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Join This Blog Debate on Buhari's Visit To China and Win 3000 Airtime.

President Buhari visits China at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jiping in honour of our 45 year diplomatic ties. Bilateral issues and issues of common concern will be discussed, a forum on production capacity cooperation will be held, and cooperate agreements will be signed. What should PMB do?

A) Honour invitation
B) Decline invitation

Give answers with constructive reasons and get N1,500 recharge. 😊

This was sent by one of us, and I think it might be an interesting debate so I decided to add another 1,500 recharge. 
I know my readers don't have a problem loading their own phones, so this is just to add some twist to it, either way let's hear your views.  


  1. Why not make the reward fuel?

    1. Bia, if it is fuel you want, comankoletit.

    2. Lol,Sasha bone yaff come that's a good idea ohhhh T.

  2. It's illogical to decline an invitation to China, especially with the reasons given. However I would prefer he assents to the Budget before travelling. We've had enough of the hullabaloo associated with it.

  3. Good day fellow debaters, my colleagues, blog visitors, haters, wailers, accurate time keeper and the judges.

    I am here to support the motion that Buhari should honor the invitation.

    1) There are some big boys in the world today that you cannot turn down their invitation. Its like Jim Ovia inviting me to come for lunch in his house and uncle is in the hospital at the same time. Ofcourse I will go to Jim Ovia's house. Why? Because he can help my future. My uncle will either get well or die, the koko is that my presence at the hospital is irrelevant. The real work is for the doctors. So let Buhari travel to help our future, his presence here is irrelevant because the minister of state is handling the fuel issue.

    2) What signals will be sent if he does not honor the invitation. Remember we are a country that looks out for charity. It might just mean that when next the Chinese Government wants to invest heavily or support a cause, Nigeria will not be considered because we did not honor a bloody invitation. Some of these things are petty issues.

    3) What is the man even doing sef? He is jobless here. Kachikwo (Or whatever his name is) is handling the fuel matter. Let Buhari travel and be part of World politics for Nigeria's sake. These things matter in the long run.

    I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you and I hope I have not talked shit.


    1. LOL...You never fail to amuse me

  4. ROTFLMAO. Oga Buhari has already packed his bag so no need.J

  5. Confused face* it starts with PMB visits, then you are asking if he should visit....?

  6. I think the president should humbly decline the invitation. Looking at Nigeria's present economic situation and the many problems facing the country, from fuel scarcity, to limited electricity supply, shortage of food supply and in the face of falling oil price, I think the president should try and address these issues facing the country instead of running from one country to another in search of so called diplomatic ties.
    If you look at the problem of Africa, you will see that most of these problems where Instituted by the western world and track record has shown that no good comes out of these ties. No country goes into diplomatic ties without having something to gain. In the case of China, our huge natural resources as well as our market. Chinese corporations knows that Nigeria is one of the the countries that loves to spend and they will do everything possible to keep us as their customer. I think what the president should be doing is to look for a way to drive this country forward in this time of economic hardship. Some might ask, how do we do that! Before the discovery of oil in Nigeria, the main stay of Nigeria's economy was agriculture. We had oil palm and cassava in the east cocoa and rubber in the West and groundnut and livestocks in the north. Our leaders has strayed far away from our root. We have to go back to agriculture, and from there we can diversify to technology. The president can start by apportioning large hecters of land in each local government for agricultural purposes. Then with effort from state government and private individuals, Nigeria can be food sufficient in no time.

    1. I am more confused than convinced by your motion.
      Good proposals anyway... Agriculture needs solid foundation.

      Your first sentence is in stark contrast from everything else.

    2. My whole argument boils down to one thing. Alleviating the poverty situation in the country and agriculture will go a long way in helping the nation's economy

    3. In the last decade, GEJ has provided the best Agricultural policies so far; policies that even saved us from impeding drought in 2014 after we were ravaged with floods, climate change, and terrorist activities. But guess what? We still talking about food(Rice, tomatoes, poultry) importation and *oyel*.

      Talking about diversification of economy these days isn't as easy as it was 50 years ago. You don't only need excellent policies, you need SERIOUS need all the help you can possibly get. You sit at home and talk "diversification", OYO is your potion in Nigeria. Look at the way Ben Bruce is being insulted because he advocates local production? Sad, but that should give you a hint of our general orientation about diversification.

    4. Did u say it's not easy to diversify? That right there is a lazy man's excuse. Developed countries are developed,no because they cld diversify but cos they had vision and aren't lazy or greedy
      Nig's case is likened to the parable of the 10 virgins.

      Now that elrufai has admitted that there's more Gold/diamond deposit in his state than in South Africa, lets see if the Minister for Solid Minerals wld act upon this information! (after all,we are looking for diversification)

    5. First of all, I didn't give any excuses not to diversify. I was crystal clear on my position on that. And besides that, please tell us which "developed" country became "developed" within a space of 10 years. Tell us which country diversified without foreign aid since 2005 and is about to achieve the famed "20/20". The rate at which we demand success from our government, I doubt we fully understand what it takes to diversify in this present age and how long we're ready to wait. No one says it's impossible if your president sits at home, but if he does that, be prepared to wait for results in decades to come. Are you prepared though?

      And as for Gold in Kaduna, do you know when it was discovered? Lol. In fact, there's Gold in Kaduna, Kebbi and Sokoto. Find out when it was discovered, who discovered it, and how it was discovered. *Homework*

    6. The time the Gold was discovered is now an issue? So we shld give the Minister of solid minerals "time" to absorb this piece of information before he decides to hit the ground running and does the needful?


  7. LMAO.. @Sasha bone.
    Your head dey there! You get sense!
    Buhari should go. Why? Even if he stays in Nigeria, it does not change anything. Dollars is high, no fuel, electricity nko? Mba! I hope they will clone a fresh brain for him.

  8. He should honour the invitation. It's just 4days at the most. I believe that is why he appointed people that he could work with plus our VP is capable

    1. How honouring the invitation wan help Nigeria economic situation. When be the last time you remember any of this presidents visit Nigeria

  9. That is why the present government should focus all its attention on agriculture. For the nation to move forward we need to first of all be food sufficient. Let me give you a case study of what the government should be doing,take anambra state for example that has spent a lot of money on sorghum Plantation. The sorghum that is harvestsd in anambra state is used for production of hero beer. Other state can emulate this policy, let say oyo state government decides to invest in Cocoa Plantation and other states decides to invest in other agricultural products before long Nigeria economy will be revive

    1. bros, it not as easy as you make it seem. Are you in the agricultural sector, I dont think so. Reviving the agriculture sector is going to take years, a lot of money and partnership with private industries. So, before you start touting the agriculture mandate, try to understand what it is.

    2. It's one thing to run farms and another thing to make money off farming and when I mean "make money",i don't mean chéré-wéré money.
      Dubai don't farm,ain't got farmers yet haven't run out of food!
      Whenever oil prices drop, we all scream return to agriculture. How do we make money from oil? By exporting. How do we plan to make money from Agriculture? By feeding only ourselves? If only the govt wld encourage local consumption of oil the way it's pushing for local consumption in local rice (by banning foreign ones), I doubt we wld hv unnecessary fuel scarcity (a topic for another day)

  10. to the debate at hand,I believe Buhari should honour this invitation, compared to his other visits, this seems sensible for the following reasons.
    1) a direct invitation was issued and courtesy and international relations demands that the invitation be honoured.
    2) China is a force to reckon with globally,his travelling to China will help strengthen the bond and also encourage more investments.


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