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That Moment When Buhari Loyalists Become Wailers...

As shared by Senator Ben Murray-Bruce. 

She posted the above in May 2015

And suddenly in April 2016 she's playing a different tune. 

Truth is, many Buharists are regretful, but I think this is just one uncouth person. I find it very distasteful when a person addresses people older than their parents with such disrespect and impertinence. To call one's elders, one's Presidents no less, a Gorilla and Cow, that just says a lot about your character or lack thereof. 

But what am I on about? Let's stay focused on the matter, shall we...

Photo source; Linda Ikeji's blog


  1. She wailed during GEJ era and wails during PMB era. Some people were mute during GEJ and now wail during PMB. The difference in the both group of wailers says alot.

    1. Memphis where have you been? I always look forward to your comments those days

  2. Maybe because the later group has not had it this bad. From exchange rate,to our economy, to fuel scarcity /light/heat contest to stifle out what is left of our "suffer smile " life.

  3. Suffering and smiling. Suffering and popping champagne. Suffering and spraying money at weddings. Suffering and buying new cars. Suffering and hopeful.

    Suffering and foolish.


  4. Awwww, my girl Didi has got her day/ hr of fame.. hehehe!

  5. Thank you for highlighting how rude she is by calling Buhari a cow. People are so rude on social media. I stay away from some of my friend's tweets for this reason. Even during conversations with some people, I cringe.

    The Lady

    1. Hello the lady. I'm a fan.

    2. Thank you anonymous.

      -The Lady

  6. Lol,atleast she's not suffering and smiling in a bid to be a loyalist or sycophant. Only those who defend their suffering and pain I worry for. How do u swallow blade and still be grinning? Na jazz???

  7. I really don't know why so many people are lamenting... Like as if they were expecting miracles. This isn't 'Lord's Chosen.'

    This is the reality of a federation.

    If it isn't clear enough... Wail as much as you want eh! The pain is just getting started. Anticipate for more... Cos its inevitable.
    The system of democracy has made the process slow. And everyone has to deal with that. It is a 'process of change', It is not 'change'

    1. Lmao @ This isn't 'Lord's Chosen.'

      The funny part about this wailing is when the former GEJ appointees go on social media and become all sanctimonious talking about the situation. Reno Omokri, for instance, in his incessant celestial rants has repeatedly indicted himself and his beloved party, talking about "mistakes we made with Corruption...Boko Haram...Chibok girls...true Federalism...". It's funny and disgusting all at once.

      Let us wail, but let us be objective while wailing. Afterall I would surprised if, while removing that nail from a person's foot, he/she will be smiling.

    2. They've been removing this nail since 1960. If Nig was human, she wld died of tetanus infection.
      While they attempt to remove the nail, is it too much to ask that they leave the sanity and people's honest means of livelihood in tack? There are a million ways to kill a rat without shedding blood...

    3. So Sasha, to support you motion, you had to be generic with your 'removing the nail since 1960(?)' Who has ever honestly tried to remove this nail since? How do u keep sanity intact when removing a nail?

      There are million ways to kill a rat, you said. Have you ever thought maybe every past government 'since 1960' have been trying different hundreds of thousand of ways to kill this rat yet failed?
      You want buhari to start with 'politics as usual' so you keep suffering and smiling. After all 'people's "honest"(subjective) means of livelihood intact'.

      Madam Sasha, please feel that pain. Let it sink in. Accept it. Stop fighting the pain. And look forward at a better tomorrow.

    4. Lol, Uyi uyi...
      You knw love (campaign) is blind but marriage (governance) is the eye opener.
      In the end,the sun (fuel scarcity, job losses, terrible power supply, backyard recruitment into juicy positions, etc) wld smite both the just and unjust...

      Nig is bigger that all of us!

  8. The wailing is definitely going to get higher. The truth is that the government knows this and this is why they have more media ( propaganda) advisers than th have economic advisers. With a minister of information , Femi Adesina and Garba, then two Socila media aides and thousands of social media hirelings, you could see that the government is prepared . But unfortunately their voices are drowning due to the economic reality . The reality is thy the hardship will bite people more and more . It's not a prophesy, look at the numbers. We can't access enough forex to import Petrol and each circle costs us about $2.1 billion . Foreign airlines are already complaining about a $3.2 billion dollars unremitted funds, master card and Visa card had to stop backing out cards abroad because CBN doesn't have dollars to meet their over $5 billion dollars debt. So when Kachikwu said he can't perform magic, you can see that he is being brutally frank. But the politicians in his party attacked him. Now look at this , latest info shows that FIRS income has reduced by 50% while customs boss recently complained of a a drop in revenue from over 700 billion naira to just a little above 200 billion . Now, even if we were earning enough naira, but we still don't have dollars . 😊. The President wasted six months to constitute a cabinet and that vacuum created a lot of problem . That was when he'd have devalued , but we are way beyond that now . The system has devalued itself . ATM cards now charge you at black market rate oversea while we hallucinate that our official rate is 196. Nigerians should brace up. The first sack wave has already taken the upper class in the banking industry . The next will sweep the middle class and this will shake up the country. Already most companies no longer pay full salaries and are sacking quietly . But the government will step up its game by making their supporters feel the problem is caused by the last government . So they'd arrest more opposition party chieftains , bandy around big figures that they can't prove in court , if possible arrest Jonathan of his wife when the country gets tougher so they can get rounds of applause . But no matter what happens , the list of wailers is set to increase . 😊

    1. Hmm,they shld kuku kill us...


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