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Male Contraceptives Anyone?

This has been an age long dream of mine and rumour has it that its about to come true!
Scientists have revealed a male contraceptive injection which may be available soon. The injection is calledVasalgel. It is described as “non-hormonal and long-acting” and has been shown to block sperm for up to 12 months. Clinical testing is planned to begin in 2016. Dr Elaine Lissner, executive director of the Parsemus Foundation confirms that the shot consists of styrene-alt-maleic acid (SMA) that is dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide. Therefore, Vasalgel could be the first long-acting, non-hormonal, potentially reversible male contraceptive to reach market. - Bella Naija *** Wow, block sperm for up to 12 months? Hmmm. In any case I still think it's great because... Its about time we share the work, if we're going to bleed every month the least you can do is pop a pill (or take a shot). It's just fair! On the other hand this might be bad market for baby mamas and intending baby mamas.  St…

13 Things That Are Worse Than Being Single at 31.

1. Having your dream job but still being unhappy because everybody hates you, especially your boss. 
2. Being in an abusive relationship 
3. Being married and lonely
4. Having no job, business, money, goals or prospects. 
5. Losing a loved one. 
6. Suffering from a terminal disease. 
7. Having a mother-in-law whose life's purpose is to make your life unbearable 
8. Eating only fruits and green vegetables all week only to find out that you've somehow added 3kg!
9. Putting in more years, time and energy into your blog than Linda Ikeji and still be too broke to renew your data subscription. 
10. Being female in one of those countries in the Middle East.
11. Being female in the above country in the Middle East and your husband just caught you in bed with your lover.
12. Winning free return tickets and an all expense paid vacation to your dream city for a week but your boss has vehemently refused to give you any time off.
13. Being blessed with good health, a loving family, good friends, a roo…

Sex OR Money. What Makes You Loyal?

At first glance I was like what sorta stoopid kweshun iz dizz?
But on second thought I'm like, hey, wait, maybe it's not so stupid after all. Loyalty is a huge deal to men. A woman's loyalty is one asset that just might keep her man faithful. And even when it doesn't (if you're dating a dog for instance and that's who you've chosen to be loyal to *rme*), it certainly wouldn't go unnoticed and unappreciated (unless you're dating a douche in which case you deserve whatever you get, for dating a douche).
Ok, on a more serious note though. Chris Brown said these girls ain't loyal, the song actually posits that if you've got a girlfriend and she's got a guy who's richer (and more generous) than you, then fogerrit, she ain't gon be loyal to you!
So apparently it's a money thing. 
But is it really? Forget about Chris Brown, I know how it can seem that money can buy a person's loyalty. It's money, not sex, after all that&…

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The Potter and His Claire.

Getting into the university was surreal. It felt wonderful. I had broken the barriers of home and was getting to discover the real me. The ‘me’ that was unencumbered with feelings of duty towards family and society. Though I cherised my freedom, I was plagued by male attention. Left, right and centre. I was the smart one. I had read enough of novels and magazines, and I knew what they really wanted. They played according to the books and seemed determined to get past my underwear.I focused on the ‘potter’. The potter loved me and was adept at making me into a wonder. I liked who I was with him. I liked the shape he was making me into. I was so caught in the moulding process that, during my confirmation, I chose the name CLAIRE. I loved the definition. Clear. Pure. Bright. Strange but beautiful. I wanted to be described by it. The name gave me a sense of pride.Then life happened.Secrets about myself surfaced. People dear to me left the earth. I lost focus, purpose and worst of all, mys…

This vs That.

My friend is buying some things from Amazon and asked if I wanted anything. Of course yes, I want THINGS! However there are some things I want now and I think I might be able to get from an indigenous online store. So I told him what I want from Amazon and he asked me to pick the things I want here and charge them to him. Then came the question, what online store. I've never really been able to differentiate between certain (similar) things. Last night my cousin wanted something from Konga but they said delivery would take 7-10days. She was upset so I asked her to try Jumia and she said nah, she'd rather wait for/with Konga. I asked why she preferred Konga and all she did was scrunch up her nose at Jumia, yet gave no reason whatsoever. So as I stare at my screen, excited at the prospect of owning new things I'm not paying for, I'm trying hard to decide what store to shop from. 
A few days ago I noticed for the first time at MM2 Airport that KFC and Chicken Republic shar…

About Last Night. (A Changed Man).

So after asking for several weeks I finally agreed to meet up with Ade for drinks. I'd been reluctant about meeting up because, well, I just thought he's a douche bag and I don't want everyone in my space. 
You see, Ade and I used to be quite close once upon a time. At some point he was asking me out and when everyone thought I was insane for not jumping at the offer to date this talllll yummy glass of creamy chocolate, I told them I wasn't. Well just as I was giving in, uncle who had just been professing undying-unshakeable-unconditional love, decided that this friend of mine was hotter and jumped on that ASAP. 
They dated and yeah, I was a bit hurt but life goes on, right?
Subsequently after they'd broken up and he started trying to get chummy again, I was civil but put him at arm's length. Then months we found ourselves in the same BBM group and where I'd once thought he was just an unpleasant fellow, I now realized he was a major jerk. 

Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter guys! May God bless, keep and avail you of every promise of the risen Christ. Amen!

How It Goes Down În Dubai...



Buahahahahahahahhahaha. This last one killed me. Issorai. 

*** My friend sent me this. Dunno where she got them, most likely Twitter. She said Nawa oh, some people will do anything for money. 
Anyways, doesn't reading this make you feel like you're definitely making heaven? Azzzzn I wish these people are right in front of me on the queue on judgement day, because there's no way anybody is sending me to hell after judging these ones! No way, I'd be sent right in, with the keys to my mansion, my personal angels and all that jazz. 
Meanwhile why are Nigerian girls put under heat for Dubai runs? Our girls are learners where these ones dey. 
Ok bye.

My Mother Mustn't See This.

I don't know if you've noticed but this Lagos sun is not for the faint at heart. 
The minute I got off the plane on Wednesday I was hit hard in the face by something so thick, dense and moist, unmistakably Lagos heat. And the minute I stepped outside Arrivals I was not greeted by my Uber as expected, but the fabled Lagos sun. I've lived here all my life and I was only away for a short while, but I swear I cannot remember Lagos ever being this hot. 
I make no excuses, but this current temperature is probably what set me off on my journey earlier today. As a matter of fact I'd planned to visit the April by Kunbi store in Lekki phase 1 where Gbemisoke shoes were being sold this afternoon. I'd been seeing the Ads on Instagram and the shoes are really affordable. I'd already decided to get two pairs of flats and two pairs of pumps. I'd even chosen the colours of the flats in my head; black and green. And the pumps; red and nude. 
However as the morning turned to no…

Dear Thelma... (It's All Kinda Complicated...)

Hi Thelma,am an ardent reader of your blog though I do not comment...I need your advice as well as others  on this...
Ok am a really reserved kind of a girl though sometimes I kind of put the blame on my parents because growing up  they never let us associate with other people... we never really went out and even if we do we had our 6pm curfew to beat... this their attitude kept up till now that I am 24... Though I had relationships in the past that went on when I was in school(I'm single now)...I finally met a guy recently through a cousin we started chatting and sometimes he calls me on phone. we've never met because we stay in different locations. we ended up getting fond of each other and I realised he had a different character and behavior as compared to other Igbo guys I know (yh am Igbo).. Btw my mum has been ringing it to us that it has to be Igbo and not only that she also says it has to be from our own church denomination (sometimes I wonder why parents are like this)…

Dear Thelma (Should I Say Yes, Should I Say No?)

Please advice is seriously needed. *Abey* and me have been dating for six months but I didn't really consider it a very serious relationship although I know he's in love with me. To my surprise he proposed to me last month and I have been so confused ever since then. I like him a lot (I don't love him yet but I know that I can love him someday) and he is 100 percent husband material. He is an amazing person and he has a heart of gold. I haven't said yes because he has a health condition and I'm not sure that I can cope with it. I don't know what it is called but apparently he was born with it. He has taken drugs for it all his life and will continue to do so. There are times he has serious crisis and this could last for a whole week. During this period he is bedridden and several thousands usually goes into this. He has been flown to different countries for medical treatment but all to no avail. Another issue is that he is religious and is remaining a virgin ti…

Letter To My Sister...

It seems a multitude was born on this day, at least i know like ten people, but what makes today most special is that it's your birthday.  Word fail me to describe how awesome you are, gentle, compassionate, intelligent and selfless is who you are. The authentic brainy of the family, who keeps flying our flag high. I stand amazed sometimes at how you do it all.
I remember been asked in ss3 righteousness by Sis Kate who my role model was, and as a fifteen year old I could boldly say without an iota of doubt and with all boldness that you were the one. Looking back, I can say you have being my greatest influence( apart from mom and God), it was more like my path was forged you, I chose to attend LAGGS and OAU because you were there, I studied engineering  because you studied engineering and showed me a female could be great. I am a decent, strong and intelligent young woman because I had you to look up.
Memories of time spent together in OAU and the sacrifices you made when things got…

Dear Thelma (I Really Love Him, But Should I Let Him Go?)

I have dated  just one guy which started from freshman year (at 18 years old ) till we graduated college.he is my first love, first sex et al..I broke up with him because of distance after school and he wasn't emotionally available and could never express himself to me. We are both age mates, after 4 years of dating and broke up for a year, we got back together as he showed me he was ready emotionally which has been great as he is a complete person in that aspect.   Now we are both 24 years old,he is job hunting and I am in grad school. We have been having lots of issues lately which stems from us being age mates and dating and also long distance now (will have to fly for 6 hours to meet). He has told me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me but at the same time he does not want to waste my time and make me wait while he gets himself together. I do love this man, I am comfortable with him, he is my best friend, confidante, lover, its just peaceful with when I'm with hi…

Blog Reader Request. (The Wink Challenge)

Growing up, she always heard that everyone had a story. Even when she got to hear those stories, they seemed stereotyped, beginning with an ugly situation and eventually ending in good. Some seemed like fairy tales that always ended in happily ever afters, but Her’s seemed different in certain ways and in all, she always held her Originator very dear. Things were not rosy for her parents during her childhood but she never got a feel of it until she got into the higher institution and that was when her life began fully per se because it was up to her then to make important and life changing decisions.
She was naive but an epitome of incomparable beauty therefore she made lots of male friends with ease than females while in school. Only but one guy was able to break the barriers and get into her inner circle which she reserved just for herself. They started off as friends but ended up dating. At first, it was platonic but when they couldn’t get hold of their raging hormones which was (to…

"The New Beginnings" Hair Growth Challenge.

This Hair Growth Challenge will ensure that we achieve the greatest amount of hair growth in 6 months and the simple rules which will deliver effective results are designed to hold us accountable. I would encourage everyone to participate (natural, relaxed, texlaxed, transitioning, etc) because although the rules are pretty simple, the end result which is longer and healthier hair will be well worth it. I would also be giving one lucky winner of the Hair Growth Challenge a bottle of my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil so may be the best woman win (to qualify to win you must have a delivery address in Lagos, Nigeria). If you do not live in Lagos this should not stop you from participating as the end result is the greatest gift of all.
I am tagging this challenge “the New Beginnings Hair Growth Challenge”, who says we have to wait till the beginning of next year to start afresh. We actually have a chance to start each day as if it were the first day of the rest of our lives. The rules of th…

A Familiar Foe.

The roller coaster ride that's me. 
It was the second time in barely one week he was picking up his things and walking out on me. 
"Wait! You're leaving again? Is this the new one you've learnt"
"I'll call you in the morning, I need to go". The clanging of the car keys in his hand was unusually loud
"Aii. Shut the door behind you". I looked the other way, feigning indifference, hoping he would get back on the sofa, hold my hands and say he wasn't going anywhere. The slam of the door shook me and brought me back to reality and my eyes began to smart as the tears rolled down. 
An hour later, I couldn't take it anymore. I called. "Where are you? What's this about?". 
"Err, I'm still in the packing lot. I actually left my house keys upstairs" he chuckled sheepishly. "I just didn't want to come back so I've been sitting in my car since". 
I convinced him to come back up, come and stay, let's ta…


Today the 20th of March is International Happiness Day. 
Did you know?
Well in the spirit the day, I'm sharing five things that make me happy. 
The laughter of a baby A baby's first tooth Full English breakfast Getting a phone call from him just when I'm hoping he'll call  Seeing mucho commentssssss on TTB. 

So guys, share with me those things, especially the random things, that make you happy. Its International Happiness Day!

Mercy Aigbe Rants About Not Being Posh Enough For Thisday Style.

Hey I just came back from church and decided to check IG only for me to see plenty tags on a particular pix posted by @thisdaystyle .....I read pple's comments asking why Mercy isn't on the cover and at first I wanted to waka pass, but on a second thought I decided to talk about it, cos it's been an issue dat has lingered for too long!.......I thought to myself why didn't Mercy make the cover of @thisdaystyle best dressed list?.... Has @thisdaystyle ever featured a yoruba actor on their cover? yoruba movies not part of nollywood? Nollywood not supposed to mean home grown Nigerian movies? .....hmmmmm I am very sure they didn't coz, they won't want to STAIN their cover with a 'RAZZ' 'LOCAL' yoruba actor!....Yes I am razz, Yes I am local and Yes I am a Yoruba actor!.....No I refuse to speak ur almighty English with fake British or American accent!....Because I'll always remain true to myself!...I am ME ....Proud Bin…

Are Queen's College Staff Suppressing Students' Sexual MolestationComplaints?

I would like to report the management of Queen’s College Yaba.As I write, the principal and vice principals have, over a month now, deliberately suppressed several complaints of sexual harassment which my daughter and some other students have consistently reported to their class teacher, their year head, the head of department of the accused teacher and the principal’s office.
My daughter is in JSS2, second term at Queen’s College. During their visiting day in first term she complained to me that there is an Integrated Science teacher, Mr Oshifala who has been harrassing her and some other students. I asked her if the man had touched her and she said no, he only tells them that they are looking beautiful and he wants to marry them. I dismissed her complaints as typical compliments from a teacher.
However, two weeks later, on Thursday, she called me late at night and she was crying bitterly. I could barely hear what she was saying until after I had calmed her down. Me myself I was scared…

The Misogynists In The Nigerian Senate- Reuben Abati.

What Senator Biodun Olujimi (PDP, Ekiti South) did with her presentation of a bill on gender and equal opportunities on March 15, is the equivalent of trying one’s luck. But she deserves praise for her courage and progressive views, and for forcing the issue so well.
The subject has generated useful debate and the Senate President has been forced to reassure the public that the bill will be re-presented, after it has been re-drafted “to address some of the reservations that were expressed on the floor of the Senate.”
This is the third time that the Senate will throw out this same bill.  Senate President Bukola Saraki knows too well that to address the expressed reservations is to kill the bill completely. There may be no hope of a misogynistic Senate passing a Bill that seeks to empower women and the girl-child, protect them from discrimination and violence, rescue them from being treated like chattel, and ensure that women play more prominent roles in public and private decision-making…