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Friday, 22 April 2016

Food Across Country

I remember how at the start of the year I promised a blog reader at least one post a day. Looking back now it seemed like such an idealistic thing to do. Like, I actually thought I could? LOL. I did sha, I guess I didn't know what life had planned for me. 

Last week and this week I've been in Lagos, Ogun state, Abuja, Rivers state and Akwa Ibom. Moving around so much makes it nearly impossible to find time to know what's going on online, or even blog. 

I've been in Eket for a while and I love this place the most among everywhere else I've been. The people are the friendliest and most hospitable, the food is fresh and wholesome, the air seems so pure and it's such a calm and peaceful place. 

I had something I needed to do at Mobil and that was done with yesterday, this morning while leaving town I was craving local food. Yesterday I had the greatest afang soup with snails and fresh fish at Darrels hotel. Everyone raved about the food there and I was not disappointed. This morning I wanted mama put and I was directed to Lovina

On getting here I was surprised to the see crowd of people pushing their way to get to the front of the line. I guess every town has their own "Iya Basira". In Owerri it's Ndaleti, in Surulere it used to be Bankolemo, then Olaiya (I don't know if it still is), but Amala-shitta takes the cake. In Enugu, places like Car Wash on Presidential road and Sheraton along New Haven and very popular. Oh btw guys, my dear friend and blog reader Uju Beibe recently opened one of such places in Independence Layout not too far from Tuscana, and I'm sure in a year or two hers will also be one of the places in town that people go and fight to buy food. I wonder what they'll call her place.. Maybe Nwanyi legal or legal rice (LOL) or something, seeing as she's a lawyer. I was in Enugu about a month ago and I ate rice and ofeaku there, I was really yummy. Uju also bakes, does small chops and has a catering business, so if you're in the East and you need someone who does this services please call me (08173600406) and I'll put you across to her.  
      In Abeokuta I think it's this place called Olobe where they make the sweetest food ever. Their amala/lafun is to die for and even their fried and jollof rice taste as if they washed "something" inside. It's just too sweet! Along that same road, before you get to Olobe if you're coming from Ibara Housing, is this lady that sells Ofada rice on the left. As in, original Ofada rice with Ofada stew, not that nansense they pass off in Lagos as Ofada. In the mornings she also does very awesom Asaro (yoruba yam porridge) too. Yeah, that's another place with a lot of crowd. 

Anyhow, this morning I got to this Lovina place and when I saw the crowd I nearly turned around. But I only became more curious about the food and as expected, I wasn't disappointed. One thing I like about Akwa Ibom is that there's so much plantain, and plantain is sweet and healthy. I'm also fascinated by how they serve their food. In the south-west we're used to rice (and beans) with dodo (fried plantain), over there it's served boiled and whole, or simple cut into two pieces. It tastes different and fresher but I think I prefer my dodo sha. 

I've been here and there and places where network is nearly nonexistent, and that's why posting has been erratic for a last few days. I apologize, but the girl's got to make a living. Haha!

So, tell me about the places you've been in Nigeria, the places with the foods you love the most and the foods you love the least. I love northern food the least not because it isn't tasty but because it seems foreign to my palate (but I may be wrong, considering the only northern food I've ever eaten is tuwo). I love food from the south-south the most, specifically Cross River and Akwa Ibom. Those people sabi!


What about you? 

(Photo above from @Dooneyskitchen Instagram)


  1. Lol legal rice, thelma youre razzzz ehn. Kudos uju beibe, God bless your hustle

  2. Nwanyi legal would sell ooh. I trust my 042 peeps. I have to thirst before recommendations sha. I just don't know when next I would be in that town.

    BTW tee, open sheraton has slacked nne, the issh now is Ntachi Osa, still by new Haven.

  3. Ose Olohun amala jointAka Sky
    Just beside Skyr bank, Bodija Market Ibadan.

  4. Darrels hotel is nice, shoulda tried belajno. Funny thing is i lived in eket for 8 years and do not know any mama put. Lived on oliver tweest, belajno, company meals and my own cooking. Hope you bought big big fish from Ibeno. I miss the smoked barracuda and ram suya from marina junction. Ado ok

  5. Teeee, lemme be your PA na #shines teeth#

  6. Am.not adventurous when it comes to food, find it hard to eat something that wasn't cooked in my house growing up, dunno y. Am improving tho, cos had to start making variety for my husband.

  7. Nwando, next time you're in Akwa Ibom,ask for where you can get 'Ekpankwukwo' (Hope I got that right).

    1. My favourite Calabar food of all time, T,u need to taste it and yea,Mezie u got it right.

  8. I'm not a foodie and can't be bothered with all these places... they don't keep d place clean even. #notinterestedsmiley#

    1. They all can't be dirty nau


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