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"Too Rich To Buy Fake"- Linda Ikeji Is Not Here For Your Shade!

Last night I got to watch this drama unfold on Instagram. It's turning out to be a pretty exciting year and I'm almost too scared yet too excited about what might happen next. 

So basically, although I know you already have the scoop, Linda posted pictures of two new Hermés Birkin bags she just acquired. Someone called her out saying its fake, tagged Hermés on Instagram asking if it is, Hermés then confirmed that it's indeed fake (although there's a lot of speculation as to whether that response was really from Hermés...). Then Linda kinda lost it, dropped all "let's keep it classy" and blogging for a bit, and then went all in to prove the authenticity of her purchases which run into several millions of naira. 

A lot of people seem to think that Linda should have just ignored the trolls and be silent, I kinda feel like each attempt to prove the originality she made herself less likable with each post. But then again if you actually spent that much you're bound to go HAM on anyone who dares call them fakes!

Can't say I blame her...


  1. I read about this "1000 shades of Birkin/Linda instagram drama" everywhere but LINDAIKEJI.BLOGSPOT.COM.

    She conveniently left out his great achievement of hers on her blog.Why didn't she come out as usual to regale us with stories of hard work that tickles the punani?

  2. Vanity upon Vanity.. is it necessary telling the public what you can afford? they need God more.

  3. iM not shocked
    been off LIB for a while now
    her pride will so be her fall.....

    1. Fuck you guys. Your so called respect for her doesn't matter. You sling insults around and expect her not to react like a normal human being. Piss off! Fucking losers.

  4. I still love Linda. And I can still marry her.

    She is coming out of her shell. But really, how can someone spend plenty money and somebody will just come and say its fake. For what???!!!

    Linda was just catching trips.

    Holla at me Linda baby *Mwah! I gat love for ya!


    1. Like someone implied on SM: "if Dangote bought say a 9ja version of Polo shirt, and you call him out, he will now leave his multibillion business and be explaining to you the intricacies of his recent designers purchase?" Okoro...

    2. Memphis... I'm reasoning with you on this.

      I've always thought Linda is cheap. As the saying goes, you can remove the lady from the ghetto but u can't remove the ghetto from the lady.

  5. Miss humble indeed. Mtcheeeeeeew.

  6. I cannot feign surprise at the cost of the bag and the fact that some individuals can go miles in ostentation. But then, let's evaluate this: How sure are we that Linda was not 'Dasukied'? #Justsaying

  7. Her response made her less likeable by her fans. She should've kept quiet instead of replying people that don't even know the difference btw real n fake. She brought herself low..Shouldn't have done this to herself.

  8. Truth is....whether she responded or not, those who hate her will still hate her. I support her actions though. Sometimes it's not wise to sit down and allow haters and tatafos to make a ridicule of your hardwork. The cost is expensive but it is her money. Nobody has any right to tell her not to buy what tickles her fancy.
    She worked for it.
    She deserves it.
    She owes no body no explanation for her behaviour.

    Next time, tatafos would think twice before going on a haters spree.


    1. Oh so you actually think she won? Lol

    2. Exactly! First time I was sent d link wen she recently bought d bag, I gave a long hiss and almost screamed vanity! But reading ds now, I can't even blame her. Obviously she was just catching her trips from d whole ish and den proving urslf sometimes doesn't mean u're cheap or low whatever.

      Oh well! Wat do I know?

    3. Exactly! First time I was sent d link wen she recently bought d bag, I gave a long hiss and almost screamed vanity! But reading ds now, I can't even blame her. Obviously she was just catching her trips from d whole ish and den proving urslf sometimes doesn't mean u're cheap or low whatever.

      Oh well! Wat do I know?

  9. Her money her business.Any business that thrives on people hating will boom in Nigeria. She can clearly afford the bag so I'm amazed how people are going on and on to prove it's fake.

    Linda likes to show off so why are people acting like it is strange. It's like acting surprised when Mayweather flaunts his stuff.
    2016 is a very hard year so you can imagine my shock whenever I step into an office and they are discussing Linda's bag, even married men like WTH. SMH J

  10. its okay she called them out though she went too far bragging plus why say you bought them in UK and u giving us USD price instead of GBP? vanity upon vanity! even if i have that kind of money i doubt id buy such maybe a wristwatch. lol! but hey Never say Never.

    1. I wonder. And she was using exchange rate in the parallel market to overblow the price. Sigh*

    2. So you think you cannot pay for stuff in the UK with dollars? Please if you don't travel out of Nigeria regularly don't say what you don't know.

    3. hehehe! all this Anonymous people, i need to get me an handle quickly, do you know if i reside in naija???? ud walk into a shop in the UK and have their goods tagged in dollars? illuminate me please.

  11. I am so with linda on this, what insolence! who authorized the critics? please let us be rational here mbok, who wouldn't try to make a point to haters, especially when you are sure of your purchase.

    It is her life, her cash and her IG page, so she reserves the rights to live it.

  12. Well she always called out other people for carrying fake bags, so why should she be any different? Since she likes showing off, she should have posted the receipts like she always does, instead of the long stories.

  13. 2016 is so filled with drama. Who wants to join me to sip my tea?

  14. Silence is the best answer. I wonder why she lost it.

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  15. Now dis is toomuch!!! Nawao linda has also taken over from Laura??? Am a very big fan but really am disappointed. He just behaved like a learner naah, people have been hating eva since. She lost it dis tym!

  16. The way I understand this, Linda is simply advertising a bag for someone who wants to sell Birkin bags! We all have a friend who has bags, shoes and clothes for sale. Sometimes, these friends visit with lots of merchandise and want to take clear pictures. Kini big deal?

  17. Another sad aspect to this story is that some young girls who look up to Linda will believe this, and start trying to buy bags they cannot afford - just for the instagram pic

  18. Some folks buy fake without realising they are buying fake. If you want to show off ur goods on social media - be ready for the criticism. I believe thats what happened in this case. Being able to afford something from a financial standpoint doesnt mean you know when you are being sold fake or original. Many people cant tell the difference between grade A fake and original so the smarter folks only buy from flagship stores to save themselves from stories that touch.

    Linda and her crew have shown receipts and certificates for less expensive bags - she shouldnt have issues doing that for this scenario. She was juped into buying fugazi - she should go after the folks she purchased stuff from.

    1. Spot on! You just literally read my mind...


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