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Monday, 23 May 2016

Ambode Is Finally Working! (Danfo Buses About To Be Replaced With Air-Conditioned High Capacity Buses)

According to PUNCH, the Lagos State Government has announced measures to raise the dignity of commuters and commercial vehicle drivers operating in the state.

It said efforts were being made towards rebranding the public transport system which would incorporate the major modes of transportation. The state Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Dayo Mobereola said the initiative would involve replacing the mini-buses, popularly called Danfo, with high-capacity buses.

He also said the state government would introduce commuter protection number plates and body tags on buses to show their routes and enforce colour uniformity on all public transport systems in the state.

“Lagos State motor parks would be restructured in such a way that alcohol and illicit substances would not be there.

“We are going to teach transport operators in the state behavioural etiquette and how to talk to commuters,” he added.

 According to him, the present administration is determined to have public transport system that supports its megacity status where tendencies for violence are curbed, while drivers and conductors are retrained and registered.

He also hinted about plans to enforce the use of approved uniforms for commercial drivers and conductors, describing such as “a critical rebranding strategy that signposts confidence, trust, loyalty and stability.”

He said the “new vista of professionalism and identity anchored on unique number/dress code” would be implemented by the next quarter.

He said the taxi scheme, rail and water transport systems, would be covered in the transformation arrangements.

He also said that the state government is planning to restructure motor parks in the state and introduce holistic ticketing system, through which people could download from the Internet and use for any mode of transport in the state without any hitch.


Can I hear a loud Amen! 

And while we pray let's also pray for our maintenance culture. May this not go the way of almost everything else in this country. The once quite luxurious BRT buses are now no better than your rickety Danfo buses. 

And did they say etiquette? Yes Lord, let it be so! 



  1. Aww,someone is clearly working. I think the gov'r reads my tweets. Lol.
    The down side to this is airborne bacteria wld have a field day circulating within the bus but all in all,restructuring the transport sector is an amazing development.

  2. Hmmm. Amen oh!

  3. This would be interesting....

    Lets see how easily the bus drivers and conductors would accept the change.


  4. LMAO! Next quarter? In which Lagos? This one or another one? God help them o..

  5. So what happens to the bus drivers and conductors? Any plans for them yet? Or they fall out of business.

    On a lighter note, I can't imagine the air in circulation in the bus.

    1. I guess the bus drivers and conductors cld become mechanics. These new buses need to be in top shape all the time.

  6. Thelma, brt buses are still quite 'luxurious'. Except you mean the 'lagbus'. And this is surely a good development...

    Complaining abt airborne diseases, I'm assuming the complaint is in regards to the air conditioning? That's why they are 'air' conditioners Na.
    Why haven't y'all complained of the air borne diseases all these while?

    They say even if u walk on water people will still think it's because you can't swim.

    1. Uyi Uyi,everyone is clearly commending this initiative (even though it's already running) and everyone is allowed to air their reservations on it too.
      Don't pick a fight for the sake of it
      Don't be like

    2. By them, u mean politicians? Lol.

      Don't worry, when I become your president that you'd vote for then you will know I mean business

  7. Lets hope this works. Good initiative. However maintenance is the koko here.


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