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My Seat-Mate.

It was the smoothest flight I've been on in a while. Everything was going great, I was seated at one of the emergency exits which meant I had enough leg room for my timber & caliber (mum's nickname for my legs), I found a copy of The Guardian Life on my seat which flaunted Chigul on the cover. Already while waiting to board my plane and doing what I love to do best, scrolling through Instagram, I'd seen on some handles that she had an interview therein. Eagerly I sped to page 6 and began to devour every word.
     I love reading about Chigul, I think I became fascinated after hearing her speak at Chocolate's wedding which she compèred. I was even more fascinated and extremely impressed after watching her TED talk. The interview was very easy to read, and unlike most newspaper articles I was left wanting to read more and more. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and so I had to flip to the next page. 

(Quick insert. 6 facts about Chigul; she was once married. She speaks 5 languages fluently. She lived in the US for 12 years. She majored in Criminal Justice but she was failing so she switched to French Education where she excelled. She used to teach French to young high school students in the US, she's also an actor, singer and song writer). 

There was a relationship article on dealing with a depressed partner and I smiled as I read her talk about mood swings. The article was mainly about depression, which thankfully is not something I suffer from so I moved on to something else. Aha! Ifeanyi Dike Jnr, my crush if only I was 7 years younger. He also happens to be one the most talented actors in Nigeria, in my opinion. 

(Did you know 25 yr old Ifeanyi Dike is a medical doctor? He studied Medicine at Igbinedion University. He was going for his Masters where he would have furthered his course in Medicine, but instead, with the support of his parents, chose to study Acting and Writing. Before he became an actor he was a contributor on Ynaija, 360nobs among other media outfits. He has also created content for some TV shows on MNet)

It was then the stewardess handed me my pack of refreshments. I reclined my seat to relax and read the article while munching on my cookies. The lady to my right slept off even before we took off. To my left was a man of about 50 years or more. Her has a tall brooding physique and he is a member of the Clergy, a Reverend perhaps, or even a Bishop. He was fully robed in his officiating-minister regalia; floor length purple robe, white collar, gold embellishments etc etc etc, and I was certain he was heading straight to church from the airport to deliver a service. 

I was munching away when something went up the wrong pipe in my throat and I began to cough. I tried to swallow hoping to clear my throat but it only became worse and I began to sputter and tears started running down my face. I began to choke as I noticed I was unable to breathe properly and I was nearly falling out of my seat. The lady to my right woke up and began to frantically pat my back as a steward rushed to me with a cup of water. Thankfully, with their help I soon began to feel better, but my eyes were teary, red, swollen and my nose, runny. 

But guess what, during this whole episode this "man of the cloth" did not look my way even once, not a sideward glance nor a sympathetic pat! He just calmly kept on eating his cookies and croissants even as I fell forward almost to the floor. Even when my throat felt like it was closing up and I was gasping for air, I'd seen him stretch his legs out and take a slow leisurely sip from his juice box. 

When I started to feel better and I needed tissue to dry my eyes, he had some with him but wouldn't spare one. 

It's not a big deal but it was very confusing to me. If just anyone had acted that way I'd have thought them mean and insensitive. How much more a "Man of God"?

Or could there be some reason he acted this way? I can't think of any except he's blind, deaf and dumb, which I assure you he isn't. 

Anyways ladies and gentlemen, don't be like my seat partner. Don't be overly religious flying 35,000 feet above sea level from North to South to preach God's words when your heart is devoid of love and empathy. That's the problem with Nigeria...

Beautiful Sunday guys!


  1. Maybe they told him 'beware of gorgeous ladies!'
    Na wa sha,not even sorry.

    1. congratulations cccc. *smiles* wish you the very best.

  2. Maybe he thought you were a demon sent to come and tempt him to fall from his glory path... Abi why would a human being behave like that, leave his regalia or whatever he may be alone first, he's Human before any of that.

  3. Maybe he was in meditation mode n dint wanna get distracted... just maybe

    1. Lol. Do people meditate whilst sipping from juice box?

    2. Well, u never know.. he must have his reasons for not helping or caring..he chose not to and dats fine. Don't take it personal..

  4. I see this world would one day view religion only for its archelogical Importance.

    Religion is the main reason for bigotry, hypocrisy, meaningless pride, division, beliefs without solid foundations etc.

    I'm sure our intelligence as higher animals on earth has played a huge role is this. The earth will live beyond it. But we will die with our 'intelligence' and better Beings will evolve above Things like Religion (etc.)

    1. That is only the negative impact of religion you mentioned.
      Do not forget the positive vibes of religion like identity, oneness, faith, morality, hope,etc.
      The truth is the positive outweighs the negative,hence, i don't see religion going into extinction even after years to come.

    2. Those things you have highlighted is why the whole concept of religion would go extinct. Cos the things you have mentioned are the things that create war, anarchy etc.

      I'm sure you and I won't be alive to witness it. But it will happen

  5. Lol.....why do I think all that is just a camouflage.
    *lips sealed and watching*

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  7. I think the main issue is 'expectation'. Why were you expecting any kind of assistance from him? Because he looked like a man of God? If he was dressed like a regular street boy would your expectations be different? He is just a man. He can choose to help or not. Who knows the thoughts running through his mind at that point

    + probably he had seen others run to help you out and he didnt want to over flog the matter.

    I try to be nice to everybody, but I dont expect niceness from everybody. That way, I never feel disappointed.


  8. Was ur cleavage exposed? And how short was ur dress or gown? Was timber and caliber exposed.

  9. that was an unusual response from the clergyman. strange.

    i'll give you a tip, Thelma, wherever you go, take a bottle of water. A few years ago, I had a really bad case of the flu or something. As the symptoms started to ease, I found I would randomly get this ridiculous bout of dry cough - the kind where everyone in the room grinds to a halt and is looking at you. i would cough and cough until I can have a drink. this rarely happened, and so the first time it happened at work, I went to the kitchen and had a drink. the problem was the next time it happened when I was on a train. I coughed and coughed with strangers wondering what was wrong. no water in sight, no kitchen, no nothing, and the train was moving on at full throttle - i couldn't even get off even if I wanted. I remember thinking “I need water so badly, I’m almost desperate enough to drink from a stranger”... this is from someone who is sometimes almost a germaphobe, but I was that desperate. The same incident on the train repeated itself about a week or two later. Since then, whenever I’m going out, I just jejely put a bottle of water in my bag. It can be an inconvenience lugging a bottle of water around in a cute bag that has little room for anything, but my experience was too traumatic for me to risk it.
    Too long, didn’t read? – bottomline: a bottle of water in your bag makes a whole lotta difference 
    Glad you were alright in the end.
    Ps: I like Chigul too. There’s something about her. Very strong, yet vulnerable at the same time.


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