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Some Thoughts On Bella Naija, SDK and LIB.

Social media has become the fastest way to keep abreast with news, goings-on, gossip and other people's lives. There are probably over a thousand Nigerian blogs, however among these Linda Ikeji's blog, Bella Naija and Stella Dimoko Korkus' blog are the most popular mainstream blogs at the moment, to the best of my knowledge. 

At different points in time I've been an avid follower of each blog. I've intermittently fallen in and out of love with them, and sometimes back again. Three different comments (by different commenters) as seen on Bella Naija pretty much sums up the reasons why. 

Linda Ikeji's Blog. Lmao. LIB that is copy and paste of everyone’s Instagram page and African correspondent for Kylie Jenners social media handles?? 

LIB that will have 50 comments on a topic and when you click on comments to read, all you see is : ‘seen’ ‘okay’ ‘well noted’ ‘Linda you must enjoy me’ ‘Yes, correct', all from people hungrily awaiting her blog giveaways?? Seriously??? 

No thanks boo, I’ d rather watch my nail polish dry.

Stella Dimoko Korkus Blog. I really am scared with the amount of hatred and negativity people have for each other. I will never go on that SDK blog again because it seems like it is a group of miserable people having a party over other peoples misfortunes! I hope she knows about the inevitability of karma, this to me is not journalism, it is misery ( having fun and joy over someone else’s predicament)

Bella Naija. Bella Naija Una no dey tire for ‘according to’???
Abi you sef no wan waka come??? 

Maybe you need to make some space off those your Wikipedia style articles and report this kind of’ ‘juicy jist' first hand.
It sure does seem to get a lot of comments. 

Oh I forgot, that’s for the razz blogs to source for right?
While you daintily do your usual ‘according ‘ to.

Nothing do you jare…. 🙌

My first introduction to Nigerian blogs was LIB and I hold it solely responsible for the near death of my reading culture. I loved it so much that it doused the passion I had for books. Back then, while the posts may have been "copy and paste", the comments were pure gold! They were intelligent, witty and greatly entertaining. I can still remember staying up till well past midnight hungrily devouring LIB comments and sporadically bursting into laughter. 

These days you cannot read the comments on LIB without your fingers twitching as they hungrily search for a trigger to squeeze to your head. A post has an average of 200 comments and 195 are "Linda Observe". "It's me Linda". "Seen". "Ok". "Ok, seen, next!". On and on it goes, sometimes I wonder how Linda feels about this; if she's indifferent as long as the comments stay in their several hundreds, or if she misses the comments and commenters of old. I guess this is what happens when your comments might earn you 100k at the end of the year...       

     What irks me even more than LIB commenters (if that's possible), is some simply nonsensical posts. Why someone's eggplant or nipple is news-worthy is a great mystery to me, yet the blog never seems to run out of such ludicrousness! But then again, that's probably the readers enjoy them so much...

SDK's blog used to be bae. Until it began to feel toxic, terribly toxic; the blog, the posts, the commenters, the comments, toxic! I also noticed I was beginning to feel extremely pessimistic and frightful about marriage, I began to feel that my marriage was doomed even though there was no suitor in sight yet. I noticed my SDK addiction was affecting my psyche and not in a good way, so I did what was best for me and stayed away. However it seems that she's taken measures to balance things out on her blog, so now there are chronicles of hope, generous giveaways, promising matchmaking as singles mingle, free advertisements for businesses and services, and other fun & positive posts. Yet, I still can't help but agree with the commenter above, all that reveling in someone else's misery simply makes one lose faith in humanity. 

Bella Naija is difficult to fault, I think. You might say it's classist, or find some of the readers to be bourgeois or pretentious, but you've got to love Bella Naija! Besides the thorough professionalism with which that site is run, I particularly love BN for the comment section. It has the most brilliant, educative, mature, hilarious and eclectic comment section ever. However BN is far from perfect.

    As the commenter above noticed, BN wants the traffic and excitement that comes with spilling tea and dirt, yet are too scared to get their hands dirty. When they do spill tea, it ends up being so awkward and half baked that you can't help but beg them to leave that brand of gossip to the experts and stick to their fashion & lifestyle parole. You'd also notice that when there's likely to be any trace of dirt on their hands they never claim the posts as theirs and you'd spot several 'according to's or 'culled from's and so on. 

They're are also very particular about the kinds of comments they post, this could both be great or a source of frustration... However these days they've relaxed a bit on that and are less uptight about the types of comments they post. I guess at the end of the day, "class" does not move market. LOL. 

Oh well, these are just some thoughts on some of my fav blogs. Which of these blogs do you follow? What do you or don't you like about them? And what other great blogs do you think we should check out?


  1. You couldn't have said it better jare...only that I don't visit BN..SDK makes me laugh a lot, the comments are out of this world..As for LIB,i don't read comments at all...TNHW

  2. Thelma you are right. Class no dey sell that's why bella Naija is now trying to become more people friendly. I can't really relate with the blog as it is as if their readers reality is different from me own so I just stick to my sdk, lib, ttb or ladunliadi blog.

  3. LIB is razz... i rarely visit. SDK seems to be taking over LIB as of recent. BN was my daily bread.. the comments are well structured and I can relate with these group of people but lately, they want to be like SDK and LIB so bad its terrible.. its losing that classy touch it once had..don't get me wrong I love juicy stories but I don;t want to read that on BN.

  4. I got to know about SDK through LIB. I used to comment alot on SDK, then a lot of very matured and hilarious comments were seen, and anyone who posts hateful comments was immediately attacked by other readers. Comments were few, mostly on average of 30/35, but they were worth reading. Then mid 2014, the real blog owners took over. Intelligent comments lost massive ground to clueless, useless, hateful and (sometimes) xenophobic comments. I finally decided to stop commenting there when it was obvious SDK wouldn't stop approving foolish comments; more annoying when she even says she won't approve such comments but when you see them eventually you wonder if she was tipsy as she blogged. These days, I don't even read comments on LIB and SDK, just the "news".

  5. LIB is owned by Linda. For that reason its 100% to me.

    Holla at me Linda! waiting for your call. (Linda reads Thelma's blog right?)


  6. I've never been an LIB fan.. I just didn't get all the hype. I binge read her blog maybe once a month or so just to keep abreast of the happenings in the entertainment industry.

    I can count on my fingers how many times I've been on SDK's blog. Don't know what all the fuss is about. Unless she has an authentic gist that no Linda failed to carry or I need to get another perspective on a story(which rarely happens) I don't open her blog.

    As for BN, I don't know. I just never got the hype. They seem to post everything after EVERYONE has posted theirs. Every time I open the place, more than half the stories are already on Linda's blog. I only like them for their wedding/engagement posts and pictures. Kabuoy loves BN tho... I don't know why.

    My favourite blogs are TTB(of course), The Naked Convos(haven't been there in a while tho), Musings of a Caramel Latte Addict(Not very consistent but has great content) and Ms Pynk's blog(not been in a while too).

    1. Sunshine ditch Kabouy, she stole my place. IM YOUR REAL SISTER. Lol. We have same favorite blogs(minus musings of a caramel latte addict), what more do I need to prove to you??

  7. is this a spin off of naija singlegirl post. you too thelma want to copy and review popular blogs commentssections

    1. I actually don't know who/what naija singlegirl is. When I cull or get inspiration from somewhere I always state it, there's no shame in that.

    2. You should actually know NSG. She's a wonderful blogger. #JustSaying. I love SDK, read her comments for fun but sometimes, I wonder if there's hope for humanity when on the comment section. BN... Once in like 3months visit. That's because my friends want me there. LIB, Smh. I find it difficult doing that blog.

      Other blogs to check out...
      Omalicha Speaks- She posts in trickles though..
      Dr N's Musings - How I love whoever is behind that blog.
      Berry Dakara- I sincerely don't know why I follow that blog.
      Naija Wife and Naija Husband- Dunno what's wrong with them sha..
      Graced Misfit- Whenever I need encouragement.

      Which other??? Can't remember...and I love TTB too..

    3. Ok I would check it out. Dr N is great, she obviously has a beautiful soul, she used to be a TTB reader too. I haven't been on Omalicha Speaks in a while, I guess I'Il pay her blog a visit too,

    4. When I saw the headline, I thought T was trying to copy NSG, but after reading, it obviously was different. Dr N is indeed a great woman and her stories are out of this world.

    5. Hmmm, now I'm curious. Off to google I go!

    6. Thelma, don't know if you follow Dr N, but a few weeks/months ago, she mentioned on her blog that she's a big fan of yours!

  8. Hmm, maybe I got off the wrong foot with you T. I so agree with you on the sdk blog. It was too vile and bad belle ish I had to leave. And swore to God that if I ever visited it again may i loose a loved one, and true to that I have never visited it again. The babe is too negative Abeg. Seemed to be looking for people's misery to laugh at.

    1. Naaaa sdk isn't negative . I love her blog because she helps people out, not just give away but helping post adverts etc. yes some commenters are negative but she handles them

  9. I enjoy SDK,the comment section is just hilarious. Aside the venom,people share real life experiences. Cld be therapeutic for some while a source of gist for others.
    LIB, I got there for the headlines.
    BN, hmm, I just never really visit there and finally,
    TT is

  10. I think there is something out there for everyone. BN was my cup of tea way back - but these days it just seems like the stereo typical I wanna gonna Lagos crew that you know very well the shenanigans they are posting doesnt match their real life as you witnessed in recent times....all those how we met etc. BN's goal seemed to be to cater to the Lagos and Abuja elite on a superficial level - hence the he proposed in Geneva and she goes shopping on Oxford street with prewedding shoots on 5th Avenue things. It worked for a while, but it seems like a lot of people want more and they needed a larger audience. 3 years ago you wouldn't have found an article about anybody taking public transport in Lag on the site.

    LIB - copy and paste mistress. If you need a quick run down of news and American Skankiness which Linda seems obsessed with - this is your spot. This is the reporter who is obsessed with America like they have been deprived access all their lives or America is heaven syndrome. Also biased in what she reports.

    SDk- I actually like her most days - the way she has converted her platform into helping others and the absolute random dropping of gist and the almost guaranteed accuracy of her gist. I like gist like many people so long as its not about me.

    Thelma thinks - most days I can relate and admire her level of openess...something I tend to struggle with when I blog.

    Naija Gist live - if you were not sure that person who is always flaunting their life on instagram is a runs girl - this is the site. Like i said Gossip - this person manages to serv tea as in chai latte tea with receipts. Your jaw will drop after readig who has HIV and who has slept with Oshobaba and doesnt have a car to show for it.

    Peace out.


  11. I didn't even know an SDK blog exists. . Chaii!!! Have to go check it out. Sucks to be in d dark.

  12. used to be an LIB addict, got to know Sdk through LIB, knew TTB through SDK.. i forget LIB exists now except i see her name on instablog, i still visit SDK to read chronicles sometimes and been busy to read TTb but now im back with full force.

  13. i used to be an LIB addict (this is starting to feel like LIB Anonymous... lol). back then I had an iPhone 3, whose battery was constantly dying because I'd read LIB for my 1hour commute to work. then i would charge the phone at work and probably read LIB intermittently at work, and then continue on my 1hour commute back from work. Then I'd browse randomly whenever I had free time in the evening. Half her posts had me thinking "Bia, warrisdis??*insert confused smiley*" but I kept going cos I was addicted. A few years ago, I decided it was adding no value to me, and decided to just stop. I respect the chic's hussle, but her blog does little for my intellect.

    SDK I never understood, cos it has always seemed a bit crass (can I say that? I feel bad for saying so)

    Bellanaija, I like. I don't care about hearing firsthand when people's marriages break, nor do i care for knowing who slept with whom, so I don't mind if Bellanaija did not "waka come" in that department. I like inspiration, a little bit of fashion, of travel, and a little bit of art. Bellanaija provides this, so I'm good with them.

  14. It is just sad how Linda copy and paste without fear. She steals post from everywhere. Even small blogs.

    There are two new gossip blogs i read and hope the do well in making a name.

    Tunezmedia: nice blog even though the owner is not connected to the readers. You sort of feel detached from the person. I cant tell if it is a he/she running the site.

    Daminaj: i really like this one. Nice personality. Fresh bubbly spirit, catchy headings. The downside is the fact that some stories are not uploaded. She has mentioned that she wont post a story if the only way to do it is copy and paste. For this site you need to have another site you read as well.

    Then vivian gist. Fast but clearly inspired by Linda. Copies but everything is posted.


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