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It's The Morning After. (drop your confessions here...)


It's the first day after Val's day and take it from me, so much went down yesterday. 

But alas, the day is over!

It's the 15th today and you must drop all your confessions here. 

If you were boo'd up yesterday tell us what you both got up to, and don't leave out the all the juicy details. Err, just out of the curiousity; was the sex different, was it more special, did it change from shagging to love making? LOL. And for those in "chaste" relationships, are chocolates really aphrodisiacs; were you tempted to get your freak on yesterday...?
If you were alone I still want to know how you spent your day. Did you just let it slide like every other day or did you treat yourself, show yourself some special self-loving to mark the day; pamper yourself a little...

If you've got a boo and nothing happened I'm really curious; WHY???

Any surprise proposals? 

And if your November baby is loading, put yours hands up. LOL. 

So, I'm all ears and eyes people, get talking!

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  1. I don't do Vals so it was nothing special .... Went to visit my aunt and went to dinner with two of my female friends.... The chicken wings was drowned in spicy sauce so I'm suffering the consequences this morning...
    What did you get up to yesterday T ??

    1. I don't do no Valentines either. Ain't nobody got time for that

    2. I don't do no Valentines either. Ain't nobody got time for that

  2. Lol. I was at home all day. I totally locked up. Besides, I'm single.

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    Rachael trudged on the street with the hope she would see a place to charge the battery of her phone. The darkness of the area mixed with the cold made everything look eerie.

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  3. Thelma did not even say what she, was up to.

  4. I was home all through after church service, didn't do anything special.

  5. Home alone. Hubby left yesterday evening and came in at past 5 this morning.

    1. Did he go for business trip, burial outside the state, was he kidnapped? Tell us more... What did you say when he got in at past 5. Did you buy any gift for him? Did he get you any gift?


    2. Lol @burial outside the state...

      Ma'am, did he tell you where he went?

    3. Kon, I didn't because I had seen that disappearance coming. And no, he didn't. I didn't bother asking, the previous night he came in at almost 1am.

  6. had lectures, closed by noon, got home n made me some tasty well stocked vegetable soup with white rice and orange juice, ate, watched t.v., slept and gbam it was 15th already. #LikeEveryOtherRegularDay got a really nice well appreciated surprised gift from boo! parcel came in this morning. #bliss

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Curious to know d content of this habibi n why it was removed

    2. Curious to know the content of this and why it was removed

  8. I was home all through after church, I did nothing out of the ordinary. I read my novels. Nothing more.

  9. Bae is outta town. So I went wit friends to shoprite at apo in abj. Twas fun all d way nd me was lookin hot in white jeans and yellow Crop top, Mhen!! girls in d Haus yu don't Hav to wait for a man to validate valentine. Love yourself, treat ur sef nd just be happy Generally

  10. I was boo'ed up from Friday till this morning. It was a regular weekend tbh only we exchanged gifts on Saturday. As for November baby, I hope not.

  11. Went for 3rd service, chauffeured my dad round town, got pizza and my favourite ice cream while at it(courtesy popsie), got home around 7pm, gisted wiv the sis, read my novel small, went on facebook for a few minutes and slept a few minutes to midnight.

    PS: Where's Steele? I haven't seen his comments in a while...

  12. ...the morning I woke up grinning to my self, I tried to hide the smile in my face, indeed I got beauty for ashes.
    The day before the morning after I got a call from that special sumone, he called to know how my night was and a little musing to start my day. Well he also called to ask for my church service time, I obliged him and We both worshipped and pray in the Lords sanctuary, after church I headed to "iya bashira" five star bukka (biobak) for some mouth watering jollof rice and everything inbetween. Next was the arsenal/Leicester soccer game, which was a good game because arsenal won. By this time it was 2:30, we headed to a five star hotel sumwhere in town, so one of the most expensive (I am that vain) lol, I already knew I would sleep out because he called me to kindly get my clothing for work on Monday, I had them boxed.
    Hmmmmmm, he did the door opening and wowed me to a scented candlelight room, a bottle of wine for toast and a bed of fresh roses and petals all arranged into the supposed shape of ♥
    Tee I didn't know if I should cry or smile, I was all mushy.
    Next we said our wishes, blew of the candles, had the toast and the gifting part which I so LOVED came.
    I thought my day was ended when he said we should head for the movies to see wasn't a bad one afterall, we all laughed and mtcheewed at the high and low point of the scenes. Well oga was all prepared and we hit the road for the hotel. I was "gonna" sink into the soft bed blinking at me, not until he asked me to dress for dinner.
    Dinner was for two, candlelit buffet, aroma filled meals. I was too full to eat because of some rubbish sugar coated popcorn I had ealier, had I known...
    It's 11pm by now and he walked me to the room, I had my shower, watched warri again 2016 show on TV and slept off. I woked up to a good morning beautiful in that sweet baritone, telling me breakfast is served and I would be late for work. THIS IS MY BEST VAL YET.

    Epistle right... but Tee asked and I wanted to download the details.

    Tee just when my Hallelujah was tired, Jehovah gave me a new song.

    1. Wat! U are the one gal

    2. Nice! For curiosity sake what was d content of ur earlier post and to was it removed?

    3. Errrr.... was there sex in the whole mix. You kinda forgot to mention.

    4. Lmao! @kon, she forgot totally...

  13. too many anonymous

  14. lee boo took me shopping on saturday...lovely dresses, pants, tops, shoes....den sunday evening we went 2 a bar and had catfish peppersoup.........dasall.......oh n i got him a nice perfume he's been yearning for

  15. Tee I don't have the Strenght to type the details now . But my Val Started on 12th.

  16. Habibi na you carry all our val

    Spent mine washing,did a little ironing and slept.

  17. Day was as boring as fuck... didn't even go to church. Was home all day, what a life. Huh???


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