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Thelma on The TTB Hot Seat.

1. How tall are you and what do you weigh? 
6ft and several KGs. 

2. How many 1 night stands have you had?
Certainly not more than one if any at all. 

3. Ever fought physically because of a guy?
Never have, never will. 

4. Favorite color?

5. What do you think of guys that smoke weed occasionally?
I'm indifferent as long as it's done in moderation and in private. 

6. Do you smoke weed?
It's just not my thing, but I used to love magic muffins. 

7. Clean shave guys or bearded guys?
Bearded but groomed. 

8. Chubby guys (Not fat) or muscular with 7packs kinda guy?
I'm not keen on chubby guys, I don't find overly muscled (7 packs) men appealing either. So someone in between. Think Tu face, Flavour or even Wiz Khalifa (you know what they say about the super skinny ones... *wink*). 

9. On a scale of 1 - 10 how beautiful do you think you are?

10. Whats your alcohol tolerance like?
Bia Kon, first ask "do you drink alcohol?". 

11. Favorite swallow food - Eba, amala, pounded yam etc?
Oatmeal (fitfam tinz). 

12. Have you ever been proposed to?
Not in the conventional way. 

13. What gives you the zeal to live? 

I'm so excited about where I'm headed. Knowing that great things are happening for me everyday and seeing my plans actually materialize keep me excited about life and the future. 

14. Have you ever lost a guy cos of ur body size
Never. It's actually the body size that attracts the men who approach me and eventually date me. I've however lost a few guys because I tried to change my body size. 

15. Have you ever been embarrassed cos of ur body size
I've never been embarassed because of my body (size), but the times when I let myself go and gained too much weight it affected my self confidence. 

16. What is your favourite body part on the opposite sex
Shoulders, if they're broad. 

17. Whats the nickname your present BF calls you?

18. What car do you wanna buy next?
If a genie asked I'd say I want a 2015 Lexus 570. But in real life, I'm presently saving up for a 2013 Honda Accord. 

19. Ever had sex with a guy you are not proud of?

20. Ever tried some lesbian acts? *Wink*
Strictly d*ckly. 

21. What do you think of fame? 
If it comes with a very fat bank account then I wouldn't mind so much. Otherwise I personally have no use for fame. However I'm working and praying on my brand (and businesses) being famous. 

22. Do you consider linda ikeji a role model? 
I admire her tenacity and doggedness. I'm certain she's someone's role model, just not mine. 

23. What do u think of adoption? 
I think adoption is great, certainly something I'd want to do. I'd like to have three kids, two biological, one adopted. 

24. Have you ever felt you are not where you are supposed to be in life? 

There are times I've felt that way.

25. Anal, orgy or threesome?

1/3. Guess which. 

26. Have you ever felt love so real? 

I have. By God I have! And it's the most beautiful feeling ever. 

27. Have you ever thought of being a celebrity? You have the carriage.
Thanks but no. I'm both shy and introverted and I detest red carpets like the devil himself!

28. Would you change the way you are for anyone?
If its positive change then I would. 

29. I know you talk of marriage often, do you really see yourself getting married?
Hopefully. But I certainly see myself having kids though. 

30. Did your days at Queen's college make or mar you?
Neither, but I'm glad I went there. 

31. How long did it take you to come to terms with yourself? I see you as someone who at some point told herself that "mehn this is me, accept and move on". 
I think every woman gets to this point in her life at some point or the other. For me it was as I approached 30. It was also when I realized that the same thing some people would castigate you for, some others would praise you for. I learnt you can't please everyone, you owe no one anything least of all an explanation for the things you do, and you've got just one life so why live it for others?

32. Do you foresee yourself practicing law till the very end?

33. What if you are to date someone in TTb, who would that be?
All the male TTB readers I would consider are taken. 

34. In five years time, you should be?
A mother to one or two cuties, a wife perhaps, running one of the biggest websites on the continent, an employer of labour on a large scale, by then my ______ should be one of the most talked about in town (don't want to share that yet). 

35. You have a sexy figure, how do you cope with guys?
It's not that sexy and I even need more guys on my case. Maybe one of them might be the genie that would gift me with that 2015 Lexus I talked about. 

36. Do you think this blog affects your decisions.. as in do you sometimes embark on adventures or make decisions just cos you feel the outcome - whether good or bad - will be an interesting blog discussion

I used to do that a lot, but for some reason not anymore. 

37. Have you ever had the hunger of a cougar/ Have you ever been a cougar? #Grins
Nope. I have one smallie on my case that keeps telling me age is all in the mind but I can't help thinking biko si ebe a puo! All of the men in my life have been older (save one), so I find myself feeling the need to dumb down myself when relating with a younger guy who's romantically/sexually interested in me. 

38. Thelma. Seeing that Kon has used up all the questions available to mankind, pls answer me this one "Whatever happened to Clark Kent?"
He's doing very fine but I'm certainly not Lois Lane. 

39. What's the end game? Like... we all have dreams and aspirations, where we want to be and what we want to achieve, what's yours? That point you're looking at and saying, if and when I get there, I'm fulfilled. What's that point for you?
Does #34 answer this question? 

40. What's the one thing you cannot tolerate in a relationship?(your deal breaker)
Abuse in any form AND stinginess. 

41. What's your relationship with God like?
It could be much better. 

42. A lot of ladies have high standards for the kind of men they want to be with especially in their teens and early 20s, have yours changed over the years? Have you had to cross some things of that "list" cos you realised they were irrelevant or...anything?
Yes. I didn't deliberately cross any off the list, but one day I realized that they just weren't there anymore. One day I found myself enjoying a great relationship and loving a man I wouldn't have given the time of day two years ago. The older one gets, the less important certain things become. 

43. How good a cook are you on a scale of 1 to frigging awesome!
Food Network is my all time absolute favourite TV channel. Which is ironic considering I'm almost indifferent about cooking, which surprises people because when I cook, I COOK! But that's not often so I can't rate myself...

44. What exactly do you do for a living... We already know you're a lawyer, so this is asking for a detailed description of stuff you handle.(this question is cos i know many lawyers and they dont travel half a much as you do...*covers face*
I work for myself and that entails making lucrative deals or good investments when the opportunity arises. As for legal stuff I handle, I haven't done any litigation in a while so it's mainly properties, contracts, corporate stuff and the likes. Among other things, I'm currently looking to be an executive assistant to a very active/busy/accomplished/visionary political or corporate personality. So if you know anyone who needs one, in any part of the country, I'm your girl!

45. I know you love perfumes, what's the highest you've spent on a perfume?
Latest perfume which is about a week old costs about N80,000 but with this present exchange rate it would probably cost about 130,000 or more. It's an Amuoage and an absolute show stopper! But no I didn't buy it myself, it was a gift. So to answer your question the highest I've spent on a perfume is about 25,000. 

46. Truthfully name 3 blog readers you dislike 
Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. The dislikable ones are always anonymous. 

47. If there's one thing you could change about the blog what would it be?
I certainly wish I had more contributors providing content spanning across different topics from politics to religion to love to career to money to sex to inspiration to marriage to travel and then some. I also miss some old readers and commenters.

48If there's one thing you could change about yourself 
I'd love to love food less. I wish I'm one of those people who hate food and only eat in order to survive. 

49. If there's one thing you could change about the world. 
I wish people would be kinder and love more. All you need to do is go on the comment section of some posts, especially foreign websites, you'd see we're a bunch of savages!

50. You're my absolute favourite blogger Tee! #Hugs and #Kisses 
LOL it's not a question but it came with the questions and it made me feel so good! Thanks so much!!! *cant stop blushing*. 

There you have it, I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction. 

I couldn't post all the questions, they were too many and I don't want to bore you. 

Steele is next on the TTB hot seat so please leave all your questions for him in the comment section. 

Please what female blog reader would you love to see on the hot seat?


  1. Lol @ "Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous".

    Steele AWOLs a lot, I won't be surprised if his answers are delivered in June.

    I nominate Sasha Bone!

  2. Thelma you're one amazing person, I believe I told you that once in an email. And the way I wait on your posts like a dying thirsty man waits on rain ehn.... My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy. With all this I've said then, I'll like to say sorry I don't comment more. Female bloggers I'll like on the hot seat
    1. Sasha bone 2. Kabuoy
    I'm not really familiar with Steele so I guess I have just one question for him: what are your high ideals?? 2. Have you ever abused a woman? Can you still abuse a woman .(N.b. IMO I think if a woman is trying to or beating you blue black, anything you do will be self defense)

  3. Thelma you're one amazing person, I believe I told you that once in an email. And the way I wait for your posts ehn.. Like a dying thirsty man waits for rain; my boyfriend says im crazy. Female bv's I'll like on the hot seat 1. Sasha bone 2. Kabuoy. I'm not very familiar with Steele so I have few questions 1. What are your high ideals? 2. Were you ever physically abused? Have you ever abused a woman? Can you presently abuse a woman?

  4. That was a very good read,

    Well done darling, We Love Youuuuu!!!!!

  5. Yay!!!I love me some Thelma..i nominate sasha bone..TNHW

  6. i no gree o....u actually picked the questions u wanted to answer....abeg its not fair ooooo

    1. Because all the questions you asked were sex sex sex and I didn't think they were necessary, you want to come n form vex for me abi? Seriously though, I couldn't have answered all the questions, it's already too many as it is. BTW I answered all your non-sex related questions.

    2. Lol thelma is wicked. ADEOLA why sex sex sex?

  7. Beautiful Thelma. But the questions plenty naaaa. However you did a nice job *Thumbs up*

  8. You can't but love Thelma.


  9. I enjoyed reading... Yeah, Sasha Bone.

  10. My summary of Themla:

    Thelma is a cool babe. I think her sex life is active (Thats why her BF calls her 'sweetest' *Wink). She is friendly and doesnt mind adventures. She doesnt judge people as long as you dont use your own to scatter her own. Very positive outlook. I think you are happy but can easily switch to unhappy if worldly pressure gets too much.


  11. My questions made it... you are an amazing human being all round. amazing writer, amazing blogger, amazing woman. I really wish to contribute but I am the laziest person this side of the globe

  12. As for Steel:

    1) How did you come up with the name Steel?
    2) Whats you occupation?
    3) Wizkid or Davido?
    4) Favorite alcoholic drink
    5) What spot do you like to hang out at?
    6) Which do you prefer - Female or male boss?
    7) What Uni did you finish from?
    8) Do you watch porn?
    9) Are you married?
    10)On a scale of 1-10 how good is your sex game (The girls want to know. Not me)
    11)How much money will solve all your problems right now?


  13. Awwwww! Now thats an interesting read and thanks T for not answering all d questions jor.
    Really wish to start sending in my submissions. Oh well...

    Meanwhile i would have loved to nominate ruthylicious!

  14. Thank God it's all d anonymous pipo. For a second I tot I would pop up as answer to #46.

    1. Why do I have a feeling you would have loved it if you were included alongside the anonymous' to that question.

    2. Wouldn't have loved it, just wouldn't have been surprised.

  15. most interesting so far ... sasha is good for the next female

    and steel?!
    what's your exact age, with great emphasis on EXACT?

  16. Nwando, you're amazingly awesome! You have a rich reserve of experience too. I don't think any TTB Hot Seat will be hotter than this, ever.

  17. Love me some Nwando!!! Lolz. I enjoyed every single bit.

    You re 100 percent on point

  18. Well, Lois and Clark was never one of my favourite shows in any case. Honest enough answers, though that introverted part had me looking at you one kain.... #adonbelieveit!
    Moving on... I nominate Sasha bone also for the next edition. If she answers like she comments, it sure will be an interesting post.

  19. When you have a blogger like Thelma you know you can't get bored easily.
    My question for Steele is that what do you do for a living.

  20. For Steele-
    Have you ever physically assaulted a lady?

  21. Why didn't you get in touch when you visited Accra-Ghana?

  22. I nominate Sasha bone....

    Questions for Steele:

    1. What turns you on in the opposite sex?
    2. Intellectual lady or Funny?
    3. Favorite hang out spot.
    4. How do you see yourself....funny,no nonsense type,impatient.....?
    5. Ever dated whom you never liked?
    6. Your worst sexual experience.
    7. Anal or gay? # wicked laugh#
    8.What would you have loved to be in life? And are you still working towards it?

    Dazzall all for now......

  23. Very interesting and enlightening... I appreciate your honesty.

  24. Very Interesting, Hot seat on point. For the ladies i choose Kabouy.

  25. I,anonymous,nominates sasha bone for hot seat


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