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Meet The Best Of Wedding Vendors at WED Expo Lagos This Friday 18th - Sunday 20th March

Nigeria's Largest Wedding Exhibition - WED Expo is set to storm the city of Lagos this weekend!

It's time to Shop, Learn & Have Fun at WED Expo Weekend and it's going to be bigger than ever as we add Over 50 Educational sessions to the large exhibition of Over 100 Exhibitors. Attendance and Registration is FREE and can be done at the venue!

Lagos, the city that never sleeps, will witness another interactive, fun, and engaging exhibition filled with lots to win, discounts and great deals. And guess what? Everyone can attend!

Time: 10AM - 6PM Daily
Venue: Havilah Event Center, Victoria Island, same road as Four Points Hotel. Just after City of David Church.
Admission is FREE! Admission is FREE! Admission is FREE!

This is an event for everyone planning a wedding/event, wedding guests and vendors in the wedding industry.

The just concluded WED Expo Abuja was a huge success, WED Expo Lagos is about to be even bigger and better. WED Expo is filled with lots of interesting vendors – from makeup artists, fabrics retailers, souvenirs makers, tent manufacturers, wedding planners, event decorators, caterers, photographers and so much more!

To mark our 5th Anniversary, WED Expo 5.0 is going to be more than just an exhibition. There will be a conference and educational sessions going on alongside the exhibition for the 3-day period. This is open to brides and grooms planning their weddings, their families, upcoming wedding vendors and the general public. This is an awesome opportunity to meet top wedding vendors in the industry, learn from them and ask those important questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Speakers include Tosan Jemide, Frank Oshodi, Mai Atafo, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, Temitope Amodu, Maria Pamella-Nwonu, Bisola Borha and much more!

Friday 18th March



Business Name



Adebayo Rotilu

Twelve 05 Photography



Saturday 19th March



Business Name


Bridal Makeover

Ifeoma Adefemi

iPosh Looks


Bridal Hairstyling




Event Planning

Funke Bucknor-Obruthe

Zapphaire Events



Sunday 20th March



Business Name


Bridal Fashion

Mai Atafo

Mai Atafo Inspired


Wedding Decor

Damilola Bademosi




Tosan Jemide

Cakes By Tosan



Following every speaking category will be a panel session where more seasoned wedding experts will be sharing tips and advice with the audience.

For Exhibition Booth Booking & Enquiries
Whatsapp/SMS: 08096448289

Attendance is FREE. Registration can be done at the venue.

Visit for daily updates for WED Expo.

See some of the exhibitors coming to WED Expo:

Enydar Beauty World | Wendys Bridal | Perfect Occassions Bridal | DJ Weymo Professional Sound System | Classy_Aso_Ebi_N_Souvenirs | PawPrint Limited | Reis & Possente | Antique_Apparel | HairReyara and Accessories | Alexis Couture | Modee's Kitchen | DJ Skillz | Jabelle Fabrics | Something Sweet Cakes | Blush by MyQ | Smokhy Filmworks | The Mobile Spa | G25 Photobooth | Gift Essentials by Oyin | Arete Brands | Lanre Buttercream | Jidalights Events Ltd | Daniel Folley Weddings | Magnifique Beauty | The Keg | B & C Fabs | Phummak Events | Colours of C.U.E | Perk Bag Limited | Oyinkansolas Place | Bloomsroyale Events | Quincy Herbals | BeautyRevNG | Twelve05 Photography | Excelseum | Faaji Hub | Avore Style Company | Liri Tent | Molbaks Alaso-oke | Stefire O | PoshClick Portraiture | Tifara Signature | KL's Natural Beauty Bar | Alabaster Pearl Events | Hermosa Boda | TRS Aso Oke | Sooge Regal Concepts Ltd | TWS_Events | Platinum Signature Luxury Events | Dazzling Faces | TWC Events Services | Bela Flor Studio | GlamBeauty Jay | Hair by Beesroots | Besthalves Fashion | Posh Invitation Cards & Gifts | The Loft Wedding Deal | Mostelle360 | St Tracy Rings | Coldstone Creamery | Zawadi | Tuke Morgan | O'naturals Natural Hair Salon | Akikys | Tb4tees Photography | Adra Creations | OrdaWyse Creations | TL Cake Boulevard | Brian Munro Limited | Ella Posh Events | Zoyas Jewels | The Elect AsoOke | | Moogs Events and Fabrics | Lizzie's Cake 'n' Crafts | Victoria Treats | Hanah Facials Makeover | Melting Moments | Diko Photography | Wemy Industries | Stasias Virgin Hair | NellyzGemz Accessories | EcoPantry | Bops Sharwarma | Megapix Fotobooth | Gourmet Nibbles | Kisil Entertainment Network Ltd | Tsoule | 5D Imagery | HRM Signature | Photogenic Photobooth

Are you interested in starting a business in the very lucrative wedding industry? Do you require the training and skills to get started at an affordable rate? Look no further than WED Academy. Join hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs who will be visiting the WED Academy stand at WED Expo Lagos this weekend. Ask your questions and get relevant information on joining our classes facilitated by only the best wedding vendors.


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