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Saturday, 23 April 2016

What Could Be The Reason For This?

When I see things like this I try to imagine what could be so bad that was left unnoticed all through the dating, courting and then the wedding planning, only to rear its head and cause a total shut down at the 11th hour. 

I really sympathize with the couple because it's really difficult calling off a wedding at the last minute. So many couples who knew they shouldn't be together still went ahead to get married because wedding plans were already underway, everything; the date/venue/asoebi/bridal-train/etc was set, the vendors had been paid and guests had already been invited. 

So it becomes a question of how do we now tell people that we're cancelling the wedding? 

I wonder what the chances of the marriage working out are, in these situations. I'm aware of three situations, all family friends, where the marriage plans should have been canceled but they felt it was already too late; we've already sent out invitation cards. 

What will we tell people? 

How do we let everything just go to waste? 

Well guess what, none of those marriages lasted up to a year. 

So is it really worth it?

But what could possibly have gone wrong when two people have been planning their wedding for over a year? How sad...


  1. Whatever the reason may be, the decision to call it off is one of the definitive acts of courage!

  2. Courageous...One word.

    I have been in those kinda shoes, so I know exactly how it feels and where it hurts. The family calls, the pressure et al. Well the truth is I am glad I made that decision.

    Tee how can you explain a kind lover suddenly turn abusive?

    How do you explain a child hidden for so long till preparations hits the roof? What is more?

    How do you cope with a diabolical parent inlaw?

    Tee my insurance policy does not cover a blood filled man either.

    So many things not to be said over the web.

    ...yes Tee, some folks pretence game is strong. Am outa here, the le boo reads ttb.

    BTW thanks for coming Tee, you are wonderful.


  4. Only one explanation, someone important to the couple died unexpectedly

  5. The wedding held, apparently, Emeka was lied to cos he had been switched.

    1. looool. Are you serious?

      He said they had paid him, no need to lie to him again.


  6. If it was me. After all the money spent, Ill rock my wedding to the fullest. Dance all through, get people to spray me alot of money. have mad fun. Make all my guests happy. After the wedding, Ill get back to reality and deal with things. But money cannot waste.



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