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They Shouldn't Have...?

"My prob here is that the Pastor gladly collected d instruments cos it is from flavour, My question is if it was a notorious armed robber will d pastor collect all dis from d person? I just feel d church should have a standard, I was reading d other day dat chidinmas church stopped her from singing in d choir,Y? Am sure it is cos they know u cant put one leg in d world and one leg in d kingdom uve got to choose one side. Now a young child in dat congregation who knows flavour,listen to his songs and also knows his lifestyle will think it is cool to be like dat when he grows up cos his pastor seems cool with it, I also heard dat pastor oyedepo told dbanj not all success is from God during a thanksgiving service, I just feel pastors should start putting pple in there place cos God is no respecter of any person"
-Bella Naija comment. 

I love comments, I love comments more than the actual posts. Comments are often more interesting, entertaining and enlightening. Sometimes you read a post a feel some way, then you read its comments and feel a different type of way. 

Like when I saw the picture above and the headline which announced that Flavour donated musical instruments to his church and I thought Awwww nice, until I read the comments. 

So I guess the issue here is Flavour's lifestyle, especially pertaining to putting two young ladies in the family way without giving them a family, his sexually explicit lyrics, his overt sexuality et al. 

Are churches that do this guilty of something? 



  1. Nna na wa o, someone cannot donate something to the church in peace again, so all the people that have been donating to the church are saints? And all the ones in the choir are saint too, na wa. He who is without sin should cast a stone #mytwocents

  2. No one should ever be discouraged in giving gifts or doing supplication in Church, no matter his sin. That comment was outright judgmental.

  3. It's not the place of the Pastor to reject an offering made to God. People should Allow God to accept or reject the offering. If the gifts were to be to the pastor, he can then decide to accept or not.

  4. Human nature to fight what it doesn't understand... Just like the Jews fighting Jesus Christ cos they couldn't understand...

    Apparently, we still have more 'Jews' in the Christendom that don't understand the ideology behind being a Christian. 'Christianity' is not a thing of 'pride' but of 'inner Joy' and that Joy comes from Love. And that is why we have so many hypocrites in the church today, the 'all saints'.

    Crazy world we live in... Where people are adulterated to think a certain way, should i call them victims of their own circumstances? Or can i say i, myself, didn't give the 'world' the room to make me what they want me to be for them(?)

    Anyways, the world will always be what it is... Intelligence is our very own misfortune. We gotta live with it and die with(/without) it.

  5. Sometimes I just wonder.....
    No need to waste my pen on this comment.....heat is too much.

  6. I share your sentiments. Character is what a man is in the dark. We know about his failings cos he is in the public.

    There Are worse cases out there. When it comes to God, let's allow Him be the judge.

  7. 1 Samuel 15:22 ESV

    "And Samuel said, “Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen than the fat of rams"

    Dear Non Judgmental people continue encouraging nonsense in the church. Is God hungry? After giving to God does it make flavour change? What then is the difference between the world n the church? God does not need his drum set, God needs his soul. God needs him to obey his commandments and being randy sure isn't one of the commandment.

    It's not about being judgmental, it's about saying the truth. So because you tell lies you won't correct your child when he lies? You will encourage him because you don't want to be judgmental? We are not perfect but we should make effort by striving towards perfection with the end in mind.

    1. Ezra 9vs5-6: "I remained seated and dismayed until the evening SACRIFICE and then at the time of the evening OFFERING I rose from my fasting and with clothes and mantle torn, I knelt down, spreading my hands to YAHWEH, my GOD. I said 'My GOD! I am ASHAMED and CONFUSED, my GOD, I do not dare raise my eyes to you for our SINS have increased over our heads and our crimes reach up to the heavens"

      Dear anon, Ezra did OFFERINGS and SACRIFICES, even when his SINS rendered him CONFUSED and ASHAMED before GOD.

      Stay blessed.

    2. Ezra 9:5-6 New King James Version (NKJV)

      5 At the evening sacrifice I arose from my fasting; and having torn my garment and my robe, I fell on my knees and spread out my hands to the Lord my God. 6 And I said: “O my God, I am too ashamed and humiliated to lift up my face to You, my God; for our iniquities have risen higher than our heads, and our guilt has grown up to the heavens.

      Ezra 9:5-7 The Message (MSG)

      4-6 Many were in fear and trembling because of what God was saying about the betrayal by the exiles. They gathered around me as I sat there in despair, waiting for the evening sacrifice. At the evening sacrifice I picked myself up from my utter devastation, and in my ripped clothes and cape fell to my knees and stretched out my hands to God, my God. And I prayed:

      6-7 “My dear God, I’m so totally ashamed, I can’t bear to face you. O my God—our iniquities are piled up so high that we can’t see out; our guilt touches the skies. We’ve been stuck in a muck of guilt since the time of our ancestors until right now; we and our kings and priests, because of our sins, have been turned over to foreign kings, to killing, to captivity, to looting, and to public shame—just as you see us now.

      Memphis, Ezra was fasting, he was repentant and remorseful. There's no impunity anywhere in that statement. I'm not judging Flavour, no one is perfect but... we all should fear God. Like the anon above said, God is not hungry and he's not going to bless or curse you because of your good deeds or sins but by his grace. So love the lord with all your heart, soul and might and sin will not come so easy to you.

      The problem these days, we take the grace of God for granted and there's no fear of God.

    3. See men quoting scriptures. I gotta read my Bible more.


    4. Dear Sunshine, we all saw a picture of Flavour and heard what he did, that was all. No one told us whether he reflected on his life a few days ago or any of that. We all sin, we all present offerings and gifts. Is it because it's Flavour that we remember that we should fear GOD? Many of us are rude to each other, break State and Federal laws, give bribes, get drunk, do all sorts of obscenities from Monday to Saturday. Then on Sunday, we give tithes and sow seeds.

      I do understand perfectly, the bible is clear on GOD's acceptance of gifts, but just as HE told Samuel not to judge by appearance, we should not conclude about Flavour or the likes of Tu Face because we aren't sure what storms they try to douse each day. GOD sees every heart, leave that aspect to HIM alone.

    5. Dear sunshine and anon, I'm hoping you have listened carefully to Memphis' words. I really do hope you both understand...

      Cos understanding is very hard to come by these days...*sigh!

  8. Why was there no outrage when he did a donation to his almer mater secondary school?

  9. In other words, most of us have no business giving offerings and any such seed in church except we are extremely sure we are total expressions of righteousness. Saying the church accepting his gift is tantamount to endorsing his lifestyle reminds me of the Pharisees in Luke 7:38 downwards.

    Rapu ife e de na motor, banye motor biko! Just be sure it's headed to your intended destination


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