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The Task - by Bloggitup.

You know, when Bloggitup comments you read and don't want it to end. Once, after reading her epic comment I told her babes you need to write for the blog! Unknown to me she already had an archive of stories and posts, some of which I've been permitted to share with you. She writes with the name BBBsmiles and if I remember correctly, she's written a really nice piece for the blog before. 

If you've got posts, articles or stories you would like to share on the blog, you can send me a link or mail it to me; 

For now, read and enjoy. 

Bella had just finished her presentation in the conference room at Broullak Holdings and was heading to the car park; where the driver was waiting to take her back to her office. The presentation had turned out better than she anticipated. She had gotten fillers that the CEO of Broullak Holdings was a very difficult man and extremely hard to please but he turned out to be the opposite; nodding at every word that came out of her mouth, making her feel like the professional she has always thought herself to be. She was happy after her presentation,she had gotten a message from the P.A scheduling a meeting with the CEO the next day to finalize and sign the letter of approval for the contract.
Bella was elated as she stood inside the elevator howling down to the ground floor. This was unbelievable, her boss was sure going to see her in a different light after hearing this.”me Bella, pulled a contract of N500million?hmnnnnnn”. She took in a breath of fresh air as she stepped into the hot sun to meet her driver but he was nowhere to be found. Bella dialed his number, it kept ringing with no response. she was just about asking the security guards if they saw her driver when she saw him running towards her like a man been pursued by a lion, he ran as though in a state of panic and confusion. For a second, Bella thought he had run mad but when he ran to her apologizing for keeping her in the sun she knew he was still sane. Bella simply waved him aside and got into the car.

The next day at Broullak Holdings,Bella made sure she looked the part as she was to be handed a letter of approval by the CEO of Broullak Holdings. She was nervous since she was going to be meeting with him one-on-one this time. She sat at the reception cross-legged, looking glam in her Victoria Beckham low neck  bodicon dress and  a pair of River Island red snakeskin pointed toe stiletto heeled shoes.she had stopped over at the beauty cook to get a face beat . She also made sure her nails were manicured and polished just in case the CEO decided to have quick photo session when handing her the cheque. She smiled at the thought of receiving the cheque and licked her lips as though she just tasted honey.

Whilst she waited to be called in, she brought out her phone and sent a text to her mum “hi mum, I’m still waiting o, the man seems to be taking his time but I will keep you updated once I’m done here. Pray I don’t disgrace myself cos I'm so excited“ she pressed the send button. Just as she was tucking her cell phone away in her bag, the P.A whom she had met once at the presentation called out.”Can I have Miss Bella Onikoyi come with me please”.  She quickly stood up and followed the sexy looking P.A who wore a very skimpy skirt not minding the tubers sprouting from her legs and a transparent blouse. Bella looked at her wondering how a P.A will dress looking as though going to a nite club. She shrugged off the thought and quickly brought herself back to reality. Since the CEO wasn't complaining,  the lady was probably very good at her job and got paid handsomely.

The walkway down to the CEO’s office looked like a gallery. Art work splattered on the walls; picture frames with all kinds of art displayed aesthetically. Bella almost stopped to appreciate a few but changed her mind as the P.A was already standing in front of the CEO’s door. She hastened her steps and was ushered into the office by the P.A. Bella had no idea how beautiful his office looked until she stepped in. The furniture in his office had a foreign look and she could bet her dinner they were all customized and imported to suit his taste. The CEO sure had a good taste for interior décor and Bella couldn't help but compliment his taste and style. He smiled and asked her to have a seat after dismissing his P.A.

Bella gave a wide grin as the CEO cleared this throat and adjusted his tie. He brought out a file from a tray on his mahogany table, opened it and started reading through as though he was just seeing the document for the first time. Out of anxiety, Bella almost snatched the document from him; say a quick “thank you sir we shall deliver. BYE! and then run out of the office with the cheque and letter of approval but it wasn't that easy.

She saw him scowl once and her heart skipped, was he planning on changing his mind? She prayed silently and thought to herself ‘what on earth is wrong with this man, why was he keeping her in suspense? “Give me the damn cheque” she spluttered before she could hold herself. The CEO looked at her inquiringly but she quickly feigned a cough to cover up what would have turned out to be a disaster. Finally the CEO looked up at her and smiled. “Miss Bella” she couldn't help but notice the way he caressed her name. “You see, he continued "I wasn't quite impressed with your presentation giving the fact that you studied public relations.You didn't wow me at all but I’m willing to help you if you are willing to help yourself since you must meet your target” 

Huh? Bella was gob smacked beyond words, what game was he trying to play? Here she was thinking she had blown them away with her magnificent presentation and was happy to learn afterwards that they were all impressed and would be awarding her company the contract. Bella felt like a tyre that had just been deflated as her heart sank within her. She looked at him feeling somewhat defeated. He saw that she was vulnerable,he smiled knowing he had an edge over her ”look here Bella ,this isn't difficult cos you know what to do.This contract is yours once you play ball".  At the mention of  ball, Bella smiled. She knew the game too well and was a pro at it; just that she didn't expect her contender to be the CEO of Broullak Holdings. 'oh! so“ball” is the game we are about to play right? she asked with emphasis on BALL. His eyes brightened up as he bent over and said to her” you are smart Miss Bella”. 

Bella stood up, walked over to where he was seated and whispered boldly into his ears “LET THE GAME BEGIN”


Stay tuned for Part 2. 


  1. Hmmm waiting for pt 2 please. Nice one blogitup

  2. Part 2 oya where are thou. Nice one bloggitup.

  3. From the story so far....Bella is a hoe. Hoes gotta eat. So its all good. She gotta do what she gotta do.


    1. Mr kon!!!i beg to disagree with you on this one,my mind tells me she is so going to treat his 'f'up...Nice one blogitup..TNHW

  4. Blogitup....nice write up. Interesting that she was up for d game and not the usual she cried out of d office or something close...

  5. Blogittup ooooooo!!!!🙌🙌🙌

    That's twale for you but I'm sure it won't show! Looool! I want to know the kind of ball Bella would play ooooo!

    On another note, as a Christian, I've always told myself that there are standards I would never ever compromise on. But sometimes, you find yourself in a situation and you begin to question everything you believe in. It's easy to say if I was Bella, I wouldn't play the CEO's ball. Even if I lose my job in the process. But when so many things are riding on that one meeting and it feels like the defining moment of the rest of your life.... You ask yourself again... Would you compromise?

    Abeg blogittup don't keep us waiting ooooo! *kilzzes*

    1. Lol,kilziz right back baby.

      Thanks house.oya Thelma o, part two

  6. Bloggitub be forming Nollywood.

    "Stay tuned for part 2", maka why naa?

    Beautiful writeup! Keep it up :D

    1. Bollywood toh badt.

      Its not even 'Part' 2 anymore. Now in 'Seasons'.

  7. Nice one my love... Nice one!

    Well played!
    Can't wait for part2.

  8. waiting on part two like /______
    Well done Bloggitup.

  9. It's not fun having to always look for my comments. Why blogspot?

  10. Nice read.....Nollywood things (Part 2) ....The return of Bella and the Task....don’t forget the sounds too......

  11. I hate the wait!!!!

  12. Nice.......I dry wait part two o


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