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Thursday, 28 April 2016


-Was his account hacked?

-Why can't Nigerian men handle it when their wives are successfull!

-Tiwa must be a bad wife, Teebillz was wrong to post this on social media but it's all Tiwa's fault. 

-His account must have been hacked. 

-The truth of the matter is that you bring nothing to the table as a man, so how do you want to earn her respect? Na you reverse the duty and you should be man enough to carry your agbelebu.

-His account wasn't hacked. The details are too personal. 

-Depression is real, he needs to get help. 

- I didn’t want to be the one to say it. But they are probably about to do something big. Using publicity stunt to increase sales
-Tiwa Savage put her career first, now see what has happened. 

-All these female entertainers, the things they do for fame. Yes I believed she fucked don jazzy. 

-That account wasn't hacked, it's not news that Tbillz fucks everything in skirt. 

-But this Tbillz is a typical nigerian man, blaming everyone for his problems but not taking even tiny responsibility for anything. Blamed his father for being irresponsible and marrying 4 times, blamed Tiwa's mother for using his star to make Tiwa shine, blame Tiwa for being a bad wife and neglecting her marriage... Hian!

And in response to the above; 

-If you know where he lives why not go there instead of saying he should drive by?
Banky may be concerned but the other two I think it’s for show!

-As in ehhh! I taya for N6. Someone is obviously suicidal and u begging the person to drive by your house…to do what? Shoot you? Mtschew!
(This had me rolling on the floor laughing)

-Wait, did she really fuck Don Jazzy, Dr Sid and Tuface? Jesu!!!

-Hmm. I feel or rather think….in a couple of hours, he will come out to say”i was hacked” Lmao. But let’s get real, yes, Tiwa is a superstar. If she isn’t a good wife, well, you” made “her that way. Mixing managing with hubby role was quite stupid of you cuz you are an employee to her brand and so it blurs the line greatly. while you were enjoying the 15% you was earning off her, you thought getting married would get your ass more $$$ but it didn’t. Omawumi(a superstar) is not as big a brand as Tiwa(doromegasuperstar) #Fact. Omawumi(down to earth ajekpako) is not the same person Tiwa(ajebutter who puts career first) is #fact. You are being silly about this because Tiwa will beg you to resolve this issue because of the potential harm it will cause to her career #Fact. You will come out to claim “my account was hacked” #FACT. 

-Now they're saying his account was hacked. Lies!!! If it was hacked then why did it take them so long to say so? Why was his phone switched off when his celebrity friends were trying to reach out to him? Why is Tiwa Savage still silent?

Above are some comments I found interesting from various blog. And some blogs have no chill, the image above which I got from Twitter was gotten from a blog. Nigerians ooo, you won't kill somebody. 

There's way too much ruckus this morning over the Tbillz public meltdown (Yup, that's a real  meltdown, leave all that "hacked account" yarns) and I'm just here sipping hot tea and thanking God for the rain!!!

I actually have no opinion on this or maybe I'm just too weak to form any right now. But if you do, by all means tell us what's on your mind. 


  1. I don't know how true this is but I'm seeing this kind of depression in marriages a lot lately and it's not a good look. I wish them the best though, true or false a lot of damage is currently being done to their marriage. I feel for the child.

  2. I don't care what anyone is going through, once they decide to put that on social media i don't take them serious. Oh and I heard how he attempted to commit suicide. At the risk of sounding insensitive, brother Tbillz if you are serious about committing suicide you will get it done without all that bruhaha. The need to get attention on social has gotten too much that it is hard to differentiate who has issues and who does not.

    If you have issues at home find a solution, if not quietly leave the marriage, you don't need all that narrative above.This is just BS. J

  3. May the King of peace grant him peace... husband and wife matter strong sha. I hope they pull through.

  4. Folks should first offf communicate their expectations of marriage. Secondly mental illness often goes unchecked in our society and people arent even willing to seek help. Neither party here is less guilty if the posts are real. This couple has been rumoured to have had drama from the get go...people leave social media alone and talk to a neutral counsellor and God. If you cannot deal, walk away...suicide, public shaming etc is never the answer.

    To folks that are married or those that want to stay married - communicate with your partner on the goods and bads of your relationship. No need to show the world your pleasure or displeasure every milli second.

    1. WORD!!!
      Your words ooze of maturity & you're well grounded. I don't see why people these days always feel the need to out themselves on social media. It's appalling.

  5. His account was not hacked anything! Your account was hacked and you're still trying to commit the suicide your IG posts suggested you would? Biko stop yeye lies that don't even have substance... its one thing to be in a relationship with an immature guy but to actually marry one is too sad... even if your wife cheated on you with those three which i highly doubt because you added Dr. Sid's name, is it for you to go to social media and start disgracing your family and son who is going to see that when he grows up?

  6. Was just telling my Colleague how weak it is for peeps to post their marital issues online when they can always call for a family meeting...and the worst part is that they all see the signs before saying i do but choose to ignore it, then come later to spill private matters. And really no matter what it is taking ones life is very stupid..some peeps actually have is worst and they are living and hoping things would get better.

  7. I doubt if he was seeking public attention, he wants his wife back by all means, he has done evrything including beating her to get her loyalty but none is working, this is a dangerous kinda love cos he can kill her one day, it's best for them to separate

    1. I hope you are not a marriage counselor. Sharp sharp you have concluded that he beats her, he can kill her one day and they need to separate. Ah ah..


  8. Once it all goes on social media, I keep my empathy to myself. If it's serious talk to family, see a shrink, turn to God, not I.G.
    Anyways I hope everything will be resolved

  9. Each Aboki and him own kettle.

  10. The way the institution of marriage is going these days. Oh God,look down from heaven and save this very institution you ordained.

  11. The guy is just an idiot... Egocentric mumu.
    Not ready to take responsibility for his actions esp. When it's bad. Blaming everyone from your father to mother-in-law. Like seriously?


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