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Is Linda Ikeji's Tirade Really About Women's Rights? I Think Not.

As you probably know by now, Linda Ikeji got the police involved following the threats and insults Wizkid left on her Instagram page See here. Yesterday she took to her blog to tell us exactly why. She begun by stating that she infact likes Wizkid contrary to what he thinks so it's nothing personal. (Duh, of course it's personal), then followed it up by telling us why she brought charges against him. 

While I fully support Linda reporting these threats to the police, I can't help but feel dubious about her motives; her sudden championing of the Women's rights/ Violence Against Women cause to be specific. I think her epistle would hold more water if she admitted that 
-she was concerned for her safety, 
-no one should have the freedom to publicly threaten violence against anyone, 
-she did so to deter others from threading the same path or thinking its okay to do so (Incitement)
-Wizkid actually deserved to be brought to book for his careless utterances
etc etc etc

Anything! Just don't use the Violence Against Women campaign, it's reeks of falsehood and desperation. I've read LIB for years, that blog has the largest following in probably all of west Africa and not once have I heard her champion any anti-violence cause. Not once have I seen her use her large platform to say No To Violence Against Women or No To Domestic Violence. Stella Dimoko Korkus, yes. Linda Ikeji, no. 

When Joro Olumofin and his brother verbally attacked Gbemi (in very similar words used against Linda, which she condemned in her write up) those posts were used to garner comments and traffic and not once did Linda raise her voice to fight for women or defend Gbemi. In fact she joked about it and said "these entertainers are making my job so easy this year". When she repeatedly puts up posts about abuse or domestic violence, it's usually from a reporting stance and not an opportunity to speak up against it. When she allows comments that tear down women, it's never a problem, right? When she puts up posts that bring down her fellow women (whether she's "just doing her job" or not), that's not bullying or anything bad because she's simply doing her job. When she puts up posts that tear down families or marriages, even when they're false and she's confronted with the truth, she doesn't listen or take them down, simply because it's her "job" and it don't matter who gets hurts. It's fine for you to be collateral damage as long as the traffic increases. 

I do not know the facts but the way I see it, someone probably told Linda to get the police involved and then to garner support, use the anti-violence angle because once you do that, who can resist? And that was a very smart thing to do.
      However, I feel insulted (yes I'm taking it personal) because I simply do not see Linda Ikeji as someone who cares much about "lending a strong voice to the plight of women in our continent". She just has never shown any interest in the cause! Yes, she empowers women to be self-made, but no, taking Wizkid to the police is NOT about Linda Ikeji speaking for other women. (And why does Linda always feel the need to follow her actions with some long ass explanation tho? I digress, sorry!)

Yes, Linda has taken the matter to the police which actually serves Wizkid right. But don't tell us it's nothing personal, don't tell us how you really love his music and have some of his songs on constant replay in the same breath you say to him "let me leave you before I finish your career" which in itself is also a threat. Don't tell us you're doing this for every woman and it's not personal when you attack his endorsements and incite his "endorsers" to withdraw their endorsements. Chris Brown, whom you cited, actually beat up and inflicted injuries on Rihanna thus losing his endorsements and being denied entry into a few countries. I doubt this would be the case if he simply went online to say he'll get his 16 year old cousin to beat her up. All that would happen is that a public apology would be demanded. So please, stop telling us it's not personal and using the Anti-Violence campaign card when it's obviously very personal. You actually said the second reason for going to the police is Incitement. As in, people who have a large following can influence others to think or act a certain way. Well Linda, are you aware that that's the exact same thing you're doing by bringing Chris Brown into the matter, suggesting his endorsements be taken away, or that countries (the public) treat him like a pariah? 

It's also getting old the way you always pull out the victim card when sh*t gets real. Then you're suddenly quick to tell, retell and re-retell your grass to grace story and/or how you're doling out cash to strangers. No, that doesn't make you a good person, it simply makes you look like you're trying to assuage consciences, especially yours, with cash. That reminder in your epistle that you dashed a women 500k for carrying cement was totally uncalled for, irrelevant to the post at hand, and yet another evidence that you wrongly think you can blind people with money; "I can’t count how many times Wizkid called me a hoe in his rant against me. That’s what boys do. When they get into a fight with a woman, they try to slut-shame her. Smelly p*, hoe, ashawo etc. You call a woman, who gave another young woman, whose real name she doesn’t even know N500,000 just because she said she would rather work by carrying cement than prostitute herself (yes, Blessing Nicholas got N500k from me), that’s the person you call a hoe? When your mind is so warped you can’t differentiate between a woman and a hoe, then this is what happens". Ok Linda...

In any case, whatever Linda's motives are I sincerely applaud her for taking the case to the police. Nobody should threaten violence against another, male or female. It's really wise to put a clamp on things before they get out of hand, and some men actually need to learn how to act, the violence and abuse (physical and verbal) against women should be checked. Likewise, people who also feel defamed by Linda Ikeji or any other gossip blogger should sue for defamation if it's that serious. 

Anyways, that's my 2cents. I've been so inundated and I'm only just hearing about this hoopla this morning, and the whole "We women have to come together to lend a strong voice to the plight of women in our continent. When we see a woman being physically and mentally abused, let’s act. Let’s speak up. Let’s not laugh and say she deserves it. If we continue to keep quiet, the circle of abuse will continue. And one day, You, yes You, will find yourself in the receiving end of a thundering slap, followed by heavy blows. If not you, then maybe your daughter? Let’s condemn violence and threat of violence against women! This is not acceptable!" just left a funny taste in my mouth. 

Some of us are not stupid, madam. It's obviously personal, and you're not fighting for women; your words and actions suggest that you're simply trying to f*ck Wizkid up (as young people used to say back then). And that's fine, just own it and don't lie about it!

These are my thoughts. What are yours?


  1. (And why does Linda always feel the need to follow her actions with some long ass explanation tho? I digress, sorry!)
    Same reason you typed out this long epistle to tell us why you dont think her epistle is genuine. All of you are same thing. I don't understand why people won't let her do her job. If she writes something untrue, people should sue her, if they don't, then she is probably right! Haba!

  2. I totally agree with you Thelma. Nice one. Keep it up. I believe she just wants to teach wizkid a lesson. I feel sorry for him, I bet he's full of regrets now. Should have just kept mute and leave d babe and her money.

  3. Gbam, well written. Linda is a classic example of money miss road. She plays a lot on sentiments and the fact that people need money. Also good for whizkid, he's so uncouth

    1. Lmao @money miss road. U are right Thelma, na fear make Linda dey advocate for women now. Na she sabi.

  4. You have said it all, in fact you read my mind. The domestic violence angle just makes me irritated, someone still called her out last week for posting a story about Domestic violence on her blog lifted from her IG page without making any awareness about how people can get help from Domestic Violence.

    And the part that irked me most was the 500k part, still trying to get how that correlates with all the drama.

    I really do not support wizkid and I am glad she reported him to the police but her reason for reporting him doesn't hold water at all.

  5. Why so serious Thelma?
    Why take it P?
    Does it matter if she never supported the violence against women cause but now she wants to support. Its a plus if she now wants to support it. Abi?

    I still love you Linda. You haven't called me yet. Im waiting


    1. Exactly. Why so serious? I agree Linda is loud, bt everyone can't be like me:-)
      I agree she comes off as boastful, but for some reason I believe she's a good, non proud, non arrogant girl. I wish her peace, and safety.
      A lot of people are jealous of her, it annoys me. A lot of Naija peeps can like to hate on people when they spend their days hoping and crying and wishing and praying to be u or even less than u are sef.
      I don't gerrit...

  6. If Linda is fighting for women, she wouldn't have bullied the woman who married a man with his picture, exposing her to the ridicule of others. She would have also defended Gbemi during her saga with Joro. I dislike bitter women and Linda is a perfect example of a bitter woman.

    P.S I don't support wizkid's threat of violence, but before coming to equity, always make sure you come with clean hands.

  7. preach on thelma!

  8. Brilliant!

    1) Wizkid shld learn to grow a thick skin like GEJ and Kim. There wld always be (false) publications u don't like about u. How u refute them matter.

    2)Linda decided to use a threat to her life to suddenly champion the "anti-violence" crusade. (Smart move)

    3) I wld love to knw what Kon has to say...

    1. I see no fault in Linda's actions.


    2. Oh kon I get you bro... Even if Linda kills someone in coldblooded, she sure has a 'logical'reason. Quite right, right?

      I'm really surprised that some people haven't lost it with this Linda lady... I've always known she's just one fake woman fronting like a saint all day.

    3. Kon no one is saying her actions were wrong, her motives are just being questioned!

    4. Of course Thelma's boy toy would have 'had it' with Linda . What else is new? Hi Uyi....

  9. Whatever her motive,it does not take away the fact that she is on the right path on reporting to the police. It's not ok for anyone not to talk of a celeb to think they can threaten someone publicly and get away with it. I wish one of the big brands will drop a celeb for unruly behavior that way they may learn. Did you guys notice that not once did whiz Kid deny he was evicted? J

  10. Forget the fact that Wizkid is wizkiding and Linda is Lindaring, everything here smells of a well thought Nollywood drama. Those who (decide to) champion the anti-violence against women cause do so aggressively and to a reasonable length; they DO NOT spare the culprits. But y'all shouldn't be surprised when our new champion in the block decides to kiss and make up with Wizkid soonest.

  11. yaaay, yipee, team thelma on this one. me and you on the same page once again. You never know, maybe me and you will end up on the same bed some day.

  12. I actually read it smwhere else b4 Linda put it up and i was like 'kai! Linda wan teach dis boy lesson... only for me to read another reason on her blog.
    In as much as am a big Linda fan, i just help but notice how she z not just contented with being Linda! She just feels d need to explain herself to d world at any slightest issue which is nonsense. She doesnt just want a taste of her own pills because imagine how everyone she writes about would do anything to explain themselves in long epistles like she does.
    I really dont know wat she is scared of tho, it just cannot be positive stuffs abt u all d time nah!!!
    Nawa O! The Hermes bag saga and now its wiz ke? Mtchew!

  13. Didn't bother to read her epistle to the end,after I got to the violence against women part.....yimu.

    You should read the next epistle after the meeting with the commissionerand the part where she mentioned whizkid and his lawyer abi na people have been begging her since yesterday and I was like wharrahell.....This lady just can't help it.

  14. Regardless of her motive, her action is valid -that is what counts.

  15. Thelma,Pleasw where can i send your hugs to?
    You summarised my feelings with words that i could not express!

    Soon there will be LIB giveaway to appease the LIB readers....

    As a gossip blogger,you should be able to take what you dish out but not Linda! she gets passionately defensive when it comes to her but she does not expect others to do same.

    Yes wizkid should not have said that and its good linda reported....but i do not think linda did it out of personal safety reasons....more like i know the commissioner of police,he will deal with wizkid and i gather public defense if i say am doing it for women,after all i am doing the self made woman project...

    oh further comment lol


  16. You had to write this to get traffic? Very, bitter individual. Or is this one of your mood swings that makes you cuss your boyfriend out and act like a bitch? Look at look at Linda Ikeji. LMAO!

    1. Wow, did u skip ur meds? I knw u and I knw u take anti-depressants. Just take it real easy ok?

  17. Thelma I love you for this. Linda is just one fake ass lady. Very boastful too.laye

  18. @anon, serious LMAO @ all these bloggers in Thelma's category. They all had to keep mentioning Linda's name to revive their dead blogs!

    1. You know you can just leave one long comment instead of pretending to be different people, anonymous? My blog is so dead yet you can't stay away and keep swallowing each and every post I drop like its your oxygen. Sweetie, you're a big joke!

      Oh btw, I may not be Linda Ikeji (whom I do not want to be btw) but I thank God I'm not and will never be "anonymous".

      Signed: THELMA!

    2. Grandma problems.

    3. How can this dead anonymous call Thelma bitter? You have been bitter since day 1 of this blog. You are such a horrible person and also a coward that hides under anonymous to talk rubbish. I hope attacking thelma makes you feel better about your sorry life. Stupid troll please stay on linda Ikeji with your fellow trolls since you never have anything sensible to say.

    4. But Thelma, you sef, why do you make these bitter people happy by approving thier comment....... @ my darling Anonymous"es" pls find something better to do rather than hating, I wonder why you are so bitter about life, at first I thought probably you know Thelma and she kinda offended you but later, I realise that this is life and there will always be bitter people, people that can see nothing positive out of life no matter how hard they look. And then I feel nothing but pity for you, please keep reading, trust me, her post will cheer you up


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