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Friday, 29 April 2016

Nigeria Is The Wrongest Country To Be Depressed In- (A Familiar Foe)

Following Tbillz meltdown on social media yesterday, a lot of people are speaking up about depression and showing a lot of support for people experiencing this ailment. One of such people is former beauty queen, journalist and author, Karen Eloke Young. 

She shared some tweets to talk about her battle with depression. 

It saddened me to read these tweets and still read some comments saying depression is an aje-butter/"rich people" problem. 

I just wanted to quickly add that ever since I posted "A Familiar Foe", a post about my mood swings, and some blog readers, J especially, said Thelma you can control it jor, I haven't had a single mood swing. It's not that things haven't happened that upset me, it's just that I realized that there are other better ways to handling things than letting it affect my mood. Guess what, I feel a lot better and I'm no longer snapping at people. LOL. Also, I've noticed that I'm a lot more cheerful and more chatty with people, regardless of my mood. It wasn't even hard, I simply realized that indeed I could control it. (Now I need to point out that I wasn't depressed, I'm rarely ever depressed, even in the worst mood swings I'm simply irritable or impatient. So please I'm not downplaying depression. You need to get help if you are). 

You see why it's good to talk about things? A closed mouth does not get fed, if I hadn't shared about my moods on the blog I'd probably still be being nasty to the boo and he might have picked race by now. Hehe. 

So some times you need to open your mouth and share what's eating you up inside. And when you're on the listening end, please don't be like Karen's "friends" who were impatient with her or just didn't care about her enough. 

If you're dealing with depression please get help. I'm no professional but I'm always willing to offer a listening ear and/or even recommend someone who's professionally qualified to handle issues like yours. If you've got something on your chest that you would like to share on the blog, you're free to either do so in the comment section or mail me. 


  1. The word depression is just being brandished up and dan.

    First of all that guy is an addict and a selfish person who has been pamperwd to get all he wants. Now that he iant getting any of it he had become sucidal. That isnt my definition of depression.

    He shold bend his back n work. All the so called mood swings will dissapear but most importantly he should treat his addiction. And be a reaponsible man abeg..



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  3. People who are depressed find it difficult to seek help. They very rarely are aware they are depressed and often internalise the problem. They assume it's just a daily worry or a hateful person at the heart of it. It is important that family, friends or colleagues who notice unusual patterns of behaviour step in to offer support, and maybe intervene. Tackling depression is a community and societal responsibility. Changing personal and public attitudes to mental health will go a long way to helping us all.


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