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Oh dear! I can just imagine how frustrated this madam must be, but I couldn't stop laughing. Especially @ sweet potatoes, onions, vegetables and he said all for you baby. Hohohohoho.


Just for fun ladies, the poster above says her hubby is an upright man, which I'm sure means that he's a faithful and disciplined husband. Her complaint is that he's unromantic, probably very stingy seeing as he has never given her even Chocomilo. 

So, if you had to choose between 
a) An upright man (who doesn't cheat on you, go out at night and keep 'bad' friends) but is unromantic and stingy man like the husband above
b) An unfaithful man who's generous, romantic and passionate in the way he expresses love to you


Mail courtesy of @joroolumofin (Instagram)


  1. Im confused. Is he supposed to close eyes during sex? Do people close eyes during sex?

    And what the hell is man moan?


    1. LOL!!! you are so funny

    2. I love you, Kon.

    3. Lmao,kon ti kpa mi oooo. Lolllllllllll.

  2. Hahahahahaha (some marriages do have them)

  3. I actually had a good laugh.

    Errmmm, let me ask: how did the lady know the guy opens his eyes while making love? It means she does same.

    This is the reason it is good to marry someone you are compatible with; someone with whom you share important values.


  4. I'm so laughing hard at this post.
    i would choose option A as i am very jealous, i can deal with stinginess as i will be making my own money and can buy myself all the chocolates.

  5. Lol. Kon, if you're confused, what should we do?

  6. She must be an orobo mama.. I'm taking it that ur hubby cares abt u @least he's getting u healthy stuff so u can stay in shape... it's better than chocomilo madam... lmao!

  7. Lol . I feel her pain but tgis is funny biko
    Pls id go for a faithful ootion A. He can buy all d blenders n maintain d home. Id spend my dough on the things i love.

  8. Lol,this post cracked me up,I couldn't stop laughing, as for the options,am a bit skeptical on which to choose.

  9. I really had a good laugh at this post and comments especially Mr. Kon.
    Eyes wide open ke, maybe to see the pleasure received by madam to know if to improve or slow down

    I choose option A, anyday anytime o

  10. Hahahhahahahha... i got tubers of yam as a gift once from the hubs. I ran home in excitement from the phone call of "honey i've got a surprise for you.. " and a trunk full of yams awaited me.. lol, anyways.. I was thankful for my yams.. what are the most important things in life though? Let the poster focus more on that.

  11. Rotflmao
    Potatoes, vegetables hahahahahahaha
    God help you dearie


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