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Monday, 25 April 2016


Barely one year ago, this bold and beautiful damsel, Ify Yvonne (@naijagoddess on IG) put up the post above. Well a little less than a year later, check out her post now. Ladies, what are you waiting for, don't listen to those people who say women shouldn't make the first move. It's time to seize the bae!


I'd love to hear from ladies who made the first move. How did you do it, how did he respond and how did things eventually work out? Did he at point say "After all you're the one that chased me"? 


  1. such audacity and boldness that paid off. He is a renaissance man biko. Its chewing gum boys that insult a lady for making a move.

    I salute her courage.

  2. Hey guys, please who knows of any gym is Thomas Estate, Ajahah?

  3. I like it when women make the first move. I mean, life is simple - if you want something then just go ask for it.

    At the club, my friend is with a chic he just met. She looks at me and then whispers in my ear "I want to fuck you". Does this count as woman making the first move? No? Yes? K.

    At the bank and a chic walks up to me claiming she knows me from somewhere (using the lame pick up line guys use) bottom line she gets my card and starts calling everyday. Does this qualify? No? Yes? K.

    Work colleague is on my bbm. Every weekend she sends a message asking how Im doing and insinuating that she is bored. Wants to go out somewhere. Does this count? Yes? No? K.

    It all comes down to offer and acceptance. The lady should never do the chasing, all she needs to do is make her offer obvious. Its up to the guy to accept the offer and meet the terms.


    1. Well said.. Make your offer obvious.

  4. I have made the first move before..back in my crazy days. Met this cutie @ a party, i walked up to him, got chatting n b4 he knew it i grabbed him n kissed him like crazy. I was just so attracted to him dat I didn't mind @ all.
    It actually led to us dating but unfortunately it couldn't lead us anywhere which I knew but we both just enjoyed the moment, even though he wanted more... mehn I had to run o!

  5. Haha she knew him before that post apparently. So at your own risk ladies.


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