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You Cannot Simply Wish Osu (Caste System) Away!- Adanna Kalejaye

Recently, on someone's post I read about the issue of osu/outcast system still practised in the eastern part of Nigeria( mainly the Igbos). I was dismayed at the level of unintelligent discuss put out in words by Nigerians. Most young people in Nigeria are visibly handicapped in the area of meaningful and thought provoking discussions especially serious and fundamental issues. This is largely due to their inability or should I say refusal to research and truly seek knowledge. There's a saying that if you truly want to hide anything from the the black man, put it in writing. That saying is quite apt. Also, our history has been and is still being written for us by strangers. We have failed to take advantage of the priceless reservoir of knowledge and history we have in our elderly. A saying goes thus; what a young man cannot see when he climbs up a tree, the old man sees standing underneath the tree.
The Bible enjoins us in James 1:5 If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of GOD who giveth to all men liberally.

To the issue of osu/outcast; This practise is steeped in traditional justice and cleansing methods. People were made outcast based on certain things:

1) someone committed a heinous crime in the society like rape; especially raping under aged girls, murder, etc. In this instance there will be some cleansing rituals done and the resulting calamity that should have happened in the village is heaped on the man and his family and they are sent away from the village. They then stay on the fringe of the community and continue to populate themselves either by marrying strangers or unsuspecting people. The sins committed by one person is visited on even generations unborn.

2) where someone commits an abominable act, like an act of incest. Those who perpetuated the act are marked , banished from the village into the shrine of the gods and committed to a life of servitude. Those people are now owned solely by the gods and their offspring too if any. This basically were means of deterrent to others in the society to maintain a semblance of sanity. 

3) some individuals on their own free will decide to be dedicated to a particular village god. Either to become revered in the community or to attain powers. This is usually a personal decision. They belong to the gods and any who marries them automatically becomes owned by the gods. 

Now in the 21st century, we all scream we are Christians, those things don't work. I dare say that those who are screaming are not true believers because if they are, they will be students of the scriptures. The bible says in numbers 14 :18 . . . and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the 3rd and 4th generation. Also in 2kings20:17-18, Hezekiah did what was wrong in the sight of God, GOD sent a prophet to tell him that there will be consequences which will occur in his children's lifetime. Hezekiah was too glad to push the effects of his misdeeds to his children even those yet unborn. 

Whether we like it or not, there are foundational, generational, ancestral issues which bring curses or blessings for us. The love and favour which israelis enjoy today is because of the obedience of one man, their father Abraham. They have generational blessings. 

I am not asking that people suffer for sins they know nothing about. When one has been labelled an osu/outcast , they need to find out why and the original cause; if it was as a result of killing of innocent lives, blood is speaking against the generation. There has to be a higher blood to cleanse the effect, the blood of JESUS. you can't just sit on a high pedestal and say I don't believe in it so it doesn't matter. The blood of Abel spoke out and GOD heard it!  
Lev 18: 1-29; ...29) for whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people.
People were cut off when they committed abominable acts in the bible. They became outcasts.GOD even sanctioned it.

One may say that the scripture passages enumerated above were in the old testament. Now we have a better testament. Yes, that's true. But we must remember Rom 5: 12 - one man sin entered the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all men have sinned.
This shows that the sin of one man Adam was imputed upon us all. The sin of the fathers and death came upon us all as a result. 

In order to be saved as a Christian, you need to consciously accept JESUS CHRIST, confess your sins, flee from sin, restitution maybe required, baptism and deliverance where needed. It isn't done by wishing it in our heads. 

Likewise, you cannot by wishing osu away make it go away, there are covenants speaking which have to be broken. If anyone decides to marry anyone who has been labelled an osu / outcast, it is fine, but they will need to deal with the consequences especially the spiritual consequences. You can't marry the descendant of one who defiled and raped children, and as a result was cursed and banished to the gods by the whole village and you expect to be free of the sins of his forefathers just like that. 

Young people need to start asking questions and demand answers from their parents and elders. They also need to demand accountability from them too. If need be separate yourself from the sins of your generation. Break away from whatever curses or covenants entered on your behalf through deeds and words. receive JESUS in truth and spirit.

Don't deceive yourself by mouthing the osu cast system is barbaric and unfair. life isn't a funfair, it's either you deal with the issue and pave a better way for your generations yet unborn or you live with the consequences.


I read this post written by a friend and former classmate, Adanna Kalejaye (née Ameshi) and thought to share because it raised some interesting questions. I by no means mean to deviate from the meat of the post, which is the existence of Osu, but to highlight some observations vis-à-vis wishing things away. In this age of mind orientation, positive thinking and "new thought", one is told that they are the authors of their own destiny, that one's thoughts create their reality. While I lean towards this school of thought I often wonder if by merely believing/visualizing/being positive, one can create their own destiny devoid of foundational or generational influences. This "new age" mind orientation  for instance, posits that you must do away with superstitious beliefs (in this instance Osu) and once your mind is ridden of such beliefs, you're immune to their effects. 

So do you agree with Adanna or do you think otherwise?


  1. Where's our *devil's advocate*? Lol.

    Well like I always imply, we will ALWAYS be freethinkers to these kind of things unless we personally experience them. I've seen people referred to as Osu, and I've occasionally come across some weird stuff about them.

    I used to be a freethinker as far as this issue is concerned until I had a discussion with my dad about 10 years ago. He said, "if you decide to marry an Osu, you MUST, I repeat, you MUST be really strong in your Christian faith."

    I've seen an Osu buy pups, raise them, and when they're adults, attack and kill almost all the chickens in the same compound until the owner kills the dogs. I've seen an Osu buy hens from the market and after a month grooming them, many chickens abandon their places of rest at night when these particular hens sleep at the same venue with them. I've seen an Osu visit...with swam of huge meat flies clustering around florescent lights, doors, windows, and walls. It was puzzling to everyone how so many huge flies gained access into the house like we harbored rotten corpses. When he left, the flies disappeared within 24 hours. The mystery behind the fly-invasion only dawned on us much later.

    So since I've been a witness to these and many more associated with Osu, I agree with Adanna. This doesn't imply that anyone should associate any less with them or discriminate against them, because Adanna's point of view will most surely be misconstrued. They need (spiritual) help, they need love. And for those who don't believe these things happen, our dear freethinkers, just bear in mind: if you believe in GOD and HIS miracles and you don't believe HE has a horrible adversary who ALWAYS plays nasty tricks and displays his powers often, you're on a long thing.


    1. I like this.


    2. If this will make me be 'on a long thing'... Oh my, i just can't enjoy 'long thing' any better than this. *sigh.

      You ever wondered why Jesus had to go to hell to collect that key? He could have just died and rose again to heaven without much fuss but he went the greater length. Why?
      This is the answer, so we don't have to bother our head with one demon or the other. All we gotta think about is God through him and him only.
      No time for thinking of his 'adversaries', He has defeated them for Christ sake. Hian.

      Until most Christians understand this... They will continue to experience the 'adversaries'

    3. Yaay! Devil's advocate in the house! LOL

      "...You ever wondered why Jesus had to go to hell to collect that key? we don't have to bother our head with one demon or the other. All we gotta think about is God through him and him only..."

      Nice perspective and reasonably put. But you forgot something. Even after JESUS conquests, the Apostles continued from where HE stopped; casting demons. St. John and St. Paul spoke about this same stuff. Demons still abound and will be (unfortunately) very active till Second Coming. That's a fact. In this case, ignorance isn't bliss bro.

      St. Peter also wrote that the devil is continuously seeking for who to devour like a roaring lion. He wrote this after The RESURRECTION. We must be vigilant and prayerful, not nonchalant and ignorant.

      Stay blessed.

    4. Look, I get the whole demons and stuff. My point is, I wasn't an apostle, I didn't have to be. But I had to understand the enormousity(sic) of Jesus Christ's actions and how they play a gynormous role in my existence.
      Now, since I know all these, why should I feel intimidated by the presence of an opposite force out there. Why? Is it really necessary anymore? Is it?

      In fact, even thinking about them is undermining the work Jesus did. Its that simple. And mr Memphis, please don't tell me to. I just can't , I'm sorry.

  2. So while the "osu" is being punished for the sins of his ancestors, young men in our present generation can rape women and go scot free? Double standards! Let everyone bear the responsibility for their personal offences Biko. The osu caste system should be abolished already.

    1. Thank You! What about the modern day rapists, murderers and committers of other atrocities? Double standard much?

    2. It is because those crimes are not committed where these practices are prevalent. Sharia Law is operative in some Northern States, do we then say that pronouncements from such law should be the same where the law is not being practiced? To each his own. Even in my tribe, curses are placed on people who have committed certain crimes. Some curses operate in the lives of the culprit and his generation. I know a family whom their men do not live beyond age 50. Any man from that family who would live longer must hold on to a higher power, not just wish.


  3. As hard as it is to believe, some things cannot be laid to rest with a wave of the hand. This, like the 'Di mmiri' (spirit husband) incidents, is one of them.

    There is a particular family in a part of Enugu State. Their great-grandfather was a wealthy and powerful man. So powerful that he had lots of servants and bodyguards in his time. It happened that his first daughter fell in love with a man he did not approve of. Incidentally, she got pregnant (without being married). It was an abomination! The man could not bear the shame of the villagers having to find out that his daughter got pregnant out of wedlock. He then did the unthinkable. He instructed his bodyguards to bundle his daughter up at night. She was taken to a thick forest and buried alive! Nobody knew what happened except of course the culprits. The news was that she went missing. The man later confessed to the crime on his death bed.

    Now, fast-forward to the next generation. It became customary for every girl born of that family to first get pregnant and give birth before getting married. The funny thing is that they surely get married; but not without the fulfilment of the 'shame' their progenitor though he could avert.

    Now, it is obvious that there is a cause hovering over them. Sadly, it cannot be wished away. Thus, it cannot stop except they undergo some form of cleansing spiritually, whether traditionally or otherwise. 'It is not my portion' mantra does not offer any help here, sadly.

  4. *thought
    One will have one thing in mind, the fingers will type another. #Humanbeingsandmistakes

  5. If Igbo people wont marry them, they should just inter marry. Me i dont have the patience for all this cast system business. Folks believe what they want to believ and live their lives accordingly.

  6. I absolutely agree with her.

  7. Solutions to some problems require deliberate and articulated actions and not just thoughts. Positive thinking helps the mind prepare and be strengthened to take on the action required to make a wish manifest. Even the Bible says faith without work is dead.



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