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Senators Rejected Equality Bill Because They're Afraid Women WillHave "Too Much Freedom" And Become Lesbians &Prostitutes

The senator representing Abia South Senatorial District, Eyinnaya Abaribe, has said the Senate rejected the Gender Equal Opportunities Bill because some lawmakers feared the legislation could give women unfettered freedom to engage in immoral activities.
The bill, which has continued to stoke widespread emotions amongst women, was introduced by Senator Biodun Olujimi and it aimed to achieve, among other purposes, equal access to education, strengthening of the laws on violence against Women, ending abduction of girls, sustenance and promotion of entrepreneurship opportunities, gender mainstreaming and gender equality, as well as female participation in governance
However as you must know by now, the bill was rejected, unfortunately. Mr. Abaribe said many senators expressed deep concerns over the blanket freedom the bill would give women because many of them would ignore their immediate responsibilities and turn to prostitutes and homosexuals, urging the proponents of the bill to find a way of replacing some of its languages.
He said; “The bill was defeated at the second reading when its details were highlighted to the senators... Some lawmakers started expressing deep worries about some parts of the bill that they think could give women too much freedom and lead them to prostitution, lesbianism and other social vices.”
Mr. Abaribe called on all those championing the bill to make efforts at modifying some aspects of it in order to make it acceptable to all lawmakers for passage.

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Hahaha hohoho hehehe. 
I'm sure my dear female anti-feminists also agree that us women should be suppressed and deprived of freedom, for fear that we might have "too much" freedom. 
Now they're asking those championing the bill to modify it in order to make it more acceptable to all lawmakers for passage. 
Such fuckery!
Things are even worse than I thought, they're afraid women would have TOO MUCH FREEDOM? My word! 
It's a slow and painful race but by God, one day we'll get there. 

Dear men, what exactly are you afraid of? 


  1. Lmao @ "such fuckery". Thelma. Language please. Hahahaha.

    Seriously, women have really suffered in this world. Blessed are those who're involved with the right men; Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Boyfriends, Husbands.

    1. "women have really suffered in this world" - the words that came to my mind as I read. God's curses on Eve are still ranging....Those agbayas are scared of losing their evil hold on women which culture and tradition (not nature, I beg) bestowed upon them.

      Such nonsense!


    2. Bless God there's still a right thinking man in ds fucked up country. Afraid dat we'll ve too much power? Rubbish! Amen T. We'll surely get there.
      But mehn, ds looks like women are some easypicks or children dat can be maneuvered and used just wen and aw men want.

      On a lighter note, T u really got me rolling by 'WAT FUCKERY'! LMAO

  2. I still dont get it.

    Thelma and other women, what do you want to do that you dont have the freedom to do? You are free already. I dont get it.


    1. In lay mans terms @ Kon, please note that the bill isn't about being equal to a man in the sense that some misguided persons have classified it, nor is it about women taking over the roles of men.

      Equality in this case means allowing and ensuring that women/girls are given equal opportunites as a man, it ensures that the basic and fundamental rights of the girl child/woman are protected, it ensures that women are protected from unwholesome and negative cultural practices experienced by women in some parts of Nigeria when they suddenly lose their husbands.

      It ensures economic empowerment and equal educational opportunities for girls.

      It helps to manage if not to put an end to the issue of early marriage for girls, it also protects women from rape, domestic abuse etc. Passing the law is just one part of it. The main issue is the implementation. Proper institutions and structures need to be put in place.

      If you ask me, they should start with re-orientating the police force. lolz.

      at be be lo. you get. C.E.O

    2. C.E.O WHO ARE YOU? How did you type the exact words I've been trying to verbalize for weeks? I hope people would read this comment and finally understand. Especially "please note that the bill (and feminism) isn't about being equal to a man in the sense that some misguided persons have classified it, nor is it about women taking over the roles of men."
      People seem to think this is a power tussle and IT IS NOT. In fact there's really no need to me to say anything else, you've said it all!

    3. CEO is Clare Henshaw. Lolz wen i was single my initials was CEO

    4. Thelms I will trade the verbalization of words n collect ya own in a heart bit biko. Wish i could write more. Where is the time when im tryna save the world. Lolz.

    5. Spot on Clare. They think gender equality means sharing turns in d kitchen and all dat.
      Just recently in my skl, girls suddenly became d target of some hooligans. We'd be beaten, stolen from etc (rape hasn't occured yet and I really pray it doesnt) on our way to or from skl for 9t class, just because we're girls.
      It's really so disheartening

  3. I'm confused... I didn't realise that all men r prostitutes and homos... I mean, if thats what women will become if they're given equal rights as men then surely its cz its what rights turned all men to???

    1. Good question.

      They just love to subdue women. Bunch of Misogynist oshi.


  4. I just can't deal.

    Aren't there already prostitutes and homosexuals? Many of them are homosexual and patronise escorts on a daily yet they think the gender equality bill will breed more homosexuals and prostitutes?

    Hoe did they miss all the awesome benefits of this bill to their own female children and focus soley on prostitution and homosexuality? I call #BullShit! They're all just a bunch of chauvinistic misognyists.

  5. That was my first thought... These same people patronize prostitutes the most and pay lesbians to have fun with each other while they watch and play with themselves, perverts. They should come up with another excuse. The level of hypocrisy in this country is mind boggling.


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