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MEMPHIS on the TTB Hot Seat.

Do you consider yourself an intellectual?
I've not put that into consideration.

Do you think you have superiority complex?

Tell us the real reason why you visit this blog regularly (LOL @ real reason). 
TTB is therapeutic.

Are you born again? As in the real born again. Tongue speaking..
Born anyhow you imagine.

On a scale of 1 - 10. What would you rate yourself in terms of being a correct guy. As in a guy's guy.
Hmmm..let's see. 7.

What state are you from?
Imo State.

Do you have a girlfriend?
No...not at the moment.

What are the words you live by?
"Life is simple, don't complicate it with grey areas".

Who is your crush on ttb? (Oh, so they were right...)

Whose comments do you like most on ttb?

Moments you were proudest of.
Prize giving day in secondary school.

What exactly do you do?
I'm a draughtsman.

What inspires you/ keeps you going?
Believing I'm being guided and guarded by GOD inspires me.

Have you ever had romantic thoughts about Thelma? (You people can ask question sha)
Hehe. Nah. Nein. Non. Nehi. No. (Bia Memphis na fight? One no would have been enough. Why shatter my self confidence with such skillful brutality on such a public forum. FYI you're paying for my therapy!)

Memphis, DOB?
May 8th.

Relationship status?

Best food?
Pounded yam, egusi and bush meat.

Your kinda woman?
Serene, firm(like a tiger), purposeful, respectable, and of course, loving :-)

Virgin or celibate?

Christian or muslim? (Seriously?)

Born again or born before?
Born for Africa.

Ever Met Thelma outside the blogosphere?
No, but very soon.

If you would date any BV, who would it be?
(let's avoid flying tackles please...) 

Your best male BV?
Uyi. (Awwww)

What is your daily routine?
Wake up, pray, ping bae (what bae? Are you single or nah?) get ready for work, breakfast, work, hang out (occasionally), supper, call bae, read bible, sleep.

Your mentors?
No one really, I just admire reasonably smart people.

Where do you live?
Ikeja, Lagos. 

Your 1st kiss was?
In 2007

Social or anti-social?

6ft (5ft 11" actually)

Fat,Chubby,curvy,slim? (I presume this refers to 'spec')

Fine boy no pimples or fine boy small pimples?
No pimples :-)

Six packs,three packs or 2pac?
Sometimes it's 3 packs, most times it's 1 pack.

Embarrassing moments?
I fell in a gutter once at a market place.

If you are stranded on an island and you had to be with one blog reader, who would it be and why?"
Kabuoy. I like the company of ladies who are jovial and talk alot.

Must your wife be Catholic?
No, but she shouldn't be an Atheist

What's one thing you wish you could change about (a)yourself (b)the world (c)TTB
(a) Be more social/outgoing.
(b) Rid the world off Racism, Xenophobia, Ethnic discrimination.
(c) No immediate complaints about TTB 😊😍

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, you asked and he answered. Thank you Memphis
TTB readers what do you think?

I nominate Uyi Omoruyi for our next TTB Hot Seat. If you've got stuff you would like to know about Uyi, questions you want him to answer, or his opinions on certain matters, please leave them in the comment section. 


  1. Memphis is unknowingly inviting 'flying tackles'. He'd date Ruthylicious but when marooned on an island, he'd prefer Kabuoy's company. Ok. Owo lo ko nimbe? (Hope I got that right?)

    First kiss in 2007? Guy I biakwaa township late o (You came late to township) #Tongueout

    1. Hahaha. Better late than never, okwaya :D

    2. Lol...Chimezie, I had to laugh out loud at your Yoruba. Good effort!

    3. Memphis, we are birthday mates. What year were you born so I'd know if you my twin from another family. I'm 1985

    4. Awww tee. Not a twin, but we are special (cccc included, she's May 8th too). I'm 1980.

  2. Kabouy your head be swelling right now abi,lol@born anyhow u can imagine, funny answers.

  3. Wait. He lives in Lagos. Thelma is in Lagos. So why didnt yall meet and let pictures follow?

    Duuude. You rate yourself 7/10 in being a correct guy? Not good enough.

    So is Kabuoy single? Thelma hook them up. Or is it Ruthylicious? Now Im confused. Does Memphis want the two of em?

    A Draughtsman. Hmm. First time hearing that.


  4. As for Uyi...

    When you go to the club do you pop champagne?
    Do you smoke weed?
    Ever been to Fela's African shrine?
    Would you rather have an expensive car and dress shabbily OR dress expensively nice and drive a run down car?
    Which would you rather have: A sexy ugly girl OR a fine, toothpick girl?
    Android or Apple?
    BBM or Whatsapp?
    Light skin girls or dark skin girls?
    Wank or patronize a prostitute?
    For jewelry which would you rather have: White or yellow gold?


    1. How come Uyi gets the Champagne and Weed questions but not me? Something's not right...

    2. Something is soooo not right.

    3. Lmao, u don't sound rugged but Uyi does with his comments a times but I can firmly ascertain that he neither smokes cigarette or weed

    4. Kon,

      The way you think eh.

      First kiss in 2007? Then how old are you? You guys just make me feel ancient.


    5. Kon yi o serious,


  5. Lol.....funny answers but where is ruthylicious though. E don tey o.

    *folds hands and waits for uyi's*

    1. Ask questions, you are there folding hands.. Lol!

  6. That seat was not hot enough for memphis ... lemme browse the internet for Uyi's "interrogation".

  7. So Thelma, I just knew it would come to me. But not this early Na. Hian! And the seat is now even hot sef

  8. Won’t be bad if they get to send their pics so we can see their faces at’s a know our readers session anyways

    1. seconded, atleast one of their pictures.

  9. Hian! This Memphis is just a 419 someborri.

    Thelma, please ask follow up questions is he calling bae if he's single? Which bae is he calling?

    I don't know any draughtsman(didn't even know the profession existed until, all in all, good answers.

    Memphis, agamaeyez on you..

  10. Let me finish laughing then I would come back to the post.
    I had to check the meaning of draughtsman. It means someone who draws engineering or architectural designs.
    Nice interview though but it was not hot enough.
    Now to Uyi
    I have been waiting for this opportunity.
    How do you view the world
    What influences your decisions
    What are you like on your normal and crazy days
    If not photography, it would be what
    Do you just like giving opposing views for the fun of it or you really have those views
    How do you manage anxiety
    That's all

    1. He would tell you he's not a photographer... He's a filmmaker😊

    2. Actually Iyanu, he's a cinematographer :)

    3. Ok, corrections noted. It's like you have missed me so much Iyanu that's why you are following me up and down. *tongue out*

  11. Memphis ojoro number one. We need to do a resit abeg we already knew 80℅ of what you gave us.

    Uyi: single, married, complicated?

    What influences your major decision?

    If you were given a second chance to come back to the world as a new person, with your experiences intact so as to avoid past mistakes and get things perfect, would you take it?

    When last did you have sex?

    Will you marry the person you last had sex with?

  12. Kabouy be feeling like a G now..Memphis,you are not rugged at all,you sound too sweet....The only place I laughed was at the embarrassing moment part...Questions for Uyi..1..Do u have a secret crush on Thelma?(i see the way you smile like a baby in pictures) do you view the world?..3..Can u marry a repentant Ho?..TNHW

  13. Uyi... 1. How old are you? 2. Can you date a girl who wouldn't have sex before marriage and be faithful to her? there any tribe you cant marry from? 4. What is the best stunt you've ever pulled?... Shall come back with more...

  14. hehehe uyi on d hot gonna enjoy this ques tho.kon already has it covered

  15. Uyi,

    What is your full name and what does it mean?

  16. Seriously dar sit wasn't hot enof for Memphis,&no pix to compensate for his mystical personality.
    Moving on, Is Ruthy really gone for good? Miss her much though.
    Kabuoy d parrot (na joke sha #winks) I dey hail o

  17. Uyi,
    How old are you?
    Are you in a relationship?
    What inspires you?
    Virgin,celibate, or free thinker?
    How many times have you had sex this year?
    Do you have a crush on any ttb reader?
    Whose comment do you look forward to seeing on ttb?
    How many girls have you met from ttb?
    How many have you had sex with?
    Do you believe in love *at first sight*
    What turns you off in a woman?
    Monogamy or polygamy?
    Religion and faith?
    Do you consider yourself a ladies man?
    If you are to change a thing about you, what would it be?
    Have you ever been in love?
    Who is your fav ttb reader?
    Love,girls or money?
    A picture please...
    that's all for now, will come back when i can think of more.
    SIGNED:That curious reader

  18. Operation #bringbackourreaders
    Been reading for a very long time now though not a regular commenter. I miss Rutylicious,Wale,several readers i can't remember their names,please guys come back, i know you are all still reading.... I miss ya all,you started this family that has blossomed into what it is now. Don't stop commenting #putting on my best puppy dog look

  19. Operation #bringbackourreaders
    Been reading for a very long time now though not a regular commenter. I miss Rutylicious,Wale,several readers i can't remember their names,please guys come back, i know you are all still reading.... I miss ya all,you started this family that has blossomed into what it is now. Don't stop commenting #putting on my best puppy dog look


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