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So Much Ado About Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

I was showing my fiance some pre-wedding pics I liked and wanted us to get some ideas. He is generally not a picture person so I wasnt too surprised that he was completely uninterested in the wedding shoot idea. He believes our wedding pictures will suffice. He doesn't understand the purpose of those shoots and according to his mother, "we shouldnt take any pre-wedding pictures and announce it to the world" I asked him how he felt about maternity shoots because "I plan to take some" He replied "why would you want to broadcast pictures of your pregnant belly for the world to see". Im not a 'hiding girl' when it comes to weddings and pregnancies but I started getting suspicious as to why we shouldn't so I asked my mother in law. She broke it down about a dear friends daughter who put her proposal pictures online and attracted the attention of some "old enemies". She ended up not getting married to him and he remarried the "enemy" within a year. She said she believes it was spiritual and she doesn't want the same for us. Hmmmm. I guess it's not a battle to pick so that's how I'm not taking pre-wedding pictures 😩 Has any one received instructions like this from an in-law? Do you agree that maternity pictures should be for the bedroom only? 

Perhaps I'm old fashioned too but there is something in me that isn't overly keen on the excessive publicity of pre-wedding/pregnancy shoots. Not sure when or who started the trend but one can only point fingers at hollywood and the celebrity effect. Although I feel documenting the journey of motherhood is a beautiful thing to do. Some women are so beautiful it would be criminal not to! With social media being the pulse of the world right now, most people are using it as a medium to share their lives and parts of themselves but sharing your joy be a gift and a curse- @conniegirlswag

Indeed sharing your joy can be a gift or a curse. So many scandals, secrets and broken engagements have come to be, simply because someone "shared their joy" on social media? In fact some days ago one popular website shared proposal pictures of a couple, and almost immediately someone popped up on another popular gossip blog claiming to be the boo's boo. 

Besides the scandals, I just tend to find them to be a waste of money, something so many people do because it's become quite the trend. Because for the life of me I have tried but still cannot figure out the point of pre-wedding photo shoots!

...maybe I will when I'm about to wed. 

But hey. Enough about me. What are your thoughts on pre-wedding and pregnancy photo shoots? Could sharing your joy on social media really be an avenue for "enemies" to get to work and put asunder, or are those simply old wives' tales?

Oh and while we're at it, anyone care to enlighten me on the importance of pre-wedding photo shoots?


  1. I dont really fancy it. Nice work here T. I have been a silent follower for two years

    1. Hey Anon, thanks a lot. Can't help but wonder what prompted you to finally speak... Please now that you've spoken don't go silent again. Thank you!

  2. Hello Thelma, I think a pre wedding shoot is alright if its what a person wants,as long as you don't put everything out there. I guess people need to learn the difference between sharing your joy and publicizing your life. Btw,I love your blog

    1. "people need to learn the difference between sharing your joy and publicizing your life"

      I agree....


    2. Thanks Zorbari. And you're so right about learning the difference between sharing one's Joy and publicizing one's life. A lesson I myself had to learn.

    3. What Zorbari said. Thelma I'm waiting for the next TTb hot seat o.

  3. Hmmm,Thelma you did not welcome me when I registered my comment here as a first timer.Diaris God ooo.

    1. Buggie I'm ringing bells and rolling out the red carpet. You're soooo welcome to TTB! Better late than never, right?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Even if you shoot the so called useless pre wedding shoot, keep it in you closet and show to a few trusted friend if you must. It mustn't find its way to the social media/public.

  5. Copycats plenty for this Nigeria, 'this person has done, let me do mine' kind of mentality, that is the spirit behind this there stupid pre wedding shoot and the even most annoying public proposals we are beginning to also see these days. Somebody wants to propose to get married and you will go to the middle of the road and disturb public peace all in the name of proposal.

  6. I'm very ok with pre-wedding photoshoots. But it should be for the invitation card and sticker for gift items, not for publicity. I t's not every thing one announces. For maternity shoots? Seriously? I'm I trying to repeat Kelly Rowlands or Uche Jumbo or Tiwa Savage? Lol. If I ever go for a maternity shoot, it will be with plenty of clothes on.

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  7. this bolding of text, italicising, and putting symbols like stars and stuff, do they mean something grammatical? It's sometimes a mind puzzle deciphering some posts...

    1. Boldening for emphasis. Symbols for partitioning (as the three parts were written by three different people in this instance). Italicizing for several reasons (vernacular, slang etc). Boldening and italicizing; still for emphasis or usually just because I feel like it.
      In all I'm certain it's not that hard to figure out, I hope...

  8. Ahhhhhh!!!! Thelma this is partial oh…. I want my own welcome too o. make i for no vex o....

    I think pre wedding shots are cool, all ive seen looks so cute, but for pregnancy shot its a no no for me.

  9. okay. but you could be clearer, and actually say beforehand "here are three different opinions", and go ahead to post whatever, most people are having busy days and may not have time to break the code of what you're saying. who is conniegirl swag? is she getting married? is this from twitter or instagram? and who is responsible for the other posts/quotes? these are rhetorical questions. in a nutchell, there is no context set to this post, just text. you tend to do similar things a fair bit and i have to re-read the writeup more than once to figure it out, or X-out the screen if I don't feel up to the challenge. just some constructive criticism i hope you take on board. cheers

    1. Nne, if only you keep calm down and observe, you will understand these stuff. Its not rocket science.

    2. @Ada ugo, I totally see your point. To be honest Thelma's blog confused me a lot till I cracked my head to figure it out which shudnt be so. Not everyone knows who Connie girl swag is (althou I do) esp a newbie!
      What irritated me the most was reading a post only to get to the end and realise the narrator isnt Thelma after I already pictured Thelma in the story. Then I will have to go back again to read the story without picturing Thelma in it (if u get wat I mean).
      I believe if a person besides you Thelma wrote a piece, the person should be mentioned before the story so as to avoid confusion. Just like when Linda Ikeji puts 'sponsored post'at the beginning of a post so that you can easily decide whether you care to read the post of not.
      Your old timers get ur drift but newbies obviously don't.
      Hope there will be amendments.

    3. You guys are right, I tend to forget that newbies might not have it so easy understanding as old timers. Some posts are a result of multitasking so I try to manage time as best as possible, unfortunately i inadvertently end up confusing others. I'll be more careful.

  10. Pictures help create memories. I thinks its great fun to take them as often as one can . The issue isnt the picture taking. Its the unneccessary publicity .

  11. Pre-wedding shoots, maternity shoots and the likes are exciting and even cute.

    Don't just put it on blogs and instagram, if either of you are yet to complete your divorce,lol, etc. So that the public does not see stories that would have been otherwise hidden.

  12. Pre wedding shoots r for souvenirs, wedding programmes. Pregnancy shoots me i dont know xcept for celebs like jessica simpson n britney spears that make$ from theirs.

    A Bili

  13. As time goes by, we will watch couple have sex in Nigeria in the name of innovations or following trends.

  14. I think pre-wedding stuffs aren't bad. Depends on the intent behind it.

    1. Abeg whats all these?, if people want to publicise their pregnancies and up coming weddings, they can do so its a thing of joy! If your afraid that the witches in your village are after you or your significant other may not be really single,thats your own cup of tea,do you and let others do them.... I think maternity shoots are very beautiful and the mothers will like to show their children one day and say ' this was when your were in my tommy' its cute. Pre wedding pictures are also beautiful and depending on how epic they are,can be enlarged...if you don't want to do biko leave it other people want. as for publicising I personally did not post my pre wedding pics MAINLY because I wasn't happy with them but I would have if I loved them and i'm sure going to take a maternity shoot because I want to document that stage of my life and show my kids too, I just wont show my stomach or even post online because after all's said and done i'm a private person and I wont want unnecessary pity from people I don't want to know my business if anything negative happens, but I love when I see other women in their maternity shoots, its all beautiful

  15. Everyone to his own sha. I do not have to publish my pre-wedding pics, but I certainly will take them. I can keep them for posterity, show them to invited wedding guests only, or publish them to the whole wide world.

    If val's day worked out for you, it might be a good idea to start taking those pics now while the momentum is strong

  16. Oh well,ion ve anyfin against pre wedding shoots. I feel it's done majorly to be used in preparing the souvenir dat ll be shared @d wedding, but den getting a few out doesn't hurt no one. Well, while scandals may arise from such,dat feeling u get from the endless msgs of congratulations and prayers and goodwill from ur friends and people u dnt even know is priceless. My P is wt pregnancy shoots, d whole nudity makes it so absurd. It shud be for the family's consumption abeg unless for d decent ones . Besides, whatever happened to women being careful abt exposing their pregnancy to avoid any evil intentions. Anyways, I guess ds is part of d new generation, we no longer belong to the generation of our mothers. But dey shud cut down on d nudity abeg

  17. It's an excellent location, right in the heart of the city near public transportation. The wedding venues have coat hangers right at the entrance where you can leave your coat, and a lobby where you can set up some cocktail tables.


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