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The Task Pt 2- By Bloggitup.

Our Bloggitup aka BBBsmiles has gifted us with part 2 of The Task. See part 1 Here

Mrs Georgina Onikoyi a fashion designer, stood in her showroom Bellageo Designs, shouting at one of her apprentices for sitting idle, “don’t you have anything doing or you don't want to learn? You want the money to come yakata just like that, abi beeko? You better show your usefulness in this shop; else I send you back to your poor aging mother, Oniranu omo”. She spat insults in Yoruba language. The young lady in her teens wasn't apologetic; she grumbled a "back to sender" and went to a corner to sort out the materials a customer of Bellagio Designs had brought in earlier. 

Mrs Onikoyi, popularly known as BD was the head, fashion union Jankara Market. She went into an office  which serves as a consultation room where customers come in to take measurements and pick various trending styles to be sewn by her tailors.

As she lay relaxed on the couch,sipping from her mug of green tea, she heard her phone beep, it was a text message from her daughter Bella. She read the message but couldn't reply as a customer walked in. BD quickly put her phone away and gave the customer a close up grin."welcome my beautiful lady", she gestured to the couch.  As the customer took a seat on the couch, she quickly looked the lady over as she was used to, just so she could bill them as befitting their status. 
She measured their level of affluence by their skin, outfit, bags, Hair(for those wearing hair extensions),wedding ring (for the married ones) and then the cars they drove. She would later engage the customer in a smooth conversation and slowly drift to personal discuss to ascertain she wasn't assuming they are rich. She didn't have to look too deep as this beautiful woman exuded a great deal of wealth... her caramel skin, well manicured nails, american accent and bouncing Mexican hair told an interesting story. "welcome my dear, BD bellowed subtly". So how may we help you look gorgeous for this event?... oh please pardon my forgetfulness as I'm getting old, I didn't get your name my dear" she asked.
 "Frances,Frances Oduga" she offered. 

Frances looked around taking in every detail in the room. The frame on the wall got her attention, it was picture frame of a beautiful young lady in her mid twenties. This couldn't be the owner of the shop when she was much younger because the picture looked recent and the frame new. Frances thought to herself and then asked pointing at the picture frame "Madam is this you up there?" BD looked up at the picture frame "No, that is my only child Bella, she works in O'niel Resources Ltd and she is doing very well for herself. she doesn't depend on me for anything being an only child" she said proudly. 

Frances quickly cut her short as she sensed the woman was going to keep her longer than she had planned. "hmmnn" she smiled, "that is so sweet of her". Frances sat up and cleared her throat "Madam, I have heard so much about you and I have seen beautiful styles at weddings, on my friends and even in magazines that I learnt you made. So I thought to give you a trial". On hearing this, BD smiled so bright the entire room lightened up."My dear, even the President's wife is my customer" she blew her trumpet. Frances smiled "okay, I have a wedding in two weeks and I want you to do me a style like no other in the world" BD laughed out loud, "My dear, you have come to your final busstop when it comes to customized designs.... Whose wedding is it by the way; a president's, Governor, Minister or Senator's wedding? just name it, any status at all, we at Bellageo Designs will make heads roll at your appearance". Frances smiled, this woman sure knew how to flatter her skills. But she was happy to hear this because that was the kind of effect she wanted to have on all the guests at the party, knowing the Otedolas and Anumudus will be present.

 After Frances had chosen a style from the Bellageo catalog and her measurements taken, she picked up her Coach designer handbag and car keys ready to leave; "oh! I haven't taken your contact details my dear" BD reminded her. Frances dictated her phone number and home address.

BD typed slowly on her computer as she had just learnt to use the mac computer her daughter bought for her on Mother's day. "Take it easy my dear, you know how these computers are, you have to type one letter at a time so you don't muddle things up" Frances smiled and slowly repeated all she had said "F-R-AN-CES O-D-U-GA, P-LO-T 123, EX-TEN-SION 325 BA -NA- NA- IS- LAND.080-44-234-777........

***************          *******************        ************************
Daniel was in the shower at Oduga Suites,humming sweetly. He felt his cranny axe rise and throb at the erotic thoughts forming in his head. He was going to eat every part of her.Those luscious boobs and succulent lips were going to be viciously devoured by him. 

Daniel was shocked to find her fully clothed, sitting on the couch sipping from her glass of champagne."what are you doing Bella? he asked in a stern tone as though reprimanding a child."sipping my champagne of cos" she replied. As if on cue, she dropped the glass on the table,licked her lips and slowly removed the pin on her hair,her long weave came slobbering down her shoulders like the waterfall.

Bella unzipped her skirt and it fell from her waist revealing a pink lace G-string. Daniel swallowed hard and put his hand over his crotch to conceal his bulge;she was torturing him on purpose and he was loving every bit of it.She cat-walked closer to him, put her hands on his bare chest and blew a hot kiss in his ears.Daniel shivered "hmnnn, babe you is  BAAAAAAAAAAADT".Bella smiled, pinched his nipple and whispered " why don't you bring out the letter and cheque while I get you in the mood"

...To be continued


  1. Blogitup,kini gbogbo eleyi now?E be like say i no read anything..Bae behave yourself..*straight face*TNHW

  2. Nooooooooooo!!!!! Not again..... Sobs pls do finish it. Have a feeling Bella is gonna set Daniel up

  3. Ohhhhhh, why all this suspense na. Abeg do quick Bloggitup. Its a good writeup but please let the next part follow in quick succession because I had to scan through the part one to understand this one.

  4. me I can be very patient .... next part noni

  5. Niece piece. I believe Bella and Daniel will hit it but Frances will spoil show. That's assuming she's his mother. But if she's the wife, then I forsee a clash of interest.

    I love such,short stories.


  6. Hmmmmmmmm waiting for d next part.

  7. I think Bella wont sleep with the man but will just tease him and threaten him afta collecting the cheque or something, still dont know where the Frances girl comes in tho...#JoyDaNuGirl

  8. Chai...and I've been waiting for aw many days? Part 3 noni

  9. la di da di da! the bella girlie seems ready to bare her rumps to the beastly man who cannot gridle his loins. as i read, i feel the heat creeping into my loins. im wowed


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