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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dear Thelma (Did I Make a Mistake?)

Hey T, great job you're doing on your blog. Please help me post:

My boyfriend of two years is a great guy. We have a very good and honest relationship which naturally I'm hoping will lead to marriage by Gods grace. We have different personalities, while he's the extroverted outgoing type, I prefer to be indoors most times. I have changed a bit because of him as he encourages me to go out more and although I don't enjoy certain activities like clubbing or partying I sometimes follow him because he wants me to. I'm actually flattered that he wants me to follow him to places like clubs because his friend once said something like bringing your girlfriend to the club is like taking sand to the beach lol. I know most guys would rather go alone so that they can be free to do whatever they want. He's a fine guy with a very nice job and because of his personality he tends to attract a lot of people and girls seem to like him a lot. On Friday night I didn't want to go clubbing so he went alone. But he was later honest with me, he confessed that he met some chic at the club and they danced together and later got talking and he said he gave her his number when she asked because he didn't know how to say no. I was not comfortable at all but at least he was honest about it so I calmed myself down. Now, this Sunday morning he asked me if its okay to invite her over for drinks and I said yes. Please have I made a mistake? 
Ps. We live together btw so I'm going to be here when she comes.

Editor's note: hmmmmmm

Dear Thelma (What Do You Give Someone Who Has Everything?)

Happy Sunday to TTB family. Please I need you all to help me with ideas for Valentine. I've been so confused about what do get my boyfriend and as 14th is coming closer I'm getting more nervous. My boyfriend is his early forties and divorced. At first I didn't think we could have a serious relationship but when he approached me I didn't turn him down because I will be honest my salary wasn't paying well enough and I needed financial assistance, I knew he's very rich and could help me. As fate would have it he was more serious than I thot and I too began to fall for him. It has been the most amazing relationship of my life although at first I didn't want it because he is a divorcee. I decided to be more open to our relationship because he has shown that he genuinely loves me and he appreciates my famil. He takes care of most of my needs and even helps with some of my family's needs to. My question is pretty simple, Valentine is fast approaching and he's the one that even reminded me so I'm sure he is expecting something from me. I would like to do or give him something but I have no idea what I can buy. He is very well off and has everything he already wants in abundance. I cannot even on my own afford the kind of things he uses even if I want to buy him a pair of shoes or perfume. His things are all original designers which he buys from their stores abroad. For instance he will only buy LV things from an LV shop or Chanel things from a Chanel shop. I cannot really afford to buy the original of these designers. But even if I squeeze out money from my savings, my account will really feel the pinch and yet he still may not appreciate it because he already has more than enough of these things. Besides can I even get real originals in lagos? I've thought about preparing a nice meal or baking a cake but these are things that I already do for him. Please what can you give somebody that has everything, and they will still appreciate it. Thank you very much. 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

#TSquared2016. Were The Olumofin Brothers Really Thrown Out?

My amebo friend just pinged me to say Toolz whose traditional marriage is going on right now, is trending on Twitter... the Olumofin brothers were bounced from the wedding... Twitter is going crazy... 

So I hopped into Twitter, I had to see with my own two eyes. 

This picture above is supposed to be evidence of the "bouncing". But to me oh, it just kinda looks like the brothers came for the event with their own security personnel and are using them to pose in the picture. 

But then, Noble Igwe of who posted that tweet is a very close friend of the groom and is at the wedding, so he should definitely know better, yes? According to 360Nobs.comIt is still unclear the reason they were asked to leave but we believe it’s related to all the shade the brothers threw at Gbemi on Instagram.

Yet this seems to be false because Joro himself posted this same picture of him supposedly being "asked to leave" the wedding. 

I don't even know what to think, but I remember those extremely harsh words the Olumofin brothers posted on Instagram directed at Gbemi (whom I think was also wrong) and I feel that this public humiliation, if they were indeed thrown out, is a well deserved punishment. Do you? 

Labadi Beach Hotel and Things.

I spent most of my day yesterday at the private beach and although I've never been a beach person, I loved this. Although there were a lot of locals on the beach, it was peaceful and safe. I hear they have an almost zero crime rate in Ghana. 

Breakfast this morning was a four course meal. Hmm. Lips sealed. I wish I could tell you that after this I immediately hit the gym. Unfortunately that would be a bold faced lie. 

And this is it for now. Next stop; the spa. 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Do You Want To Get Married?- The Lady.

My friend recently concluded the final stages of her professional exams. She shared the news with her father and his response was unexpected. He pretty much brushed her success aside and proceeded to lecture on her on childbearing and female fertility. To put things in perspective, my friend is in her late 20s. Has a master's degree, decent job and has plans of pursuing a doctorate. Her father has always supported the idea of a doctorate and encouraged her to pursue her dreams regardless of what anyone has to say. Did I add that she is smart and gorgeous as well?

Naturally, she was upset at his response, but brushed it aside. What she could not get over was the fact that he assumed she wanted to get married. Nigerians don't ask if you want to get married, it is assumed. Who are you not to want to get married? How dare you be different? My friend has no intentions of getting married and no, she won't change her mind thank you. Face your own desires. She is not averse to relationships and has dated a few good men. She is upfront with all these guys about not wanting to get married, but as with most of you reading, they believe it is only a matter of time before she changes her mind. If you like, yimu. Your nose will fall off.

It never ceases to amaze me when people think 'go and marry' or 'no man will marry you' is a valid insult a la the brothers. Have you considered that is possible that others have goals and aspirations that differ from yours and their dreams are just as valid as yours? That their decision is as natural to them as yours is to you? That just as marriage fulfils you, being single fulfils them?

I recently came across Shonda's interview with Oprah where they touched on marriage. Both of them received marriage proposals, which they ultimately turned down. In her book, Year of Yes, Shonda explains how she turned down the proposal and finally admitted out loud she did not want to get married. She knew she wanted kids and has 3 kids now (2 adopted and 1 surrogate). The female Taiwanese president recently responded to why she never got married saying why get the entire pig, when you can get the sausage. These women knew what they did not want and are living their dreams at the peak of their careers. I am sure there are Nigerian women like that, but who will never publicly admit it because society will shame them.

What amazes me the most about all these people pushing others to get married is that some of them have the worst marriages or are even divorced. Yet, they don't bother to proffer any advice on choosing a spouse or making a marriage work. They don't ask about finances, work or accommodation. They don't care if one is mentally prepared or not. I've heard tales of marriages crashing within a year and when I think of my friend, I wonder of how many of those people allowed themselves to be pressured when they had no business getting married.

My word of wisdom - mind your business and stop pressuring anyone to get married! Don't even assume. First question should always be 'do you want to get married?' Thereafter, you can offer your unsolicited advice.


The Lady, I look forward to reading more from you!

AKWAABA! I'm Only Here For The Ghanian Jollof Rice.

You know I said I would only be absent if I can't help it, and yesterday I couldn't help it. Yesterday it occured to me that two people can both live in lagos and be in a long distance relationship. Swear down! I had one of those tumultuous days, where you're so busy and inundated that you even forget your name. So I needed to see some people and they chose Akonwonjo as the location. I reckoned its in the Ikeja axis so I just grabbed my bag and decided I would go to the airport from there in the morning. Guys! That's how I thought I was being smart by leaving lekki at 4pm, thinking I would beat the traffic. I  got to Akonwonjo after 8pm. Think, that's an Enugu-PH, Abuja-Nsukka, Lagos-Benin ride! By the time I got there I was so frazzled, I was almost pulling my hair and shoving it in my mouth. I then remembered some guy who was asking me out last year, he lives in Akonwonjo. He kept on asking me to come and visit but I never got round to it. Yesterday I thought to myself that really, if I date someone who lives here, and had to do this commute often, I might just give up and pull out. That's a long (distance) thing!

To make matters worse, at about 9pm I realized that I'd forgotten my passport at home, and I needed to be at the airport before 6.30am this morning. Hot damn! I was nearly in tears but thankfully my cab driver said he would bring it for me around midnight, although he charged an arm and a leg. 

Well I'm here now. The weather is pretty much the same as it is in Lagos, which is quite nice at the moment. (My lagos people, is this weather harmattan or its cousin? I don't know but I'm loving it). The minute I checked in I informed room service that I needed jollof rice. I'm not a rice or jollof rice fan but this is what social media does to you, it makes common jollof rice incentive to hop on a plane and move!

LOL. (No verdict yet. It was lovely but I think nigerian jollof is still in the lead)

Meanwhile a huge CONGRATULATIONS to GOVERNOR NYESOM WIKE! Nothing tastes as sweet as victory does. I just love the calmness as he lost at the High Court and Court of Appeal, and although he was already being jeered at, and detractors were already prophesying how he would be picked up immediately he lost at the Supreme Court and be carted away by EFCC in cuffs à la Olisa Metuh, he stayed the course and alas VICTORY! Who else is excited as I am?

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

He Says "Don't Take It, Or Else..."

Some people are so stubborn and annoying, it's simply unnerving! And when you're dating or married to such a person you sometimes want to claw your eyes out. Let me be more specific, people with one kind of yeye stubborn pride. Let me give you an instance. 

Several years ago a distant family member of mine wrote a book that's still being read today in some schools. He was such an exceptional writer that the then government (this was when nigeria was still "good") gave this man some serious gifts to acknowledge his great talent and positive contribution to the country. Among these gifts were a 4 bedroom bungalow with boys quarters in Ikoyi, a Peugeot 504 and cash. This man who was living in a little apartment in the Aguda axis of Surulere (where he still lives btw, although now very aged) turned down all these gifts saying that he did not like politicians and wasn't writing to get any benefits from governments. His family thought it was initial gra gra. I mean, daddy couldn't in his right senses turn down these goodies which most people only dreamt about, daddy must have been doing shakara so that government will add more things to entice him. But like play like play this man said NO and asked the government officials never to return. 

Imagine your husband does that, biko what would you do? 

I remembered our papa when I saw this question below on Lifetitude's blog and I need to know what you would do;

Your ex dies. You get a call from a lawyer who lets you know that your ex left you N100 million in his will BUT your current spouse has "man pride" and doesn’t want you to take it, and says his decision is final. What do you do?

So tell me wwyd?


We are looking to fill the following under listed roles. We will appreciate your suitable referrals for the various roles as soon as possible.


Closing Date: Friday, January 29, 2016




Job Role


Years of Experience

Qualification and Skills


Financial Controller


7 – 9 years’ experience.

·        A BSC degree in Accounting

·        ACCA, ICAN or equivalent qualification

·        Solid accounting experience with prior work experience in one of the big 4’s


Audit Manager


4 – 6 years’ experience.

·        A BSC degree in Accounting, Finance or related field

·        Accounting professional qualification will be an added advantage

·        Vast audit experience with prior work experience in one of the big 4’s


Accounts Clerk (Contract)


Entry level

·        A degree in Accounting

·        Experience in accounting operations and data entry

·        Must be extremely smart and be a fast learner


Client Service Officer (Contract)


Entry level

·        A BSc degree or equivalent in any field

·        Good oral and written communication skills

·        Eloquent and very presentable appearance

·        Must be smart and be a fast learner


Technical Analyst


3 – 5 years’ experience.

·        A University degree in any field with a minimum of a second class degree or its equivalent

·        Work experience in a fast paced business environment

·        Highly meticulous and organized


Interested candidates should please send their CVs to


Thank you Tiwa!

2016 Is Definitely Clap Back Year. Re:Gbemi Olateru vs The Olumofin Brothers!

Ok for those who haven't caught up with this gist, yesterday Beat fm OAP Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi took to Twitter to sub two brothers over their gate crashing and social climbing tendencies. And while she didn't name names it was pretty obvious that she was referring to lagos socialites Dokun and Joro Olumofin. (Yes, the @joroolumofin whose posts I love to share). Well as it turns out, this year people are no longer willing to take the high road. The brothers clapped back and they did not hold back. 

Below is Dokun Olumofin's response to Gbemi. 

Gbemi Olateru Olagbeji @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo read this write up, know that you drew first blood and called us out via Innuendo on Twitter. A well drafted innuendo can easily be identified by smart characters. I woke up to about 100 missed calls, DMs, Whatsapp messages, Facebook etc. If I mention a butt ugly Owo Princess from Akoko, Ondo State who sells China shoes, OAP Personality who cannot keep her mouth shut and has a brother that is dating an artist then everyone would know it is you. You went further to respond to someone who called my brother a quack psychologist so here is my response for you. gbemi, i know you will play the guilty conscience game with me, but you stepped on my our toes by responding to someone about Joro olumofin being a quack psychologist. Shout Out to the @Gbemi O a Butt Ugly shrek of an OAP and oh I almost forgot Owo Princess that has automatically become the Spokes Person and Gate Man or Gate Woman for Lagos Brides and Grooms. Choose a struggle ? A gate woman for Brides and Grooms or A Frustrated OAP? I am tired of these very ordinary and basic Lagos girls running their mouths, Opening fake pages to run me down and tweeting rubbish. I crash babes DMs... So fuck what ? No man under the Sun including international celebs will deny sending DMs. It is so common that a popular artist sang about it..."it goes down in the DM" It's Pathetic, ludicrous and unwarranted that some blogs go as far as posting trashy comments to bring me down. Well, Let it be known, I AM HERE TO STAY, so no amount of Grand standing, Filibuster, Playing to the Gallery, Celebrity Tweets, Back stabbing, Name calling, fake page opening, shades and fictitious allegations will make me change my Life Style. I will not stop..I'm just getting started. Cc @officiallindaikeji @officiallindaikeji @officiallindaikeji@bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijastyle @instablog9ja@instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja kindly help tag everyone including @gbemioo Part 1.

@gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo we are not Intimidated by Basic girls like you and I do not and would never shrink to fit into tiny boxes that your superficial Mentality has created for ppl. Even If i were in my dying day, u won't even be amongst the choice of girls one wld have a second look at. It is sad that you are Single, Searching, bitter and dissatisfied with your life so much that you have to find someone to pick on to make yourself feel better. I don't know this girl called Gbemi? My loyalist and friends had to tell me who you are. Such an Irritant. Why is she all up in my space? FYI, rather than the rubbish talks with valuable time, get a life decent enough to attract a decent man instead of using Vibrators and Dildos that ain't the real P. Clearly you suffer from various issues such as Sex Starved Syndrome, Monkeynization, Inferiority Complex, 'Roman Imperialism' with a tint of Fake Superior Complex just to name a few and its eating you up so much that you can't stand to see people shine. Cc @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijaonline@bellanaijaonline @lindaikeji @officiallindaikeji @bellanaijastyle @instablog9ja @instablog9ja@instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja Part 3 cc @joroolumofin@joroolumofin

@gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo @lindaikeji @officiallindaikeji @instablog9ja @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijastyle going into how I know Tunde Demuren, I met him at my secondary school in 1996 do the maths. He was and still is my close friend, We use to party together etc. Demus which I fondly call him reached out to me via email to come for his wedding and we chatted on bbm. Munches will be posted later. I paid 50k of my own money for Aso Ebi. I ain’t asking u for money,am I? So how and why is this eating you up in every inch of your body? I don’t know what concerns you with my social life? Calling me Wedding crasher ? 😂😂😂If I crashed events, did the Groom or the bride that I crashed complain? There are a series of Popular Lagos boys and girls including the celebrities that you suck up 2 crash all sorts of events but you decide to pock on me..I didn’t know you automatically became a spokeswoman for Lagos brides? Maybe if you attended some weddings, your lonely ass won’t be so lonely and you won’t have time to try and trash talk people. GbemiO, “Now a spokes woman, never a bride”. #SeizeBae2016 # SeizeBaeByForcebyFire2016 #joroolumofin As much as I tell Part 3 cc @joroolumofin

never a bride". #SeizeBae2016 # SeizeBaeByForcebyFire2016 #lindaikeji As much as I tell women to not rush into marriage but to develop and empower themselves first, your situation is just sad as fuck! I am a big fan of single independent women and I never Judge them but I always tell them marriage is not for every body based on the number divorce cases we read about it. But when a dilapidated woman like Gbemi runs her mouth we need to respond her. Sadly for you I am not a Nonentity you can push over with your Omoba (Royalty) Claptrap. I am the Grandson of the Most Prominent Ondo State Politician of his time, Frontline Politician Education Minister in the First Republic alongside RA Fani - Kayode Aka Fani Power, TOS Benson, Festus Okotie Eboh, Alfred Rewane, Anthony Enahoro, SL Akintola, Oba Akran, Kola Balogun just to mention but a few, and Great Grand Son of the Otun Egba of Abeokuta. Chief Majekodunmi whom we all know was richer than most of the Kings and Men of his ilk till date. I am happy to be born into such families that are Educated, Royal, Noble and take Christianity very seriously. Moreover, I'm a grown man that fends for myself and has made more money than your account has ever seen. I made my 1st $500,000 at age 23 through legitimate Oil & gas NNPC business (before your disgruntled sad and fast mouth calls me a yahoo boy)so let your china shoe selling ass think of how to beat that instead of talking trash! Social climbing? What height r you on socially or any other way that I would be interested in climbing? @gbemioo @gbemioo@gbemioo @gbemioo @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @instablog9ja @officiallindaikeji@officiallindaikeji @lindaikeji @bellanaijaweddings @bellanaijaonline @bellanaijastyle

@gbemioo Seriously who the fuck do you think you are? Because you work in a radio station? How much do you earn? , what do you drive? How many state or federal contracts have you gotten? Who have you helped in Lagos or Ondo? or given back to with your Oap? Living life through other people behind a desk everyday talking about people. You're suffering from delusions of eloquence ( you love to hear yourself talk to much that you just say balls) and you have a maladaptive personality. You have no style acumen, no makeup skills, you look dead on the red carpet always, remove Oap from your life you're just an ugly Gorilla / frog princess. God was sleeping when the Angels were making you. It's because of people like my career is doing so well. I'm starting a match making program soon via my DoktorMofin company I will personally take it upon my self to find you a Bae because if you had a warm embrace every night you won't try such, you think I'm a walk over or a tooth pick? . Just created a hashtag for you #FindGbemiBae2016 . Google my name in less than a year of my grind you'll see the work I've put in. How I live my life, who I fuck, what I wear , events I crash or where I go is not your business. And PLEASE IM WAITING FOR YOU TO TELL ME ALL THESE THINGS TO MY FACE. JESUS CHRIST KNOWS IM WAITING. since you're the voltron for Lagos. #FindGbemiBae2016 I'm done with this local Owo (ondo) boy sorry girl. I'm fed up with all you people , fake pages, blogs ️comments talking trash. I have a Bsc , Msc in Psychology Phd in view ; yet I'm not qualified to give right articles , host shows, do TV interviews, do competitions and positive things with my life. No amount of Internet Gang up, bullying will alter my lifestyle. I can sew 1 million Agbada and post 1 million pictures it's not your business.

Someone please tag this ugly black pig with cobwebs in her vagina that even has more muscles and hair on her body than me --> @gbemioo @gbemioo @gbemioo . Who the fuck do you think you are throwing sub, shade , innuendos at me & my family? You think I'm one of your fans? Sycophants? People of Ill standing or repute? I am a man of noble birth " omo ologbose abarifini fini fini" who knows his worth and pedigree, please please go and ask your father (King) in Ondo who is and what DK OLUMOFIN did in Ondo state, the first republic, Nigeria as a whole alongside Awolowo, Akintola ,Fani Kayode etc This being Said❗️. Who & what made you the 🔑gate keeper of weddings in lagos ? Who made you the propaganda minster or spokesman for weddings? & social events ? What is your business with my social life or where I go? If I crash weddings everyday of my life , did the bride or groom call you to complain? Yes I've crashed weddings , parties, political rallies , business meetings , even girls DMS how is this your business? Were u raped as a child? Do you have man issues? Is your clitoris so tiny you can feel any sensation? Are u a lesbian on a low? Do you dildo your anal every night thinking about me? Do you wish you were a man so could crash events / weddings with me? I've been hearing you talk trash about me for a bit but today is your day. Tunde & Michael Demuren are my childhood friends we grew up together in omole / Ogba. We've played basketball, partied, gotten drunk, set p with babes together. Is it a sin they invited me via email and text for their wedding? Yes I like weddings , sorry I LOVEeeeeee weddings, I don't do night clubs ever. How does this affect you finding a man? Or stop selling those your disgusting and silly excuse for shoes and clothes you sell? Lagos sha ! How does someone whose style is dead sell clothes? Everyone is a fashion designer #OnlyInNigeria Please @gbemioo where is your own wedding so people can crash? where is your boyfriend ? Where is your finance ? Where is the guy you are a Sidechick to? Where is your sugar daddy? Where is your fuck boy? taking out your frustration about your cobwebs vagina on me.

Damn guys this drama in 2016 epic. One day, One drama! But here's the thing, it's obvious that this all started with Toolz secretly gossiping about the Olumofin boys, but Gbemi was brave or stupid enough to publicly sub the brothers. Either way I think Toolz should have gotten some of the heat. Also Ebuka's fiancé,Cynthia also joined in on the drama on Twitter, but the Olumofin brothers are pretending not to have noticed that one either. Issorai, single ladies you better get a man. As you can see, in events such as this you would be safe from the nuclear attack. 


Am I the only one who thinks the guys went too far? I mean, what Gbemi did was unnecessary and childish but shouldn't they have just ignored her, isn't that what men do? Hmmm...

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