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"In Your Face" Religion. Let's Leave Prayers At Church, Or Nah?

I received a mail from a blog reader this morning and in her words, "Have you seen Charly Boy's article on Julius? I agree 100% with his views about Julius and the religion thing. I've witnessed it". 

On the one hand, here's Julius whose life was saved from the ugly clutches of death, and on the other hand, here are fans who paid to have a fun night of fun, laughter and comedy, a brief respite from the current unpleasant state of our country perhaps... 

The comedian who's still high on relief to be among the living can't stop praising his God and grabs every possible opportunity to testify. I've heard him talk about it on radio shows and other places. Obviously he can't thank God enough, so what better place to do it than at his own show, right? 
      Wrong. It turns out that that's not what the people were there for, if they wanted to hear prayers and testimonies they'd have gone to church, abi no be so? Naturally they'd feel ripped off. 

Charly Boy penned his displeasure to the comedian and this excerpt sums it up; I wasn't sure whether we were at a musical/comedy show or in a pentecostal revival ground... We had trickles of respite when other artistes did their thing but each time Julius came up, it was like he was on a mission to convert us sinners in the hall. He kept preaching, oblivious of many people's disapproval, boredom and disgust for turning a comedy show into a sermonized gospel rant and chant. Kai!
The fact remains that people came there for the sole purpose of laughter, not to be preached at, after-all, the Christians in the building would have gone to Church earlier that day, being a Sunday. 

Which calls to mind Nigerians and our in your face religion. Or should I say "Christians" and our in your face religion?

It's very easy to be unaware, indifferent or unoffended by this as it's the norm and has come to form parts of our daily lives. Yet it's a real factor and very evident in schools and at work places in particular. When this happens in schools, it's more understandable or even acceptable as it forms part of the school regulations. But what happens when you're a fully formed independent adult, capable of making your own choices and decisions? 

At a former place of work, the minute Oga resumed work everyone was summoned into the office for serious kabashing. Notice I said kabashing, not prayers? God was praised and worshiped, demons and witches were casted out, unscrupulous competitors were prayed into the abyss, detractors and naysayers were quenched with Holy Ghost fire, and then the day's affairs were placed in God's trusted yet gentle hands. 
     It didn't matter that some of us were muslims, some atheists, some traditionalists, some orthodox, some still basking in the afterglow of raunchy morning sex with their boyfriends... No, none of that mattered, once Oga came to work everybody had to pray!

This is the modus operandi at some work places (sans the paranoid kabashing perhaps). Morning devotions are made mandatory and even where they're not mandatory some feel pressured to join so that nobody looks at them "one kain", or to avoid being sidelined or ostracized, especially if majority of their colleagues are willing participants. 

Well for some, there's absolutely no harm with carrying and sharing faith/prayer/God everywhere you go, either at work, shows, meetings, parties or what have you. Some ideate that when we remove prayers from social gatherings we're marginalizing God and becoming too westernized (funny as it's the same Westerners that brought us this same religion, but that's topic for another day). Others, Charly boy for example, however feel that there's freedom of religion and association, and prayers or worship should not be imposed on others; it's a personal thing. These people opine that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being religious, others simply shouldn't have to be a part of your "communion" if and when they don't want to. 

What's your take on this? Would you have felt slighted and shortchanged like Charly Boy and some others who attended the show, or would you have taken it in good faith or even been grateful for another opportunity to praise God? Is there a time and place for everything or should God be brought into everything, what are your views on (mandatory) prayer devotions at the work place?

Let's talk about "in your face" religion. 

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  1. I tend to agree with Charly Boy. No one would have faulted Julius for saying a word of prayer and committing the show into the hands of the lord and then proceeded to deliver to the people what they had paid for.

    but to turn the whole thing into a church and deliverance service. ah ah!!!

    give unto ceasar....

  2. I agree with the writer and Charlie boy.The "in your face" religion depicts the Sadducees and the Pharisees in us. It is all for show not really to revere God. How else can you explain the constant decline of morals and increase in church goers churches and kabashing communities.

    Lets look at the example of the every morning kabashing office, right after prayers the staff may disperse to smaller groups to gossip, or log on to various blogs,catch the latest on twitter and instagram while verifying the authenticity of Linda's Hermes bag etc but still believe that they will do better than their competitors because they just concluded a kabashing session where fire and brimstone were sent out to halt the activities of their "enemies".

    If a specific thing is expected of you or an occasion by all means deliver exactly that. Julius Agu already had a thanksgiving service why did he convert a comedy show to another thanksgiving service.
    BTW I don't know where we got the idea of praying away everything without making any effort on our side.J

    1. What was particularly ludicrous was that oga was also as keen on propositioning female staff as he was on his morning prayers. But that's all besides the point...

  3. I don't know why my comments aren't showing ! Pls notify if its been published!

  4. I was at Crack ur ribs late last year, same shit happened. Julius should stop already abeg

  5. Charlie Boy and Julius Agwu are both right and wrong.

    Julius has been, about 6 months before the February 20th show, going on and on about this great miracle in his life. At a point I became curious, after all it's not like he's the first celebrity to be saved from extreme danger so why all the fuss? (not implying it's a fuss to give testimonies so I hope this statement isn't misinterpreted) I watched a YouTube video where he granted an interview and talked about this. He was extremely passionate as he gave his testimony. He went on about starting a sort of *night club* church and all that. Then named the show, "Life as I see it". Not "Crack ya Ribbs", "Die with Laughter", or any of that. The name said it all. "Testimony Night" if you will. Then, someone will go to such a show, with that name in mind, and expect it to be like any normal Julius Agwu show? Na waaa. At least everyone was "warned" before hand, even Charlie Boy. And since EVERY adult Nigerian claims certain level of discernment, I feel he went overboard with his epistle.

    Julius was wrong in a way. Though it was within his prerogative to give such a testimony wherever it suits, he should've realized that the time and place wasn't proper or right, like Charlie said, "...The fact remains that people came there for the sole purpose of laughter, not to be preached at...". People hear names like Julius Agwu, Basket Mouth, Helen Paul, and the first thought that come to mind is "Comedy". Sometimes, just thinking about them makes you laugh. They practically don't care if you wrestled with Satan the previous night and gave him a KO. They want to rather hear you talk about why a gorilla is so excited when it sees Obasanjo approaching it. Julius has been in the game for decades, he knows how Nigerians think and feel when they hear he has a show, so using such an avenue to reveal GOD's wonders obviously won't fly...and it didn't.

  6. I agree with Charlie boy, I don't think the complaint was about the fact that he talked about his experience, rather it's more about over flogging the entire show.

    Naturally anyone would be tired. Besides if he had used a comic way to relate his experience creatively, I don't think anyone would complain.

    He can preach and testify all day, but actions speak louder than words. He should put this life experience into something that would have a ripple effect and use his platform to sustain it.

    He shouldn't chase away his fans with boredom.

  7. It is more common with us Christians. I wonder how people who are guilty of this would feel were they to be subjected to the Islamic version of what they mete out to people. I agree you can share your testimonies but the situation should be suitable for such.


  8. I agree with Charlie boy, I don't think the complaint was about the fact that he talked about his experience, rather it's more about over flogging the entire show with his sermons.

    Naturally anyone would be tired. Besides if he had used a comic way to relate his experience creatively, I don't think anyone would complain.

    He can preach and testify all day, but actions speak louder than words. He should put this life experience into something that would have a ripple effect and use his platform to sustain it.

    He shouldn't chase away his fans with boredom.

  9. "...unscrupulous competitors were prayed into d abbys!..." HahahahahHahahahahaaaaaaaa! Such choice of words tho! Hahahaha! I can only imagine.

  10. Thelma i'm just reading this and i must say you do have a way with words, well done!


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