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Dear Thelma (Did I Make a Mistake?)

Hey T, great job you're doing on your blog. Please help me post:
My boyfriend of two years is a great guy. We have a very good and honest relationship which naturally I'm hoping will lead to marriage by Gods grace. We have different personalities, while he's the extroverted outgoing type, I prefer to be indoors most times. I have changed a bit because of him as he encourages me to go out more and although I don't enjoy certain activities like clubbing or partying I sometimes follow him because he wants me to. I'm actually flattered that he wants me to follow him to places like clubs because his friend once said something like bringing your girlfriend to the club is like taking sand to the beach lol. I know most guys would rather go alone so that they can be free to do whatever they want. He's a fine guy with a very nice job and because of his personality he tends to attract a lot of people and girls seem to like him a lot. On Friday night I didn't want to go…

Dear Thelma (What Do You Give Someone Who Has Everything?)

Happy Sunday to TTB family. Please I need you all to help me with ideas for Valentine. I've been so confused about what do get my boyfriend and as 14th is coming closer I'm getting more nervous. My boyfriend is his early forties and divorced. At first I didn't think we could have a serious relationship but when he approached me I didn't turn him down because I will be honest my salary wasn't paying well enough and I needed financial assistance, I knew he's very rich and could help me. As fate would have it he was more serious than I thot and I too began to fall for him. It has been the most amazing relationship of my life although at first I didn't want it because he is a divorcee. I decided to be more open to our relationship because he has shown that he genuinely loves me and he appreciates my famil. He takes care of most of my needs and even helps with some of my family's needs to. My question is pretty simple, Valentine is fast approaching and he…

#TSquared2016. Were The Olumofin Brothers Really Thrown Out?

My amebo friend just pinged me to say Toolz whose traditional marriage is going on right now, is trending on Twitter... the Olumofin brothers were bounced from the wedding... Twitter is going crazy... 
So I hopped into Twitter, I had to see with my own two eyes. 
This picture above is supposed to be evidence of the "bouncing". But to me oh, it just kinda looks like the brothers came for the event with their own security personnel and are using them to pose in the picture. 
But then, Noble Igwe of who posted that tweet is a very close friend of the groom and is at the wedding, so he should definitely know better, yes? According to; It is still unclear the reason they were asked to leave but we believe it’s related to all the shade the brothers threw at Gbemi on Instagram.
Yet this seems to be false because Joro himself posted this same picture of him supposedly being "asked to leave" the wedding. 

I don't even know what to think, but I remembe…

Labadi Beach Hotel and Things.

I spent most of my day yesterday at the private beach and although I've never been a beach person, I loved this. Although there were a lot of locals on the beach, it was peaceful and safe. I hear they have an almost zero crime rate in Ghana. 

Breakfast this morning was a four course meal. Hmm. Lips sealed. I wish I could tell you that after this I immediately hit the gym. Unfortunately that would be a bold faced lie. 

Do You Want To Get Married?- The Lady.

My friend recently concluded the final stages of her professional exams. She shared the news with her father and his response was unexpected. He pretty much brushed her success aside and proceeded to lecture on her on childbearing and female fertility. To put things in perspective, my friend is in her late 20s. Has a master's degree, decent job and has plans of pursuing a doctorate. Her father has always supported the idea of a doctorate and encouraged her to pursue her dreams regardless of what anyone has to say. Did I add that she is smart and gorgeous as well?
Naturally, she was upset at his response, but brushed it aside. What she could not get over was the fact that he assumed she wanted to get married. Nigerians don't ask if you want to get married, it is assumed. Who are you not to want to get married? How dare you be different? My friend has no intentions of getting married and no, she won't change her mind thank you. Face your own desires. She is not averse to rela…

AKWAABA! I'm Only Here For The Ghanian Jollof Rice.

You know I said I would only be absent if I can't help it, and yesterday I couldn't help it. Yesterday it occured to me that two people can both live in lagos and be in a long distance relationship. Swear down! I had one of those tumultuous days, where you're so busy and inundated that you even forget your name. So I needed to see some people and they chose Akonwonjo as the location. I reckoned its in the Ikeja axis so I just grabbed my bag and decided I would go to the airport from there in the morning. Guys! That's how I thought I was being smart by leaving lekki at 4pm, thinking I would beat the traffic. I  got to Akonwonjo after 8pm. Think, that's an Enugu-PH, Abuja-Nsukka, Lagos-Benin ride! By the time I got there I was so frazzled, I was almost pulling my hair and shoving it in my mouth. I then remembered some guy who was asking me out last year, he lives in Akonwonjo. He kept on asking me to come and visit but I never got round to it. Yesterday I thought to …

He Says "Don't Take It, Or Else..."

Some people are so stubborn and annoying, it's simply unnerving! And when you're dating or married to such a person you sometimes want to claw your eyes out. Let me be more specific, people with one kind of yeye stubborn pride. Let me give you an instance. 
Several years ago a distant family member of mine wrote a book that's still being read today in some schools. He was such an exceptional writer that the then government (this was when nigeria was still "good") gave this man some serious gifts to acknowledge his great talent and positive contribution to the country. Among these gifts were a 4 bedroom bungalow with boys quarters in Ikoyi, a Peugeot 504 and cash. This man who was living in a little apartment in the Aguda axis of Surulere (where he still lives btw, although now very aged) turned down all these gifts saying that he did not like politicians and wasn't writing to get any benefits from governments. His family thought it was initial gra gra. I mean,…


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2016 Is Definitely Clap Back Year. Re:Gbemi Olateru vs The Olumofin Brothers!

Ok for those who haven't caught up with this gist, yesterday Beat fm OAP Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi took to Twitter to sub two brothers over their gate crashing and social climbing tendencies. And while she didn't name names it was pretty obvious that she was referring to lagos socialites Dokun and Joro Olumofin. (Yes, the @joroolumofin whose posts I love to share). Well as it turns out, this year people are no longer willing to take the high road. The brothers clapped back and they did not hold back. 

Below is Dokun Olumofin's response to Gbemi. 

Gbemi Olateru Olagbeji @gbemioo@gbemioo@gbemioo@gbemioo@gbemioo read this write up, know that you drew first blood and called us out via Innuendo on Twitter. A well drafted innuendo can easily be identified by smart characters. I woke up to about 100 missed calls, DMs, Whatsapp messages, Facebook etc. If I mention a butt ugly Owo Princess from Akoko, Ondo State who sells China shoes, OAP Personality who cannot keep her mouth shut and h…