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Thursday, 14 April 2016

So Much Ado About The Captain & The Market

A few days ago our darling Omotola Jalade Ekeinde was trending on Twitter for making the statement below. 

"Let me tell you something more, my husband is actually the one who goes to the market. I don't go to the market because I can't. Because of my status, I can't."

She received quite a lot of flak for this. Some people, especially men, went as far as calling her husband a dummy, some called her arrogant, some men were pissed off at The Captain because they feared all women would begin to demand and expect same, some called Omotola a Bini girl who has jazzed her husband and on and on they went. 

Well there's this OAP whose fingers are very itchy and keyboard friendly, he can't help but weigh in on just about every trending topic. Sometimes he doesn't make much sense, some times he does. His name is Daddy Freeze and as usual he's blessed us with his 2 cents. Read below. 


I read some negative comments in response to what my good friend and sister @realomosexy said about her husband going to the market for her. I love helping out with market chores and a month ago while buying live guinea fowl and chicken in the market, I made an amazing discovery. I found out that the really scrawny chickens are called Wizkid while the robust ones are called baddo! I have sellers in the market who know me by my first name and even know my taste when it comes to their respective commodities.

Now why would I go to the market when I have bae and a maid in my life? First of all bae is not my slave. She is supposed to be my partner, my ride or die, my bestie and she has no issues at all with going to the market. However, her workload can be crazy and sometimes I have to come to the rescue. In addition to this, driving to the market together and shopping together helps us bond. (Do I have a witness????)

The next question is “why can’t you guys send the maid?” Maids usually try to steal a few pennies off every pound and to enable them afford this, they often buy stale foodstuff as they are cheaper and then they hike the prices. I really don’t mind paying a premium to enable me me indulge in the luxury of having someone do my shopping, it’s the inferior and stale foodstuff that I absolutely can’t handle.

My maid once bought two small stock fish heads for 2k. A few months later I went to the same market with the same 2k and got a much better deal.

A woman of Omotola’s ‘status’ will be mobbed in the market! By the time 50 people ask her for selfies in 5 minutes she won’t achieve much. However, her ‘status’ does not stop her from spending all day in the kitchen; which she very often does, as she is an incredible cook, who loves simmering remarkable delicacies.

If you can’t go to the market for your wife, don’t cry when she elopes with someone who is willing to do so. If your husband is not ready to go to the market for you, #GetARealMan or #HugTransformer

P.S. For Omotola’s eyes only.. Babe hold captain tight o! Man wey fine, get money come dey go market. Ha"

What's all the ado about?


  1. Thelma, you have also "adoed" about it. Pls let us know

  2. In this era, some acclaimed intellectuals still display certain shockwaves of lowlifelessness. So a (married) man going to the market is now a problem in Nigeria? I'm drowning in the lagoon of confusion.

    Another thing that amazed me is when people INTENTIONALLY miss the point in Omotola's tweet. Well...let me be benevolent a bit and give 10% of the blame to Twitter and this useless 140 BS character program. That still in no way justifies the idiotic and senseless backlash she has received.

  3. i see nothing wrong with the hubby going to the market occasionally. my dad still does at almost 60. he taught me how to price market sef, he was a bank executive and my mom wasn't a celeb.
    i still ask him to buy garri, fresh fruits n vegetables even snail and palm oil for me when he is coming to lag. he will park his car and start haggling prices with market women.
    ps--- he was not stingy, he just enjoys it.

  4. My husband goes to market sometimes so it's no biggie. Growing up, my father goes to market sometimes, sometimes with my mum sef especially when she is buying in bulk. We like turning everything into a big issue.J

  5. Omotola is so silly
    She needs to put a sock on it
    Wisdom is profitable to direct remain small she will start regaling us on the positions they assume on the bed .

    1. OUT OF THE BOX :D9:04 pm, April 17, 2016

      Rather ironic that you'd quote a scripture on wisdom for such a foolish and ignorant comment

  6. Going to d market for wifey is no big deal at all. Omotola just made it look like its one huge deal and dts why there's much ado abt it.
    Husbands of non-celebs go to d market too and much more.

  7. So many bitter people out there.


    1. Smh... too many bitter people. What's their business?

    2. I tire ohhh. Shio to them, everyone to their own way of making their marriage work.

  8. Secret 101: women find men who are in touch with their feminine side very attractive.
    So yh,while u slay dragons with ur 6packs, remember it's the little things that also matter too...


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