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Hello Mr President! Muhammadu Buhari Wins 2015 Presidential Elections.

These Nigerians aren't loyal. SMH.

This is how the states voted:
Ekiti: APC – 120,331 | PDP – 176,466Ogun: APC – 308,290 | PDP – 207,950Enugu: APC – 14,157 | PDP – 553,003Kogi: APC – 264,851 | PDP – 149,987Osun: APC – 383,603 | PDP – 249,929Ondo: APC – 299,889 | PDP – 251,368FCT: APC – 146,399 | PDP – 157,195Oyo: APC – 528,620 | PDP – 303,376Nasarawa: APC – 236, 838 | PDP – 273, 460Enugu: APC – 14,157| PDP – 553,003Kano: APC – 1,903,999 | PDP – 215,779Jigawa: APC – 885,988 | PDP – 142,904Katsina: APC – 1,345,441 | PDP – 98,937Kwara: APC – 302, 146 | PDP – 132, 602Kaduna: APC – 1,127,760 | PDP – 484,085Anambra: PDP – 660,762 | APC – 17,926Abia: PDP – 368,303 | APC – 13,394Akwa Ibom: PDP – 953,304 | APC – 58,411Imo: PDP – 559,185 | APC – 133,253Plateau: PDP – 549,615 | APC – 429,140Ebonyi: APC – 19,518 | PDP – 323,653Niger: APC – 657,678 | PDP – 149,222Lagos: APC – 792,460 | PDP – 632,327Bayelsa: APC – 5,194 | PDP – 361,209Gombe: APC – 361,245 | PDP – 96,873Cross River: APC – 28,368 |…

Goodluck Jonathan Has Called Buhari To Congratulate Him?

Well that's according to Chude Jideonwo and Debola Williams.

Debola Williams and Chude Jideonwo who work with Gen. Buhari claim GEJ has called to congratulate Buhari over the election results.
As it is we're waiting for the Commission to reconvene at 8pm to give us the result from Borno, the only state left. 

Mrs Selfish or Mrs Sensible?

How do you guys feel about welcoming guests into your marital home? Some folks won't even invite you over for Koolaid on a Saturday not to talk of weekends or moving in!

Good luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows?

This, That & Vengeance.

I called my friend last night. I was meant to spend the election weekend with her and the boo but I really just wanted to be with my family during the period. However when I called her at night and she began ranting seriously about some guests le boo had that were really infuriating her, I knew my night was about to get more exciting so I packed an overnight bag, hopped into the car and off I went. 
Thing is, some girls are just trouble makers. They came in to the house, the guy says "Meet my girlfriend *Stephanie" and instead of just saying hello and keep it moving one of them said "Girlfriend? That's the first time we're hearing about her". Strike 1. 
My friend was watching E before they came and le boo was reading the news online. The chics, noticing what she was watching instead of politely asking if they could watch something else to know what was going on with the elections turned to her boo and started to complain; "nawa o! You people don't ca…

A Tub of Untitled Tales.

One.  Leye's first week at work had gone horribly. His colleagues treated him as though the other guy was fired just so he could take his place. The only kindness he had encountered was from the pretty auditor with the gentle smile and long lashes. Leye thought she was very beautiful but knew she was completely out of his league, besides the audit was done and the next week she would leave their office, it was unlikely he would see her again.       It was Friday and all Leye wanted was to go home and sleep. Unfortunately his cousin Ronke had set him up on a blind date with her friend and it was only now Leye realized he should have checked her profile on social network, he had no idea what she looked like. As Leye reached for his phone two ladies walked through the door. Too late, Leye thought.       The First Lady wore a blouse cut so low her nipples were almost on display, it clung tightly to her protruding belly, her skin; multi-toned, bleaching gone bad. What the hell was Ronke t…

INEC's Official Website Hacked.

‘Its 2015 Elections And We Are Here again But This Time In A Different Form, APC Claimed They Hacked Into INEC DATABASE But We Own The DATABASE Long Before Now So No Worries No Fear To All nigerians…GO And Cast Your Vote And We Assure You That Your Vote Must Count Because We Are The Kings Of The nigerrian cyber SPACE. Note: we gat access to other high ranking nigerian government servers, but we are not here for that today!. Inec dont try to rig because we have been watching you day and night for months now but dont be scared we mean no harm cos if you attempt to rig you will pay!! We are the the voice of the youths!! We also use this medium to advice all political parties: who price go pay. We do not forgive we do not forget  expect us!’

INEC Nigeria✔@inecnigeria We are aware of the recent hack of our @inecnigeria website, we are currently investigating this incident 11:53 AM - 28 Mar 2015 1,062 RETWEETS71 FAVORITES

Dear Thelma... (Blog Reader Needs Your Advice).

I don't know how to start but I will keep it as short as possible so that i don't bore everybody. Some months ago me nd my boyfriend had a very serious fight just after he said he wants to marry me. Some days after the fight i hadn't heard frm him nd he was wasn't returning my calls so I started to think that maybe he had broken up with me. My former classmate has been chykin me since nd he called my phone that day, he wanted us to go out but I wasn't in the mood so I asked him to come to my house instead. One thing lead to another and we had sex that night and in the morning. The next day my boyfriend called me and he started begging me, I was missing him too and I told him that we should just forget about the quarel because I love him very much. I went to his house dat night and we had sex nd continued the relationship nd our wedding plans. Later I tested positive for pregnancy nd immediately told my boyfriend nd he was very excited, we told our families nd they …

Damilola Adegbite & Chris Attoh Wedding Photos.

Here's something to brighten your day. These pictures put a sunny smile on my face, most especially this one below;

Pictures courtesy of Bella Naija ~ Wedding Photography: Photography by Abi