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Say Something.

On not living in the moment: My weekend was lit af (as the kids say these days... "The kids? Seriously Nwando?" Oh well... LOL). Anyhoo, so among all the things I got up to last weekend, I kinda partied a lot. I wasn't in Lagos though. I went clubbing both on Friday night and Saturday night (funny how in my late 20s I'd thought I was too old to go clubbing but these days I'm turning all the way up! Hashtag;Stay young my people!) and on Sunday night I was at the Akpororo vs Akpororo show. So anyways one thing I noticed was how nobody lives in the moment anymore, especially in this Snapchat & Instagram era. Like, I felt like I was watching aliens from another planet, these kids record everything they do and post on snap chat. At the club, everyone was dancing with their phones held high above their heads, recording their every move. They order food and it comes and they record that too. The go to the loo and that's also videoed and uploaded. Wtf is wrong wit…

TTB Hot Seat.

Good morning guys! Who else missed our TTB hot seat? For those who don't know, on the TTB hot seat, we put one of our blog readers on the hot seat and everyone gets to ask whatever questions they want. The person on the hot seat is obliged (I think?) to answer all questions as honestly as possible. 
Blog readers usually decide who they would like to see on the hot seat and its often a case of "majority wins the vote". The persons on the hot seat are therefore likely to be readers who are frequent commenters and thus quite popular on the blog. 
I'm picking the next person on the hot seat because I'm certain a lot of us would be glad to have him there. I notice he has piqued the interest of many, I'm also quite fascinated by him too. Ladies and Gentlemen, the next person on our TTB hot seat is CHRISYINKS
So you know the drill, post your questions for Chrisyinks right here in the comment section. Your questions can be personal questions about his life, edu…

In Defense Of The Naija Delta Avengers.

It's been a few days since the Niger Delta avengers tweeted that something big was/is about to happen which would shake the world. 

After Reading this post on Bella Naija I saw a few comments which I thought very interesting. It's easy to look at militants as ignorant nuisances who have no better use for their time. But as vicious as the actions of this particular group of militants are, one can help but rethink before aspersions are casted. 
Read below;
"Government should go into talks with these guys. Things are getting out of hand. Some of their points are legitimate. Buhari should have learnt from Yaradua by letting the sleeping dog lie.Slashing their amnesty, returning student previously studying abroad, chasing Kingsley Kuku, Tompolo, holding on to Nnamdi, Akpobolokemi, etc despite court granting them bail is dictatorial, negating Maritime university, were purely dust raising. We also complained on his lopsided appointment even Shiek Gumi told Buhari that if he doesn’t…

Dear Thelma, I Just Want To Rant!

Good morning Tee & our beautiful family. I am boiling this morning. Bae travelled over three months ago and will be going back to work soon. So it's been three months of texting, phone calls, skyping , phone sex and serious konji. At night our texts will be so naughty and xrated about all the things we couldn't wait to do to each other when he comes back. Yesterday I took the day off to prepare for him since I'm travelling out of town for work this weekend. I went to the market and shopped despite the very high cost of things. I made one beautiful egusi soup with all the mede mede, snail, kpomo, dry fish, chicken and everything, I even made fufu and put in wraps, then I bought some wine and Kilishi that we can snack on in between rounds *wink*. I cleaned my house and put scented oils everywhere, I shaved very well and even took some natural mixtures that will get my juices flowing very well because I was anticipating last night will be like blue film. When bobo came ba…

To The One I Can't Live Without...

I can't imagine how I ever lived without you. I lay in bed next to you, looking at you, all of you, loving everything you are, everything you stand for, letting you love me in return. I know I've loved before, but all loves pale in comparison to the love I have for you, the love we share. In fact, when I come to think about it it's safe to say I never loved before, you've opened my eyes to so many things, so many truths, so much more. You've taught me and you continue to teach me. Through you I found myself, learnt who I am, and you continue to show me who I can be.
       I know jealousy is an ugly trait but darling where you're concerned I cannot help it. In other relationships I've known how to contain myself and hide my feelings, put up a front that I don't care, feign indifference till in fact I become indifferent, but with you I cannot. When others look at you my heartbeat races, I worry they'll steal you from me. I've never been brave enou…

Hello 4th Mainland Bridge. (Yes, Ambode Is Working!)

The Lagos state government on Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the construction of a 4th Mainland bridge in Lagos.

Speaking during the signing, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode said:The proposed alignment passes through Lekki, Langbasa and Baiyeiku towns along the shoreline of the Lagos Lagoon estuaries, further running through Igbogbo River Basin and crossing the Lagos Lagoon estuaries to Itamaga Area in Ikorodu. It then crosses the Itoikin road and the Ikorodu – Sagamu Road to connect Isawo inward Lagos Ibadan Expressway at Ojodu Berger axis. The Bridge would be made up of 8 interchanges to facilitate effective interconnectivity between different parts of the State.This structure will be a Four-lane dual carriageway with each comprising 3 lanes and 2metres hard shoulder on each side. The bridge will be constructed to have a generous median to allow for both future carriageway expansion and light rail facility.There is no gainsaying the fact that huge benefits will be…

Hey There Delilah!

The times aren't very friendly and people are not smiling, yours truly inclusive. So when you want to play smart and think someone else is a mumu, don't be expecting anyone to show you love. 
That's what I was thinking when this chic approached me in the taxi and asked if she could ride with me to xyz. I'm thinking; Oh, so you heard me say I'm going there, you heard me try and fail to negotiate the price and you heard my finally concede and resign myself to paying the inflated airport taxi rate. And then when we were done, you finally approached me to ask if you could please accompany me as you're also going to xyz? I was miffed and I scowled, but I told her to hop in. 
I settled into my seat but in spite of myself I continued to vent internally. The cab was costing me about 7k from the airport to xyz and we had the same destination. And since we had the same destination, we should have split the fare equally and 3,500 may not be a lot of money but 3,500 can do a…

The Most Beautiful Nigerian Women Are From __________

I'm sorry if I can't say all Nigerian women are equally beautiful. If I tell you I think so I'd be telling a bold faced lie. In my honest opinion some women from certain parts of our beautiful country are prettier than others. 
So I'd say these are the top three, 
1. Northern women; as in Fulani and Hausa women.  2. Southerners; as in Efik (and Ibibio) women.  3. Easterners; especially women from ANAMBRA state. (Hehehe I've gotta rep my state). 
With northern women way ahead in the lead. Their beauty is simply unrivaled. 
Ok, of course I believe every tribe has got very beautiful women, and every tribe has got some less attractive women. But you know what I mean. So let's hear it. 
The part of Nigeria with the most beautiful women is ________?

Ps; pls no bashing. this is just for us to have fun. not everytime buhari is bad. tomato is expensive. he broke my heart. and let's respect other's opinions.  Photo source; stella dimoko korkus' blog. 

A Bride Wants What a Bride Wants!

Ladies, your BFF makes these demands for her big day. What do you do?
Men, you learn that your normally level-headed and reasonable girlfriend who's now your bride-to-be is insisting on all these from her friends, and even you. Does it make you nervous about this woman who's about to become your wife "till death do you part"?

Courtesy of @joroolumofin (instagram)

Ambode Is Finally Working! (Danfo Buses About To Be Replaced With Air-Conditioned High Capacity Buses)

According to PUNCH, the Lagos State Government has announced measures to raise the dignity of commuters and commercial vehicle drivers operating in the state.It said efforts were being made towards rebranding the public transport system which would incorporate the major modes of transportation. The state Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Dayo Mobereola said the initiative would involve replacing the mini-buses, popularly called Danfo, with high-capacity buses.He also said the state government would introduce commuter protection number plates and body tags on buses to show their routes and enforce colour uniformity on all public transport systems in the state.“Lagos State motor parks would be restructured in such a way that alcohol and illicit substances would not be there.“We are going to teach transport operators in the state behavioural etiquette and how to talk to commuters,” he added. According to him, the present administration is determined to have public transport system that…

Fake It Until You Make it?

"But please explain to me why you want to use your hands to spoil your own thing?"

Ada was visibly confounded. I'd just told her I went out with Mr Perfect and there were some interesting things that happened. It was date 1, where all those questions were asked. That one date that ultimately decide things going forward. It's the same some men have said "It was only the first date but I just knew she was The One". 
And that's my friend's fear. That Mr Perfect would say "It was only the first date and I just knew she was not The One". Well, I agree with her. Here's why. 
I got to the restaurant before Mr Perfect and waited a few minutes before he finally arrived. We'd seen a couple of times since we met but this would be our first real date. Not long after exchanging pleasantries I said I wanted to get something to eat and he asked "You didn't cook today?". No, I didn't. 
"Why? You didn't have the time?". …

Biko Post Ooooooo! (Translation Please?)

Thelma Biko postuzienu ihe na blog gi. Since Thursday, ihe nkea dikwa egwu. Amam na onwere ike idi busy mana weputatunu obere oge Biko. Ifu otu m si emepe blog gi ka onwee ihe m debere ebe ahu. Every minute, every second. Adim edekarikwa comment mgbe obuna mana m na Agu mgbe obuna. Blog gi na akasim obi. Ara Thelma thinks na agbam mana I no send.  Daalu rinne

So it's almost 1am on Monday and I open my mailbox for the first time since Thursday. I'd just finished saying my prayers. Yes, most people say midnight is a great time to pray and if there's ever a time I've needed God to hear me loud and clear, it's now. Among the things that are going on in my life in which I feel like I really need some kind of divine intervention, one has got to be Thelma Thinks. 
So earlier I listed out all the things I need from my creator, I had to marshal each one out and hash them out with Him individually, it's that serious! One was "Please rekindle the fire …

Dear Thelma... (Help. I'm Out Of His League!)

The post of yesterday made me smile because my case is the opposite. I am madly in love with a man who has refused to give us a chance. We met on a BBM group and somehow became friends. We started chatting and then talking and weeks later I had come to depend completely our daily phone calls and communication. I was in Atlanta at the time so because of call costs for him, we started to skype and that made us much closer. Even though we had never met we decided that we were both in an exclusive relationship. We are both in similar career fields, thus our bbm group, from the same state and within the same age bracket. I admired him for a long time on the group because he was obviously very brilliant and ambitious so it's safe to say I fell in love with his mind before I fell in love with him. You can't even know how I felt when I noticed he had feelings for me too. In December I wasn't planning to visit naij for Christmas and I would have preferred it if he came but I know h…

Dear Thelma (Help. He's Out Of My League!)

Thelma I know running a blog can be hard work but please don't give up, the Lord is your strength. Please post my mail, I need advise. This is my situation. 
I am 29yrs, a graduate of a nigerian university and I currently work in a small accounting firm. I live a very simple life, I stay on the mainland and I'm currently single. I went to watch a movie with some colleagues from work last month at the palms where I met *Tony. He was very cute and well mannered so I gave him my number when he asked. The next day he invited me for lunch which I agreed to and we got along well. Since then he's been asking me out for a serious relationship and I know he's also looking for someone he can settle down with. My friends think I'm mad to be turning him down because he is every lagos girl's dream man and I can't blame them. 
The reason I'm reluctant is that although he is very nice to me and treats me with a lot of resoect, I feel like we are two different people. I …

The Lady, The Roads and Her Car- The Lady.

For the longest time, I dreamt of driving. Literally. I would dream that I was physically driving a car. Bear it in mind that I had no prior driving experience, but I always seemed to handle the steering well. Took a while before I eventually started driving, but now that I do, I cannot have it any other way. The older folks praise my driving as calm and smooth, but deep down, I know that I am a road beast. The only things stopping me is that I don’t drive a beast. Not yet. When I get my Tundra, I will buy a special pair of sunshades and chant‘bow down bitches!’ while I oppress every gaddemperson on the road. I don’t know why, but I love and respect Tundras. I mean, they can crush me and my car, and not take notice. I always give them way unless it’s one rickety model. I will block you!Two things I hate about driving – Kekes and Slow SUV drivers. How are you driving an SUV and crawling like a snail please? Madam, if your vehicle is bad, take it off the road abeg. I will honk, cross an…

Happy Birthday Blink!

Blink of life! 
Y'all need to see this babe, she is prettyyyyyyyyyy for days and has got the most gorgeous flawless skin ever. The babe is a real hottie, but even more importantly she's got the most loving spirit, a very generous heart and a kind soul. 
So please join me in wishing Blink, nwanne CCCC a very happy birthday. The mother that raised these ladies did an amazing job! 
Blink my darling, you already know that I wish you the best of the things your heart desires. Stay blessed hun and send a slice of cake over. Muahh! 

Could It Be Me, Or... ?

Guys, I have a problem and I really need you to help me out. I would try to be as succinct as possible because otherwise I might keep you here for much longer than you had planned, and although it wouldn't bore you, as these events have been stranger and even more shocking than fiction, I would really just like to get to it and then hear your take on this because at this point I'm simply lost. The problem however is that I have difficulty going straight to the point, especially when the events that led to this present situation are very instrumental in you understanding exactly what I'm talking about. I therefore find myself struggling with what's relevant and what's not so relevant. Besides that, there's also the issue of me oversharing. What should I say and what should I leave out? How much do I share? I want to share it all, I want to come clean and unburden myself regardless of the consequences, and I will. I know I might come to regret my decisions but ho…

Light Skin Privilege...

I settled in nicely to read a rather interesting post on Bella Naija several weeks ago. I don't remember the title of the post but it was basically written by a light skinned girl telling the world that no, she doesn't get certain privileges simply because she's light skinned, she doesn't get preferential treatment, she doesn't get more notice or attention from guys, and in fact, her life is even harder because of her skin complexion. The comments under that post made me want to hold her and hug her tight, because if you see the insults that followed ehn, you would pity for the girl!
People basically told her to kindly shut up and stop deceiving herself. Other light skinned (and mixed race) girls told her to stop lying, they do get preferential treatment and yes, they get more easily noticed than their dark skinned counterparts. Some even shared experiences where they'd gotten certain advantages all because of their fair skin colour. Not one light skinned reader…