone hears my problem they say thatI should be happy that my husband still finds me attractive and that it is a sign that he is faithful to me. But why can't he listen to me when I say no, or don't I have a right to say no sometimes? Pls what can I do?

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Responds To Charles Soludo's "Buhari vs Jonathan" Article.

A blog reader just sent me a message asking me to post this. He/she would love to hear and partake of the lively debate and opinions of blog readers. Uyi and Sasha bone were specifically mentioned. See Ngozi Okonjo Iweala's text below. 

1. For anyone who has not read Professor Charles Soludo’s article on January 25 2015, I would encourage them to do so. It is littered with abusive and unbecoming language. It shows how an embittered loser in the Nigerian political space can get so derailed that they commit intellectual harakiri by deliberately misquoting economic facts and maliciously turning statistics on their head to justify a hatchet job. We hope all the intellectuals in the international circles in which Professor Soludo has told us he flies around in will read what a Professor of Economics has chosen to do with his intellect.
2. In this one article Soludo has shamelessly pandered to so many past leaders that Nigerians are asking one more time – what position is Soludo gunning f…

The Idibia's Damage Control, Zahra Buhari's Faint Heart, Kris Jenner's Hot Legs et al!

So I just settled into my hotel room, devoured the wheat and onugbu soup I bought, powered my ipad and settled into bed to devour social news and here's what has happened between when I boarded the bus and now! 

It's not my job to bring you the gist, I'm a bit too lazy to do all of that but I'm sure you already heard about or saw the mysterious pictures of Tubaba smooching someone who's not Annie... Oh well, Tania Omotayo has gone and posted the above. Quite frankly I thought the picture of Tubaba and the other missus must have been a very old picture but this weak ass attempt at damage control has only served to convince me that there's a very stinky smelly fat dead rat rotting somewhere and the stench is killing me. #SilenceIsGold.  ...

Ok, this 59 year old momma makes the blood rush through my veins. I love love love Kris Jenner's attitude towards life. Not that I'd be glad to see my mum wearing that though... ...

Seriously now, what was Zahra Buhari thin…

Just Before I Forget To Ask... (Plus One Little Giveaway)

Must Read! Buhari vs Jonathan, Beyond The Elections. - Charles Soludo

I need to preface this article with a few clarifications. I have taken a long sabbatical leave from partisan politics, and it is real fun watching the drama from the balcony.  Having had my own share of public service (I do not need a job from government), I now devote my time and energy in pursuit of other passions, especially abroad. A few days ago, I read an article in Thisday entitled “Where is Charles Soludo?”, and my answer is that I am still there, only that I have been too busy with extensive international travels to participate in or comment on our national politics and economy.

But I occasionally follow events at home. Since the survival and prosperity of Nigeria are at stake, the least some of us (albeit, non-partisan) must do is to engage in public debate. As the elections approach, I owe a duty to share some of my concerns.

In September 2010, I wrote a piece entitled “2011 Elections: Let the Real Debate Begin” and published by Thisday. I understand the Federal Executive Cou…

Have You Heard D'Banj's Side Of The Story?

The video of D’Banj’s interview with Olisa Adibua on ‘The Truth’ is out and it is quite the eye-opener. In the chat with Olisa Adibua he talks about why Mo Hits really broke up, the part Dr. Sid played in the breakup, his deal with Kanye West and much more.Watch!

What Would You do...?

If you're the mistress in this scenario and there's no one at home to save you?

Self-Love or Resignation? 40 year old Woman Marries Herself Because SheCouldn't Find a Husband.

Early into adulthood Yasmin promised herself that if she hadn’t found a mate by the time she was 40, she would marry herself, and she kept her promise.
Every little girl in America grows up fantasizing about the big day.. The day she will get married to her prince in shining armor.. The day she becomes a wife with a big ring on her finger. For a teacher in the country’s 4th largest city with a black population totaling more than 1/4 of the city’s growing 2.1 million people, that day somehow never came. Yasmin Eleby‘s wedding was everything she’d ever dreamed of. Complete with singers, a band, a gorgeous candlelight ceremony and a white cake to match, Yasmine promised to love and honor… herself WITH HER VIRGINITY LONG GONE YASMIN SET OFF ON A SERIOUS MISSION. What better way to start the year than with an act of self love? After a moment of pause, you may be asking, how do you marry… yourself? THE CEREMONY Along with 10 bridesmaids Yasmin’s big day went down without a hitch. Wearing a royal purp…