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Worried Blog Reader Asks...

Quick question BVs. I just resumed work from maternity leave. I have a 2yr old and my baby is 6 months. I have two maids but one is more like a baby sitter. I'm ok with them but I don't feel safe leaving my babies with strangers but I have to work and my husband works out of town. I installed a nanny cam in my house but I don't know whether to tell them that I have cameras in the house or just keep quiet and be watching them. What do you think?


  1. What's the point of installing a camera if you are going to tell them you did?

    1. Not a sensible comment. Read Clare and the anon's comment below. U too chrisyinks.

  2. Your maternity leave was 6 months? Where do you work?

    This is easy. No need to tell them. Just be watching them. Then come home one day and say "Patience. Why did you beat my child?" She will think you are a witch and start to fear

    Question - The nanny cam works with electricity or battery?

    Nannies aint so dumb. They will know you are watching them.


  3. the more important question is not what we think, but why you are leaving your children with people you don't trust. So why are you doing that? You can always put working on hold till you find people you feel more comfortable with. otherwise, stay out of work till they're grown enough.

    1. seconded. i resumed work one year after my baby was born

    2. You never know the state of finances. Not all families can thrive on one income esp in Nigeria of today.
      Poster...don't tell them you installed a will help you to assess their true characters.

  4. They must realise there is a nanny cam. Thats how you put them in order. Do not wait for your child to be beaten or badly treated before they know.

    As a matter of fact show them the videos and how far the cam can reach . Ensure that the kids are not taken to rooms other than where the cam can be viewed.

    You shoulf still find someone you can trust if your insticnts are warning you because having a cam isnt enough and can never take the placenof you.

    How often do you view the cam and can you does it allow you hear what they say?

    Please be guided.

  5. Read my lips madam....go right this minute and tell your helps that you have installed cameras at every corner of the house even outside and in the bathroom.
    Prevention is better than cure!! What if u play back the video and discover a help smashed your child's head on the floor therefore causing brain damage? How do u plan on reversing that? Pata pata u will send the help away but you are still stuck with a damaged child. I wud rather put the fear of God in them by telling them abt the cameras so they can think twice abt their actions before trying any rubbish in the 1st place.

  6. Please where did you get the nanny cam? Is it working well for you?

    I will be returning to work 3 months after I have my baby and leaving my toddler and baby at home. Please help!


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