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Military In Agbada.

I just called my brother to ask for a favour but before I could, he started to vent vehemently. Apparently he's been queuing for fuel since about 4am. It's past 9am and he's still yet to buy. He's presently at the Total filling station close to House on The Rock and says the church is practically empty. Usually by now there'd be really tight traffic caused by church goers and the church car parks are certain to be filled to capacity and people have to find alternate parking space which often causes a gridlock. But he said even the church car park is almost empty and service has already begun. "Nobody is going to church! Nobody has fuel!" He shrieked. 

Hmmm, I don't know that everybody can't make it to church today, but I know my sister who never misses mass isn't going to church this morning because she doesn't have fuel either...

Yesterday as we drove towards the airport axis, I was amazed at the queues. I'd thought the mainland would have less queues than the island, as that's where we usually buy in times of scarcity, but boy was I wrong! My taxi driver (who charged me almost double by the way, because apparently he'd slept at the filling station the previous night) couldn't stop ranting. From Lekki to Ikeja came unending rants and expletives all aimed at our dear President. I wondered what Buhari would do if he could hear these vexatious cries, and curses. 

On the other hand, would he really care, would it make a difference? Our President seems to be deaf, unsympathetic and immune to the grieving of Nigerians, and among all the things that get my goat about this government, this is the most irksome. That indifference to the common man's pains. There's this thing called social media, at least use it once in a while to reach out to the people. Assure and reassure us that you hear us. Lie to us if you have to! 

But no, while we wail and toil he boards planes and travels, I'm certain you've all seen the info graphic. See below if you haven't. I tell myself some good would definitely come out of it but hey, it's been almost one year since we put him in government and he's yet to give us one single reason to be glad we did. If there's any good going to come out of it, can we begin to see it now?

The only area where my President is agressive is in his war against corruption. But as Femi Aribisala propounded at a discourse in Unilag a few days ago, if the sole targets of this war against corruption are members of the opposing party, is there really a war against corruption (or is it simply a vendetta?). And really, when his party is a makeover of PDP, when he had to align himself with people whom we've not remotely known for their pristine records, in order to win the last election, who is really fighting this war and against whom? 

If only he could leave this corruption matter for now and squarely face more profitable projects... I mean, you're talking to John Kerry the U.S. Secretary of State and rather than focus on our economic diversification agenda, you begin to beg for help to return "stolen" funds. That's great, but what's with our President's almost perverse fixation on stolen funds and what's being done with the repatriated monies so far?

Now here's the one that makes me agree with my taxi driver when he said "Aunty we are not in a democracy, this is military regime. See how we are suffering and nobody is talking. We are in a military regime, this is just military in Agbada!"... How do you promise an entire nation that graduates would be given 5000 Naira monthly. One of the great promises on which your campaign was hinged. And then you now come, without remorse or apology, and change mouth and say Nah, we're not giving you the money, we will create jobs bla bla bla. 

Before nko? Of course you will create jobs! Were you, Mr President not planning to create jobs? When you people were busy chanting CHANGE and promising 5k a month, was that supposed to be an alternative to job creation? Hian! Do tell please. 

My President lacks compassion. A leader ought to be firm, decisive, shrewd even, yet compassionate. At least sir, let us know you hear us, let us know you care! You're so eager to explain your stand once you're in the diaspora, granting indepth interviews to foreign journalists and even sitting down to explain yourself to young Zuriel Oduwole. But back here at home na OYO we dey! 

Ok o!

I woke up bright and happy this morning. You know how us Nigerians are great at suffering and smiling, and smiling even inside boiling water... Well at some point it becomes too much that one can no longer smile with ease and try as we may, the curves turn downwards and we're suddenly weeping.  

I believe it sometimes has to get worse before it gets better and I am hoping, desperately hoping, that this is the case in Nigeria today. 

After all said and done I JUST WANT FUEL! Power supply is the worst it's ever been. I understand that I'm my own government and must provide my own basic amenities, can I at least see fuel to buy and run my tired but trusted generator?


  1. Wonderful. See rant! Lmao.

    "...There's this thing called social media, at least use it once in a while to reach out to the people. Assure and reassure us that you hear us. Lie to us if you have to...".

    I don't really understand why Nigerians have this idea that Buhari doesn't or hasn't empathized repeatedly with us. Nah, I'm not talking about Femi Adesina, Lai Mohammed, or Chris Ngige. These ones must've smoked spices before talking recently.

    Thelma, look up tweets by @DigiCommsNG, @ProfOsinbajo, @NGRPresident. "social media". You want Aso Rock Press release? Forget Femi is an animal and follow his Hyde on Facebook. You want to know the real problems causing this scarcity and what the president is doing about it? @IbeKachikwu @Dr_IfeanyiUbah. Senate invited Kachikwu to explain the situation, instead of people to focus on the meeting with the Senate committee, they're busy asking why Buhari wasn't invited. Lol. So dear Thelma, google the outcome of that meeting.

    As for the traveling, don't really know what's wrong with a president travelling all of a sudden. GEJ traveled for EXACTLY the same reasons, we didn't bother. So why now? What's meaningless about the trips? People say we're losing investors so he should stay back and maintain institutions. Institutions that were there as at 2013 and Dunlop, Mischelline, Unilever relocated their HQ from Naija? Despite the oil boom, we borrowed to even pay salaries and our savings home and abroad were depleted? Now the mono reliance on oil, the backbone of the economy, isn't feasible, and Buhari should "stay back"? And do what? How do you as a president, convince the remaining investors to stay by sitting at home and probably expecting a miracle from the global oil market without getting involved? Please, I would like to know.

    If traveling is an issue, maybe the world leaders who have come to Nigeria recently probably wasted their time, no? Wetin de here wey Dem de find sef?

    1. @ Google the outcome; Memphis I'm well aware of the outcome, still doesn't change how I feel. Give me fuel or...

    2. Don't even complete it, I'm on my way to the my president. :/

    3. It amazes me how Memphis (one I perceive to be learned) would still be in blind support of the actions (or rather inaction)of President Buhari and his cohorts to the plight of the masses since the beginning of his tenure.

      How convenient is it for you to excuse the utterances and words of Femi Adesina (President Buhari's mouthpiece) and Lai Mohammed and Chris Ngige (ministers that took him about six months to appoint because he wanted to select the piece de resistance of the options).

      In a democracy, the President is answerable to the electorate, essentially the Nigerian citizen. If he deemed it wise to appoint himself the Minister of Petroleum, why shouldn't he be answerable to the Senate and the House when there is Fuel availability crisis in the nation. If he did, it would have showed humility on his path and also his sincere desire to resolve the crisis.

      The major deficits existing in Nigeria need little foreign input to solve but we see our 'beloved' President putting virtually all resources to trivial issues like foreign trips.

      Nigeria would always be a fertile ground for the visits of world leaders because if Nigeria fails the whole of West Africa and I daresay Africa fails. Their coming is not necessarily to see the best come out of Nigeria, its more to prevent the worst coming out of Nigeria. Also, the best way Multinational corporations can easily start business in a new country is approaching the new country with an entourage of their own government. 180 million persons bound by one government, do you know how much that translates on the balance sheet on these companies and also their home country economies, look no further than DsTv, MTN, International Oil companies, then you'd understand why Nigeria seems to be important to them.

      Time will tell if President Buhari has been a plus to the Nigerian story. But I must remark that I differ on your evaluation of his tenure so far.

    4. Lol at Chrisyinks. Bro, I know the present economic situation is unbelievable and greatly annoying, but please, that won't stop you from reading what I clearly wrote to avoid misinterpretation. I said "THESE ONES MUST'VE SMOKED SPICES BEFORE TALKING RECENTLY" in reference to Mohammed, Adesina, and Ngige. Buhari has empathizes repeatedly, Kachikwu same, prove me wrong.

      If you had recommended that Buhari resign as minister, I would've understood, but saying he has to go before a Senate committee to...I a sign of "humility" is just too funny. If that was even feasible, is his presence before the committee more relevant than Kachikwu's? In all our wisdom, have you ever heard that the NASS summoned a president before a designated committee for whatever reasons?

      "...Nigeria would always be a fertile ground for the visits of world leaders...". What makes a country fertile? What made your country fertile? List the things that have made your country so fertile and tell me why, despite the availability of these things, investors have been running away from our fertile land since 2013. Tell us why we have no more FX, tell us why our mono economy isn't viable anymore, tell us why we've lost buyers, and tell us why we have nothing of value to market from this fertile land.

      And lastly, tell us which of the trips have been meaningless so far.

    5. If they had smoked spices before talking as you said, they should be made to retract those statements and also possibly publicly cautioned. Not that it would help assuage the crisis, but it would give an indication to President Buhari's stance on issues pertaining to governance and communication with the Nigerian citizen.

      Well if he had gone before the committee, he wouldn't be going as a President but as the Minister of Petroleum. Ayo Sogunro once made a comment with respect to the budget about President Buhari being quick to take all the glory then pass the buck when there is crisis - regarding the padded budget. I am almost certain that if there were visible improvements in the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria, President Buhari as Minister of Petroleum would share in the glory and improvements. My question is when there is crisis, what stops him from also being at the fore-front? Leadership is not always about the title or office. It's more about meeting needs - and doing what is required to meet such needs.

      Africa has a population of about 1.2 billion, roughly 24 million per country (with approximately 50 countries making up Africa). I can bet if Nigeria with 180 million persons were broken into 4 countries with about 45 million per country, the Multinational companies (save the ones coming for Natural resources like oil) wouldn't be so interested in any or the summation of all four smaller countries. Nigeria is seriously lacking in infrastructure, ease of doing business, human capacity, rule of law, intellectual property rights and many other necessities for doing 'good' business. The presence of so many people (180 million) with these deficits still make it moderately rewarding to do business here because of 180 million reasons to do business. Our major advantage is our mammoth population. Different Multinational companies have different tolerance to the presence of massive graft and other undesirables earlier mentioned so for some it would still be acceptable doing business in Nigeria. To your other questions, that would take more than this platform to share my opinion on those matters.

      Rather you tell me which trip has being meaningful?

    6. Unfortunately you've danced around my questions and failed to answer any.

      1) Ayo Sogunro made that comment out of ignorance. Buhari gave us reasons why the budget was padded and said he'll scrutinize details before assenting to the approved budget by NASS to avoid such a mistake. He has taken the blame for electoral process failure in Bayelsa, Kogi and Rivers. He has apologized for the epileptic power situation and fuel crises in Nigeria at least 3 times, and personally brokered peace with organizations responsible for the smooth market operation. He has repeatedly assured he's well aware of the current hardship and even denounced openly those who celebrate him in public and in the social media (like #IStandWithBuhari group). So please, what is Sogunro on about?

      2) I asked you about the resources that attract foreigners here and why, despite these resources, they started leaving noticeably as at 2013, you're talking about human resources and 180 million opportunities? Lol. Human resources provides workforce needed to put raw resources into great use for development. What are these resources? And how does a stay at home president assume that because he has a multitude of countrymen to boast about, investors will come running in? Are you in this country at all?

      3) let me just, for the sake of this debate, imagine Buhari being summoned by a committee. So tell me, what would he say to them that would be any different from what Kachikwu said, since Kachikwu's summon is obviously meaningless to you?

      4) The fact that you cannot even adequately fault a single trip and rather refer the question back to me, says a lot. I asked you to fault one trip, you said I should justify one. Lmao.

    7. "Time will tell if President Buhari has been a plus to the Nigerian story."

      Mr. Chrisyinks, please just leave it at that.

      I don't think there's any more I can say to buttress Oga Memphis' points.

    8. Una welldone o! Please continue biko.

      Memphis tho, I understand your POV but I'd like the links to read all these Buhari's "responses" to the crisis going on in the nation currently cos I haven't seen, heard or read any and its like all he's interested in is the trips abroad. Lord knows that it would take more than a miracle for the problems of Nigeria to be solved and I know that things(especially the economic situation) will get worse before they get better but it would help a great deal if I know that although my president can't even begin to understand how I feel(what with the fact that he drives around in AC cars, doesn't have to queue for hours to get fuel and doesn't understand how beautiful the sound of "Up Nepa" is on a hot evening), he at least sympathises with me. I don't get that from his government.

      Also, Chrisyinks has a point. Saying that Ngige, Adeshina and Mohammed "smoked spices" before speaking is an insult to the electorate seeing as it took him a whole SIX months to appoint them. Its his fault that they are his mouth pieces, not mine and as such, I can blame him for whatever crap they spew from their traps because he appointed them.

    9. This is getting interesting!

      Those reasons (or rather excuses) are not tenable. There are few important landmark in any President's tenure that gives an insight into his work ethics and one of those landmark is the budget (presentation, ratification and execution). For President Buhari, it was a colossal failure especially when a large chunk of it is going to be debt-funded essentially mortgaging our future generation. Till today, no one has been punished by the courts for the 'errors', just re-shuffling of some officers. Most of his speeches have been rhetoric with no accompanying action especially punitive justice to those who are erring - Now I start to wonder what makes him different from President Jonathan. Don't even get me started on the Agatu massacre and his nonchalance in apprehending the criminals behind the killings.

      You misinterpreted my 180 million reasons. Nigeria's large population is a profitable MARKET for any shrewd business. No other African country can boast of our numbers and its a known fact that if you conquer the Nigerian market, domino effect would take care of the rest of Africa. Why do you think Mark Zuckerberg has been in talks with China recently - 1.5 billion reasons.

      To further on our population advantage, if our population is our major selling point to international investors, we need not go and start clamoring for their arrival in Nigeria. We need to start fixing our infrastructure, our judicial system for swift handling of disputes, ease of obtaining government approval, epileptic power supply and many other issues that do not involve foreign trips. Foreign trips are expensive for Presidents - cost of logistics, accommodation, foreign stipends for officials, etc. Reason why Presidents send their Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade & Investment (for economic negotiations). I dare President Buhari to make public the cost of all his foreign trips, I won't be surprised if it amounts to a State's annual budget.

      To your third point, assume you were a majority shareholder in an Oil company and there was a massive oil spill. An extra-ordinary meeting is called and the managing director gives a flimsy reason and says the Head of safety should go to the meeting in his stead, what would be your reaction as the majority owner? You own Nigeria, the outcome of any Nigerian life is intertwined with how Nigeria fares, now tell me why we can't have the President that we supported and voted for speak to us about a National crisis.

      To put things in perspective, President Obama (the leader of the free-world) visited only 11 countries in 2015 and many of those countries visited were combined on a single trip. President Xi Jinping of China visited only 14 countries in 2015 and the number of his trips makes him China's most traveled top leader. This number has been perhaps due to China's aggressive move for world preeminence. President Buhari already has about 25 countries under his belt in 10 months of his tenure, well done Sir!

      I don't need to fault any of his trips when at first I don't even understand the reasons for most of them. Nuclear Security Summit my foot!

    10. Dear sunshine, are you going to blame JESUS CHRIST for the misdeeds of Judas Iscariot and St. Peter? Are you going to blame Buhari when his men and women speak to us after an all night orgy? Tell me Buhari has failed to admonish or relieve these guys because of their horrendous attitude, I'll be in sync, but if you think that the misdeeds of serving officers is directly proportional to their boss' flaws, you're on a long thing. As for these links...nne, when google has been your padi since 19th century? Lol.

      Ehen what is Chrisyinks even saying sef? This is the 1st time a budget has been *ripped* for public opinion in Nigeria. It's obvious Buhari was shocked and embarrassed at the details which he most certainly knew nothing about. It was he who even made the *ripping* of the budget possible, and why he's continuously mocked and admonished for this really beats me.

      180 million boyz and gehs, no I didn't misinterpret. Infact, you buttressed further.

      - "Nigeria's large population is a profitable MARKET". You failed to tell me the resources this MARKET will use to escalate development.

      - "We need to start fixing infrastructure" with the money OBJ, Yar'Adua, and GEJ left us, or the money we keep realizing from our perpetual gold mine? How do we "fix infrastructure" in this present predicament? Regale me..

      - "Our judicial system, ease of obtaining government approval". And someone told you these aren't being handled? Someone who's fighting corruption isn't bothered about the judiciary? The investors being wooed haven't discussed ease of doing business before now and it's being relayed to the CBN and finance ministry?

      - "President Obama travels". A man has a stable economic policy and you wanna compare his travelling frequency with someone who has virtually no economy? And your judgment? "Sit down PMB". SMH.

      - "Nuclear summit my foot!". This is the 4th summit. Last 3, GEJ attended. What was the condition of your foot those 3 times?

    11. Let's not protract this argument any further. At this point I think it best to agree to disagree. Perhaps we'd do justice to our differences on President Buhari's regime some other time.

  2. Hehehe,Eku fuel scarcity, there's light at the end of the tunnel (that's if NEPA gree o)

    This one ur ranting, did u vote? I was told only those who voted have the right to

  3. All I want is fuel! I stopped unnecessary outings two weeks ago. I can't deal biko.. Transportation within Jos has been one helluva Lagos to Maiduguri. I can't even rant cos I need fuel to rant.

  4. Thanks Chrisyinks for putting into words all that is in my heart. When you take up a post. As the petroleum minister you must also take up the responsibilities. PLEASE tell me the benefits of all the travel of PMB so far. A man his house is on fire does not go about chasing rats. This is the only way i can describe What PMB is doing, putting the cart before the horse.j

    1. How about this...

      In simple terms, this is Nigeria right now.
      You stepped on a nail, it was painful. You have to remove it but because it is going to be even more painful to remove, you decide to leave it like that and get comfort with the pain u have now. Ignoring that it would lead to a huge problem in the future, you don't mind, so far you don't feel 'too much' pain(per se).

      That was Nigeria. Then sai Baba comes and says, no way is he going to have to amputate that leg all because u don't want to feel that huge pain. He decides to remove the nail anyways. You see, that huge pain you feel as he removes it, that where we are right now. So every reasons why you would want to rant, its understandable. He understands.
      He has 3years more, so let's fasten our seat belts cos I'm expecting more pain. U should.

    2. You are welcome, apparently we share the same sentiments

    3. Ah Uyi? Kuku ask for the military rule since pain is hungering you...

    4. We are in democracy, yet we have been living a 'military rule' in disguise. @Sasha. Suffering and smiling.

      I'm glad we are suffering and not smiling for once.

  5. If Kachikwu can speak for the Minister of Petroleum when summoned by NASS, its safe to say Osinbanjo can represent PMB when it's time to travel. No?

    1. Kachikwu speaks for the Ministry. It's also safe to say Osinbajo can govern when PMB travels. No?

    2. Nope,its safe to say Osibanjo can travel instead when it's time to travel. (since we all wanna be petty in defending)

    3. This isn't a defense, it's objective. In a gathering of world leaders, Nigeria sends her Vice Leader. That sounds matured, right?

    4. And "world leaders" coincidentally have been having gatherings in 21 different countries for the past 10months? He's heading to China soon. Another gathering of "world leaders"?

    5. I wanna also assume all these world leaders are experiencing fuel scarcity and terrible power supply in their respective countries? (abi n'a only Buhari waka come?)

    6. Sasha, by Ur last comment, you have totally missed the point.

    7. Uyi, I tire honestly.

      Lmao @Sasha. You've failed to be objective about PMB's travels. Alright let's look at it from your perspective. You've said the president should stay back and govern, fix infrastructure and *cuddle* investors in the country. Cool. In his shoes, with virtually nothing of value to export anymore and hence, no FX, how do you accomplish this? Let's leave travelling for now, lest you say I'm *defending*.

    8. Go and read up on APC's campaign promise. I'm not the one to answer on their behalf.
      Quick question, was globe trotting part of APC's promises?

    9. Hahaha. We all assume expertise in solving the problems of this country, saying what the president should and shouldn't do. If we should talk about issues like Agatu, which PMB has so far performed poorly, I doubt if you would lack words to describe his flaws. Simple request I asked of you and chrisyinks: FAULT A SINGLE TRIP BY PMB, Chrisyinks instead has thrown the question back at me. And you? I should gaan ask APC how far? Lmao.

      Since it's pretty obvious both of you can't answer or haven't found the appropriate words to arrange into an admonition, let PMB globe trot till 2019.

    10. In summary im assuming you can mention 21 benefits of his 21 trips so far? Pls enlighten us?!?

    11. @memphis, how can you fault a trip you don't even understand the need for... I hope you understand my English,as a Nigerian, I see absolutely no point in the travels as Nigeria has not benefited from it. Or is it until he travels to over 50 countries that we see the impact. The thing is both Memphis and Uyi are just arguing blindly, you can't even explain to us the reason he is travelled to all this countries, how then can we fault these trips. I concur with what Thelma's cabman said, This is military in Agbada. I really hope you understand me, I cause hunger and heat isn't even making me think straight, hence the reason my sentences are here and there

    12. Uyi, your nail and leg analogy makes sense, but a question, when you want to remove this nail, do you just pull it out without explaining to the person the reason why removing it is better than totally cutting of the leg. It's like saying a patient's spleen in ruptured so he needs an emergency surgery, then you just wheel him into the theater without getting informed consent. See ehen, we put Buhari there, he should at least talk to us, tell us why we need to keep suffering as it is,and what he hopes to achieve with all this traveling. That way, even if we vent, we will know it's just temporary, this one I have not even heard anything the president has said.
      As for these scarcity issue, I believe there is nothing wrong in Mr President appearing before a committee since there was nothing wrong in him appointing himself as minister. What Nigerians want is a reassurance from the president. He should be sympathetic to our plight and reassure us

    13. Pure water is now #10, always pad is now #350, Egg is #40,lets not even try transportation, no salary for some states since November, beard IMO state is ow ing workers 10months salary, even if I know nothing about politics, I understand these things I mentioned above and I know it wasn't the change I wanted

    14. The masses are suffering, just yesterday, I heard of a civil servant that committed suicide cause she could afford to see her children starve. No light, no fuel, no money, no food..... I haven't seen any way his traveling has helped. And yes I am ranting like an average Nigerian selling goods at oshodi market, lol

  6. And Uyi, what of my other comments? Did they totally miss the point too?

  7. .....and he pulled out the nail without making plans on how to control the bleeding? Is it not better to keep living with the nail than pull it out and bleed to death.J

    1. Lmao. So someone who pulls nail out will leave you to bleed to death?? Nna na WA o. That person must be a sadist. :D

  8. My Lord,on the strength of the last sentence of my opponent,I rest my case.j

  9. So while they remove the nail from ur leg, they decide to pierce a knife thru ur eye because afterall, ur already meant to undergo surgery?


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This friend was the first person who won our beauty of the day contest back then in 2014. Then we had met just once through a mutual friend. I mentioned the blog to her and she became an instant reader. I wouldn't have exactly called her a friend then but yesterday as we sat down waiting for our Uber to come get us from Wal-Mart, she's definitely my friend and I knew she was coming from a good place when she said she had much higher expectations of my blog.

Me too.

But you see, in the last year or so, maybe even longer than that, I haven't felt much joy in blogging. It began to feel more and more of a laborious chore, one which I hardly reaped any fruits from.

I really love writing, I love sharing my life and my experiences with others and I've enjoy…

Adventures, Fun, Friendship & Laughter at the TTB Hangout (Lekki Conservation Center).

Nicole to Clare: mummy lets go. I want to climb that ropy thing!

Isn't Clare beautiful?!

Uyi et moi. Clowning. 

Mother & child. 

Scary af! Trish on the ramp. The chica loves the outdoors so much, she was like a kid in a candy store. She and Uyi took this walk twice! More power to them, you can't pay me to do this a second time.

Uyi & Tiwa