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What Miss Pynk Did!

LOL. Don't mind the picture above. Blogger & blog reader, Miss Pynk of Pynk360, aka OAD, did something simply phenomenal last weekend, and I celebrate her for this. In case you didn't know, this lady right here is all kinds of strong, brilliant and amazing!
Read her post below, as it is on her blog. 

Hey everyone, happy monday. How was the weekend? Mine was dynamic. ..the back to school drive for 100 primary school kids from Obalende, Falomo and Dodan barracks on Sunday turned out ok.  I somehow managed to make it 115 kids – water bottles, back packs, pencils and erasers. They were also to get a lunch and juice with water.

The event was slated to start at 4pm, by 2pm we had 200 kids…the place was barely set up. Well all in all I am grateful to God and the folks over at the Eti Osa Youth Development Initiative  (EYDI), who made a lot of contributions in terms of logistics, prizes and some of the food for parents.

Registering the 1st 115 kids For me I feel like I …

Today's Confession. Unprecedented Favour.

Today I declare over my life and household that God covers me and hides me in the shelter of His wings, protects me from the raging storm, and delivers me from the overbearing power of vain men. In this season the grace of God has distinguished me and separated me from those who will set themselves against me, elevate me from the persecution I have suffered, and lifted my head above those of my peers. I enter into a season of unprecedented favour. Everything I touch respond to me positively; they answer me. The Lord exceeds my aspirations. He will exceed my expectations, and He will supercede all that has been recorded as success in my generation. Every door of delay is taken off its hinges, and every wall of denial comes down like the wall of Jericho, never to be built up again. I walk freely into the inheritance of the Lord; I occupy that which God has given me according to the power of His promise. The land yields of her increase to me constantly, and the dew of heaven ushers in a …

The Weirdest Thing Ever!

You know how it is when you're on a date or having drinks with a member of the opposite sex and you both start to swap life stories, from childhood till date? I was out just a while ago and having one of those moments and I remembered, and marveled for the millionth time, at something that happened years ago. 

So I was in secondary school in Osun state, Ipetumodu to be precise. Ipetumodu was no Queen's College. Here they believed in using the rod and using it extravagantly! In Ipetumodu you got lashed over any and everything. Miss a class; cane. Miss church; cane. Miss your meal; cane. Get the wrong answer; cane. Have no answer; cane. Come late to class; cane. Teacher is having a bad day; cane. Teacher is taking the piss; cane. Teacher is having a laugh; cane. Don't do your homework; cane. You get the drift by now. 
That Monday, English was the first class we had and for some reason I didn't do my english assignment. Somehow the consequence didn't dawn on me until as…

About Last Night; An Unexpected Turn. (Would You Love Him If You Didn't Need Him?)

Hey guys, so as y'all know last night I was in the mood for something, and someone different. It was hilarious I tell you! But people don't listen now, do they? Everyone that contacted me, save one, are people I already know. What? Did y'all think I was joking when I said what I said? Anyhoooooo to be honest the thought of getting dressed and glammed to go hang out with someone I've never met seemed a bit much, but I'm hoping we'll be friends and maybe some weekend we could do drinks...
So among the 'contacters' from last night was an ex. Interesting night, last night. Here's what happened; I was all dressed up to go have a drink or two with said ex when another friend hola'd and reminded me that HOTR had night vigil last night. My people, that's how I ditched the makeup and short dress and put on jeans, a tee shirt, a cardigan and a shawl, and hit the church! Hehehehehe. Yeah, that's where I turned up last night.
As you might have figured…

Tonto Dikeh Weds Traditionally (Mama, I Made It!)

Look Mamah, I Made it!!! You know you've made it as a blogger when people start sending up live updates and pictures in real time of a celebrity wedding!
Err, not exactly. You know you've probably made it when you buy a good car or piece of property off the money you made from your blog. LOL. Fun asides...
The traditional marriage between Tonto Dikeh & hubby, Mr Churchhill is currently going down in the Garden City. One of you's kind enough to send me pictures. I hear the place be looking like a Nollywood festival, everybody is there! (But Err, I'm currently stalking Rukky Sanda on IG and she's most definitely not in PH, as are many other Nollywood celebs whom I'm stalking too, my guilty pleasure.... So maybe not "everybody" after all). 
Congrats to the duo!

Enugu Blog Readers, Someone Needs You!

Good evening thelma my name is _____, a reader of your blog, I am a student of unec studying estate management. I just found out I have some reference today at the registry during my clearance am so very down and don't know what to do, please do you know any place I can work no matter the amount while I rewrite the course next year, here in Enugu? Thank you for your anticipated response.

*** Hey guys, are you or someone you know in the position to offer this young man a temporary job? I'm posting this because I know exactly how he's feeling right now, but more importantly because I find it impressive that his first idea after he learnt about his situation was to find a job and keep busy. Unfortunately I don't have contacts in Enugu anymore but I'm hoping someone here does. As you can see, he's not particular about the amount, he just wants to work and keep his brain active. You know what they say about the idle mind...
If you would like to reach the poster please …

Open Keypad. Random Musings, Rad Mingling & Thelma's Date!

Hey guys, it's been long since we had one of these. Open keypad, an idea originally initiated by blog read F, has got to be some of my all time favourite posts. I guess it's because here I don't get to say much but instead, I get to read up on what's going on with you. Yes, you get to share with us what's going on in your life presently, how your week was, how your year has been, how it's going at work, how your relationship is at the moment, if you're struggling with unemployment, if you've been unusually happy of late, or down in the dumps! It's the last Friday of the month guys, what's up?

So here, first up, I want to go out tonight. Yes, of all the things I could share with you the first is that I want to go out ooooooooo! But let me be very precise about what I want. I want to either watch a movie or have drinks, or maybe a light dinner. My companion of choice has got to be single, male and mobile. He's got to be tall, by tall I mean 5ft…

Uwanma Shares 'Wickid' Tips On How To Exact Revenge On a Cheating Partner

I had a great laugh watching this Vlog. Remember Uwanma, Uwanma The Great the lady I told y'all about at the Brunch With Brains at Ginger Tapas? Well her latest Vlog is very wickid! Uwanma says research shows that 80% of men will cheat at least once in a relationship. She adds that some say vengeance is for the Lord, but she believes that revenge is a dish best served creatively! If women did one of two of these I'm sure men will never cheat again.  Watch the vlog and share your thoughts below.


After a long day yesterday I turned in early. As it is sometimes when you're extremely tired, your body is drained but your mind is still in overdrive. I tossed and turned trying to still my mind and get some sleep, in the mean time I did what most people do when they're idle; scroll through contacts and stalk display pictures. I got stuck on my cousins dp. She's a pretty young thing but something about the pictures in her picmix struck me. She was beautifully dressed in all the pics, her light skin glowed and her hair n makeup were flawless. Yet, she looked...... tired. What was it, I wondered. Then I saw it, the bags underneath her eyes. Immediately my mind went back to last weekend. Saturday was Chocolate's daughter's 1st birthday and Sunday was Yoko's daughter's baby dedication. In those two days I got to see old friends and former classmates, now young mothers. They all seemed to have something in common; bags!

Bags underneath ones eyes are indicators o…

Five Sisters. Coincidence or Higher Power?

I tend to believe that the spiritual controls the physical and that only very few things happen by sheer coincidence or happenstance. Read this account and share your thoughts. 
Today I was opportuned to meet with someone I'd heard about a couple of times. Allow me to share a bit of their story with you. 
So this family of six children; five ladies and a gentleman, were experiencing something very unusual in their home. All five girls; tall, light skinned, very pretty, graduates, working class, single. Not one of these beauties could boast of a relationship, nay marriage. 
Well it got to that point where you decide that enough is enough and serious prayers needed to be done! This happened while in the village for Christmas in December 2013. Now here's the interesting part. 
The family returned to lagos mid January. On the 24th of January one of the girls was rushing to keep an appointment when her car broke down. Exasperated after several failed attempts to restart her car, she lo…

19 Relationship Truths Every Couple That Makes It Has To Accept. (Plus 1Confession).

1. Your partner’s best qualities—the ones that make you love them so damn much—will fail them sometimes. Because a person’s greatest strengths are also their greatest weaknesses.
2. And when your boyfriend or girlfriend goes too far—when intelligence becomes smart ass behavior, when confidence becomes obstinance, or wit becomes mean-spirited joking—it’s your job to see past that, and to love them anyway.

3. On other occasions, when you’re the one being too straightforward or too outspoken or too much of any trait that defines who you are, you’ll have to forgive your significant other for getting annoyed.
4. Humans frustrate each other—sometimes for no apparent reason—and couples that last understand this.
5. You will both have to smile and show up to some events when you’re not in the mood to do anything at all (a birthday dinner for someone’s mother, or a dull company cocktail party), purely because your partner needs you there.
6. You will also have to rally and feign excitement on speci…

Toyin Aimakhu & Niyi Johnson, Social Media Marriage?

I'm not one to offer unsolicited advice or opinions, especially concerning something as supposedly sacred as marriage. But when two supposed adults ("supposed" because are these two really adult?) decide to make their marriage a public show, then they shouldn't wonder when we the public offer our often unsolicited opinions.
Toyin raised brows when she put up a post yesterday and included a (very unnecessary) hashtag, addressing herself as #MissAimakhu. Today it seems her husband Mr Niyi Johnson has also taken to Instagram to ask us the public to BEG on his behalf; saying the insults should be directed at him instead. His hashtags also tell us that he is probably a not-so-faithful husband who sexts (sexy texts) with other chicas (but in reality, maybe he's just a nice chap who isn't happy with people putting his wife on blast and hauling insults at her, and would rather take the heat, thereby making himself the target...)

"To clear the air of the recent h…

Fat Thighs, Flabby Arms, a Pot Belly; Still Gives Good Loving!(Insecurities)

"I've always been shy about my stutter" mumbled my good friend Clark Kent. I marveled at how someone so tall, good looking, successful, smart and sexy could worry about something so trivial like a stutter. But it does make you realize that so many people deal with insecurities. 
I for one got teased about my fat legs when I was a teenager, and then my "generous" size when I got older. I read Michelle Dede's post yesterday and I'm reminded once again how insecurities could be the bane of our lives and a stumbling block to complete happiness. She said;
Many of us think, I’m ugly, I’m dark, I’m white I need a tan, my lips are big, small, I need a nose job, I wish I had smaller eyes, bigger eyes, delicate features, long hair, high cheek bones, straight hair, curly hair, I wish I was thinner, more toned, tall, had a booty like Jlo, was sexy, feminine, beautiful, I wish, I Wish, I WISH blah blah blah! ... Now I don’t know everything, but I know what it’s like to…

#Brides #Bridesmaids #Hair #Makeup #Money #Weddings. Let's Talk.

Sometime ago my friend asked me to be on her bridal train and I was very honoured, and over the moon, until I heard what it would cost. First she told me how much the bridesmaids dress would cost and I said, ok. Then a week later something had changed, a style that would require more fabric and cost the tailor a little more, so yes we had to add almost 50% to the original amount. My smile began to crack. Then another call; babe the makeup artist said she will charge you guys _______ for your make up. I checked how much I'd made that month and I wasn't smiling anymore. Oh, that's not all, the hairdresser is going to charge you guys ______ to style your hair. 
At this point I was wishing I hadn't been bestowed with bridesmaid honours. Before I could sob, another one came. Yeah, the fascinator lady said you guys will pay _____ for fascinator
Choi! Hot tears. But hey, too late now. So with tears at the corners of my eyes and a frozen smile on my face, I parted with very…

"Madam Sorry, I Need Oga's Permission First".

They say #FirstYearsofMarriage should be most blissful but what is all this??? #Read#Comment#Enjoy.I was with my husband for about a year before we married. We have been married for about a month and the other day I sent the "errand boy" to the supermarket and boy was I surprised by his response. He said "Oga" doesn't like him going too far and his "Oga" would have to give permission for him to go that far. Wait, what??? In the year of dating my husband I never had to interact with him so I wasn't aware if his behaviour. His general disposition was disrespectful. I happened to be on the phone with a friend who heard the dialogue. I was going to send him packing when she cautioned me and said Ishould leave him to his "master" and I shouldn't handle domestic issues without my husbands permission. "He may not be ready to fire him" I don't get this! Is it out of my place to dismiss domestic staff in my house without myhubby…

Has Plenty, Gives You Some OR Has Little, Gives You All?

The above is quite deep and got me thinking. I've been a recipient in both situations and in an ideal world I would tell you I'd rather have Mr B (Have little and give you all), but errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, this world ain't ideal. 
Ok, people lets talk about you. Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who's got great financial success and spoils you with a little bit of his wealth? It's just a teeny tiny bit of what he's got but it's actually very sufficient for you. Or someone who's financially challenged and gives you all of the little or nothing he has? 
Answer this honestly bearing in mind reality and realities. You've probably even had to choose between these two men in the past. Yes, I'm sure many of us ladies have, at least once. Which would you pick? Which did you pick? And why. Let's talk. 

The Truth Is That Married Men Treat Us Better. - Anonymous.

Thelma people make side chics look bad but nobody really plans to be a side chic. Unfortunately when all the men are married and the single ones expect you to kiss the ground they work on because they pitied you enough to date you then you cannot blame more and more women for dating married men. For instance I met one guy last week. I live in the Ajah axis and he live in Ojo, that is after Festac. He's been calling me and telling me how much he likes me, then he asked me for a date but said I will have to come to Ojo. I said that I cannot come and he started to complain, that am I saying I cannot come to Ojo or what? I said that is not what I'm sayin, I'm sayin it's wrong, he's the one asking me out so he should be the one to come. He bluntly refused sayin that he cannot come all the way from there to see me, I stopped hearing from him after that. He is just one among many examples. Single men now think it's a waste of time to woo girls because there are many g…

Keeping It Real.

"That's a rare gift", he sounded awed by my description of my friend Oby. 
Oby, the one who made someone stop to give us a ride because he noticed that we had been standing under the sun for a while and we were both tired and irritable, but for some reason, while the tall dark one, like almost every normal person, had an ugly scowl on her face, the fair chubby one had a serene smile. That smile drew him in, made him get into his car and give us a lift, all the way from Presidential Hotel in GRA Port Harcourt, to Rumuobiakani. He never could stop talking about Oby's smile in the face of difficulty. 
And that's Oby for you. To be honest there were times I thought Oby was a bit delusional, or perhaps slightly retarded (forgive me if I'm being politically incorrect). I mean, what other reason could there be? Oby kept facing one issue or the other that kept her in university for 12 years, for a 5 year course, (I spent 6 years and in the 6th I was a walking time bomb…

When A Drinks Poison To Kill B, and other Pay-Back Plots.

Although Jamil had broken up with Ronke and was already dating Catherine, as most couples do even after they break up, they remained physically intimate. So that weekend when Ronke called Jamil and told him that she needed a place to stay for a couple of nights, Jamil was kind enough to play host to her, besides Catherine wasn't in town, and of course there was the added benefit of sex with the ex
And when a day to Catherine's return, Jamil told Ronke she would have to leave and she didn't complain, it was a happy surprise for him. Willingly Ronke packed her bag and left but around midnight called Jamil; she had forgotten some things at his place. He told her she could come and pick them up and she drove down. Then she told Jamil that she was craving Suya and pleaded with him to come with her to buy some, promising they would go in her car, he wouldn't even have to leave the car and she would bring him back home. Jamil, being the nice ex boyfriend threw on a Tshirt ov…

Dear Thelma... (I've Given Him Something. Now How Do I Tell Him?)

Pls no judgment I already know what I did was bad and I feel bad about it. My question is that I need ideas of how I can do the right thing. When my boyfriend was travelled for a course I met up with my former class mate who I had a casual relationship long ago in school. One thing led to another and I slept in his house. Maybe because we have already been intimate before I didn't insist on a condom, when I left I stopped answering his phone calls because I felt very bad and my boyfriend has never done anything so wrong as to make me cheat. I decided to forget about it and move on. But some weeks after I started having plenty discharges and pain in my lower belly and I suspected so I went to a lab and did tests. I must have contracted an std from that guy and I have PID too. My problem now is that because we did tests when we started dating, my boyfriend n I don't use condoms which means that he may have contacted it by now. Please how do I tell him to get tested without expos…

Where Did All My Readers Go? (And 4 Other Thoughts I Had This Morning).

1. Yesterday though! Yesterday was Chocolate's daughter's first birthday party and it was a very veeeery beautiful occasion. I don't mean aesthetically, I mean the people, the ambience, the camaraderie. Most of us have known each other from way back and people came from far and wide. I hugged and kissed old friends, old class mates, an old boyfriend, an old crush and several acquaintances. It was truly beautiful. Happy 1st birthday darling Summer!

2. Today! Today is Yoko's daughter's christening and dedication. So I woke up wondering what time I'll go and what I'll wear and how nice it would be to be a Mum and how most of my friends are preggers with their second or third bambino and how I need to hurry up on that front and bless the world with my offspring *big grin*. Then back to what I'll wear and who I'll go with? To go alone and be forced to be more sociable (good thing) or to take a friend and gladly not mix (bad thing)?

3. Where did all my read…

What To Do With a Mother That Just Won't Butt Out?

It's no news that some mothers can be a pain and some mothers in law do take the piss. Although it's not excusable, it kind of seems understandable when it's the husband's mother giving a woman grief. But when it's the wife's own mum, you can't help but wonder. I read this piece sent in to Bella Naija and the last few paragraphs particularly boggle the mind; why a mother would try to "cock-block" her wife's son is rather preposterous. How does one cope such such a mother? Do read and share your thoughts. 

I have been married for 3 years now to a wonderful man. We have been blessed with a baby who is almost a year old now. After the birth of our baby, my Mum agreed to retire voluntarily to take care of our baby when it was time for me to resume work. She’s been doing this job of taking care of our baby with so much love. However, there is a problem. My Mum is trying to control my marriage. She has an opinion on every single issue and she’s not sh…