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My Mother Mustn't See This.

I don't know if you've noticed but this Lagos sun is not for the faint at heart. 

The minute I got off the plane on Wednesday I was hit hard in the face by something so thick, dense and moist, unmistakably Lagos heat. And the minute I stepped outside Arrivals I was not greeted by my Uber as expected, but the fabled Lagos sun. I've lived here all my life and I was only away for a short while, but I swear I cannot remember Lagos ever being this hot. 

I make no excuses, but this current temperature is probably what set me off on my journey earlier today. As a matter of fact I'd planned to visit the April by Kunbi store in Lekki phase 1 where Gbemisoke shoes were being sold this afternoon. I'd been seeing the Ads on Instagram and the shoes are really affordable. I'd already decided to get two pairs of flats and two pairs of pumps. I'd even chosen the colours of the flats in my head; black and green. And the pumps; red and nude. 

However as the morning turned to noon and the beads of sweat on my chest grew in size and number, I made a swift decision. I'm already blessed with a lot of melanin and while 'black is beautiful', I do not want to be darker than my current complexion, thank you. In fact, it might not hurt to be a

So goodbye Gbemisoke shoes. Hello bleaching cream!

Grabbing my sister's car keys I hit the road with one destination in mind; Ebeano! 

Guys, I have never spent so time on one aisle in a supermarket. I exaggerate not when I tell you that I was there for well over an hour. There are way too many skin lightening products in the market. I perused the soap shelves and noticed that most of them boasted to have either Carrot, or Papaya or Gluthathione. The ones that didn't claimed to have come from the deepest part of some ocean and have some magical lightening properties. Even the black herbal soaps now come with "whitening" or "lightening" tags. 

I was immensely confused. 

You see, I know next to nothing about bleaching or toning or lightening. I made a weak attempt once which I told y'all about, but I used the products for three days or less and then threw them all away. 

I eventually settled for Fair & White serum and other Fair & White products. I hear the serum is good for lightening. 

When I got to the counter i couldn't help but peek into the other lady's basket. She also spent a lot of time on the skin lightening aisle but unlike me, she's veeeery light skinned and although naturally light skinned, she seems to be very knowledgeable about this business (Even the fair want to get fairer). 

She had a curious looking soap and I asked "What's that?"

"Oh, just some soap I use" she said. 

"Does it... errr... lighten you" I asked shyly. 

"Kinda" came her casual response.  

"I saw it, I wanted to buy it but I didn't know if I should. All those products are really confusing" I admitted bashfully. It was then she looked into my basket and saw all the F&W products. 

"You want something to lighten your skin?" She asked and I nodded. 

"Come with me" she said authoritatively, "First all of return all those things" she looked into my basket as though I was carrying worms. 

"What exact cream do you use now?" She asked, I shook my head; anyone

"What about soap?"

"Hmm, nne I use any soap I see" I said and she looked at me like I just told her I drink my urine for breakfast. 

"Ok..." She said patiently, "Do you exfoliate?" She asked. I desperately wanted to redeem myself but I didn't want to lie so I told the truth "No". 

Her eyes widened in shock. "You don't? And you don't rub cream?". I knew she wasn't referring to my Jergens or Vaseline so I said "No". 

"Haaa, my sister no be so o! That's not the way to go" she said with a mixture of amusement and pity. 

Well long story short, she picked out a few things for me and these are the ones I'm using tonight. If I'd use them after tonight is another question entirely. 

(When she wasn't looking I snuck the F&W serum back into my basket). 

In any case I know that if I cant keep this up there are people willing to collect them from me (someone has already asked. LOL) so I'll gladly give them out and my money wouldn't entirely be wasted. Just don't tell my mum I bought bleaching products! She's not dark skinned but when I say I want to be like her she'll say "Don't try it, you have a beautiful complexion!" Yet in the same breath she would call me "Blackie shadow!" 


So that's it guys. 

PS; the fact that I'm willing to post this on the blog shows that I'm not really ready for this bleaching business.

PPS; I'm still going to buy my Gbemisoke shoes. #supportingasistersbusiness #buynigerian #wearnigerian #gbemisokeshoes. (Just in case you haven't already heard about it check out her instagram page @gbemio-o. If you've got big feet like me then you're in luck!)

Be honest ladies (and gentlemen?) have you ever tried to lighten your skin complexion? Care to share secrets with me?


  1. I'm naturally fair, not very fair though. But my colour keeps yo-yoing because I'm usually exposed to the sun without sunscreen, I sweat alot so most times I don't bother to use body cream. I've tried lightening a few times but I could never keep up. In the last 3 months, I've been using baby oil continuously (surprised at my dedication) unfortunately, I look darker. So yesterday, I bought fair and white gold 1. I will continue to use my dettol soap though. Hopefully it works ASAP before I give up on it. Because I need to look very fresh by summer(expecting a special someone).

  2. I have tried to darken my skin by tanning but after butnt shoulders and a Caucasian friend having cancerous growths removed from arms i borrowed myself a brain. I am currently brighter than my future thanks to certain physical developments which have kept me indoors for a minute. I only use shea butter whipped with coconut oil and if I can find almond and grapeseed oil. I use the same on my hair - cheapest skin therapy ever. As for soap any of the simple dove mositurising washes will do.

    While I do condemn bleaching I realise its a personal choice - if you think you will be happier lighter then go for it I guess. But remember that a lot of skin alterations be it tanning or bleachig have negative effects....hold your moneyand be prepared to deal with those.

    1. Wishing u safe delivery of ur twins Mspynk.

    2. Must you put her business here....and yes I know you are just wishing her well,send a private message.

  3. Miss Pynk,
    Your highly suspect . Lol no mind me.
    I am not a fan of bleaching, toning etc. just do you

  4. pls bleach o, i wont tell ur mummy. it'll be cool seeing a fair thelma...#change2016# heheheheh

  5. Ĺately my face has been darker than my body and im not happy about it. I might give that fw serum a try. Hope it works.too many fake products now. Speaking of bleaching. Today i saw an old friend on fb.her name sounded familiar but she looked sooo different on her profile pic.. I had to go tru her pics to be sure. The babe don bleach crase commot for her skin. Lol

  6. Tee biko whats the name on d big bottle ant small container. I have zoomed it but i cant see d names clearly. Thanks

    1. the big one is BISMID skin glowing bath with carrot oil.i have one of those its really nice. though its not bleaching me just light toning n glowing skin. lol

  7. Bleaching works when the sun doesn't touch your skin. Hence it is for people with money. That's what people don't tell you. I started using anti ageing face creams from age 30. Bleaching is not for me. I don't need five complexions.

    How was your birthday?


  8. I feel u immensely, at not need 5 colours. I think it's really vain. And for people with a complex. (forgive me)

  9. My sister is a bleaching agent on her own, if you want to bleach and people wouldn't know, plain knuckles and all, rock bismid products. The cream, shower gel, facial soap, cream, just bismid every, e cost sha.

    1. its not too expensive if you get it straight from their outlet. cos that way u get wholesale price. its those retailers that cut throat.

  10. Your honesty is on another level, so many things I would love to share on my blog but I feel people would not understand so I leave it. My mums friend gave me Amos white and another serum for my face because its always rough when I'm in Lagos . I used it for 4 days then i noticed some parts of my face getting lighter . I stopped using it , but still use it for dark circles, I'm scared I might like the outcome if I continue using it and that might lead to full body bleaching and I do not think my skin is good enough to tolerate chemicals. Bleaching is like a part time job , takes a lot of effort and is time consuming, sometimes I don't even cream , I have a cream where people will see policy. Ain't nobody gat time for that .....

  11. Can someone suggest a really good cream for dark/chocolate skin biko. ....oh and not to expensive. Thanks in advance. I have never tried bleaching though,it is not for


  12. I use to use jegins but recently my mum started producing coconuy oil and for like 2months now, i have been using just coconut oil on my skin, atimes i use the oil as a cleanser for my face and tbh the differncr is clear,its made me lighter in a natural way... I rather somtim natural make me lighter instead of those chemical

  13. Try Revlon. It's not more than a thousand naira. It's in a long plastic bottle.

    1. This is for the anon that wants a cream for dark/chocolate skin.

  14. Thelma....bleaching? Nooo.


  15. Any updates? Did this work?
    What work that is natural? I'm brown color.

  16. Am a fair person but my colour is getting dim now and am not happy about it,someone asked me to use bismid cosmetics-skin glowing bath with carrot oil,what type of cream can I use along side with it

  17. Pls how far? Did the bismid do it for you?

    1. For those asking if it worked, yes it did. It started to lighten my skin really fast, my face in particular got really fair in less than a month. However I discontinued because my face was soooo much lighter than the rest of my body and also because I did not really like the skin tone it gave me.

  18. For me bismid is nice been using bismid Shea glow abd carrot bath its really nice on me not bleaching but am glowing. But I want to glow more like a creamy completion what bismid product will I use for it


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