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About That Night. (Rude!)

I said on Friday night that I'd be going for drinks at Hard Rock Cafe, which I did. 

As usual, it was a fun place to hangout. It also seemed like a reunion of sorts as you could see people bumping into people and their eyes would widen in surprise, the mouths open with glee and arms spread wide to embrace a long lost friend. 

I ran into friends, old friends, former love interests, former classmates and acquaintances. When I saw each one I'd hurriedly greet them before rushing back to my date, i didn't want to be rude and leave him sitting there alone. 

But here's the thing, he never even noticed when I stood to say hi for a few seconds and when I returned. His eyes were constantly glued to his phones. He moved swiftly from Whatsapp to BBM to facebook, to instagram and then his phone would vibrate and he'd suddenly rush back to whatsapp. 

Intermittently his eyes would open in mock horror or he would throw his head back and laugh uproariously, he would laugh and laugh and then mumble something as his fingers feverishly typed a comment or a reply to whomever had sent him whatever great piece of comedy that had put him in stitches. Once, he laughed so hard that his whole body quivered and  I had to ask him to show me what was so funny. He showed me the picture below. 

Yeah you've got to admit this is pretty funny. Peep her friends at the back and the groom's look of despair. LOL. 

Still, leaving me to spend time twiddling away idly was not at all funny. To keep myself busy I ordered cocktail after cocktail. He encouraged me to keep ordering drinks and food, as if that would keep me busy and distracted but one can only consume so much! When there was seldom any space left in my belly, I began to look around helplessly. 

Eventually I said "What's the point in bringing me out if you're going to be on your phone all night. We've barely said 10 words since we got here. Couldn't you stay at home and play with your phone? You're being rude". Even then, even for those few seconds he couldn't listen to me without his eyes straying back to his phone. 

He was in the process of mumbling an apology when another ping distracted him and he was back to typing away. You can then imagine my glee and relief when I locked eyes with a former crush (who's still super hot btw) and he smiled that 1000 watts smile at me.

I took my last gulp of mystery magical mojito (be sure to have that cocktail whenever you visit), politely excused myself, grabbed my purse and went to join Mr Hunkydory at his table with his friends. 

My date followed me with his eyes, not sure what was going on. That was until he saw me settle in nicely beside Mr Hunkydory and beckon a waiter to get me another mojito. 

Next morning I get a message telling me how disrespectful (read rude) I was.  

Please, who was rude?



Meanwhile with regards to the Blog debate, the Poster would like the 3k airtime to go to Kon. Mr Kon, please kindly send a mail to You can either claim the recharge cards or pass it on to a blog reader of your choice if you'd prefer. 


  1. So cos he was rude, you stood up and joined another person???
    Thelma you sef!!!

    1. So she should have sat down there and watch him jump from one phone to the other abi? Abeg she did the right thing.

    2. I'd ve done d exact same tin jare. Wat nonsense!

  2. A single woman who is rude to guys is only garnering herself more time in her fathers house.

    1. Oh shut up with your sexist crap. I moved out of my father's house years ago. Yeah I said it Alfarwhatever STFU. I'm in the mood today.

    2. Ha thelma ti vex. Good for you alfarwhatever, in thelma's voice lol.

    3. Lmao... Even if she was still in her father's house she should take shit from a man because she's afraid he won't move her out? Haha, pathetic

    4. ghen ghen...... street ti take over.

      I think your reaction was well deserved for a guy that takes a lady on a date and then ignores her. In your shoes, I probably would have acted the same way.

  3. Two wrongs don't make a right Sugar..

  4. Wooow laughed so hard. I wld ve done the we used to say back in the days first to do no dey pain.........

  5. All I can do or say now, can't come out cos am laughing my ass off. Well, one good turn deserve another.

  6. Two wrongs don't make a right but I would have done the same thing or tell him I want to go home.

    1. I want to gerrarahere sounds more like it, @ least it's better than hopping to another Mr. And even asking for more drinks... how will the other Mr look at u knowing wat u did. Well it's ur life, ur decisions!!

    2. Exactly her life her decisions. Most of you take shit from men in the name of marriage then when they turn you into floor rag you will be writing chronicles to sdk blog.

    3. "I took my last gulp of mystery magical mojito (be sure to have that cocktail whenever you visit), POLITELY excused myself"

      OGA or madam anon. Did u read this part or u just want to be biased for whatever sake?

    4. My friend STFU... are u thelma? Woman wrapper!!

    5. Exactly... Y defend someone who didn't send u

    6. I guess u guys are new here... He he! I base my conviction on my very own inference. So if I choose to be on this side, I would do same if you are in her shoes as well.

  7. Well I would have done the same thing. It's very rude. I try not to touch my phone when I'm on a date, except it rings. In fact if I'm close to my date I give her my phone to put in her bag.

  8. I would have probably done the same if I were the one. Although some may think it's rude but I don't think so.

    He really should have left himself and his phone at home.

  9. But that picture is too funny, see her bra all outside. Nawa o, only God knows how she dragged him to the altar

  10. Rotfl

    This Alfarsi guy tho

    And actually said STFU....lols

  11. Human beings especially men are just funny, can't take what they dish out.....

  12. Obviously u two don't no gist, nothing. Next tym don't go out with him again, inugo!

  13. The guy definitely got a rude shock ! Kikikiki at ordering more drinks I can just imagine the look on the guys face, but really you invite a babe out n spend the entire time chatting on social media?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I probably would have left too if I was on that awkward date. He was rude nonetheless but leaving to join someone else at table is really embarrassing, probably leaving the cafe, would have sent the message.

    1. 1. I joined the table of a friend where I was joined by other friends. Notice I said I had a lot of friends/acquaintances there..
      2. Should I have left and gone to sit alone? Really?
      3. Why leave just because of someone's silliness when I wanted to unwind after a long week?
      4. I'd asked, appealed and requested several times that he please put his phone down all to no avail, and somehow leaving to join someone/people who appreciated my presence was embarassing? Sorry but I don't see how.
      5. To the person who said I even asked for drinks, before nko? I could have asked for ten drinks if I wanted to. Is it not my money?

      And that's all that matters, that I eventually had a fun evening with great people and I went home feeling good!

    2. Thank God Thelma is not so hot, If only she was. Wahala for dey.

    3. Pls where is the like button @ Thelma

    4. @Alfarsi its called self worth n self love!!!

  16. I remember when the blackberry faze just came out and I took my girlfriend (now Wife) out for dinner. She spent the whole time on BB. When we left the restaurant, I gave her a piece of my mind. It continued to happen over and over again and I kept on talking and talking until she saw the light. Should I have left her there and joined other people or another person? God knows I felt like doing that numerous times BUT out of RESPECT and Love, I chose not to. Imagine if i had done so, the ladies will have a feast on me; asking how i could have done that; calling me a dog and all what not. My epistle is just trying to say that women should be held to the same standards they try to hold men to. In the end one should do what makes one happy whether man or woman. That is why no matter how long Nigerian women castigate Nigerian men, the men will continue to do what makes them happy because the women seem to be no better.

    1. "...I felt like doing that numerous times but out of RESPECT and LOVE, I chose not to. Imagine if i had done so, the ladies will have a feast on me; asking how i could have done that; calling me a dog and all what not...".

      Hmm, I'm trying to harmonize these two sentences but I keep failing woefully. RESPECT and LOVE you showed for someone who didn't respect you in this circumstance is rather rare and confusing, not after the repeated warnings. And the fact that you concluded most (Nigerian) women would feast on your hyde if you had done the opposite begs the question: Are you sure it wasn't FEAR and not RESPECT that restrained you? I don't know what experiences you may have had with women, but I can categorically tell you that you're so wrong in assuming most women would support your wife if you had left her company.

    2. Respect and Love it is, because I really loved her enough to marry her and I knew she was carried away with that pinging thing. (Do you remember when the bb thing first came out you approach a lady for her number and she says give me your PIN. It was so irritating I swore never to use a blackberry and I kept to that promise).

      It was definitely not FEAR that restrained me and if you look at the way women go about, you will know that 80% of the ladies will castigate me for leaving her and mixing with other ladies. In the end, if you like (insert "love") someone well enough, you should be able to try to change that person. So stop trying to rationalise my feelings for my wife because in the end, I am the one living with her. Like I said in the earlier post, people (man or woman) should do what makes them happy. She was happy to leave him and mix up with other people, I decided to stick with my woman. In the end, it is all about oneself.

      Women keep screaming about what men do, do men care. They do what makes them happy. Women do a lot of things but most men just don't come out and yap about it. In the end it is all about the individual.

    3. And I will not say she didn't respect me, because she kept apologising and she was what, 23 years old at that time. IF I knew or felt that she did not respect me, believe me, I'd have left. In the end you compromise and try to mould. IF you succeed good-luck, if you don't, walk away. So Memphis stop trying to always support the women. If that really is the way you really feel, all well and good, if not Puleeze.

    4. memphis pls speak for yourself and dont categorically speak for all the women. this whole relationship thing is every mallam to his kettle ooo, whatever rocks your boat. i want to believe that some people here saying they would have left might not move an inch if they were in same position.infact they could have tolerated worse treatment than this. am a lady n my husband, then bf did same thing to me on one or two occassions n i never left d table out of respect and Love like anon said as a matter of fact i either sit quietly enjoy my meal n drink or just picked up my own phone too n laughed to what was not. after each outing i presented the matter n it stopped. now its i who peep my phone every now n then when we go out while his is face down on d table. id put it that Thelma isnt into d guy n it was JUST a date that meant nothing to her thus she did no wrong as long as her conscience dint prick her for her single moment. also, thelma isnt so much of a patient person so its expected, her future hubby would love her guts like that. in life though patience is key!not saying one condone rubbish.

    5. With regard to the poster's comment, if a 23 year old lady does that, I think it's more acceptable than when a 36 year old man (or woman) does the same thing.

      Also I reckon there are things I wouldn't have minded much when I was younger, but the older I get the more I value myself and my time, also the less tolerance I have for certain things.

    6. LMAO @Anon 8:36am. So all this while, you had the impression that I ALWAYS defend women? Hmmm? Isn't that a good thing? Lol.

      But seriously though, don't misconstrue what I implied when I asked the "FEAR" question. That you love and respect your wife doesn't make it wrong if you had walked out on her for repeatedly disrespecting you. You stayed put, good. She apologized, splendid. But what got my sexy eyebrows raised eventually was this statement you made:

      "...Women keep screaming about what men do, do men care...".

      This is the 2nd time you're on about "what women (will) do", like their behavior irritates or haunts you in some way. That's why I asked the "FEAR" question. You love and respect your wife and tolerate the "WOMAN" in her, but you don't seem eager to tolerate women for being "WOMEN"? Lol. Oh well...

    7. @ anon...the last part of ur comment summarises this whole story.. Nuff said! Case closed..

    8. memphis anon 8:28 you meant

  17. Thelma, you did no wrong. Honestly, you were really patient. I'd have left the table earlier.


  18. I don't see any wrong in what she did, i would have left a long time ago. Why bring someone out and spend the evening on your phone? its very annoying.

  19. hope u remembered to order the drink on his bill tho' . i would have done the exact same thing

  20. I wish I could gather the liver to do the same thing, rude ass!
    I'm likely to have gotten busy with my phone too or leave for another bar.


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