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A Cry For Help.

I saw this on @joroolumofin wall and this read somewhere between a cry for help and a suicide note. He said he's been trying to reach the lady but so far she hasn't replied everything he's sent. 

Just this morning I also read something penned by a lady who's so depressed, she's becoming suicidal. I read and hear so many things that open my eyes to the pains people live with. Do you ever wonder about the people you see around you? The pain and difficulty they're living through... They say be kind to everyone you see because some people are fighting a difficult battle. It's so true, yet ironically most of us are fighting such ugly battles that makes it impossible for us to be kind to others. 

I pray, may our loads be light. 

Now the lady above, can you really believe this story? Can someone really be going through this hell; aborting while married and sleeping with other men at one's husband's orders? Why wouldn't she leave, I know it's not easy but is staying in such marriage really easier than walking away? Do such evil men exist? My questions could go on and on so I'd just stop hear. Sometimes I doubt some 'letters' I read on the Internet but this right here was written by someone in a very dark place. 

Why won't she leave?????????


  1. I likewise doubt some of these letters one reads online. How can someone be going through this sort of thing and she busy shouting love "upandan"?. She isn't well she's delusion and needs help asap.

  2. Schhew. Made up crap.


  3. Idonbelivit. Pls she should leave like yesterday. I won't waist my time on such stories.

  4. JORO and his plenty mails... i find it hard to believe some but then people go through a lot of unbelievable shit these days.... as for abortion while married? plenty!!! evil men upandan. id advice sh leaves since shes not happy. i wish she wrote what she actually did wrong to make her believe shes suffering for her sins... she needs God!

  5. This is ridiculous. Unless she's under some kind of spell, this is not an ideal situation.

  6. This might be true.. haven't you heard of a nigerian guy in his mid thirties working as a slave to a nigeiran couple in the states ? why could he not leave them after so many years ? it's called control!.. this lady probably has her mind all messed up and does not know what to do anymore...sad

  7. There are a lot of stories out there. Priest andd marriage counselors used to be privy to them alone but not anymore. Today we hear of "sharing life issues" on radio,Chronicles on SDK,Joro's IG page to name a few and everyone going under anonymous mode to share stuff to the world.

    I donno if this particular post is real but I do knw a lot of sick shit happens in Nig and abroad.

    As for her staying, love is truly a complicated feeling...



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