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Fifty. Should You Bother Watching This Movie?

Hey hunnays! So sorry for the disappearing act. Back in Lagos and so much to do I can barely raise my head up for air. Plus sometimes certain demands arise in the family and you need to step up, I'm hoping I can find more time soon. 

Because I barely have time to myself during the day, I decided that in order to be more effective I'm going to start waking up an hour or an hour and thirty minutes earlier. So yes, I've been up since before 5am. But... I'm ashamed to say that I've been on the net catching up on my favourite blogs, gist and gossip. I kept telling myself, this isn't why we woke up early. But I just couldn't stop! Addicted much?

I visited Miss Pynk's blog and as it turns out, she's just seen the movie Fifty. Apparently the movie failed to meet her expectations and she says she's not sure what the whole movie was about. Some people seem to agree that it was a disappointing movie. 

And thats totally understandable. I mean, considering the multiple movie premieres; extravagant movie premieres, both home and abroad; the superfluous publicity, excessive hype, numerous photo ops; photo shoots and magazine covers... Then also the supposedly humongous budget which was said to have run into several millions (millions of dollars?)... One's expectations would be peaked so high and you know when that happens, disappointment is almost always imminent. So yes, Mo Abudu's extravagant marketing campaign was profitable but it was also counterproductive. 

Therefore I do understand completely that Fifty must have been disappointing for most. 

That said, I actually enjoyed the movie. I mean, it had great entertainment value! Whatever you might think or say about Fifty, it is not a boring movie, not in the least! Now while I agree that the ladies in the leads have done better jobs in the past; Nse Ikpe Etim, Dakore Egbuson Akande and Omoni Oboli,.... Ireti Doyle's character tickled me no end. And oh, she played that character to a T! 

The sex(ish) scenes were quite awkward; the scenes between Emmanuel Ikubese and Ireti Doyle. But darn I love that they were real. Nollywood went there! We are a conservative people and this sometimes reflects in our movies, often resulting in a poor depiction of supposed reality, especially where sex or sexuality is involved. But Fifty tried to push the envelope; no there was no nudity but the kisses were very deep and very real (considering the age gap between the kissers), as were the touching, the teasing and the stroking. You could easily picture Emmanuel as the perfect sex toy bringing his yummy sugar mummy to episodes after episodes of explosive orgasms. 

I don't agree that there was no point to the movie. While some might say they failed to see the point, I could easily term Fifty as an exposé of the seemingly perfect lives of our elite. There were different themes, or should I call them subject matters? And these are themes, that if you've read, talked with, liaised with, mixed with or belong to the members of this class, you would know really do exist in their world. 

Hell, even the producer herself has been furtively accused of at least one of these subjects on some scandal-loving gossip blogs in the past (All unsubstantiated by the way). So you can't help but wonder how much of these characters, stories and personalities were inspired by real people in (her) world/class/circle or Lagos society in general. 
     There was gambling, hard drugs, incest, rape, older women paying younger men for sex, sleeping with friends' husbands, poor parenting, dark secrets in perfect families, despair and discontent in the the seat of wealth, terminal illnesses and then more. 

There's Ireti Doyle.  A renowned gynecologist living in the plush areas of the island. On the outside she's this great upstanding citizen, very successful in her field, and wealthy too! The younger ones look up to her and aspire to be like her. Behind closed doors she's a man-eater who would date or shag just about any guy, especially if he's hot, young and yummy! No one is off limits, not even her own's daughter's boyfriend with whom she was caught in bed, by her now estranged daughter.

There's Dakore, the diva whose reality show is raking in millions by the minute. On the outside she's the neurotic diva you just don't want to cross. But she's got her reasons, she's got her secrets. 

Omoni Oboli is a real estate mogul. She runs one of the biggest real estate companies in the country and sits at the head of the board. She's the prim and proper matriarch running a million dollar empire. But there she is shagging her friend's husband and getting pregnant for him at 50! 

Nse Ikpe Etim, oh well... She didn't quite belong in their world. Her character tended to totter on the periphery yet it was really instrumental to how things unravelled.  

I'm trying not to give any spoilers for those who haven't see this movie. It's been out for a while and I saw it over a month ago. If you haven't seen it, I think you should. I make no promises as I don't know what your expectations are. But if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that you will be entertained. 

And isn't that why we watch movies?

So have you seen the movie Fifty? What did you think about it?


  1. where can I download because i'm not spending my money to watch that movie o.

  2. I didn't even bother to read your post, the answer to your question is a very emphatic NO!

    I went to see the movie with my dad, mum and siblings...smh It was a waste of time and money.

    The funny thing is, I was so excited to see it cos the trailer was so good but disappointment is an understatement for what I felt. The only thing I can commend the movie for is the great cast but the rest...

    The plot seemed scattered, it seemed like they didn't exactly know what story to tell and they had no idea how to properly link the different lives of the women together. And it had too many unnecessary sex and nudity scenes. You can still pass your message across without actually showing the body parts. Watching Ireti Doyle and that Emmanuel guy go at it was disgusting to say the least, I almost puked. That scene was totally unnecessary.

    In all, I regretted seeing the movie. I couldn't wait for it to end.

    1. Tongue out. Next time go to the movies with your boyfriend or friends or colleagues like your agemates then maybe you will enjoy the movie. You're here complaining about sex scene because you went to watch film with your parents. Gerarahere men.

    2. "...You can still pass your message across without actually showing the body parts...".

      I don't know why it's so difficult for movie producers to understand this. It's not as if the movie won't be a hit without all these unnecessary scenes.

    3. Please in real life do y'all do the do with your clothes on? I tire for una o! But I actually didn't see any nudity in fifty

    4. You don't wanna see nudes? go to church cos you have no business being at the cinema.
      Nigerians, why are we so hypocritical?
      Na the same una go watch American film wey dem go nearly use fuck fuck blind una eyes.Abegy.
      Didn't you all scamper to see the movie "50 shades of grey"?so tey,you adopted the "50 shades" in all your statements.
      And yes if they have to pass a sex scene message across, they have to go nude. It's a movie and it's PG rated.
      I'lld be damned, if you guys don't read romance novels or watch foreign movies with sex scenes.

    5. Lol @bloggitup. TTBVs who "scampered" to watch American films (including 50 shades) with nude scenes should please indicate. :D

    6. Anonymous, you didn't have to be uncouth about it. It is my opinion, the company I was with regardless. I think you already know that tho...

      This is my opinion of the movie, if you have a differing opinion, please state it and move on. Making assumptions about what I would or wouldnt' do in my closet is not relevant to the post and frankly, not anyone's business.

  3. I love that movie abeg .saw it 1st of Jan and I think they all did a good job.Ireti and Dakore especially.
    Emmanuel and his bumbum be making kabuoy

    1. Rotflmaooooo! Bloggitup!!!!!
      Heheheheeee.... With Iya Kabuoy right beside me.. And baba Kabuoy a few rows away! Omo! No grinning o! Lmaoo! I just dey pinch myself say why I recommend that movie for my family. Looool. The look and lecture wey popsy give me after that movie no get part 2. Looool. We kuku turn am to joke at the end.

      But that Emmanuel's bumbum tho! *inserts Holy water sprinkling* Lmaoo! Saw him a few weeks before then at oriental. I would definitely not look at him the same way ever again! Lmao! Don't ask me why! Looool

      But blogittup, truth is that the movie is not a mount Zion movie so I don't expect them to dress decently and not do some of the things they did. Na me carry myself go watch am anyway. Plus how did all those dignitaries sit through that movie. With all those sex scenes. Looool.

      Anyway, in my opinion, it was overhyped.
      I knew some of the lines by heart.(thanks to channel 165)
      That was how I excited I was to see the movie and in the end.... All i got was Emmanuel's bum bum. Lool
      The storyline wasn't fantastic. I'm just surprised that women in their 50s have that much unhealthy fun. Shikenah.
      All in all..... The movie was below 60% for me and I'll definitely not want to see it again. Even if it's free.

  4. LOL @ Anon. I saw the movie over a month ago with hubby and we liked it. The picture quality, cast, boundaries were pushed, (the sex related scenes), it was a proper depiction of the saying ''no one has it all'' three of the four major casts who seemed to be living enviable lives actually had major issues. If anyone would say there are no lessons to be learnt in the movie, I'd say this is an evident one. Most people envy other people's lives based on what they see on the outside these days not knowing of the rots in their pots.
    I'd recommend the movie to anyone who wants to go and see it.

  5. I loved Fifty although I agree it was overhyped but I had fun watching it and I saw it twice.

  6. I loved the movie because it was of high quality. I must say Ireti suprised me. Never knew she was this daring. I loved the movie flower girl too.Nigerians ve stepped up.

    1. Like really surprised me. She was the only one I felt pushed the boundaries. An amazing actor she is. I was impressed.

  7. Well from what ive heard from those who have seen the movie, it seems ladies in their early 40's and 50's appreciate it cos it cuts close and shows what some of them go through while the younger folks like those of us in our 30's aint too thrilled. I think the movie is right for its target audience though based on reviews.

  8. I could relate to nse's character tho. The rest.... I just didn't understand.

  9. Thelma the movie hype man. Producers should be paying you to hype their movies I swear. That was how you made me go and watch that Omoni Oboli movie and you still owe me a refund for my ticket.

    1. Lmaoooo! That review brought me to Thelma's blog o!! I loved omoni's tho. Way better than 50.

  10. I watched it, it wasnt worth the hype. Half way through the movie, it became clear that the plot was scattered. It felt like I was watching disconnected scenes.

  11. I watched the movie....and at the end I was still seated in my chair wondering what had happened.....I didn't believe it had ended...not because it was that fantastic....but because I didn't understand the entire movie let alone see why it had to end there.

    The cast was good....great acting from all of them....but I failed to see the true plot.....or the reason behind the movie.
    It is easy for one to assume that it was a depiction of the lives of women that age and that class.....but then again...I don't think that's what the preview/reviews tried to sell to us, plus I honestly think that the movie was generally incomplete.

    Like what would happen to omoni and dakore's husband? would they really get together and start a new family? what would happen to Ireti n her daughter? would they kiss n makeup? and Ireti's boytoy? How about Nse? did she survive the cancer? and her husband? did he get a new job?

    Abeg, next time....they should complete the movie.

    And lest I forget.....that Emmanuel's bumbum part was just unnecessary.

    1. Mo said they might do a sequel. That's why the movie ended that way.


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