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Just Putting It Out There...


Perhaps I woke way too early with too much time on my hands... So many random thoughts and I'm just going to put them out there. 

1. Rukky Sanda & Ebube Nwagbo. If you're on Instagram and you follow either or both of these two chicas then you'd have long noticed that they're inseparable BFFs. Don't worry there's no dirt on them, I just love them both as friends, I like their friendship and I love to see them together. I also lurv to read the funny comments that pop up on some blogs when their picture appears, the last I remember went something like this. 
-hmmm Rukky and Ebube, sisters in runz. Your markets are really selling o!
-I like these girls sha, they seem so close but please Ebube and Rukky please don't quarel because the secrets that will come out go fit kill person!
-Secrets ke? Don't hold your breath, these girls are jazz girls and they swore oath of secrecy. They can never quarel or expose their secret. 
-Rukky and Ebube, international travellers...

LOL. I dunno and I don't care, I love their friendship. I love the IG and snapchat videos they do together. I really want to know what it feels like to have this kind of fun, exciting, happy and seemingly strong friendship. You girls rock!

2. Buhari and his kids schooling abroad. Did he actually ask parents who can't afford to keep their children in schools abroad to bring them back, but no he won't bring his back because he can afford their foreign education? Wait is this not the same man who just months ago professed to have barely 1 million naira to his name? I'm so confused, Memphis/Uyi/Easah please can you help explain this?

3. Why am I scared to say I sometimes think Genevieve Nnaji is basic? Is it because ayam afraid her loyalists wee kee mee??? Seriously though, she's a beautiful woman aging gracefully or not even aging at all, and I love her mysterious persona. But Abeg sometimes she's just basic. Or maybe I'm feeling this way because of this church dress she wore to the AMVCAs that people were hailing anyhow. I didn't get that, what was fantastic about this look? No wow factor, but then that's not surprising... (Awon loyalists please miss me with your voltronism. Thank you!)

4. Men's Clothing. So I was just thinking last night about how one of the most profitable businesses I've done was sell men's clothing. My profit was almost 200% and what's even more awesome is that men don't price your items down to below half the asking price then now come and be owing you for years! No, they pay what you ask and pay upfront. So just when I was thinking this might be something to look into, something else on the side, I remembered the economy and dollar exchange and I'm wondering if travelling to buy and sell is really a profitable business to venture into right now. What do you think?

5. Kimmy cakes! I love Kim Kardashian and I don't care what anybody thinks. I love Kim K. I love her family, especially Khloe. I love her nudes. I loved her sex tape. I love that she's getting her money right. I love how she's never unruffled by bullying, even when she's probably the most bullied person on the planet. I love how cute her kids are. And I love her body, which is all natural btw! #okbye. 

So what do you think about my random thoughts? Please share some random thoughts you've have today. It'll be fun to know!


  1. All natural lol.i like she made something of herself out of nothing but she needs to tone it done. Cos she has arrived. A little class won't kill rather it will promote her market.

  2. I was wondering the same thing about buhari too. Memphis where art thou?

  3. U need to be asexual to think her body ain't banging (and she has a skin as thick as a rhino's cos mehn,she no send her haters)

    As for the education part,"they" wld say there's a difference between what he said and what he

    1. 'As for the education part, "they" wld say there's a difference between what he said and what he' Gold!

  4. I'll also wait for explanations on Buhari's comments and while we are at that I'll deeply appreciate a nice movie recommendation from anyone.

    1. Haven't seen recent movies but know a few good ones. you didn't drop the genre.

  5. Clothing business generally has high profits but i think you need to chill a while for this dollar naira ish to get settled before you dive into it

  6. 2) Im in support of the motion that if you cannot afford to send your kids abroad then bring them back home. Any foreign investment/commitment has exchange rate risk. Unfortunately the risk is dealing with them now. Nigeria should not be subsidizing the personal Forex needs of people. We have more important shit to do with our Forex.
    As for Buhari's kids schooling abroad. No comment.

    3) Deal Thelma, please dont ever say Genevieve is basic. That is my number one love. I love her more than I love Linda Ikeji. Genevieve me.

    4) Any buying and selling business is hard business these days, especially if your finished products are from abroad. So ill say you should think twice before going into this again.

    5) I like Kim. But guess who I like more.... Amber Rose!


    1. Curious Q: are u attracted to single female celebs or are Genny and Linda (and now Amber) just a coincidence???

  7. 2) Thelma why're you confused? And why are you calling me out? Lol. Anyhoo I've taken time to listen and get excerpts relating to the issue, I won't say anything about it before someone accuses me of defending the indefensible. Lol. So read and have your opinion.

    ALJ: What about the..obviously those who’re more privileged like yourself; you’ve got children studying abroad, there’re parents in Nigeria with kids in Universities and schools abroad who are now facing the possibility of having to pull their kids out. They actually can no longer afford to make the payments for school fees.

    PMB: Well if the country cannot afford it, so be it.

    ALJ: But your children will continue their studies, no doubt?

    PMB: Well, those who can afford it can still afford it. But for those who can’t, Nigeria can’t allocate Foreign Exchange for all those that decide to train their children outside the country. We just can’t afford it.

    ALJ: So it’s tough luck?

    PMB: Well, that’s the true situation we’re in.

    4) As for travelling to buy and sell, just be monitoring the Oil prices. That has a direct effect on the Naira value so plan smart.

    5) Kimmy cakes ko, Kimmy buns ni. Lol. Broken record tinz...

    1. Really? This is the best way u cld explain this by quoting excerpts from the interview? Why am I not surprised??? Loolz...

    2. Well like I implied earlier, I wasn't out to explain anything to anyone, seeing as "explaining" in this era doesn't do any good to those who already have an opinion about issues concerning Buhari. So there are the excerpts, have your own opinion. *side eyes*.

  8. Genny....basic? That's a first.
    I don't see anything wrong with that dress...if you had said she played safe,I would agree but basic? Mbanu.

    On those two BFFs well....from the deepest koro of my heart I pray it lasts,,if it doesn't they should spare us the details biko.

    On Kim k.....if I hear say her body is all natural. If it is then I don't know what a bra is and I have never worn one before. Story for Ogun but that body is is hot though #nohomo

    Importing male clothes or any cloth for that matter....with the current rate for dollars,I'd say hol'up. Although there are still some who would buy them regardless of the price.

  9. Walking by and hearing my name... *sigh* i keep on stepping.

    And Quirky moi just had to be erased from my good books with her Kim k shade.(no one shades my kim k and goes scar-free. Send me ur address, @quirky moi)

  10. Thank you for putting the famous selfie of Kim k on the blog, I have been hearing so much about it but haven't actually seen it before now,as for Buhari no comment.
    Where is my darling Kabuoy!!!

  11. Genny is so far from basic, I stand with Buhari on this if you cant afford it bring your kids back home, Kim k and her body is so overrated, am not on instagram so I don't know about Ebube and Rukky but I kinda like such friendship seems cool. Finally on buying and selling just wait till the dollar stabilize.


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